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  1. doremifasol

    Skype update awful

    Got bored of Skype performance and uninstalled a few months a go. I am now using Google Hangouts video call, works OK.
  2. I don't know.......... Vernon could have chosen better words in the first place. What's wrong with "Thank you but no, thank you" ? .
  3. Unsworth started the whole verbal abuse thing.......
  4. And don't you mess with me!!!
  5. Welcome to the club!
  6. Just when I thought I've heard and seen everything......
  7. That was last year 2017. In 2018 the ‘best countries for people’ by readers of the well-respected US-baed travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler. are: 1 Switzerland 2. Canada 3. Germany https://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/are-these-the-best-countries-in-the-world .
  8. doremifasol

    Crackdown on tattoo shops after death of four women

    Poor girls, I am not surprised though. Even some restaurants don't meet the required standards of hygiene. Allowed to operate next to rats infested klongs or next to piles of trash. RIP the girls
  9. 1.3 billion a misunderstanding? Wow.......that's a big understatement.........
  10. Net Idol? Oh my...........
  11. doremifasol

    Employer Assault

    Link to the video not working.
  12. The little girl literally came to Earth with a bang!!! Glad both the mother and the baby are doing well.
  13. Easy to find out who the woman is....... I mean....how many women bought a diamond ring worth 1 million THB that week in Chiang Mai?