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  1. Nothing but savages, scum, dregs of society. Hope they will be brought to justice.
  2. Can you suggest some free and safe movie streaming sites? Thanks!
  3. ........or maybe this is fake news meant to get people in panic mode....... Then they can kiss goodbye their healthy diet and start with junk food. Big Corporations and Pharma will live happy ever after.......
  4. "The health ministry in April decided to enlarge health warnings from 55 to 85 percent of the surface of both sides of every cigarette packet". Fine, but I like fair play. I demand the same ugly graphics to be printed on McDonald's packaging.
  5. doremifasol

    English-language course a hit

    Four hours..........What a joke!!!
  6. doremifasol

    Inmates in Pathum Thani jail get entrepreneurial skills

    Being able to see the good is a good thing. You should try.