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  1. doremifasol

    Trang village head pulls Australian's yacht ashore

    Good man, well done!
  2. Who said it isn't a good start dude?
  3. .........posing a serious threat to human, marine lives and the environment. Meanwhile 50 tonnes of plastic and electronic trash are happily imported in Thailand every months.
  4. I would like to swear and break the rules on TV so bad!
  5. doremifasol

    Thai Customs gets tough over toxic imports

    ............said yesterday that from now on every container passing through Thailand’s seaports would be inspected......... From now on? Does that mean only some containers were inspected before? Grrrrr....
  6. doremifasol

    Thai govt to focus on second chance for convicts

    Wow........ what a comment....... #pompous ass member.
  7. doremifasol

    Bangkok policeman helps deliver 32nd baby

    Good man.
  8. doremifasol

    EEC needs additional 30,000 workers

    Two months? Give me a break........
  9. doremifasol

    Luxury Mercedes-Benz taxis coming to Bangkok next week!

    You should see what we have here.
  10. doremifasol

    Luxury Mercedes-Benz taxis coming to Bangkok next week!

    Send some in every Provinces!!! Enough of the filthy, stinky, horrible taxis!
  11. To beautify Pattaya is a priority, to sanitize Pattaya is not. Go figure.
  12. doremifasol

    Farm chemicals ‘pose a threat to public health’

    Even vegetable oil tastes like petrol.