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  1. Leather Jackets ?

    Hey Ronaldinho ! Thanks, I'll have a look. I saw one in Hugo Boss yesterday for $43,000 baht ! Off for a few days in Amsterdam in December. My ragged wife-beater won't cut it.
  2. Chelsea Fc Thread

    A surprise. They must be hurting for Chelsea money.
  3. Tottenham Thread

    Tough game to handicap !
  4. Manchester City

    Just caught the replay. Pretty dominant in the first period but Napoli stepped it up a gear in the second. You have to wonder if fatigue might have been issue. A lot of sloppy passes that weren't there early on. Ederson continues to impress. Humongous difference in goal from last season. How much rotating will Pep do against Burnley ? It'd be nice to see Bernardo and Gundogan in midfield. Aguero up front. Danilo on for maybe Walker ? And when is Fernandinho going to get rested ? I'm looking forward to seeing how Pep approaches giving some players a blow.
  5. Leather Jackets ?

    I'm looking for a heavy, waist length leather jacket in BKK. There must be some out there. I went by the little place on Sukhumvit Soi 1 yesterday. All of their stock is used, which would be OK, but not of very good quality. Any ideas ?
  6. Manchester City

    A Turkey club I think. Maybe Beskitas.
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    No Morata and no Kante. Especially no Kante. Two winners rings in a row for a reason. A huge loss given the lack of pacey industry from Fabregas and Willian.
  8. Manchester City

    I'm hoping Walker hasn't more of a minor tweak to that ankle. Napoli will be a test I think. With Juventus looking less formidable Napoli is the class of Italy.
  9. Liverpool F.c.

    Mou still hasn't the balls to go for three points away from home against a decent side. With City looking as great as they do, Mou ought to be eyeing three points every time out.
  10. Manchester City

    Amazing from City. A squad full of confidence and talent. Chelsea lose to Palace and Mourinho can't break bad habits. Things are looking up.
  11. Manchester City

    He's improving bit by bit.
  12. Premier Prediction Comp

    Spot on there comrade.
  13. KL visa run

    They accepted the bills and owner info from me. As always YMMV. I provided all flight info in and out. No bank statement requested or provided.
  14. KL visa run

    USA. At least one previous tourist visa but that from about two years ago. None from KL.
  15. Got a single entry visa in KL today. No problems. Follow their website for the requirements. I did not have my BKK rental agreement, but provided the address, owner's name and copies of electric and water bill. That worked for me.