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  1. Brazilian keeper Edison to City ? Looks like Argentinos out at City and Brazilians in. I'm hoping Aguero bucks that trend.
  2. Hell of a footballer, though I would be more impressed with news that City signed two fullbacks, a central defender and a goalkeeper. We are loaded with attacking talent. Can't help but think that one of those, or more, may be on the market. Two names nearly forgotten, Nolito and Gundogan, though Gundogan would be a tough sell given his recent injury. Just thinking out loud here, but the surplus of attacking attacking talent would lead one to think that some culling might be on the way. I'd be tempted to keep Aguero and sell Sterling.
  3. A veritable symphony of passive-aggressive masturbation.
  4. Well Sparkles, I hope you decide to stick around. There is quite a bit of dross on the forum but some valuable contributions as well. You add to the latter. As for the rubbish, blocking works well for me. Cheers
  5. If Poch was sure he would get the hungry Mahrez, I agree. But Barkley ? No sir. I would think Spurs might be in the market for a striker. Janssen ain't horrible but... At any rate, its not as though Spurs are in need of many upgrades. With Costa likely to leave Chelsea, Spurs should have the most settled squad entering next season.
  6. Oh son, many would agree to disagree.
  7. So far Carmine you like Barkley and Mahrez. For me, both of them don't give 100% every time out. More thinking !
  8. Good lord. I would have been out of my mind.
  9. Even when its Terry ?
  10. Big Sam doing family time sounds a bit fishy.
  11. Defoe to Bournemouth. Spurs fans riot.
  12. Not enough to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time.
  13. Commentators for the TV feed I had thought Bamford was reaching back with his arms and looking to go down. Not a lot of contact, but some.
  14. A heavy cross to bear OG.
  15. Of course if OG hasn't mailed in his predictions all he has to do is pick exactly as MrB has done and he is home safe. Not that he would do such a thing.