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  1. jellydog

    Compressed Air

    I went out to MBK yesterday in search of a can of compressed air. Not to be found. Any advise as to where I can find one ? Thanks.
  2. jellydog

    Manchester United

    Heck of a pairing that would be ! I doubt the Glazers would go for such an unorthodox move, but it would be quite a spectacle, and maybe successful.
  3. jellydog

    Manchester United

    Solari is another handsome Argentine, like Pochy. Madrid with fingers crossed that there is more there than just resemblance.
  4. jellydog

    Manchester United

    From the frying pan into the fire with Giggs ! He strikes me as clueless. So, bring him on !!
  5. jellydog

    Manchester City

    Your outsized fantasies rival the work of Lewis J. Carroll.
  6. jellydog

    Manchester City

    C'mon Carmine. You've descended down the rabbit hole with Alice. Though it would be entertaining to see City in the Championship, rolling over every club 8-0 week in and week out.
  7. jellydog

    Manchester City

    Ha Ha ! You comical devil ! All speculation about penalties at the moment. Whatever happens City will persevere.
  8. jellydog

    Boca vs. River!

    Cristian Pavon, Boca's pacey winger, likely out of the second leg with a torn hammy. Another blow for Boca.
  9. jellydog

    Manchester City

    Well, likely the absolute worst that could happen is getting booted out of the CL next season and a fine. I can live with that if necessary.
  10. jellydog

    Manchester City

    Same same. More evidence of Pep improving players, even defenders.
  11. jellydog

    Manchester United

    Truly amazing that United might want to keep both Young and Valencia. The Glazers, Woody the Woodpecker, and Mourinho. Quite a threesome. Not hard to see why United are struggling to get back to form.
  12. jellydog

    West Ham Thread

    West Ham's central midfield come January. What do you think Kadilo ? Actually I thought Nasri was a productive player at times at City. Off the pitch he was a knucklehead.
  13. jellydog

    Tottenham Thread

    In addition to your England born and bred lads being capped again, you have three Argentines on duty as well. Price of success and all that.
  14. jellydog

    THE England thread

    Are there more International breaks with this Nations horseshit thing going on ? Seems like it !
  15. jellydog

    Manchester City

    I think I'd take the chance.