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  1. Bangna Betty

    10th rabies victim in Rayong dies

    What hope is there for soi dogs if owned dogs have rabies? Time for a cull methinks.
  2. Bangna Betty

    Foreign cyclist found dead at Pattaya reservoir

    Accident or hit and run? Very sad. Take care everyone if you are out on the roads.
  3. So the authorities are content to have so many un-owned animals on the streets. Also so tolerant to the many owners who do not keep their animals within the confines of their properties. This shows a disgraceful lack of care for the community at large and does nothing to alleviate all the problems caused by soi dogs - fights, disease, mess. The ‘angels’ who feed them do nothing to alleviate the problem, sometimes it makes it worse as packs form. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk down a soi knowing younweren’t going to step in dogshit or be attacked by disease bearing strays?
  4. Your international licence may be valid for a year but different countries have different rules as to how long you can drive on it before requiring a local licence.
  5. I am pleased I do not live next to this guy, or near that temple. People feed the stray dogs right near our condo and this encourages a big group of them to hang around. The people who feed them are there for 20 minutes, while the rest of us have to put up with the barking and mess 24/7. It’s misplaced philanthropy and does nothing to solve the problem. Take them home with you and properly own them full-time.
  6. I remember this, so sad. I doubt anyone will ever be brought to justice.
  7. This is so disgraceful I can hardly believe it. What is the mental state of this young man organising all these babies with surrogates? He has raised others in Cambodia and Japan. And his lawyer said he has ‘personal and business reasons’ for having all these children. This behaviour is so questionable. Unbelievable decision by the Court.
  8. How sad. Many instances in Thailand over the years - even in our moobaan someone got shocked by leaning against a lamp pool near our swimming pool. Thai management totally puzzled and suggested the person shocked was ‘sick’ already with a heart problem maybe. Absolutely no sense of safety or responsibility.
  9. Bangna Betty

    Prayut wants law and order in Pattaya, Jomtien Beach

    He’s been overseas and thought that, if too empty, a beach can feel lifeless. Funny that in many areas in the world, huge efforts are made to preserve the natural beauty of beaches - ie focusing on clean sand and water and management of coastal habitats. All so people can enjoy the beauty of the natural environment and sports and recreation opportunities. Never have I ever thought that a clean and natural sweep of beach -without deckchairs or food or beverage outlets, or vendors -was lifeless. Rather, it’s a thing of beauty. Here, it’s just another opportunity for income generation.
  10. The country is littered with pointless and ridiculous fibreglass figures. Cows in Saraburi, dolphins in Pattaya, cartoon type characters all over the place. Must be a lot of money in it.
  11. Bangna Betty

    THAI eyes high-margin ground services

    Maybe THAI would like to invest in making their office in Pattaya more accessable to customers? It is tucked away at the Beach Road dusit corner with no parking and most people wouldn't even know it is there. A higher profile in a tourist town would make sense.
  12. Bangna Betty

    Video reveals the cause of Pattaya’s filthy beach

    I see Thais leaving their trash at many locations all the time: after picnics at the beach, in parks, throwing out of car windows, throwing from motorbikes. Really terrible. What do they think happens to it?
  13. How can local authorities ignore this? TIT. It's always about money here. I would absolutely love there to be a major tourist swing AWAY from Thailand with the reason given as dirty environment, unsafe infrastructure and roads and see if the big fall in income would motivate any changes.
  14. And they are only doing something now after complaints made in September? Thais are so slack about stray dogs.
  15. Bangna Betty

    Bangkok Flood Battle: Litterers to face heavy fines

    More rules and fines - short term measures only. Need to also start education about littering at school right through to university - try to develop some sense of civic pride and individual responsibility in the community. Most of the litter I see is simply discarded by Thais who just don't give a damn. Have to try to change the attitude.