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  1. Thailand road safety in 2018. Amazing he didn’t give them an amulet to keep them safe too...
  2. So fantastic they have been found alive. Sincerely hope they can be got out safely. They don’t really need an entire dive course - just some basics and confidence to be underwater with a mask. Very hard for these kids who may not even know how to swim, and terrible water conditions.
  3. Airbnb has caused big problems in many areas in Australia. Owners and lomg term renters do not like being subject to their buildings being used like hotels. Many places now have clauses banning short term rentals. And in some areas there are acute shortages of long term rental accomodations.
  4. Absolutely should not be up to condo management - how would you ever be sure of buying an apartment to live in if you didn’t want your neighbours changing daily? As a working owner who wants to live in a residence not a hotel environment, I am pleased with the enforcement of the hotel act.
  5. Our condo is our home and lots of people work. It’s not nice to have complete strangers in the building all the time and is a security risk. Holiday makers seem oblivious to the fact they are in a private residential building and make lots of noise, including arrivals and departures at all hours. I also totally object to the demands made on onsite management (paid for by owners maintenance fees) by short term guests. Onsite management is not there to support an owners short term rental business.
  6. There are plenty of holiday serviced apartments around. Or get connecting rooms.
  7. Bangna Betty

    10th rabies victim in Rayong dies

    What hope is there for soi dogs if owned dogs have rabies? Time for a cull methinks.
  8. Bangna Betty

    Foreign cyclist found dead at Pattaya reservoir

    Accident or hit and run? Very sad. Take care everyone if you are out on the roads.