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  1. A walkout achieves nothing. And everyone will have to compromise. It is far too late for a treaty - but constitutional recognition is possible. And in a practical sense what do Aborigines really want? Nothing has really worked very well so far, even after decades of provision of benefits, housing and medical programmes, youth programmes. It is such a very difficult situation and really needs the buy in of both indiginous and mainstream communities to work together.
  2. Very scary to be bitten like that. I hope she heals quickly. An interesting issue with soi dogs - many people are motivated to feed the soi dogs and feel sorry for them. But for the rest of the time NO-ONE is taking any responsibility for them. There is a kindly person feeding soi dogs near us and while I understand his desire to help, he should understand that by feeding them he is creating a pack of dogs and it is the local community that has to put up with the dog poo all over the place, the barking and the fighting. What is the solution to the soi dog problem?
  3. Such a pity Foodland had 2 sites - Tepprasit and down near Ambassador City but seem to have dropped them. Anybody who lives outside town in Na-Jomtien and further along would love to have a decent supermarket somewhere they didn't have to drive right into town!
  4. And this is why the logic and reason of safe driving practises will never take hold here ......
  5. It would be great if stalls could be relocated somewhere where they didn't force pedestrians onto the roads. It would be good if sidewalks were more free of rubbish and rats and pots of boiling oil. For all those who bleat "Don't destroy the charm of Bangkok, that's why tourists come here" just have a think about trying to get around the city if you have ANY mobility issues at all or want to take chikdren out in a pushchair. Sitting in a quieter and cleaner, and yes perhaps more hygenic area to eat from foodcarts cannot be all bad. And I suspect the move to rid the streets of the carts is less to do with the convenience of pedestrians and a lot more to do with controlling payments from stall holders to the 'pavement owners'.....
  6. The trees around our condo look a bit like this after the chainsaw man has had a go at them. They are usually trimmed off at whatever height his ladder or scaffold can reach. Unless he's just climbing around without a rope of course. Thankfully the trees seem to recover and grow quite ok afterwards.
  7. Did he ask her to put her feet down? Could have been solved without all the social media hoohaa.
  8. Songkran 2016: 442 deaths, 3,447 accidents, 3,656 injuries. And the authorities try to bring in badly thought-out additional laws just before Songkran. So inept. Nothing will change in Thailand until the government and the enforcement agencies and Thais themselves want to stop the carnage. The combination of lack of enforcement and complete selfishness and ignorance by the population contribute to the ongoing annual horrendous toll. What is it in the Thai psyche that allows people to ignore their responsibilities to themselves and the people around them? ie allows the police to ignore their enforcement responsibilities to keep people safe and enables people to ignore laws that are for everyone's safety as road users??
  9. What a <deleted>. No sense, no thought of road safety and consequences of driving like a loon.
  10. The usual launching of a new idea without much thought and the usual quick retraction after the deafening howls of rage. Happens all the time.
  11. Complete failure of any town planning priority for green areas in a growing city. It's all about the money here and parks and outdoor areas don't make money. No prioritising of quality of life for residents. Worse in Pattaya - opening up of area behind Jomtien Beach Road would have been a perfect opportunity for council to zone a park and leisure space on Jomtien 2nd Road but it is all going to be condos. Lost opportunity for a great beach, leisure zone for tourists and locals. Very shortsighted.
  12. A park would be nice, however it is also a major drop off point for tourists using the jetty and boats to Koh Larn. Where are they supposed to park?
  13. Actually flying doc what is needed is not just neutering but a change in attitude by Thais to be responsible dog owners and not let their dogs roam around in public. Can't see this happening though. Foreigners come to feed dogs at our beach and consequently we constantly have a huge pack of dogs outside our condo hanging around, barking and fouling the footpath. Please if you feed dogs here think about the consequences - you are only there for a few minutes but the residents nearby have to cope with your actions 24/7.
  14. I got Bangkok's oldest taxi from Suvarnabhumi recently. The engine conked out twice on the trip to town, just what you want after a long flight and no sleep. Manic laughter from the driver. Luckily we made it to my destination and I didn't have to get out on the expressway. I'm going back to using a private pick-up service.
  15. Doubling the entry price to 400 Baht is so disgraceful. We paid 200 Baht at Koh Samet on the weekend, they took no notice of work permit. The increased fee is supposedly for "efficient administration of all parks etc etc' - if they couldn't do it properley for 200 Baht per person, how is increasing the fee going to help? It really upsets me that so much entrance money has gone astray, see stories on Koh Samet, and now we are being used to bring in some extra revenue. And over the years so many immoral Thais have benefitted but the nationsl parks have been degraded and infrastructure and msintenance have not been put in place. And who loses actually? The Thai people, because this is their country and their environment and heritage has been wrecked.