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  1. Popular attractions greet tourist: "They also gave urine tests to some tourists but had not yet found any drug addicts." Amazing Thailand, come and get your urine tested for drugs!
  2. The part where he said she would do anything for the donation, I think we know what he meant by that.
  3. Trump is really not that popular with the American people besides a minority of his hard core supporters. First of all he did not win the popular vote he actually lost by almost 3 million votes! Secondly in most polls he is only getting at the most 30% support and those numbers keep dropping. So actually the vast majority of American do not support him. And I predict he will get his but kicked by a woman like Senator Warren in the next Presidential election.
  4. Yeah in the Thai eye as long as she is white!
  5. So people are defending and justifying someone who got violent because someone turned off their motorbike?? This is not only childish but insanity. If the guy wants to get angry and yell at him or curse him out for doing that okay. But there is no justification for getting violent over this and I hope they catch the guy and throw him in jail.
  6. Of course she is as white as a ghost, as a brown skinned woman in Thaland would never win the contest! Even though I have seen some brown skinned civil servants who are much more beautiful.
  7. The 90 day check in is somewhat of a joke to begin with and the worse thing that could happen is you get fined 2,000 baht if you have a visa that you try to renew. I once missed a 90 day check in and had one more to do before my visa expired.The immigration official told me not to bother to do the next 90 day check in as I had missed this one. I left the country before my visa expired and nothing ever happened even when I later applied for a new visa after I returned. Like I said it is somewhat of a joke.