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  1. Banks are prohibited, nothing about privat investors! rubbish Reuters fake news. just bought small amount on https://content.coins.co.th/ with my thai atm card.
  2. Hello, I need to transfer 500 Euro on my AdvCash account. My last Moneychanger did not reply more than 3 days. Who can recommend another reliable money changer in Thailand/Bangkok. thank you
  3. I found this Startup and have invested in this company. I am confident this will be a successful enterprise in the near future. I am not a promoter or salesman and will not post more information. Interested Investors can send pm and I will send the latest presentation. Do your own research. You will find a great buying opportunity. Thanks for reading and your pm.
  4. No, Bitcoin is not a threat for the global economy, but fools like him are
  5. Windows 10 update

    it was bought in Thailand and has no genuine windows 7.
  6. Windows 10 update

    I have Asus F45V notebook with windows 7. my friend have various opinions this device can or can not support windows 10. how can I check this. there is a tool you can run on your notebook to check this problem but i do not know the name. any ideas how I can figure out. I am not a friend for some experiments on my notebook and want be sure. thank you all for help.
  7. not only on the roads, I think
  8. Buying Ethereum in Thailand Safely

    hello, I need information how or where to invest in OmiseGO. I could not find out anything in the homepage. thank you for help.
  9. I made my online report on 20th. the status in still pending. how long should I wait for contact the immigration?? never before I had to wait so long time!! thanks
  10. every stockmarket is more manipulated with phony money printed by the central banks than bitcoin!
  11. Some big players are controlling the company. maybe not the best outlook for the future??
  12. I had the same problem. Do you have latest version adobe acrobat. after update I could open.
  13. JPMorgan's Dimon says bitcoin 'is a fraud'

  14. hello, maybe the lottery experts can tell me why all thai people like to buy this xxxxx12 number. last digits 12. I am buying this number many years but now all the vendors are sold out very very fast. very hard to get. but maybe only here in korat thanks
  15. My Mom will come to thailand and will travel with Thai Airways. The luggage is 23 kilo and handbag is 7. Are the very strict with this weight or do they tolerate some more kilos. thank you