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  1. There are pictures of him on active service in Afghanistan in the UK press it didnt look like he was being used as a human shield
  2. Not possible he was serving in his Fish and Chip shop
  3. absolutely right mate....socialism total hypocrisy a creed that use other peoples money.
  4. Agreed but wouldn't make any difference to a Thai
  5. Road rules to be strictly enforced

    You are absolutely right, check points will not stop accidents, I said once before on a similar topic that not once in my 11 years here have I ever seen a police vehicle of any description apprehend anyone for a moving violation! and yet any body driving just a couple of miles would see constant loony driving and unstable vehicles.....Why Why Why ????
  6. Red Bull heir seen living carefree life

    Are we right to put the blame on this piece of human garbage? History shows us that if you place a person above the law they will become lawless, will Thailand ever find a leader who rules for others not there selves, we are living in a country where a few rich elite trample over the rights of the others to live a decent life, concerned only with the size of their bank balances so they can maintain there perverse pleasures. Someone once said that in the end the people always win through.....I think sadly not in Thailand. The peoples only hope is the social media platform. To compare corruption here to the UK/USA and other western countries is naive. Thailand this beautiful but sick sick country is imploding on itself.
  7. They surrendered after 7 hours and declared war on USA and UK
  8. Dont be so cynical they lasted 7 hours against the Japanese
  9. Swiss man suspected of abusing 80 boys in Thailand

    Chemical Castration.............................I think there is a drug used called Lupron? But I believe used only on a voluntary basis,,,,,,Should be no choice for this bloke sulphuric acid be just fine.
  10. Third world they are not even in this world!
  11. I have no idea what has happened to this poor girl.....Why is this island so bad because those in control of this island and high proportion of this hypocritical country are pure evil. Evil should be crushed when it surfaces when it is accepted history gives you the answer!
  12. Unbelievable who thinks these things up. Tell me I have been living and driving here for near 11 years, I would be interested to know if anyone on this forum has ever witnessed a police vehicle stopping a vehicle for speeding or any offence. I certainly haven't !