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  1. Timendres yes, the rate seems high. In the US I think it around 3/100,000. Worth noting that although chemicals seem to be used excessively in Thailand the statistical link does not prove a causal link. Other factors may be in play that are the cause and often the researcher is motivated to find a possible cause so as to fund further research.
  2. Chilon

    Thailand’s last untouched Mekong tributary

    240,000 people and 6,000 households as per the annotation on the photo. That works out to 40 people per household?
  3. Conclusion may be correct but 'cargo trucks travelled at an average of 101 kmph'? No they don't. The average would not be over 80 kmph.
  4. Chilon

    Nakhon Sawan News

    Back from Patts and Bangers, hadn't been to Patts for 10 years and there is now an impressive amount of building going on. Took assorted relatives of the GF down and had 2 rooms booked at the Amari hotel. What I didn't know was that the place is undergoing reconstruction and the large pool I remembered had vanished. Complained about the construction noise and the disappearing pool and the manager was very good-upgraded our 2 rooms to 2 suites on the top floor so I couldn't have asked for better. The associated Mantra restaurant was another matter-food was good but 100B for a bowl of rice!! Went to buy some stuff for the boat but a very disappointing selection of equipment at what passes for ship chandlers. Nonetheless whilst they had bugger all in the way of boat stuff one of the shops sold meat(!) so I did manage to buy some Falang sausages at the Blue Oceans marine shop in Sattahip. Swarms of Chinese tourists in Patts clogging up the footpaths in various industrial strength tourism processes getting in and out of buses and boats but I guess the locals must be raking it in.
  5. Chilon

    Nakhon Sawan News

    We've copped a fair bit of the black stuff here. According to Mike from the Oasis he hasn't had much this year but last year he was complaining about it all through the dry season. Makes running an open air restaurant difficult.
  6. Chilon

    Nakhon Sawan News

    It has been coming down here like a cow p1ssing on a flat rock. Second lot of rain today. There was a loud bang as it got heavier and has now managed to short out the lights on the recently completed driving range plus the associated restaurant across the river. I checked the weather forecast and, yes, still showing sunny with 0% chance of rain. We had rain a couple of days ago as well, almost like an early start to the rainy season.
  7. Chilon

    Nakhon Sawan News

    Earlier this week I had cause to head to Bangers to see a man about a boat. It is some 45 years since I owned a boat and I've almost recovered from the experience so I have decided to have another go. On the trip down I saw that the Chief Potholer and Constrictor of Traffic of Nakkers Province has been busy. The bypass is almost entirely one lane either way so it is actually faster going through the city. The overpass onto the bypass is showing signs of wear and the roadworks north of Nakkers which were pleasingly absent a few weeks ago have reappeared(again). Apart from the usual wreckage of a truck where the driver had probably fallen asleep early in the morning and a more recent, complicated fiasco involving 3 pick up trucks with front and rear end damage it was uneventful. The offramp into Sukhumvit was starting to clog up but by Bangers standards it was nothing and traffic moved on Suk so we were in the hotel by 2PM. Part way through check in at the hotel an officious concierge asked me to move my car. It wasn't blocking anyone so I refused and made it clear it wasn't going to be moved until I finished check in. Much unhappiness all round. Some time later at the room a bowl of extra fruit with a groveling apologetic letter and some discount coupons were delivered. Assuaged my feelings somewhat but would have been better if the bloody coupons had been useful. The boat supplier was at Bang Na so went there via BTS followed by a sweltering 2km walk past assorted freeways and a rubbish filled swamp with ominous rustling that may have been rats/giant lizards or snakes or all three. The boats on offer seemed to be of a good quality so I have ordered one which should be finished in 10 days or so ready for its maiden voyage on the mighty Ping river.