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  1. Chilon

    Photo-story - Where my bike’s been

    StreetCowboy, Well done on kicking off this thread. I'm up in Kamphaeng Phet middway between Bangers and Chiang Mai. Try to ride twice per week, about 50km each time. Speed isn't great, the aim is to get back without being bitten by the local canines and without blowing a head gasket. Some photos of this morning's ride follow. At my rest stop. Pub's are in short supply around here but they do serve water and electrolyte drinks On the way back, a bit of rain. They're resurfacing 1.5km of road, lucky I got there before the rain but then the water truck came through and buggered things up. And finally a view without the bike.
  2. Timendres yes, the rate seems high. In the US I think it around 3/100,000. Worth noting that although chemicals seem to be used excessively in Thailand the statistical link does not prove a causal link. Other factors may be in play that are the cause and often the researcher is motivated to find a possible cause so as to fund further research.
  3. Chilon

    Thailand’s last untouched Mekong tributary

    240,000 people and 6,000 households as per the annotation on the photo. That works out to 40 people per household?