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  1. My farang friends got their yellow books from a much larger amphur than I live in. Immigration wanted me to get a yellow book. I took my wife and we went to the amphur. Since the boss lady didn't want to admit that she didn't know how to do it, she started telling me all the requirements I needed to get one. That included a visit to Bangkok to two different places. I made the mistake of telling her that my friends were in and out of their amphur office and had their books the same day. Obviously that made her angry so we left. During my next trip to immigration, I explained the problem and they told me that I really didn't need one. The issue came up again when I renewed my driver's license. I had to go to immigration and get a certificate of residence. That was a hassle and I still don't have a yellow book.
  2. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    I can easily understand young guys who come to Thailand and want to live happily everafter. They come over here with dreams and a pocket full of money. Eventually they come to realize that they no longer know everything. Their money eventually runs out and they come to the conclusion that they have not provided themselves an income to comfortably live out their retirement years. It's too late to build a retirement plan and they are too old to get a decent job. That is a fairly common problem. Simply take a look at the destitute old drunks who wander the streets of Pattaya. The answer is to live frugally, save money and build a retirement plan, then make the move. Yes, young guys say to enjoy life while you're young and don't worry about the future. The future will take care of itself. Unfortunately they too will get old and then what? The future will be here before they know it.
  3. That nearly made me vomit on my keyboard. You MUST be joking.
  4. Where do you find an elected politician who looks out for the little guy? They talk a good story, actually lie and promote populist policies that are expensive and most will never become law. They look after themselves and no one else. The object is to get reelected and to keep their cushy lucrative jobs.
  5. Sometime back I had the opportunity to go out overnight on a typical Thai fishing boat. I don't know exactly how much net they put out but it was at least a kilometer of gill net. The net was fastened to large outriggers. When they winched the net back in, there were only a handful of fish in it. It was certainly not worth the fuel and effort. That is what I base my opinion on that the Gulf of Thailand is fished out. We did catch quite a few squid that were attracted by the flood lights.
  6. No CD Player.

    I think most of the CD's are knock offs so they will likely be around for many more years.
  7. No CD Player.

    I paid a stupid price for the iPod and no way am I going to smash it. It is doomed to stay in a drawer until I am dead and gone.
  8. No CD Player.

    It's not difficult to copy music to a memory stick. It's very easy to plug the memory stick into the entertainment centers in newer vehicles. You will have to face the fact that CD's and even DVD's have outlived their usefulness. As for myself, I'm not a big music fan but my wife is. She uses a small cheap MP3 player and she has hundreds of songs on it. I put audiobooks on a memory stick for when I am on trips. I do have an iPod but everything is so proprietary that it is no longer used. Apple iTunes stinks. There is a small computer shop that loads Thai music on most devices. I gave her the iPod and the shop could not do anything with it.
  9. If Trump has accomplished nothing else, he has proven that the swamp cannot be drained. He is surrounded by swamp creatures and he is vastly outnumbered. The only way the government can recover is by imposing term limits. This will NEVER happen because the elected politicians will never vote themselves out of their lucrative jobs. The establishment simply cannot be changed. Until the country goes totally bust, it will be business as usual. The question now is whether the frustration will force Trump to quit or whether he will continue to fight and get crazier than he already is.
  10. Is it any different than Pattaya Bay? Not many fish there either. Even the squid are overfished.
  11. I have a very high end camera called Road Eyes. Crazy expensive but I only paid 3,500 baht for it. I bought it from a guy who bought two of them and only used one. It actually stinks, nothing special about it and the fancy software doesn't work with Windows 10. The one in the car came from AliExpress. It cost $25 and it is better than the expensive unit, very sharp video. Black TOGUARD 2.46" Full HD 1080P Mini Car DVR Dash Cam
  12. I hate shopping and frequently stop to look at things I may be interested in. As long as we are both carrying our phones, my wife happily goes her own way. Eventually I call her and tell her I am going to the car. She has to look at everything in the store. Once in awhile, she forgets her phone and latches onto my hand so I don't get lost. It doesn't bother me and I don't care nor does she what other people think. Some people need to mind their own business.
  13. My pickup was purchased new in Pattaya. I moved to Loei province and after ten years the registration was never questioned. I renewed the registration and insurance every year and never had a problem. I went through many checkpoints and had many trips back and forth to Jomtien. It was never questioned. Based on my experience, I wouldn't bother or worry about it. ADDED - As for travelling south, I had a good friend in Krabi and made that trip a number of times. I didn't notice any more checks than other vehicles.
  14. Mayweather v McGregor

    They both will make a ton of money and some say it will only be a scripted show. I doubt that because they both have huge egos and both will be trying to win. I predict an interesting contest. Hopefully it won't go the distance.
  15. What is Loei like to visit?

    A Phu Kradung warning. It is a beautiful place but it is about a nine kilometer walk to the mountain top. I have never been to the top. The government has been wanting to put in a chair lift but the locals just won't have it. I think a chair lift would be a great idea and would substantially increase the popularity. Maybe that's the reason the locals oppose it. Maybe that and the porters who carry people up would lose their jobs. They charge by the kilo to carry you and your camping supplies to the top. I have no idea of the cost and have never asked.