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  1. Gary A

    Two Tourists In Pai Shot By A Police Officer

    MOST of theses incidents, I did say most, are the result of alcohol, screaming and scuffles. Actually I'm surprised we don't see more of this. I have seen farangs behaving badly to the point that I felt they should take a beating. I have seen Thai police take abuse that no one should have to take and the abusers are normally able to pay a fine, sober up in jail then be on their way. No one wants to see anyone shot but tempers, alcohol and guns don't mix. I wouldn't think about that in my home country much less a foreign country.
  2. Gary A

    Ugly Critter

    My wife went to take a shower and started hollering for me to get in there. I went in and she was pointing in the corner. I thought it was a rubber joke critter until it decided to take a walk. It was about 8 inches long.