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  1. My favorite flashlight is a Fenix E21 LED. I prefer regular batteries. This one takes two AA alkaline batteries. The batteries last for months. I doubt you want to pay for a Fenix but I didn't want any gimmick crap. On/off and regular with high power by twisting the lense. I had a cheap one that had a strobe, SOS and regular beam. It didn't last long. You do get what you pay for.
  2. I'm firmly of the opinion that all the major brand Thai built diesel pickups are very reliable. You just pick the one that you like the best. I chose the Isuzu V-Cross because I got more truck for my baht. I have a 4X4 with the 3.0 liter engine. It has more power than I need, but very good fuel economy and I really like the truck.
  3. Did I need a 4X4? Not really, BUT, the few times I do need it, I am more than willing to pay the premium. One time, even in Udon Thani, there was a heavy rain and I was stuck behind a flooded out stalled car. It was a a three lane section of highway. No way was anyone willing to let me change lanes. VERY rude drivers. I put the truck in 4 wheel drive and passed the car on the right side by driving on the median through the mud. Two wheel drive pickups are useless in the mud. Two of my wife's farms are on mud roads. No way would you want to try to get there with a 2 wheel drive.
  4. This is exactly the reason that support visas are so difficult to get. Even with all the hoops to jump through, the system still often fails. I have been legally married for more than ten years and have never used the support visa. This is why immigration always recommends the retirement visa.
  5. Say what you like about this relatively remote part of Thailand. In my opinion it is likely the most diversified beautiful place in the entire country. It's not much of a place for single hard drinking guys but for relaxed living, it would be difficult to beat. I seriously considered living there but since my wife already had a small western style home in a scenic upcountry mountainous area, I took the easy route.
  6. Isuzu works about the same way. I got the first update for 200 baht because the original map was probably four or five years old and I irritated the dealer by complaining a lot. Even with the new map, It is still not as good as my 4,000 baht Garmin. The dealer did warn me that if I removed the memory card, everything would be lost. Needless to say that I have not removed the card. I will never order another in dash unit.
  7. It's been a number of years since we walled in two properties and there has been inflation. Even at that, we paid 400 baht per meter. I doubt the price has more than doubled. ADDED - I should also say that price did not include rendering or painting. We didn't have the wall rendered or painted.
  8. I moved to Thailand because of a good job offer. One of the Thai engineers was my minder and mentor. I was actively looking for a Thai wife. I hate to live alone. He gave me advice regarding age differences. Apparently it is good advice because the old formula has been around a long time. It is half your age plus seven years. He said that age difference is acceptable to Thai people. Thai people won't think you are stupid by having an immature TOO young of a wife.
  9. Being a romantic is a great concept but not very practical. I wouldn't want to marry a stupid woman who wants to marry for love. Any decent looking woman who would marry a handsome penniless useless man is too stupid to have for a wife. At least most women know that they can't live on love. Don't think that only Thai women want a man who can support her. A good friend of mine who is very well off and lives in Florida joined a dating club. After being a member for several months, he told me that it was easier to print out financial statements to give the women rather than play the 40 answers game. He is still single.
  10. I use my tablet for a hotspot. When my air card Internet high speed is used up, it just shuts down, I then use the tablet for my connection. For some strange reason my Galaxy S5 has lost the hotspot, 4G and the tethering functions.
  11. I'm glad I don't have any complications like that. For me, it's simple things for simple guys. Everything I have ever bought is in my wife's name. If ever she decides to boot me out, I'll pack my bags and head for my condo. The condo is in my name and was purchased before we married. If she were fair minded and offered me some sort of a split, what would I do with a house and farmland in the boonies? There will be no lawyers, fighting or bull crap in our settlement. My rule has always been to never spend more than I can comfortably afford to walk away from. KISS.
  12. For an engine designed for E20, the compression is boosted to get optimal performance. That basically means that if you don't use E20, that engine will require 95 octane. If your engine doesn't require 95 octane that means your performance and economy will suffer using E20.
  13. I appears that the wife knew what she wanted and knows what she is doing. It is actually two machines in one. The one side does the rice and the other end makes the feed. The feed end grinds corn, beans or whatever else you put in the hopper. It is mixed with the rum for a more nourishing mixture. It mills the rice much faster than I would have thought and seems to do a very good job. Rather amazing. I should have had her buy a machine like that a long time ago. Better late than never. I should mention that it is powered with a three HP electric motor, so the electrical cable needs to be fairly heavy.
  14. Yes I did check it out. The wife has been looking for a couple months. She says this one is better. It should be at about double the price. Time will tell. Thanks for the help. She did take about half a bag of sticky paddy rice to test it out. She was happy with the results. She says that sticky rice is more difficult to mill than Jasmin.
  15. My wife has been complaining about the local rice miller for a long time. She says his machine is worn out and that she doesn't trust him. It is a hassle to take a bag of rice to him and wait for him to process it. Then he keeps the rum and she has to buy it back to feed her chickens. If she doesn't watch and wait for her rice, she says he keeps a couple scoops for himself. I told her to go ahead and buy her own mill. She can do hers, the families and keep the rum for herself. She paid 15,000 baht for this mill. I'll make another post after she gets it hooked up where she wants it.