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  1. defib

    Hospital bills.

    As an update, I did indeed have a bacterial infection earlier this month and ended up in Bumrangrad Hospital. This was cleared up with very good care and the cost with no ICU, quite affordable. Sadly, with my trip home booked for last Saturday, I fell very ill the day before on the 15th. I had severe bleeding from a stomach ulcer and actually collapsed with low blood pressure and loss of blood. I was 50km from Bangkok but the local hospital rushed me back to Bumrangrad where there is no doubt they saved my life. They used 14 units of plasma and did surgery to stop the bleeding from at least two ulcers. This ill health was out of the blue, and I never dreamt that I would need hospital so much and it had a great impact on my saved money. I insisted on coming out of ICU to a ward and am now very much better. There is only a 5% chance of fresh bleeding, and my kidneys which stopped working are up to 50%, and I will be leaving soon. I have enough money to pay this bill, although it is very high. Medical bills have cost me nearly three million baht this month, and although twice saved from life threatening situations, it shows the money you need to put aside for emergencies if you have no, or are unable to get, medical insurance. I must say you have to seperate the excellent quality of care from the doctors and nurses at Bumrangrad to the cashier demanding the money! I just pray no more medical emergencies around the corner for me here in Thailand.
  2. defib

    Hospital bills.

    Hi, I am in a Bangkok Hospital and have spent five days in ICU. Now I am going to a ward, but the cost so far is staggering! I am self funding and could run out of money soon. What happens then? And if you are not made well, how can one get back to your home country ever? Thanks.
  3. I had three piece AMS penile implant fitted in the Blie Ribbon Clinic in India two weeks ago. The overall cost about 410,000 baht. Sadly as arrived back in Bangkok, it had got infected and am spending nearly double that having the device removed and fighting the bacterial infectionthat had taken hold! It has been a total disaster all round. If I could only turn the clock back.....
  4. I have to have a surgical procedure and in getting quotes, found Thailand more expensive than India. However as I live in Thailand, would prefer to have operation here than India. But is the quality of surgeons say at Bumrangrad Hospital, equal to hospitals in India.