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  1. Motor Oil Analysis

    Reason I asked about the airline is because I had a problem with motor oil and air freight about two years ago. Conclusion was the oil had to be shipped by sea. Air China was the airline. Seems there's been a revision since then. Looked at the TSA website (before posting) for auto engine restrictions which was as I remembered. and extrapolated that to be ditto for the oil restriction. Just goes to show you can't get away with making assumptions every time. Strange that you should still need to drain all oil (fuel's not in question) from a motor, (which had to be sealed), while any Joe just checks-in x gallons at any time. Jerry
  2. Can't believe the prices for imports here.

    Try comparing UK to US prices. Happens around the world. After a while, you either; forget about it, get used to it, or move to where they're cheaper.. Not many choices really. Jerry
  3. Motor Oil Analysis

    What airline do you fly? TSA categorize engine oil as hazardous. They do add a caveat, however, that you should contact your intended carrier for any clarifications. If you're just doing a straight forward four part test, you could buy a test kit for around 60 USD (maybe cheaper on e-Bay) and do the test yourself. Getting the oil out of the motor is the most difficult and dirty part of the test and you're doing that already. There's other, more comprehensive test kits available, also. If particle counts (especially non-ferrous) are a concern. Then anything other than an in-line filter sample (direct from the motor) isn't meaningful. Unless anything untoward has happened, sticking within Maintenance Schedule mandates is more than adequate for any motor. Even gas turbines with reheat. Jerry
  4. Hybrid Cars in Thailand

    Hybrids are little more than gimmicks. Designed to give folks a warm fuzzy feeling they're doing something good for the environment whilst wearing it on their sleeve. The things have twice circled the planet before they've turned a wheel and the additional weight from the storage cells does little to improve fuel efficiency by comparison to a well designed gasoline powered auto. Not to mention all the energy consumed to handle the expired storage cells. Fuel cells (although in their infancy, are the way to go). Rapid advancements are now being made. Check out: the: Chevrolet Colorado ZH2. The future, defined by an American company. Way to go. Jerry
  5. Motor Oil Analysis

    Yeah. They're all named; technicians and engineers nowadays. Not a grease monkey to be found. Give me a grease monkey any day. There's good guys around whom aren't pretentious. One I know served in the military workshops for eight years. A knowledgeable and pragmatic guy. With the exemption of expletives, he barely speaks a word of English, though. Jerry
  6. Renting a premium 4 x 4 ? Possible ?

    Seem to remember: the old Fortuner chassis was 6" shorter than that of the Vigo. Noticeable by the position of the exhaust when referenced to the rear bumper. Haven't looked at recent editions.Perhaps others could confirm any variance. Jerry
  7. New Tyres

    If your avatar is your current ride with stock tires. Just wait awhile. Jerry
  8. Man arrested over death of second wife in Ayutthaya

    Crime passionnel. You can walk free from such crimes in the Western World. Jerry
  9. Balancing a Hatari Fan Blade - Possible?

    Visited Home-Pro at the weekend. Replacement fan blades for various Hatari fans were available. Average price around 300THB. The price of a couple of (half decent) beers. There's budgets and budgets I suppose. Each to their own. Jerry
  10. Renting a premium 4 x 4 ? Possible ?

    I found the 0 - 60 time was always much faster then the 60 - 0 time on the Fortuners I drove, with ABS being totally useless on wet roads. Nothing but a sheep in wolfs clothes. Given the general standard of driving here and the poor condition of the roads, it's definitely more suited to the local market than higher end marques. Same risk of damage, whatever the cost. Toyota's are comparable to Mercedes though. Both are used as taxis. Mercedes in the first world and Toyota in the third. Jerry
  11. classic cars

    Earlier stags had the 35. Later ones used the 65, mostly for the US market, I think. Jerry
  12. classic cars

    Castrol products are sold in many outlets (more so than Mobil). Search the outlets in your area. You'll probably need to order it from an accommodating outlet though. It's a Ford spec oil, so, you could try there also. Other brands will meet the Ford specification and the ATF-G spec too. Take a photo of the stag (or the car itself) with you when you search. There are car guys out there who will be more accommodating when they see why you're asking. The major insurance companies offer individual policies at a price. They do insure expensive marques after all. But, you'll need to deal with an office that's away from the Ozarks. Insuring the stag for the value you would place on it, could be cost prohibitive though. I just use 3rd party for my old stuff. Happy hunting. Jerry Transmax Type F_467291_2013-12.pdf ATF 210 pds.pdf
  13. Motor Oil Analysis

    Most of which can be diagnosed without laboratory analysis of the oil. Have you let a motor mechanic look at it? Jerry
  14. New Tyres

    Have never liked Bridgestone tires. A hangover from early biking days when Japanese bikes came with them fitted as standard. Their compounds still seem to be more suited to use on 18 wheelers and sometimes I wonder how many tires they would sell, if they didn't come fitted as standard OEM. They came as standard on 2 of my vehicles and were immediately changed to Dunlop. Never used BF Goodrich, but if I could only choose between the two, they would be my choice. Jerry
  15. Balancing a Hatari Fan Blade - Possible?

    The best way to balance fan blades is to remove material from the heavy blade. Not add it to the lighter blade. The added mass can come loose. Perhaps causing other issues. Jerry