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  1. The Windmill Club on water - every night of the week, same same
  2. Good partners are good until they are not...
  3. I am inclined to agree with you, but many guys here have no emotional support here when things go haywire. A Lifeline type service is needed here.
  4. He also works as a TV presenter for one of the Pattaya television companies, so he is a man of many talents and for sure would have a work permit.
  5. The 'better to buy a condo' idea raised by some posters is a much better idea, in terms of him being protected from any relationship failure. He should also establish a will in Thailand and pass the condo to her on his death. I have a friend who did this and then the relationship broke down. He then made a quick trip to the lawyer and had her name removed from the will, very easy. If he does in fact stay with this girl for a number of years and then passes away, she can do with it what she wants - rent it out, sell it etc. If she has looked after him and provided him with company for a period (hopefully long) of time, then surely it's not unreasonable to do this. Why should she walk away with nothing ? Having said all the above, I understand your concerns, but guess what, he worked all his life for what he has and is entitled to do with it whatever makes him happy. The beneficiaries of his will in farang land should take a leaf out of his book, and go to work for a few decades, save their money, and then, they too will have the pleasure of doing with it what they want in their old age.
  6. The current GDP estimate of tourism's contribution to Thailand's economy is 17%, so not sure where the gentleman who quotes 40% for the sex industry is sourcing his data. Of the 17%, non sex tourism would be the vast majority of it. If sex tourism disappeared tomorrow, Pattaya would continue on with a blip on the graph showing a temporary decline before resuming it's rise in tourist numbers as the Chinese continue their unabated arrivals along with European and Russian families. Thailand continues to be an extremely popular tourist destination worldwide regardless of political uncertainty, strong baht, tsunami's etc.
  7. I also saw him yesterday at Jomtien Immigration, did a double take as I couldn't believe my eyes, seeing him out and about. He looked relaxed and happy. Twin brother ?
  8. That’s the most plausible explanation, however, bolting makes the situation worse for him. She lay there, severely injured and in agonising pain, alive for many hours. If he had rendered assistance she may still be alive. He’ll be caught and will regret his actions for the rest of his life.
  9. Thaifly88

    What happened to The Coffee Club ?

    Also now closed, or in the orocess of doing so, is the small Coffee Club branch at Took Com. It always had a few people there, but McD’s just opened next door. Wouldn’thave thought they would be competing really. Must be a major rethink for the Minor Group company who own Coffee Club (pun intended)
  10. That’s exactly the right attitude, an opportunity to use a portion of some of the best real estate in town to watch, relax, read a book, whatever. Sure, the coffee is average st best, but it’s the experience they are selling !
  11. Thaifly88

    Medical Costs for Thai Nationals

    that seems odd, I wonder why traffic accidents are not included ?
  12. Thaifly88

    Medical Costs for Thai Nationals

    Thank you Sheryl, excellent reply, really covers every question I had about Thai medical care for locals :)
  13. I am trying to understand the way that medical costs for emergency treatment are charged to ordinary (as in wages) Thai nationals. I have had conflicting advice on this, so I thought I would ask the TV community. I know in days gone by that medical costs were very low due to high government subsidy levels. I think that 30 baht was all that was required from the patient some years ago. I am told this is no longer in place, and Thai's must now pay for their medical treatment. My question is how much are Thai's expected to pay in the case of emergency treatment. A friend was recently diagnosed with pneumonia and was told she needed 4 days overnight hospital stay. She told them she couldn't afford it, so they gave her a bag of drugs, told her to go home and take care. She has no insurance and works full time in a store, earning around 9,500 THB per month. Her bill for the drugs, and other services (X rays, Dr consultation, use of oxygen) while she was at the hospital (Samrong Hospital) for a day (but not overnight) was just over 4,500 THB. If she deteriorates and requires admission, what is her position regarding payment that she clearly cannot afford. In such circumstances, do they just treat her and require payment over time ? This situation must be a daily occurrence and I am curious as to the approach taken by the hospitals - hope someone has the answer :) Farang to the rescue is one obvious answer, but not all Thai's have that luxury.
  14. Actually, this is all aimed at Lo-So's - as in, get out, Thailand doesn't need or want you.
  15. Unless this replaces the current retirement visa requirements, there appears to be no advantage and some downsides. I would expect that it will replace the current arrangements, perhaps phased in, over time. The insurance requirement will address what is a real problem of older, sick foreigners with little financial resources using the Thai hospital system and being unable to pay for their care.