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  1. Good for some people to know. If you can not collect enough at Kao San Road and surrounding area, you can always go to Rawai pier. As long as you're not a Sea Gypsy.
  2. Thanks for clearing. Should I delete the topic or can you close it, before long discussions start?
  3. I just saw a post coming by on Facebook, linked to a German Thailand tip website with a article about new visa regulations starting on 12 August 2017. The regulation change is that tourists doing back to back border runs or using back to back 60 day Tourist visa will from now on get an in/out stamp as warning and from 13 Aug 2017 onward they would not be allowed to come back to Thailand unless they can show a valid and correct visa and proofs of purpose for their intended stay. This new rule supposed to come from Chief Immigration South Thailand Tatchai Pitaneelabut and Police Inspector at Songai Kolok already confirmed that at his border check point more than 100 border runners a day are refused entries into Thailand. Source of this article is: Thai Visa The Nation. I can find nothing about this change on your forums, thats the reason for this question as it seems you are the source who made this news.
  4. Fled to Thailand, having a very distinctive tattoo on your face and putting face pictures on Instagram. Than a video named: Pattaya. He really makes it hard to find him.
  5. Is this really the way English justice system is working? In 2005 seemed to be unfit for trail, than nothing happens till 2013. 8 years nothing? He flied to Thailand and just because he had some overstay, Immigration took him and find out that he has been charged so they hand him over to UK’s National Crime Agency and they bring him to trail in 2017. Good he is found guilty and locked up for 18 years, or will he be after a few years of the hook for good behavior and old age, not fit to stay in Prison or maybe: He have to take care the properties in Thailand so we give him a one way ticket.
  6. I read all the comments but this one makes me laugh. Children in Thailand at school are shouting in Thai. It is their National Language, what do you expect? It is no excuse that even the local teachers speak Thai, you came to this country as an English teacher but you did not know the National language. Abusing students is wrong, teaching a foreign language in another than your home country is nice, but to understand your students and colleagues you have to speak their language.
  7. So, out of the more than 1600 boats, 100 stopped their service due to high waves. National Park is again rising red flags on the islands, which is the destination of the tourists. Seems not safe to me or proactive thinking, send out the boat on high waves and rain to arrive at an island to be told there are waves and it rains, be careful. In mine humble opinion the red flag should be waved at the harbor or departure place and National Park should just close the harbor for safety till better sea conditions.
  8. Soon in Thailand, New cars for DSI??? Did they look to much to their Dubai collegues?
  9. More and more I read Police Monitoring websites. And still I read many times, I live in Thailand, I work in Thailand where is the easiest place to get another tourist visa? The day this Police Monitoring team starts to act on forums and facebook, many will have a problem.
  10. Nice long statement of Buick. His American parents moved to another town, his American friends change plans all the time, his American bank change policy about money transfers, Time difference between America and Thailand, he does not like to visit an American Police station. And that is the reason it is not convenience to apply for a Visa or Extension of Stay in Thailand.
  11. You can get advice on a forum, but nobody can tell you 100 % that your application will be approved and getting back in the country is as without any hassle or question of an Immigration Officer.
  12. If and I say IF it help to let Police volunteers sitting on the side doing totally nothing about traffic control but being busy with their Line, Facebook, what ever account, eating and drinking but the amount of death in traffic accidents go down I would say: Can you please let them sit down their every day and night. It is worth one less death.
  13. a Little over 2 years ago, the Government sent over Marine Biologist Dr Thon Thamrongnawasat to see what is going on at Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. He came in not introduced, looked around as tourist and after his findings he introduced himself. Many staff from Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, from Ranger till the head man went to inactive places. The income with the new ticket system multiplied big times. Only 10 % of the income is for the park, the park bought this year 14 speedboats to control the area out of that 10%. There is now zero policy, toward tourist who like spear fishing, against rangers who like to pocket some extra cash, against boat owners without license, against entrepreneurs who rent out umbrella and beach chairs, against illegal fishing etc etc. Things changed, people got and get fired. Last few days 65 boat owners got fined for not having a proper license. They started to educate people on the beach about recycle and do not litter on beaches. Please give them a little credit. I understand because I read Thai Visa daily: Thais are stupid and put all the money in their pockets, at least that is the standard on this forum. But how many of you did actually visit this National Park in the last year? For me if an Organization like Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park starts and try to actually save what is left I will support them no matter what you think. It is a start, maybe with baby steps, but no one in the world won a marathon on his first birthday.
  14. So many people claimed on forums and social media that the entrance fee of National Parks ends up in the pocket of the Park Rangers. I posted earlier that Phi Phi National Park bought 14 speedboats to control the area. During Songkran they controlled the beaches, handing out garbage bags and informing the people about the importance of taking care the garbage rather than leaving it on the beach. They set up an information stand, where people could hand in their garbage bags, and separate the garbage for recycle. And now this news, he pocketed 1600 Thb but got arrested and is facing harsh punishment. Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park is on the good track, but many more thing are there for improvement. Properly the argument will come from those with a negative view about Thai people: He took money what belongs to his chief.
  15. So you think a new passport will solve all the problems. It used to do the trick years ago, now even in Thailand, country in development, they using the same thing as you: a Computer. Your new passport could be linked with your old one, like the Netherlands Government does to make it easy for Immigration Officers worldwide. But when Immigration use the scan your name, birthday and nationality will give a match with an old passport and all your entries in Thailand.