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  1. Phuket Denies Lifeguard Shortage Is Killing Tourists

    Trained and experienced life guards are to expensive. So the boss decide he can organize himself at low cost. Life is cheap in Thailand. 2 death, 6 saved by beach vendors and the count is on. But do not worry in December their will be newly trained life guards and “After Oct. 20, the seas will be calm,” Watcharin said. “They won’t be violent like the monsoon transition period.”
  2. Yes, it benefit the business by making it a legal business. Be aware that the number you get from TAT must by on all the advertisement you make, every neon sign, poster, flyer, business card etc must have that number.
  3. One of the best rules to run a company:
  4. And why did this high profile human right lawyer complaint to the police. Get he slammed by his wife caught looking at the video again and again? Or did the wife asked money to make her t.....s the same size? As far as I know showing your breast is not a violation of Human rights.
  5. You wrote you are on a Tourist Visa, just start paying tax does not solve your problem: Attention for Tourist and Transit Visas Applicants I hereby declare that the purpose of my visit to Thailand is for pleasure or transit only and that in no case shallI engage myself in any profession or occupation while in the country. Signature _________________ Date __________ This is what you signed to obtain that visa, mining bitcoins in Thailand sounds to me as engaged in any profession, so by doing that you break the Immigration rules.
  6. Merkel attacks Turkey's 'misuse' of Interpol warrants

    A Dutch news paper did have almost the same article. But the last sentence was that this man lost a court case in absense. He is sentenced for a killing during a robbery in Turkey. Would like to know why Turkey put this man on the Interpol list, somehow Interpol and press do not tell.
  7. As long as I read daily: You can rent motorbike in Thailand without License, but drive slowly and carefully, Stupid Police, they fined me 500 Thb because I had no helmet, Corrupt Police, they fined me 10.000 Thb for driving under influance, I disagree.
  8. Fly in and out?

    So the answer of "How would the IO even know the exchange rate" is: They can use the Internet. Now I'm totally blown away, you really think that a Thai Official is allowed and have access to use Internet and Google for information? I believed that internet can only be used by tourist in Thailand. I have never seen a black box, a screen, a key board, mouse and printer all together named a computer system in a Thai office. I seen many people play with their smart phones, but that must only be games, not Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, Skype, Thai Visa Forum etc etc. But on the other hand, when entering Thailand the IO swipes the passport trough a small black box and has a screen on his desk showing all the data, so it looks like they have something what we call computer systems. You must love those tourist who still think Thailand is living in the stone age, but using the internet to ask questions.
  9. Six missing as diving boat capsizes in Krabi

    I found a picture of the second tragedy. Definitly not the same location, circumstances or same boat. In my earlier post I was at the rescue from a sunken longtail boat at the entrance of Hat Nopparathara harbor nearby Ao Nang. This picture is the Pro fun dive boat which went down at Viking Cave Koh Phi Phi.
  10. Six missing as diving boat capsizes in Krabi

    I just seen on a Thai Facebook page a short video of a Scuba Diving Boat sinking at Viking Cave Koh Phi Phi Ley. I could not share or download the video, but it looks to me we are dealing with two tragedies at the same time and stories get mixed up with locations and type of boat and amount of passengers. As far as I could understand the short video also on the Scuba Dive boat at Koh Phi Phi all are safe.
  11. Six missing as diving boat capsizes in Krabi

    All boat owners and tour companies are warned that heavy rain storms with big winds and high waves will hit the area for the next few days. Small boats are not allowed to go out, this was as the captains love to call it a Big Longtailboat. This company tells: The tickets where sold, we did not want to postpone and we thought the weather would be ok. You can implement many systems, but as I have seen pictures from Phuket Beach where the whole beach is now blocked with ropes to prevent tourist getting in the water ignoring all the red flags with warning NO SWIMMING, the only way is: Block harbors so boats can go not out. Not with just a rope, captains will cut it.
  12. Six missing as diving boat capsizes in Krabi

    I'm back from the rescue mission. It was a longtail boat carrying in total 14 people on a snorkeling tour. All people are saved, some brought to hospital to clean up their wounds the got from climbing up the rocks at the closest by island. It happened in front of Hat Nopparathara harbor, between the two islands who are the landmark for this harbor. Picture taken when the last person is brought back to safety.
  13. Now also for the Dutch Embassy. Income statement can be applied for only with proof of income, tax refunds and monthly payments on bank account. Next to that the Embassy can check with the Dutch tax office if your claim is correct before they authorise your statement.
  14. It is extremly hard to get an Extension based on Marriage: I have a computer and a scanner/printer, it take about 6 months hard labor to scan and print these 6 more papers needed for Extension based on Marriage. It is obviously almost impossible to find a friendly neighbor or a friend to take a picture of Us standing in front of the house and a second one in the house. For that I usually ask a family member in Europe for a full paid holiday to do this hard work. When all is done I visit Immigration with the wife and get an Interview. I carry a 40 kg suitcase with every paper, utility bill, internet bill etc and at least 2 copies and I wear adult dipers just in case, because you never know what questions they could or will ask. Normally I get the 30 day under consideration stamp and go quickly home and relax for a few days after this horrible experience. Sometimes during these 30 days, Immigration or local Police visit the house to see if we live both in the house. As we are happily married that is always the pleasant part of the application, because we actually live together. Than again a day of stress follows for getting the Extension. Suitcase in hand and dipers in place and fingers crossed. No questions asked, passport get stamped and even a new 90 day report is done at the same time. The days of huge stress and fear are gone for another 11 months. Real life: Print out a few more copies takes minutes, get lots of Thai friends over on visits who love to make pictures. Interview is done years ago, Officer just takes the form from last year, ask if the name of my parents are still the same and put a new date on the form. Get the 1 month stamp and out of Immigration within 30 minutes. One month later another 20 minutes for the Extension and the 90 day report. My longest 90 day report took 1 hour, this because some tourist girls with overstay ignored the lines and start bashing the officers, but for me this was looking at a comedy show and I could watch for hours. Special when the girl yelled at the Head of Immigration: Who the <deleted> you think you are, you can not threat me with arrest for being on overstay. Visit Immigration can be a pain in the ass, but when you have the papers correctly, organized and signed it is normally an easy process. Some prefer Extension based on Marriage, others Extension based on Retirement, the choice is yours. But claiming one is much more difficult to get than the other one, I do not agree, a few more minutes a year for extra copies does not make things difficult.
  15. Thai wife false accusations. Trouble ahead?

    I do not know the poster or his wife. I read the story and sofar all the replies and all with the same outcome bad Thai lady. Why is it always bad Thai lady, the OP could just try to get away with something he did and just want support. He says he did not steal the gold, nice to read but did he steal it or not. How did he treat his wife, why are they seperated and only communication by e-mail? Did she caught him making love with another bar girl or ladyboy? Who knows. Only themselves. Sorry I can not give any advice on what you have to do, this because I do not know what happend and what is the truth.