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  1. If and I say IF it help to let Police volunteers sitting on the side doing totally nothing about traffic control but being busy with their Line, Facebook, what ever account, eating and drinking but the amount of death in traffic accidents go down I would say: Can you please let them sit down their every day and night. It is worth one less death.
  2. a Little over 2 years ago, the Government sent over Marine Biologist Dr Thon Thamrongnawasat to see what is going on at Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. He came in not introduced, looked around as tourist and after his findings he introduced himself. Many staff from Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park, from Ranger till the head man went to inactive places. The income with the new ticket system multiplied big times. Only 10 % of the income is for the park, the park bought this year 14 speedboats to control the area out of that 10%. There is now zero policy, toward tourist who like spear fishing, against rangers who like to pocket some extra cash, against boat owners without license, against entrepreneurs who rent out umbrella and beach chairs, against illegal fishing etc etc. Things changed, people got and get fired. Last few days 65 boat owners got fined for not having a proper license. They started to educate people on the beach about recycle and do not litter on beaches. Please give them a little credit. I understand because I read Thai Visa daily: Thais are stupid and put all the money in their pockets, at least that is the standard on this forum. But how many of you did actually visit this National Park in the last year? For me if an Organization like Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park starts and try to actually save what is left I will support them no matter what you think. It is a start, maybe with baby steps, but no one in the world won a marathon on his first birthday.
  3. So many people claimed on forums and social media that the entrance fee of National Parks ends up in the pocket of the Park Rangers. I posted earlier that Phi Phi National Park bought 14 speedboats to control the area. During Songkran they controlled the beaches, handing out garbage bags and informing the people about the importance of taking care the garbage rather than leaving it on the beach. They set up an information stand, where people could hand in their garbage bags, and separate the garbage for recycle. And now this news, he pocketed 1600 Thb but got arrested and is facing harsh punishment. Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park is on the good track, but many more thing are there for improvement. Properly the argument will come from those with a negative view about Thai people: He took money what belongs to his chief.
  4. So you think a new passport will solve all the problems. It used to do the trick years ago, now even in Thailand, country in development, they using the same thing as you: a Computer. Your new passport could be linked with your old one, like the Netherlands Government does to make it easy for Immigration Officers worldwide. But when Immigration use the scan your name, birthday and nationality will give a match with an old passport and all your entries in Thailand.
  5. What was the response of the Immigration Officer when you explained him?
  6. Why you want to talk to the local Immigration Office unless you need advice about your Visa or extension of stay. Try the ministry of Labor, that is the only office who know all the rules about Work Permits.
  7. I went to the only office who can inform me correctly about the issue in my living area. Maybe I'm in a clash with dozens of interpretations of the law written by expats on a forum, but I have more trust in an employee from Ministry of Labour than in those interpretations. So far, all I do in and around my house, helping out friends never had any problem in the last 14 years. And as some people try to explain on this forum: anything a Thai can do, you not allowed. As i read many strange interpretations like brushing your teeth, I know many Thais who are very capable using a computer. So lets also interpreet that typing comments on a forum is not allowed without work permit. Use common sens and if you not sure, visit the Ministry of Labour in your area and just ask.
  8. I went a few years back to the Ministerie of Labour in Krabi to ask what is allowed. They explained very easy. You can work on your land, rented or leased (before people start you can not own land) you can work on your house, rebuild extend what ever you like. You can built your own furniture, even a boat for private use. You can do this without work permit, but if you also have some smaller bungalows for rent, you can not work on those bungalows. If you build a boat, use it short time, sell it and build a new one, sell it after short time do it again they will see that as a business. Furniture for own use no problem, if you start or your girlfriend/wife to sell to others it is a business. Cutting grass no problem, help your neighbour no problem, use the machine to help half of the village is a business. Helping out girlfriend/wife with her business is working for her company. To be short: Working on private things or helping a friend no work permits needed. Make your hobby commercial, work permit needed.
  9. It all depends on the officers and their instructions. I have seen and heard a warning to an employer: We know he works without work permit, next time we will make an arrest. Don't employ him anymore. Other times: People went straight to jail, went to court, paid the fines and went back to their Thai homes. Or people went straight to jail, went to court, paid the fines, got arrested again by Immigration for working on tourist visa, back into jail and deported. And a fine is offered at the crime scene, when paid directly to the officer all is good.
  10. You can do it 14 days before an 7 days later, so you have 3 weeks to make the report. I take the misses, do some shopping in town, have nice lunch and she wait the whole 5 minutes at Immigration while I do my report. The best excuse for a day out every 90 days.
  11. On of the Visa services in Penang, also member here wrote several times on his Facebook page that the rules changed in Penang. Just take a look at his ADVISE: Jim Tachinamurthy. March 15 at 1:14pm · Hello my friends and clients living in thailand,if u want a tourist visa please bring a house or hostel or bungalow rental ageeement or a receipt and a flight ticket out of thailand after 2 months and please please please print it out in thailand before u come to Penang.thank u
  12. I do not now the OP, but if he stated like he did in this forum to the Immigration Police: I have to take the stuff from my Pattaya Condo and the millions in stock and bank accounts and that he is the creme de la creme of farang, the tourist/resident TAT dreams of I can understand the IO rejected him for not being able to show 20.000 Thb in cash. People who have money normally do not brag about it and reading his replies to comments I do not believe he acts like a Gentleman for sure not a perfect one.
  13. Funny to see this comments. What I not understand in this story is: The women said they were just on holiday but many claimed to be from countries that did not match their passports. And than: However, there were no reports of any action taken against the women. Police just said that the crackdown would continue as they attempted to clean up Pattaya's image. So it is not okay to walk around and maybe working as a prostitute but is okay to walk around with a tourist visa in a fake passport.
  14. The temple that blocked certain press because they showed the wrong pictures, is now making a statement to be open-minded to let people hear information from both sides and made a decision for themselves. All we monks do is okay because we want to protect ................. ( not sure if I can write that all down without getting problems).
  15. a National Park has only 10 % of the fees, the rest 90 % goes to Bangkok. Koh Mu Phi Phi National Park wants to upgrade the waste water plant in Koh Phi Phi, estimated costs 300 million Thb. with 50 million a year and is I see your costs calculation of 20 million a year it will take another 10 years saving. At the moment 85 % of Phi Phi waste water goes non treated back into the Andaman Sea.