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  1. I do not know the poster or his wife. I read the story and sofar all the replies and all with the same outcome bad Thai lady. Why is it always bad Thai lady, the OP could just try to get away with something he did and just want support. He says he did not steal the gold, nice to read but did he steal it or not. How did he treat his wife, why are they seperated and only communication by e-mail? Did she caught him making love with another bar girl or ladyboy? Who knows. Only themselves. Sorry I can not give any advice on what you have to do, this because I do not know what happend and what is the truth.
  2. Arresting illegal immigrants, raids on construction sites? Sharply higher fines for employing illegal immigrants. Sending people to an IDC and deportation? OMG, Sweden will go bankrupt, the whole economy will collapse. No more work force to get jobs done. No more tourist will come to this once so nice country. Their Government does not have a clue what they do. Or are these comments only good when it happens in Thailand?
  3. Every year I see lots of Foreigners coming into Thailand and living the dream of Scuba Dive master and/or Scuba Dive Instructor. Often without work permits and yes lower wage then "welfare" in the Netherlands. But on the other hand, living the dream, laying on a white sand beach, scuba diving alongside coral reefs in clear water with lots of marine life. And if they do a good job, they may have a nice paid holiday, some for only 6 months high season, some stay 1 year or even longer.
  4. Sounds the same as: Got the love Thaivisa for questions like this when the answer is simply a quick Google search away, let alone the search box here on Thaivisa itself. Stamps in passports are easily identified, just by reading your passport, but a lot of people call every stamp a visa. Some even invent names like a jojo visa, after some questions it came out to be an Multiple Re-Entry Permit. It makes it many times hard to give a proper advice directly .
  5. Nice statement: “It was a bad situation for us when the 300 baht minimum wage policy was approved, but this is worse,” said the confederation’s Nauvarat Songswaddichai. 300 Thb for an Employee was bad, so we kicked them all out and replaced them with illegal foreing labors with less salaries. But how and with whom do we replace illegal foreigners?
  6. You're young enough to go for Citizenship. Takes some years but can be done.
  7. Reading this kind of topics is like reading a comic book, always makes me laugh. All Farangs/Expats getting upset and start typing fast and furious all kind of comments, some to the point, some just to stear it up. But above all, I read about breaking laws and have to take care, I bring in and paid millions of Thai Baht so I can do. Most of the comments is against enforcement by Police, Immigration or Ministry of Labour. Time for the next topic: Driving in Thailand. All these people are pro enforcement of laws by Police, till they get stopped driving motorbikes without a helmet. Then they shout out loud: Police needs pocket money. Make up your minds, every country has laws, rules and enforcement. Some in your benefit, most of them not. I agree with this new rules, all employees should be legal, registered, pay tax and have a right to Social Security and Insurance. What we see now is just the result of Human Trafficking, lots of illegal migrants who worked long days of hard manual labour for small wages are kicked out by their employers. People who paid Agents money for a job in Thailand, got here without Passport, Visa etc. The Employer can tell them all he want, let them do all he want with a simple sentence: I report you to Immigration. And all with an excuse that I also read in the comments: Thais do not want to do this kind of work. Ask yourself the question: Do You want to do this kind of work for that kind of money under the same circumstances?
  8. I went today to see how it is like. a Group of 20 Thai people all in light green T-shirts walked down the beach and picknick area to clean up. Full garbage bags on the road side and emty ones tight to the trees. I counted 10 garbage bin recycle point in one view, did not walk to the end to see if there are more. 2 ladys from National Park are cleaning all day every day. The biggest picknick sport looks clean to me.
  9. Daily early morning clean up from National Park Rangers, daily afternoon clean up by local Government. Private company collect all the trash bags every evening and put new bags around trees. Big signs in Thai, English and Chinese: Do Not Litter, fine 2.000 Thb everywhere. National Park put many garbage bins in place, 3 at one spot, with pictures and text for recycling. But in the weekend, No ranger, no Government or private company. Every Monday it is a mess. Garbage bags still empty, garbage bins partly used and the trash everywhere. Time for enforcing the rule of Do not litter. Fine a few days everybody that leave something behind and people will start learning the hard way. Unfortunately it is not only the Thai tourist.
  10. I normally take my phone, type in the number of my house telephone and push dail. Only way that works for me to call home. On the other hand when I'm not at home nobody will be answering the ringing phone.
  11. I don't know about authorities turning a blind eye. I do know about Scuba Diving Instructors got arrested for performing Scuba lessons at Koh Phi Phi. They had work permits from their shops in Phuket and Koh Phi Phi is part of Krabi Province. Also here in Krabi, last high season a group of Immigration Police together with Tourist Police were checking work permits and the address where you are working. No blind eyes here.
  12. Good for some people to know. If you can not collect enough at Kao San Road and surrounding area, you can always go to Rawai pier. As long as you're not a Sea Gypsy.
  13. Thanks for clearing. Should I delete the topic or can you close it, before long discussions start?
  14. I just saw a post coming by on Facebook, linked to a German Thailand tip website with a article about new visa regulations starting on 12 August 2017. The regulation change is that tourists doing back to back border runs or using back to back 60 day Tourist visa will from now on get an in/out stamp as warning and from 13 Aug 2017 onward they would not be allowed to come back to Thailand unless they can show a valid and correct visa and proofs of purpose for their intended stay. This new rule supposed to come from Chief Immigration South Thailand Tatchai Pitaneelabut and Police Inspector at Songai Kolok already confirmed that at his border check point more than 100 border runners a day are refused entries into Thailand. Source of this article is: Thai Visa The Nation. I can find nothing about this change on your forums, thats the reason for this question as it seems you are the source who made this news.
  15. Fled to Thailand, having a very distinctive tattoo on your face and putting face pictures on Instagram. Than a video named: Pattaya. He really makes it hard to find him.