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  1. New SETV rules for Aussies.

    So every time you entered Thailand you went to the special desk, paid 2.000 Thb and got 15 days of stay stamped in your passport? Oeps you write later you stayed 30 days, so it must be a Visa Exempt Entry. I posted earlier the requirements of the Thai Consulate in Sydney, not a travel agent , and one of them is: Copy of an airline ticket indicating the date of arrival to and departure from Thailand ". Than you write: "Simply tell them u are going from country to country across land borders , if they sill refuse threaten to sue them" Good luck with your lawsuit. Let us know the outcome.
  2. New SETV rules for Aussies.

    There is no mention of a return ticket on their website: Passport or travel document with a minimum validity of 6 months, and copy Visa application form, fully completed Recent passport-sized photograph (3.5 x 4.5 cm) of the applicant For non-Australian or non-resident applicant, proof of an Australian Electronic Visa Copy of an airline ticket indicating the date of arrival to and departure from Thailand Evidence of adequate finances (THB 20,000 per person, or THB 40,000 per family) For multiple entries, a certified bank’s letter of balance or official bank statement showing recent balance of no less than THB 200,000 Confirmed reservation of accommodation in Thailand Airline ticket indicating the date of arrival to and departure from Thailand, this departure could be to any destination in the world.
  3. It is not a grey area, only made a grey area by people who love to give themselves other job prescriptions. For Example: a Web designer stays a web designer even living abroad, calling himself a nomad does not change the job. It is illegal as others already pointed out. Problem to catch you is this: Thai Police and Immigration Police are looking around for people working illegal in the country, BUT they can only arrest you if you really are doing the job. Sitting behind a computer screen at home or with a laptop on the beach it is very difficult for them to make evidence like pictures that you are actually working at that moment. So the chance of getting caught is slim. I can sit in a restaurant/bar every night with a beer talking to other customers about different foods, day tours and even recommend the best one. I can sell it to these customers and Police can do nothing, because I just have a conversation while drinking a beer. As soon as I write details on a voucher and/or collect money from the other customers they have their prove that I work.
  4. Contact the National Park in Trang, there is a big area closed for public with Dugongs. The population is growing ,last year over 150 species, News reports about a Dugong in the Andaman Sea are rear, I think because they don't like to leave their protected area. In several parks there are Turtle programs, where eggs are taken care of and yearly there are release programs with these turtles.
  5. I hope he keep us updated about the next border crossing and outcome. Would the I/O at the border ignore the recent denial stamp?
  6. a wave is as high as deep, with 8 meter depth it means really big waves. Bad visibility does not stop a trained rescue diver. Put a pole is the sand, tie your rope on this pole and circle around in extending circles. One arm stretched out in front of you with a fist waving from left to right to find out what is in front of you. But on the other hand, the last story of Phuket rescue service was a 2 day training and now they are well prepared for their jobs.
  7. I agree that their are no reports of Digital Nomads arrested for illegal working. According to the labor act, which is old it is simply not allowed. Next to this, most of the Digital Nomads use the Tourist Visa to enter and stay in Thailand, they sign a small box on the form with the text: "Attention for Tourist and Transit Visa Applicants : I hereby declare that the purpose of my visit to thailand is for pleasure or transit only and that in no case shall I engage myself in any profession or occupation while in the country." I not understand questions like: "Can I work as Digital Nomad". You sign a paper that your purpose is only for pleasure and that IN NO CASE shall I engage myself in any profession of occupation. With signing the form to get the Tourist Visa, you already made the decision not to work in Thailand.
  8. Meteorological Department issues a warning for small boats, National Park raises red flags on beaches when wind and waves picking up. Harbor Department is busy at the office and the tour operator brings the customers out on the sea just because: We need money, lots of money. But we care our customers, we have seasick pills on board. And to avoid problems, we named all our boats: BIG, like Big longtail boat and Big speedboat.
  9. Phuket Denies Lifeguard Shortage Is Killing Tourists

    Trained and experienced life guards are to expensive. So the boss decide he can organize himself at low cost. Life is cheap in Thailand. 2 death, 6 saved by beach vendors and the count is on. But do not worry in December their will be newly trained life guards and “After Oct. 20, the seas will be calm,” Watcharin said. “They won’t be violent like the monsoon transition period.”
  10. Yes, it benefit the business by making it a legal business. Be aware that the number you get from TAT must by on all the advertisement you make, every neon sign, poster, flyer, business card etc must have that number.
  11. One of the best rules to run a company:
  12. And why did this high profile human right lawyer complaint to the police. Get he slammed by his wife caught looking at the video again and again? Or did the wife asked money to make her t.....s the same size? As far as I know showing your breast is not a violation of Human rights.
  13. You wrote you are on a Tourist Visa, just start paying tax does not solve your problem: Attention for Tourist and Transit Visas Applicants I hereby declare that the purpose of my visit to Thailand is for pleasure or transit only and that in no case shallI engage myself in any profession or occupation while in the country. Signature _________________ Date __________ This is what you signed to obtain that visa, mining bitcoins in Thailand sounds to me as engaged in any profession, so by doing that you break the Immigration rules.
  14. Merkel attacks Turkey's 'misuse' of Interpol warrants

    A Dutch news paper did have almost the same article. But the last sentence was that this man lost a court case in absense. He is sentenced for a killing during a robbery in Turkey. Would like to know why Turkey put this man on the Interpol list, somehow Interpol and press do not tell.
  15. As long as I read daily: You can rent motorbike in Thailand without License, but drive slowly and carefully, Stupid Police, they fined me 500 Thb because I had no helmet, Corrupt Police, they fined me 10.000 Thb for driving under influance, I disagree.