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  1. Yes, I'm American, although my parents were immigrants. I’m not questioning the “greatness” of America in terms of the freedom and opportunity it has afforded many immigrants ever since they began arriving in the fifteenth century (and earlier), or America’s relatively good intentions in some of its overseas adventures (although the intentions are always a mixed bag). What I find repulsive is the original poster’s appropriation of American fighting soldiers, who are brave and do their duty, to justify a border policy that purely political and hideously misguided.
  2. This is jingoism of the worst sort. Those Americans who did fight and die overseas, however bravely and selflessly, did not go fight to protect Americans’ “security” but because they were sent to fight in those places. “Security” had nothing to do with it -- most of America’s war-making is imperial, from the Barbary Coast to the Philippines to Vietnam and Iraq. And, given the few comments he’s made on the topic, I don’t think Trump would disagree with that statement.