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  1. Chao Lao Beach

    THAI plans swift upgrade of fleet to reverse losses

    The cash cow are the premium seat, (biz class etc), every man and his soi dog who hold any rank in the Gov or Military get passes and these are confirmed, not standby filling extra seats on THAI and the fill up the premium seats with these with no revenue. There was an article a few years ago where on some routes, some 80% of Biz seats on THAI were FOC. We recently bought a ticket from Oz to BKK, $702 on Qantas/EK (Full service with 30kg) or $1280 on TG.
  2. Subject says it all really. How many bottle or how do they measure the limit and what is the limit. Looking at 6 new bottles with receipts. (avg only $20usd a bottle)
  3. Chao Lao Beach

    Wife Using Her Forigen Licence to Get a Thai one

    So it's called a International Driving Permit (IDP) $39 Do you still need them in Thailand, Thais don't need them in Oz. Says here, the mob wanting $39 that you need one. https://www.aaa.asn.au/international-motoring/driving-overseas/
  4. Chao Lao Beach

    Need a Sim card for a Week

    Do they still have them at the airport arrivals? Are there any with a decent amount of "normal" data ? (My last one after a day or so it went horrifically slow, to the point of unusable). Thx
  5. So Mrs CLB has not been in Thailand for many years, he license has expired. Can she use her unrestricted Australian one to go to Chaing Wanttana driving centre and get one based on the Aussie one Like I did ? She has PR, no Aust Passport yet. What's the latest on using a $10 International one based on the Aussie one ? Only planning to be in country for a week, but would like to drive still of course. Thx.
  6. Chao Lao Beach

    Wiring Single Phase Electric Motor

    Thanks Crossy.
  7. Chao Lao Beach

    Wiring Single Phase Electric Motor

    The following has a point re where the switch should be wired. It is a on off switch, like a light switch, (literally). The colors on the current plug are opposite of what one would expect. TIT https://www.quora.com/Why-should-switch-be-connected-only-on-the-phase-wire-and-never-on-the-neutral-wire-in-an-electric-circuit
  8. Had a motor I used to use on a grinder in Thailand. I have it with me in Australia at the moment. The Earth is clear, didn't actually have a Earth when bought in Thailand, but I earthed it, does it mater if the Live or Neutral is mixed up. I don't think it does matter. Does it burn the engine out or anything? Oz being 240v, it should be OK eh? Thanks folks.