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  1. Chao Lao Beach

    Wiring Single Phase Electric Motor

    Thanks Crossy.
  2. Chao Lao Beach

    Wiring Single Phase Electric Motor

    The following has a point re where the switch should be wired. It is a on off switch, like a light switch, (literally). The colors on the current plug are opposite of what one would expect. TIT https://www.quora.com/Why-should-switch-be-connected-only-on-the-phase-wire-and-never-on-the-neutral-wire-in-an-electric-circuit
  3. Had a motor I used to use on a grinder in Thailand. I have it with me in Australia at the moment. The Earth is clear, didn't actually have a Earth when bought in Thailand, but I earthed it, does it mater if the Live or Neutral is mixed up. I don't think it does matter. Does it burn the engine out or anything? Oz being 240v, it should be OK eh? Thanks folks.
  4. Chao Lao Beach

    transport to Chao Lao

    Looking at these pics, I truly miss that place
  5. In Krabi !!!! I thought people traveled to Thailand for Medical stuff. Family and friends are reaching out for help to bring home an Australian woman who remains in a Thai hospital 10 days after a motorcycle accident that left her fighting for life and struggling to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills. Continued below. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-27/injured-australian-woman-dawn-weldon--stuck-in-thai-hospital/8218036
  6. I hope his organs are donated and he is executed.
  7. Chao Lao Beach

    A taxi driver worth avoiding - whatever his name is!

    I have been in many meters that went up dodgy,
  8. Chao Lao Beach

    Kids Needles

    Verbal wont cut it, it is a requirement from the Fed Gov in order to access funding while studying. (Forcing people to be vaccinated if the want social assistance). The Gov will be paying. One GP said to just start again from scratch, which I thought was a bit of overkill. When I walked into hospital here one of the first things they did was draw blood and could tell me that I didn't need anything, they could count antibodies or something. I might go to another GP. Thanks Sheryl, I will take in this list you did. What would be the age cut off for the first one?
  9. I believe that a Thai (or anyone) can let a 5yr Thai Driving license lapse 12 months and still renew it. My Misses is looking at letting her Thai 5yr license completely expire as she is not planning to return during this time now. She will have an open unrestricted Australian license, can a Thai who is a Permanent Resident in Oz drive in Thailand on a Australian based license? (Be is a Intl converted one I think you need ). Does Thailand say a Thai passport holder must drive on a Thai license when in Thailand ? I am not sure regarding Thai residencey laws if she would even be a Thai resident as such. Anyone know ?
  10. Chao Lao Beach

    Kids Needles

    My Step daughter (now young adult) to the best of our knowledge got all the normal Thai needles as a kid, we cant find a record in the school or anything, she needs this for another country, anyone know what the standard needles are ? Can they do a blood test and work out what her levels are? Or does she need to start again to go to an Australia n school?.
  11. Chao Lao Beach

    Unusual Way to do Business

    100baht = $2.78usd Are you finding Thailand stressful yet?
  12. Chao Lao Beach

    TAT rethinks plan as China arrivals fall

    Numbers are up month on month to QLD, Australia.
  13. Chao Lao Beach

    How to stop dogs cr"pping outside my gate?

    Surprised they have not been sold to the meat trade, anyway. Some good suggestions above non the less.