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  1. My (former) wife had a UK ROA stamp in her passport based on patriality (British grandparents). Whenever she got a new (NZ) passport, she simply took it to the UK embassy or consulate and had a new ROA stamp placed in it. Was a straight forward process.
  2. The Bureau (Season 1) subtitled by Sno, is very good. Set within the DGSE.
  3. Power Buy stocks Parrot drones
  4. Thanks for the answers guys. I am here on an extension to stay based on work so Ubonjoe, I assume that simply requires a change in reason to stay from work to retirement? My question re PR was a separate one from the retirement extension issue.
  5. Gents, would very much appreciate advice on changing permission to stay status from work (Non Imm B extensions with work permit) to retirement. 1. Do the retirement funds need to be seeded for 2 months (given it's a first time retirement extension) or for 3 months? 2. Given the seeded funds in my account arise from employment in Thailand, do I need a letter from the bank attesting to them coming from overseas - when obviously they were earned in Thailand? 3. I plan to submit an application for Permanent Residence based upon work before I change my status from non Imm B extension to Non Imm O-A. Can the application be submitted to local Immigration (Phuket in this case) or does it need to go to Bangkok? Thank you very much for your help.
  6. What part of the country are you in Bruce?
  7. I use the service, have been for more than a year and am happy with it. Sometimes picture quality not great and feed jumps around, usually when watching live rugby on UK Sky Sports, but otherwise reliable. Range of European channels plus many UK including Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 plus latest movies. Any issue (rare) a quick response from installer. I have two boxes for two TV's.
  8. Try contacting phone or email via
  9. I was referring to the OP's reference to flying into another country.
  11. You have to be working for 3 years prior to submitting the application and until citizenship is granted. I think you would have be married for the 3 years prior to application. Thank you Ubonjoe
  12. Your post is not totally correct. If you are married to a Thai or have a Thai child you do not have to get permanent residency before a applying for citizenship. You don't pay for a residence certificate until your application is approved. Only the 7600 baht fee for the application is lost if not approved. Ubonjoe, do you need to be actually working here when you apply for citizenship or could you have been working here for the requisite period but now be retired here? Secondly, is there any minimum period to be married to a Thai in order to apply for citizenship (and therefore avoiding the PR process)? Many thanks for your advice.
  13. Read an article that farmers in the US can grow Jasmine rice at a pretty competitive price compare to Thailand. Its still a tad higher but taken into consideration the quality and shipping time its not a bad trade off. Here's why: