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  1. Fair enough. Good answer. Apologies.
  2. As always, deflect and blame the Shinawats.
  3. Thanks, as always, ubonjoe. You're dead right. It was Qatar Airways that warned me without a return/onward bound, it would be the airline that would not let me on the plane leaving Iraq.
  4. The whole world is arming itself against what? A cyber attack? A so-called lone-wolf attack? All the arms, tanks and submarines can not protect you from that. The junta is arming itself against the threat of Thais demanding that they go.
  5. Hi ubonjoe, what about visa exempt entries by air? I have just had my second one cause I'm now working in Iraq. I had an METV before that, came in about 8 weeks ago on exempt (stayed about a week - and then gone for 6), and a few days ago on exempt. There was a slight hold-up at the immigration counter but when I produced a copy of my return ticket to Iraq, all was well and I was waved through. The think is, I leave here on 25 May and already have a ticket booked back for 10 July. Do you think it will be a problem? Shall I get the company to pre-arrange another ticket back to Iraq. The reason I ask is that the company normally books these tickets last minute due to nature of work.
  6. The junta would be wise to choose it's battles. At appears being a "soldier" hasn't necessary installed such wisdom. They are truly pathetic.
  7. Yes, that's exactly what will happen... A'hem.
  8. I'd like to think you are right, but so far they have complied.
  9. They're not too stupid, they have just never had the need to do so. I've been using TOR for many years, but implying that I was smart to do this, is actually stupid.
  10. Just download Tor, takes about 5 minutes
  11. What government? There is no government. What kingdom? That died a short while ago. There are a bunch of tiny, little men calling themselves "soldiers" badly attempting to push through "laws" aimed at protecting the wealth of the elite. That is the situation. Get it?
  12. "I`d rather be a free coward than an incarcerated hero"... exactly what the want... or in other words, a useful idiot.