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  1. First time in Bangkok

    It comes as a surprise to me that all this time I never knew that all the people I see every day in Silom/Sathon are homosexual. It's a revelation to me. I must be the only straight person here if that's the case. Thanks for letting me know. Anyway, I expect you've got a bar stool to occupy along with all the other leering fat old farangs whoo can't get laid without paying. Nothing at all creepy and embarrassing about that. Enjoy!
  2. UDD to seek reopening of 2010 crackdown probe

    Not disagreeing but just saying, for work I had to wander through and spend time in both the red and yellow camps when they pitched up. No one ever questioned me when I entered or exited and I was never even asked for some sort of official permission. The security in both was appalling. I could have been anyone.
  3. UDD to seek reopening of 2010 crackdown probe

    You're right sejae, they really are as bad as each other. It's refreshing to see that here on TV where someone actually acknowledges that fact rather than slinging mud at who the perceive as this or that. The whole system in Thailand is rotten to the core and all else that stems from that are symptoms. The Shins were horribly corrupt, the military is the same. It will require decades of a revamp of the education system to even get close to remedying this seemingly endless loop of government followed by coup. A country that is literally politically atrophying.
  4. Spot on. I owned a bar once with a friend of mine next to APAC university (for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to open a bar and it would be fun - go figure, live and learn) and the police were increasing our tea money every month to the point where I tried to use the same reasoning: I said to the officer who usually came to collect once a month at one point that if they kept increasing the rate we would go out of business and no one (including his police chief) would get anything. To this he just shrugged his shoulders and told me he was only carrying out the chief's wishes.... long story short, we went out of business because the bribes were crippling us. It was all so stupid. If he'd kept his avarice in check, he'd have continued getting a monthly back-hander from us indefinitely. But no. Logic didn't win the day on that one!
  5. UDD to seek reopening of 2010 crackdown probe

    Ah, but they should if the poor and socio-economically marginalized start demanding a greater piece of the pie. This must never be allowed... enter Prayut stage left.
  6. UDD to seek reopening of 2010 crackdown probe

    "But sadly, these guys are simply paid mouthpieces and stooges. Appointed to their positions and paid lackeys. No more, no less. So they are unlikely to be interested in looking forward, reconciliation and certainly won't give a fig for the betterment of others." I'd say this true but the exact same comment could be made to talk about the junta. I suppose we could say this whole thing is a conflict between Thailand's divided elites that have no problem turning the streets of Bangkok into their own personal battlefield. Supporters of either side of this divide are just useful idiots... dupes.
  7. Junta may ban red-shirt media conference on crackdown

    More deflection. You can't answer it because it would mean everything you post in support of the junta is nothing but pure hypocrisy.
  8. Junta may ban red-shirt media conference on crackdown

    First off, I don't support the red shirts on the Shins. I know you can't get your head round that. Now, simply address the question I have asked you countless and stop trying to avoid it by responding with something totally irrelevant.
  9. Junta may ban red-shirt media conference on crackdown

    Where and how did Prayut and his coterie get their obscene wealth and why is no one allowed to ask about this? The answer is as clear as day. Which leads me to ask, yet again, how do thieves prosecuting thieves have any credibility? Just answer the question. That's all I ask. But you can't. The brain goes tilt.
  10. Junta may ban red-shirt media conference on crackdown

    "Others who are still thinking see the good the junta are doing the country"... who?
  11. Junta may ban red-shirt media conference on crackdown

    Once again, address the question asked or don't bother replying. With every time you refuse to address the question you make your hypocrisy more and more evident. You wont address the question because you can't.
  12. Junta may ban red-shirt media conference on crackdown

    Address the question asked or as usual don't answer it all. Simple question. How did the junta get so rich? And how does the prosecution of the corrupt by the corrupt have an credibility. You can't answer that can you? The brain simply shuts down when faced with the boiled frog reality that is happening right now in this country. And why has Prayut effectively made it illegal to question how he accrued his wealth. Answer the question.
  13. Junta may ban red-shirt media conference on crackdown

    As always, my answer to you is how can the corrupt possibly prosecute the corrupt in any credible way. And as always, my question to you is always the same but you always refuse to even acknowledge because you know even attempting to answer it would not be justifiable: Where did Prayut and his coterie get all that money? You can not get that rich of an army salary. And I know full well that once again you will address that question because you can't and you know you can't. But keep cheering on the junta... I would assume you have little else to do.
  14. First time in Bangkok

    Bye lover... sad, sad <deleted>
  15. First time in Bangkok

    Good luck with that mate... pity you can't pull without cash... sexpat loser