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  1. The only person he deceives is himself.
  2. Do they whiten your nads as well, or is that extra?
  3. Junta’s road map to democracy is full of detours

    Or a roundabout.
  4. More photos published of ‘Yingluck in London’

    Maybe because your partner wasn't facing a politically-motivated trial that would have resulted in a lengthy jail term, where the person in question would have managed to hang herself with a sock?
  5. “I want the new government to do as my government is doing"... So looting the public coffers and throwing people in jail for expressing opinions?
  6. No, but you CAN argue with BS spouted by an expat on a forum.
  7. “There is no proof that he has anything to do with alleged corruption.” ... so he just got filthy rich from an army salary? Why is no one allowed to ask where he got his money?
  8. Prawit names third party over watches

    The watches are just the tip of the ice burgh. No one really knows just how much stolen assets are in the hands of the tow PPs... it really is quite disgusting. No wonder Orwell's book was banned here. It's spot on.
  9. Woman believed to be ex-PM Yingluck seen shopping in UK

    No steven100, the junta is doing that... fancy a day trip on a submarine?
  10. What a complete and total retard. Send him on watch shopping trip, whatever, just get rid of this bloody moron. Calling him stupid is actually an insult to stupid people.
  11. Thai Cabinet gives green light to Smart Visa project

    It will be a spectacular failure and cause total chaos.
  12. Redshirt Told Not To Give Away Shinawatra Calendars

    How insecure do you need to be to be scared of a calendar?
  13. Prayut’s code explained

    They are not masters of smoke and mirrors. Smoke and mirrors - when employed correctly - may actually fool people, but the junta are just too dumb to fool anyone. Everything they do and say has a clear motive.
  14. prosecute for defamation.
  15. Pheu Thai Denies Making Thaksin-Yingluck Calendar

    Rogues gallery? Look no further than the current "government". The only problem is that if you actually published pictures of the real "rogues" the junta protects, you would end up in jail for a law we cannot name. Such is the nature of Thailand.