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  1. Army Won’t Allow Civilian Inquiry Into Cadet Death

    Well, what a surprise. Either they're so dumb they actually think people believe their BS or their so arrogant they simply don't care. To rub salt in the wounds on the victim's family, they're saying they only want recruits who are tough, thus implying to the family that the victim was not tough. Tough or not, anyone can die after being beaten to death. Prayut and Prawit saying they also experience this kind of treatment in the army is laughable. Can you seriously imagine either of these buffoons taking a beating? Never happened. It is an insult to man and women in uniform all over the world that Prayut and Prawit have the nerve to call themselves soldiers. Would you follow them onto a battlefield?
  2. Warrant sought for Jomsap’s arrest

    Why do people believe that she actually did this? It could just as easily be the usual RTP BS to "save face". If she was unemployed, where did she get 400,000 baht?
  3. Corruption’s escape routes closing one by one

    An excellent criteria for approving a head of state. Having said that, at least you're not a hypocrite, and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. You're the first pro-junta TV member to ever have responded to that question with a straight answer. And regardless of your views, that is something I can respect.
  4. Act now covers simple possession of offensive material

    As the man stated openly to the media not so long ago: "I have that power".
  5. Corruption’s escape routes closing one by one

    Anyone who tries will be locked up or forced to flee like Major General Paween Pongsirin, who ran to Australia in fear of his life due to "influential figures in the Thai government". Wonder who that could be and who is protecting them.
  6. Corruption’s escape routes closing one by one

    It doesn't matter how you slice it. The corrupt prosecuting the corrupt for corruption is little more than a turf war between two criminal gangs. Until Prayut comes clean about how he got so rich, and then threaten anyone who dares to raise this question, he has no right whatsoever to point the finger. He is morally bankrupt, and not the sharpest knife in the drawer to boot. Once again I lay down the gauntlet to all the jumping junta-philes to explain to me how they think Prayut obtained his vast wealth on a soldier's salary, and how they can deem it all fine and well that he is going after others for being "unusually rich" while threatening those who question his own assets. Now, let the deafening silence of the demented minority ensue.
  7. To begin with, if they only want "tough people", how the hell did Prayut and Prawit make it through cadet school? Moreover, the BP report on this quoted Prayut as saying of the cadet's death: "Don't worry", and later: "What's wrong with it?". I'm sure those words were a great comfort to the victim's grieving family, whose death the army is tripping over itself to deny responsibility for, and to add insult to injury Prayut makes light of the issue. The problem is that it was not just an injury. He was beaten to death, but hey, don't worry!
  8. PM Prayut’s questions get over 100,000 responses

    A grand success! How many of that 100,000 were civil servants ordered to go and villagers strong-armed by village headmen coerced into going themselves by the junta? Subtract that from the above amount and you get roughly 7.
  9. Act now covers simple possession of offensive material

    He gave himself amnesty so he can't be charged. You, on the other hand, probably could be charged for keeping information on your computer that could defame him.
  10. Cadet died ‘due to health issue’

    “No one beat him. I believe the military school did not try to cover anything up because no one can hide the cause of death." Lies, lies and more lies. Shameless disgusting fat toad. As if he ever received a beating and lost consciousness. Unbelievable that this buffoon is actually a general. What a joke.
  11. "The move, however, was seen by many people as well as netizens, as a joke. Some of them pointed to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and its government as part of the problem"... you don't say. I guess these people who view as a joke are not the many Thai people steven100 claims to have questioned on the matter where he lives.
  12. Disasters now dubbed ‘national threats’

    Don't worry, it's only natural disasters caused by Thaksin.
  13. It really doesn't surprise me that someone of your disposition is a junta-phile. With regards to learning lessons, there was no lesson to be learned except that he wasted his time responding to what have to be some of the absurd remarks I've ever seen on TV regarding the junta, and reflect that the author has a reading age of about 10 years old. Having said that, I'm glad you're enjoying this public forum where people are almost free to express opinions. Enjoy it while you can because if the man-child and his paymasters have their way, almost free public forums won't be around for much longer. Finally, I also very much doubt what you have said here in the course of this thread are things you would ever dare say to someone's face. Its easy to sling mud and insults and from the safety of a screen.... "sunshine"... how sad.
  14. You are out of order and crossed a line telling a fellow member what do with regards to his family. You find someone's "lack of comprehension offensive"? What a silly pronouncement. In fact it is you that is very offensive. "Grow up and learn to read dummy"? I What are you, 12?
  15. Quite right. If lying were against the law, Prayut and Prawit would be serving life.... if, of course, it weren't for the amnesty.