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  1. I live near Mukdahan, 50 km north, cross to Laos every 90 days, (multi non o) do my TM 30 every time I come back, the next day ( obviously Mon to Fri and non government holiday days) at Immigration at Amanat Charoen, have done for a few years now. Lucky for me it’s not a busy place at all, and it’s knly 30 km away from home.
  2. Dave8237

    Ramipril, Bisoprolol

    Thanks blinkers very helpful.
  3. Dave8237

    Ramipril, Bisoprolol

    I m looking for cheaper brands of the above available in Thailand. I have been buying them in BKK, and get Concor [Bisoprolol] and Tritace [Ramaipril] but i understand there are local brands which are cheaper than theses. Can anyone help with the names of theres brands, as I can not get theses named ones where I live, so i can try my Local Pharmacies in Loeng Nok Tha, Mukdahan areas
  4. Hi I am 57, height 5 ft 7 ins, my weight back in October 2017 was 97 kg with a waist size of 38 inch.......January this year I thought enough is enough so I got a bike....I live in the out skirts of Loeng Nok Tha, and have the a nice piece of quite road from the home up to the 212, round trip is 20 KM, I've been doing this now since mid January...... and have covered just under 2,000 km. Have only missed a few days due to rain or we've gone of somewhere. As of today I am 80.9 Kg lost 16.1 kg and a waist of 36 inch, my BMI is still a little over at 27.9, and my ideal weight is about 76 kg........ I still Drink the odd Chang, I was never a heavy drinker, and I am an ex smoker too, no snacks and my morning coffee is now a Black iced one, no sugar form my local Amazon, and have only one small portion of rice every over day. Oh and by the way I had open heart surgery in 2012, for Mitral and Tricusid heart valve repair, Mitral has an Edwards physio annuloplasty ring in it. I take Ramipril, Bisoprolol and Pradaxa (dabigatranu) every day........... Only problem is my shorts don't fit me and my shirts are too big..........
  5. Arrive back on Tuesday, have a chauffeur pick up with Emirates back to my place in Huay Khwang, have never bothered using it before on this part on my trips, my wife normally meets me. Was wondering do you need to go to a specific desk, or place, same as you do at Heathrow, to get your car?