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  1. Overstay with a twistok

    Hi all thanks very much for your ideas, I have spoken to the lad today, and he knows he has to speak to Immigration, which he has gone to do today........and will face what ever happens, all the thoughts given here is what I talked about with him the other day...... Please can we close the post .......Thanks again to all
  2. Overstay with a twistok

    yea great........but is her passport at either end expired????????? This is the problem..........he has not valid Thai passport
  3. Overstay with a twistok

    Well this is the problem, no one know's, if he tries it and it works, great stuff.........but if it goes Tits.........what is Thai Immigration going to do, refuse him entry on grounds of deception.......turn him back to Laos, Laos refuse him entry on the same grounds............
  4. Overstay with a twistok

    Correct........its a catch 22, yes he can go to Laos with his ID card no problem, but he cant explain his UK passport when he shows to Thai immigration where he has been........t
  5. Overstay with a twistok

    But he cant leave on an English passport as he has no Laos visa in his passport..........he only has his 3 day boarder pass,
  6. Overstay with a twistok

    yes correct same as me going back to the UK on an expired passport, you can enter your HOME country no problem
  7. Overstay with a twistok

    Yes he has.........but when he returns or goes eleswhere on his British passport he cant prove where he has come from.....if you see what I mean
  8. Overstay with a twistok

    His problem with his parents consent , has not seen his father in year and no idea where he is in the UK, and has had a big bust up with his mother, and they are not speaking, she is in the UK. One good thing, if anything he has a current valid Thai ID card..........Boarder cross into Laos, here in Mukdahan, on the id card and re enter on British Passport, but that would show up on Laos and Thai immigration that he has used two different forms of ID to leave and re enter, and has a possibilty of complicating the problem........
  9. Ok I will keep this to the basic facts, yesterday was speaking to a lad aged 17, he is Thai/British Thai mother brith father, went to live I up from the age a 3...... arrived in BKK on a one way ticket in November 2017, entered on an expired Thai passport, allowed entry told the immigration hour his mother was following in 2weeks, and he would renew his passport, as he wanted to stay a few months, hence not entering on his British passport. So he tries to renew passport , but he can’t do it as under 20years old, requires documents from father and or mother, now here is the problem......he hasn’t seen his father in 10 years and he has had a major breakdown with his mother, hence why he came here. He is currently with he grandparents here in my local town, but now he wants to return to the UK, has a relative here who will pay for his return ticket, but he he can’t leave on his Thai as it’s expired and can’t renew it, he didn’t enter on his British one so he hasn’t technician arrived here......... we have a local immigration office in Amanant Chareon, I can’t advise him what to,do.............I think he’s dig himself a hole........ I have a couple of thoughts, but was wondering what others thought....... He is fully aware he’s done it all wrong, but we all make silly errors of judgement
  10. Yellow House Book

    Thanks........will have a chat with them again, and see what happens....
  11. Yellow House Book

    I married here in Thailand so everything has been translated for that, and of course the cert is in Thai, I will just need my passport translation, but thanks for pointing this out, might make things a little easier.......but then.........will see
  12. Yellow House Book

    Yes agree with you, I am in no desperate need for it, I heard about it a few moths ago, and as I am now living here, thought it might help, some say it dose others say no.........5 year licence expires mid 2019, so might just put this Yello book on the back burner, and file it.......
  13. Yellow House Book

    Thanks to all, most helpful, need some paperwork form the UK, and some translation done, so will work on it over the next few months.........
  14. Yellow House Book

    Thanks.......yes The Biritish Embassy charge a fortune for nothing!!!!!!! i lived here for two years no yellow book, though it was going to be straight forward to obtain, but looks like its all a bit of a pain....so might but to the back of my mind....for now
  15. Yellow House Book

    My Local office is Loeng Nok Tha, which comes under Yasothon, if thats any help