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  1. And there was me thinking it was because women make such lousy drivers.
  2. More proof that sarcasm is the highest, not lowest, form of wit!
  3. Krataiboy

    Punishment for students

    Anyone unaware that corporal punishment is unlawful in Thai schools has no job teaching.
  4. Wait for the squeals of "Fake news!" from Government House, together with threats of hefty fines and imprisonment under the catch-all Computer Crimes Act for anyone spreading such malicious nonsense. What do you mean, "But it's true"? In Thailand today, the bigger the truth the greater the libel.
  5. Nothing wrong with trying to reinvent Sleaze City. But who is going to invent new jobs for the displaced sex workers and their families?
  6. They are men. Or transgender men to be precise. Don't you mean transgender women.
  7. Krataiboy

    First convict executed in Thailand in nine years

    . . . it was rather manslaughter The victim was stabbed 24 times. If that isn't "intent" to murder, then I don't know what is.
  8. Returning to the UK simply is not an option for many UK nationals living in Thailand and other non-EU countries. While foreign migrants -and even, astonishingly, returning ISIS recruits - are shown the welcome mat, returning nationals like us are treated as pariahs to be repelled by a formidable array of financial and other obstacles only the relatively wealthy are able to surmount. Quite honestly, the way the UK is going, even if I had the means I don't have the desire to spend my twilight years in a country which has become a sad shadow of the place I left two decades ago to be with my Thai wife and family.
  9. That's nothing to what they will be expected to kiss when they start work.
  10. Thai for rabbit. They make lousy watch-dogs.
  11. Is the Government's proposing to levy the new tax on the hundreds of thousands of British pensioners who retired to Thailand and other countries outside the EU? If so, they should at least exempt us from the so-called "health tourism tax", which forces us to pay 150 percent of the cost of any NHS treatment we - particularly those of us too old to qualify for private health cover - may need. Isn't it enough that our frozen state pensions continue to be taxed at source along with any other income arising in the UK - in my own case for over 15 years? Other than the dubious privilege of paying through the nose for a British passport, what are we getting in return for our not inconsiderable ongoing contributions to the Exchequer's coffers? Next to nothing, is the answer - and with a lot worse to come, unfortunately. Still in the pipeline, mericifully delayed by the Brexit debacle, is yet another egregious Government plan to rob us of the Personal Tax Allowance, currently worth 11,580 pounds a year. At a stroke this move would deprive many of us of more than a fifth of our total income. Somebody should tell Mother Theresa, before the next general election comes around, there is only so much blood you can squeeze out of a stone.
  12. Thank goodness for those police watch-dogs.
  13. Krataiboy

    Govt blamed for rise in child online game addicts

    Heresy. And probably actionable as a threat to national security.
  14. he has been and gone. Come and gone, more like.
  15. Krataiboy

    Govt allocates 20 bil baht to village funds

    The Prime Minister has revealed that the government has allocated 20 billion baht to the Village and Urban Community Fund Project, in a bid to. . . Complete the sentence, preferably with tongue stuck firmly in cheek to prevent laughing out loud.