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  1. If only hair kept on growing like one's ears.
  2. Clearly has the makings of a drownings and accidents hub.
  3. Krataiboy

    NLA passes law to make Thailand hub of global organizations

    Should be fine so long as they don't let Thais do any organising. For some reason, the words p-ss-up and brewery spring to mind.
  4. Krataiboy

    Prayuth World Tour Announced For October

    Hold the front page!
  5. Krataiboy

    PM Prayut eager for medical marijuana to be legal in Thailand

    I always suspected the entire electorate must have been out of their minds when it happened.
  6. Thank you for advising my wife and I on how to enjoy successful marriage. If only we had known all this before we spent 16 years raising five kids together! Are you, by any chance, a reincarnation of Marjorie Proops? If so, I take back anything naughty I may have said about religion.
  7. Maybe not just legalise, but possibly manufacture and distribute? This would cut out a lot of drug-related crime and divert money from the black economy into the national coffers.
  8. Nothing wrong with showing a partner love and appreciation. But it should be mutual and a spontaneous act, not a duty performed as part of a patriarchal faith-based religion.
  9. Look on the bright side. At least Pattaya is starting to attract a better class of mugging victims.
  10. Krataiboy

    45 ladyboys arrested on Pattaya beach

    A story of everyday folk from Thailand's new-styled "family-friendly" resort.
  11. Krataiboy

    Octopuses get very friendly when they're on MDMA, study reveals

    Darwin would be chuffed to hear about the links between our brains and those of octopodes. Pity we didn't hang on to the eight arms, too, as I could be simultaneously eating my breakfast and doing a bit of weightlifting while typing this post. Ah, well - you can't have everything. According to the new messiah of psychology, Jordan Peterson (if you haven't come across him yet, he's worth tracking down), we also have a lot in common with lobsters, with whom - despite the way we use and abuse them - we also apparently share a common ancestor. If lobsters have a sense of humour they, as well as some TV members, might appreciate this two-line funny from my misspent youth. .. Customer to waiter in a posh seafood restaurant: "Excuse me, do you have crab claws". Waiter: "No, sir - hands like everybody else". Sorry.
  12. Krataiboy

    Octopuses get very friendly when they're on MDMA, study reveals

    Must be the caffeine in ya ba, then, that turns so many addicted Thais into homicidal maniacs.
  13. Maybe somebody should point out to them that far from being a "lady disease", half of ALL new HIV infections in Thailand are caused by men having sex with men. This is also the case in many other countries, including those in the West.
  14. You're obviously not thinking hard enough. Keep at it.