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  1. No real surprise to learn the London Borough of Hackney insists on sewer workers referring to manholes as "access chambers". The same loony left-dominated outfit hit the headlines years ago for outlawing the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep from local schools on the grounds that it was racist. Past "progressive" policies included a bereavement course for black lesbians who had lost their partners (subsequently cancelled due to lack of custom!). The borough's infamous Women’s Unit, which claimed to be in contact with hundreds of women's organisations, including Proud Old Lesbians, the Irish Lesbian Network and the Turkish Lesbian Group, once proclaimed Hackney "the lesbian capital of Britain". If I fall on hard times and have to throw myself on the mercy of my former homeland, I shall insist on being re-housed - at taxpayers' expense, of course - not in a hell hole like Hackney, but in either MANchester, MANningree or MANsfield.
  2. 'Cyborg' fined after implanting Sydney travel card chip under his skin

    "New technology can be scary if you don't understand it," Mr Meow-Meow said. And even scarier if you do.
  3. More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    You couldn't make it up. The last thing sex tourists - the mainstay of Pattaya's booming black economy - need is to have their naughty exploits tracked, monitored and recorded. You can bet they will vote against this loony plan with their feet - by staying away in droves. Another big fail from the not-very-smart brains behind the plan to turn Sin City into a smart city.
  4. Good to see a self-proclaimed opponent of political correctness using one of the few gender-specific nouns to have survived the blitz on our language by feminists and cultural diversity jihadists. Manhole. I reckon it has a nice, er, ring to it compared with the likely possible alternative. Personholes doesn't exactly trip off the tongue and could lead to confusion. Maybe this is why the gender gestapo has left it alone - one hole they might not be able to dig themselves out of.
  5. Online service aims to curb HIV and STI infections

    And don't forget the condoms.
  6. ". . . we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his (Putin's) decision. . . " - Boris Johnson. Evidence? Who needs it, in this increasingly crazy world where the "progressives" have convinced us that you only have to think something for it to be true. No wonder there's a resurgence in people who think the earth is flat (they have some bizarre YouTube videos to "prove" it); think global warming is a myth (ditto); think biological sex is baloney and we should be free to choose from a mouthwatering menu of 70 alternative genders listed on Facebook. It is hard not to feel some sympathy for such nut-jobs, though not for the politicians, academics and mass media camp followers blatantly seeking to cash in on their delusions. Thank goodness most of us ordinary mortals can tell Stork from butter and recognise the relative philosophical merits of "I think, therefore I am" and "I'm pink, therefore I'm Spam'. Or maybe we just think we do? I suppose we could always ask Boris.
  7. Small beer. Dogs can be found sleeping and roaming round the waiting rooms our local hospital in Cha Am - and neither the patients nor hospital staff seem the slightest bit concerned. Nothing new, of course. I remember, soon after moving here two decades ago, visiting a friend in the government hospital in Hua Hin and freaking out at a bunch cats competing with flocks of wild birds to feed on leftovers on lunch trolleys left in the corridors. He, a pioneer expat in this part of the world, just thought it was funny. TIT. Love it (and, let's face it, most of the time we do) or hate it, but one thing is certain: there's nowhere else on earth quite like it.
  8. What's next for the chop - raindrops running down the window? Hope not. With the rainy season round the corner, I'm looking to clean up.
  9. Online service aims to curb HIV and STI infections

    Well done, Thailand. In an increasingly politically correct world, the leading role of gay and bi men and trans people in spreading sexually transmitted diseases - particularly HIV/AIDS - is all to often played down by governments and the mass media, with predictably disastrous results. There is nothing homophobic or transphobic about telling it like it is, as the Thai healthy ministry is doing, and implementing practical and sensible programmes targeted at these vulnerable, high-risk communities. Let us hope this laudable initiative pays off. Last year saw 5,801 new HIV infections in the kingdom - an average of 16 every day day. Thailand already has more than 1.5 million registered HIV/AIDS infected patients. In terms of the human and financial cost of fighting this dreadful disease, for which as yet there is no cure, prevention is key.
  10. Thailand Slips In UN 'Happiness Index'

    Sellers flee as anti-piracy raiders descend on Hua Hin Markets Must read Thailand Slips In UN 'Happiness Index' Funny, isn't it - the more "developed" and regulated a society becomes, the less people seem to enjoy it. A moral there somewhere for the generals and their tendency to treat the people like a bunch of squaddies in basic training.
  11. If this is what it takes to dodge the draft, give me flat feet any day.
  12. How do you deal with the silent treatment from your wife/gf? Celebrate.
  13. Sex on a sewer pipe - Pattaya's latest "fail" as it seeks to become a family resort.
  14. Why not, while we're at it, bring back the washable nappy and reusable sanitary towel? Just think of all the environmental pollution and blocked loos we'd save, as well as money. And who, since we're talking personal hygiene, needs underarm antiperspirants, deodorants and vaginal sprays when a dusting of talc will suffice? Why squander money on expensive commercial toothpaste when lemon juice, salt, water and baking soda can do a better job? Any more for any more?