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  1. White Christmas13


    Thanks Scott
  2. White Christmas13


    why do I put up with this
  3. White Christmas13


    will you please get rid of that Chinese shit I don't have a report button
  4. you would know would you? Why does every body pick on Chinese just because of some bad apples ? I have many Chinese friends and they are cleaner then Thais
  5. White Christmas13

    ‘Phoenix’ to be recovered by August 12

    I like to know how can a 26 year old own a boat like this
  6. join the club I live in Australia for 45 years and have never heard of him either
  7. White Christmas13

    Grandfather grows potential world record breaking cucumber by praying to it

    Yeah but not that size
  8. My girl lives in Bangkok and runs a street food shop with her mom she works a minimum of 10 hours per day 7 days per week and she makes 240 baht per day
  9. White Christmas13

    'It's a shocking idea': outcry over Bangkok street vendor ban

    I always thought people liked the temples and girls
  10. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-06/diver-films-wave-of-plastic-pollution-off-bali-coast/9508662
  11. White Christmas13

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    I know where you coming from I went back to the west after many years in Thailand came back broke now I am living just on the pension I receive AUD $ 1030 per fortnight pay rent 480 electricity 70-80 for 2 months food 80 (including good cheese) petrol 20 wine 30 don't buy a lot of clothes since I have plenty go out for a meal ones a week real restaurant no street food pay nothing for medical just a small amount for medication and still have about $ 300 left every fortnight so don't tell me it is expensive in the west I agree the rent is higher in big cities I am quiet happy where I live and can afford a holiday some times just came back from Bangkok a few weeks back yes I went to Bangkok because my girl lives there I don't regret moving back to the west
  12. Foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand by law. If interested in buying, a foreign investor has two options: either a 30-year leasehold or purchasing the property through a limited company. Apartments can be purchased by foreigners as long as at least 51% of the building is owned by Thais.
  13. White Christmas13

    Australian Tourist Visa Application

    Well I was going to get her over here for more than 2 weeks I thought it was wasted time and money for just a week or two she is not employed by anybody she works for her self selling food she will have some money in the bank maybe 50.000 baht or so and I will sign a declaration form that I will support her while she is on holiday over here she will have free accommodation and I will cover any cost including the flight she also has a 10 year old daughter back in Thailand