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  1. duanebigsby

    Nonsense English exam answers

    You're right. we won't agree. I would be very much interested in your solutions or suggestions to improve English in Thailand. Teaching qualifications/licenses do imply BEd's. Far too much money for gov't schools. I do value your opposing view to mine...it's how we learn. Cheers.
  2. duanebigsby

    Nonsense English exam answers

    Thai teachers just spout rote learning of grammar, but foreigners need a higher level? Why don't you come out and say you're insisting on BEd's from home country? You would remove 95% of NES teachers? You are actively advocating for this with the MOE? Death to the English programs in Thailand. Have you ever taught side by side with a Thai English teacher? No, thought not.
  3. duanebigsby

    Nonsense English exam answers

    No Thai teacher would understand the difference between ESL and EFL either. I fully understand the difference between ESL and EFL. To me the strategy of teaching to a class all from one culture is an easier adjustment than teaching ESL where everyone is from many cultures. You adjust. I don't quite get why you call most foreign teachers here hypocritical. You have also not stated the criteria of what makes a foreigner "qualified" in your opinion.
  4. duanebigsby

    Nonsense English exam answers

    Define qualified. In Canada, US, and UK we have huge numbers of immigrants. Governments trying to help them assimilate offer ESL classes in all sorts of community centres. There are thousands of language schools offering ESL courses, and the vast majority of these programs are satisfied by TEFL teachers. Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, etc all accept TEFL as being qualified to teach ESL courses. Why must you insist the only people capable of teaching ESL in Thailand have BEd degrees? If Thailand does that, kiss Native English Speakers from teaching English goodbye and watch the downward spiral of language education. You may be more impartial, but if you've never experienced a Thai school classroom which hasn't been staged by MOE, you are not better informed.
  5. He doesn't know any other country. What memories or knowledge do you think he has about the States? None.
  6. How do you get to that conclusion? He moved here soon after taking his first baby steps. He has no reason whatsoever to feel a part of a nation he hasn't been in touch with for about 2.5% of his life.
  7. There is no "vine" for a 42 year old who has lived here since he was 2. He has considered his future very well. It's to be in Thailand and not go to the States.
  8. duanebigsby

    Easy ways to stay, 2018?

    There's not a single truth in this post.
  9. The only repulsive thing to me about dog meat is how it's procured. Often pets and street dogs. Mangy, diseased soi dogs aren't the best choice for food. Pets should be out of bounds. If there was an industry like other meats, dog would be fine. When I lived in Cairo, there was a pigeon restaurant with clean, tasty birds. I'd never eat the city wild birds. Some posters have suggested if dog meat is okay, then human meat should also be on the market. We haven't outlawed slaughtering domesticated animals for food, we have outlawed murder however.
  10. I don't understand why you bother being on this forum. Calling yourself thailandtodd, 2 posts, and saying you'll never visit the region. What could you possibly add to the discussion?
  11. I had a student in M6 who openly conveyed that they would get gender reassignment as soon as she had the money after graduation. It's a long process, both the surgeries and the time saving money. some ladyboys are simply halfway there, some will always be ladyboys. It was obvious to me that this was a young lady trapped in a boy's school uniform. The whole class one day became a spontaneous discussion about LGBT rights in countries worldwide. Her biggest problem with Thailand was that, even after gender reassignment surgery, her Thai ID would always say "male."
  12. If you can't see that post as an anti--Muslim slur then I'll never convince you. It was meant to lead people to believe ALL Muslims are beating homosexuals up. A couple of a-holes spouting nonsense doesn't reflect the whole group. The statement was decidedly anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim.
  13. Wow! In a thread about bigotry towards LGBT people you managed to slip in an anti-Muslim slur.
  14. duanebigsby

    Parmesan Cheese? I don't think so.

    What is vegetarian cheese?
  15. Your original post said you are working/living in Mae Sot. You've been here illegally for this long, just continue the way you are as rules don't seem to apply to you.