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  1. Make sure you guys are talking in same dollars. Can/Aus and US are miles/kilometers apart.
  2. Kids Driving Motorbikes

    It's not just Thai parents. I took a one year break from Thailand in 2016 and upon my return I noticed a lot more foreigners without helmets. I noticed many farang dads taking their kids to school 3 up no helmets. what a way to educate your kids, NOT! Also foreign teachers coming to school on motorbikes helmet less. Big no-no in my books.
  3. Kids Driving Motorbikes

    Yeah, stick your head in the sand and just hope you don't die on the road. Great advice.
  4. Kids Driving Motorbikes

    Hey!!! I was gonna say that.555
  5. Online Teaching

    If you try to pay tax here without a work permit it might bite you on the ass.
  6. Online Teaching

    Immigration and the Gov't have repeatedly said they were not interested in digital nomads or online teachers working from home. The time may come, like you say, when that is no longer the case. As for taxes...if the $6 billion dollar a year prostitution industry isn't paying any tax why would an online teacher?
  7. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    for a job that isn't worth a living wage. I can't believe that you think people who have jobs you think beneath you shouldn't be paid enough for food and shelter. Garbage collectors make a decent wage in the US why not wait staff? The thread is about tipping in Thailand and OTHER places. If you agree that people from US are expected to follow what's Thai-appropriate then you should understand the criticism of UK and Aussies refusing to tip in the US.
  8. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    I don't think people from USA on here are defending the tipping culture. Many people are indeed lobbying the government for law changes for restaurant staff. It'll take years to change the poor wages/tipping system. More and more restaurants in USA and Canada are paying the staff good wages and then putting of signage indicating it's a non-tipping establishment. I hope this trend continues. In the meantime, when people refuse to tip the person making $2.20 an hour they pretty much are ' stealing the food out of the mouths of service workers '
  9. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    Optical and camera equipment(Nikons are made here) Triumph and motorbike parts, 2nd largest manufacturer of hard disks,LG and Samsung here in big ways.
  10. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    You are knowingly bucking the cultural norm and screwing the wait staff. Why can't you own up to it at the restaurant? People here hate National Park dual pricing and refuse to go to the parks. Why don't you refuse going to any restaurant that tipping is normal. You could have done your entire trip eating McDonalds and Burger King where you don't tip.
  11. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    I agree 100% and I applaud the new movement where a restaurant will pay really good wages and then put a sign up saying it's a no tipping establishment. It's slowly gaining momentum in US and Canada. But I disagree with people saying they simply won't give a tip while it's still the norm.
  12. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    Plus restaurants have the right to charge wait staff on dine and dashes.
  13. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    If that's your policy while travelling in US, I trust you and Possum1931 are announcing such to wait staff prior to ordering? When defying cultural norms and stiffing the waiters it would only be the fair thing to do.
  14. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    The minimum wage in Canada varies by Province and is rising to $15 over the next several years. Right now it's a bit more than $11 in BC. I would hope to see the tipping culture erode over the years to reflect that. https://www.retailcouncil.org/quickfacts/minimum-wage-by-province
  15. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    Less than an hour is one beer or drink. At between $6 and $8 no one tips more than a buck. Waiter makes about $4 beyond minimum wage and gives a buck of it to the kitchen.