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  1. Everyone on welfare is scamming right? It's that attitude which will result in the US never having universal healthcare. If that's what you want, so be it.
  2. Donald Trump doesn't bother me as much as the idiots who support him.
  3. Most don't refuse to work. Many have mental health issues or other reasons. Most immigrants enter the job market. You just view anyone with darker skin as the enemy.
  4. Good luck with healthcare unless you are rich.
  5. You don't tug on Superman's capeYou don't spit into the windYou don't pull the mask off that old Lone RangerAnd you don't mess around with Jim
  6. The concept of immigrants, homeless, unemployed sucking the teat of the government is blown out of proportion. Most people who use gov't services get off it as soon as they can. Do people cheat, yes. Do many people need it yes. It is the responsibility of a civilized society to help its downtrodden. The US mentality that any socialist policy is nasty, will result in the US never having a universal healthcare plan like the rest of the civilized world.
  7. You also have no attachments to this country. Do you need not show respect for the King, Buddhism, and anthem?
  8. Exactly right. The queen would respect proper American protocol for addressing POTUS, and he should respect proper English protocol for addressing her Majesty. Simple manners.
  9. Oh that old Horse sh*te. The US sold weapons and equipment to both sides during both wars and then jumped in at the last possible minute to declare victory. The Allies did need American help to win the wars, but to suggest Americans won it single handed is just a load of crap. The Russians would have prevailed in the long run.
  10. Many,many places more important than the UK? Good grief, the UK is absolutely one of the US's most important allies.
  11. OMG! Are all Americans really as arrogant as the stereotype? It's called diplomatic protocol. Queen of England, King of the Zulus, or King of Thailand. There is protocol which is followed whether agreed with or not. As a Canadian who disagrees with maintaining the queen as our monarch I still understand the importance of protocol.
  12. You're not Thai. Do you observe proper protocol in regards to the King? Yes, because it's the proper, respectful thing to do.
  13. No self respecting Canadian would claim to be American LOL.
  14. duanebigsby

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    Despite Metric every country will have a pint of beer. Bloody north america has introduced a "sleeve" of beer. A few ounces short of a pint. If we embraced a litre of beer we could all be happier!
  15. duanebigsby

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    I stand corrected. England embraced the metric system in 1965 and then stuck their collective heads in the sand.