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  1. utalkin2me

    Have you tried Jucing to loose weight

    THe best part aboit this topic is nobody knows anything. The brightest doctors in the world told us for years to eat many small meals a day, and now everything indicates that eating rarely and going long periods of time without food is very healthy. Ironically enough i did this all through my youth and figured i was destrying myself, no winder i never went into a hospital one time. Nobody knows anything. That is the first lesson.
  2. I have been in one accident in my entire life. One accident in 40 years of driving. The reason... some <deleted> was coming up behind me at about 110mph, I got over out of the fast lane. It was raining and the guy in the slow lane was a putt putt vehicle that was crawling. I am fully bearing responsibility for my own accident, but here i am just proclaiming the problem is people going to fast in the fast lane and expecting every damn driver in the world to roll out the red carpet and get out of their way (after flickering their brights). Nothing makes me mash my teeth more. If you are heavily speeding in the fast lane and want people to get out of your way, <deleted> you. You are not in the right!
  3. That is such a great move. I love it.
  4. You forgot the biggest one, not knowing where the hell to go in a car in her own country I am not kidding I have been in a car a few times with my inlaws and they ask me where they need to turn/go, as if i had any clue whatsoever. My poor inlaws have to put up with me saying "why don't they label the exits with the highway numbers as seen on the maps"? It is all about the cities. I have no clue where even a single city is so i am useless in the car. Put those higjway numbers ip somewhere!
  5. Meh. Anybody driven in Thailand? Call me back when he does that at night then you may have something. And even that would not shock me to be honest.
  6. utalkin2me

    Koh Samui cost of living.

    If you paid me rent to live in issan i would not do it. After the 100th ant bites you and after the 50th time you get asked for five baht to buy the propane they drink you will be done.
  7. utalkin2me

    Follow up appointment charge?

    My thoughts on the follow ups is this is a business. Think of it like a restaurant, of course they want you to come back. So, they sometimes steer you into coming back, even when not necessary. Arguable whether this is ethical or not. So, what do you do? My thought is go back for the follow up if you really feel like you need it, like the ailment is actually getting worse. Skip it if all seems in order. Work here is so cheap, so it is great. I hope my post does not come off as negative. I just think since it is so cheap, this is their way to soak it a little bit. Again, casting no aspersions but that is my opinion. In the end I am very happy with the Thai care and pricing especially, but buyer beware on the folow up treadmill cycle.
  8. Cmon! He has even stated publicly he would "own the shutdown". This is his doing. He caused it, he prolongs it, he even seems to be proud of it based on his statements. The way he sees the world there are 800,000 workers out there thanking him for not getting paid because they all need a wall to be built to be safe from those dirty, evil, robbing and drug toting mexicans.
  9. When 40 year olds can pass for being in their late 20's, I do not care what color they try to make their skin.
  10. I don't get it. Call me dense. But why can't they either keep the finance departments open so the paychecks can go out, or why can't they let them go in for a day or two to get checks out? They are gonna go out anyway. Why is stuff like this such a mystery? They obviously keep many parts of the govt open, so why not those parts that can keep people paid?
  11. utalkin2me

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Trumps numbers are going down daily. This is like Lee Trevino walking to the 18th green with a three stroke lead ten feet from the hole. The only thing the democrats need to do is keep showing up. There is no way to blow it, unless they five putt from ten feet or something.
  12. utalkin2me

    Customs Duty on Mail

    Very interesting topic. It seems to sum up, send usps (from the states), declare a small value if that is your thing. I wonder if addressing it to a Thai name will help. I did not see that mentioned.
  13. Who doesn't fall on hard times? I believe there is insurance for situations like this for people who are that worried about it. It isn't like govt shutdowns are unheard of. They actually happen fairly regularly. Honestly, if we are going to complain about working conditions for sects of employees, I think the govt variety are coming out way ahead. Hope it is solved for them asap though. The ones who voted for Trump get no sympathy from me though, I will throw the ones who didn't some serious sympathy though. He is the problem. Period.
  14. Isn't this how the entire steriods scandal in baseball unfolded as well? Anonymous tests that were seized I believe. This has always been true i suppose. If someone tells you xyz is 100% private and secure... it is not. Period.
  15. This is how a stable genius negotiates. You guys will all see in the end.