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  1. Thanks guys. I'll get in touch.
  2. Looking for any info about Chiang Mai RC Club (Thong Kwao Airfield). Anyone here know any members of that club that I might get a hold of? Thanks
  3. I'm sure it was the way he had the charger wired into the bike battery, twisted wire and just taped together, Shorted/Sparked and caused the fire. I'd bet on it.
  4. No sympathy for over stayers. They have brought this on themselves.
  5. Anyone here in CM fly IMAC or 3D competition RC airplanes?
  6. Anyone here in CM fly IMAC or 3D competition RC airplanes?
  7. highonthai

    Motorcycle accident yesterday near Maya

    Bangkok Blue, Thank you. I have just been notified by his wife this morning by telephone. I'm Shocked. My good friend Stefan Niederlechner leaves behind 3 children and many friends that will miss him. His family have been notified.Thailand/Germany. God Speed Dude, I'll miss ya. I'm in Los Angeles at the moment and would like any information regarding this tragedy. If you have any information Please PM me. Thank you
  8. highonthai

    Where Can Study Cheap For Ed Visa In Chiang Mai

    I give up, you win.
  9. highonthai

    Where Can Study Cheap For Ed Visa In Chiang Mai

    My explanation: Because they meet the requirements. 35 to 45 year olds without the proper work permits or visa's are welcome as tourists, and are only thrown out if they break the law (visa or otherwise). Did you do any research on any type of long stay visa before you came here? I think not...
  10. highonthai

    Where Can Study Cheap For Ed Visa In Chiang Mai

    It used to get me angry that some people would come here and play the Visa game, while my friends and I were jumping through hoops doing it the legal way. Then, I relised that a major percent of the game players never seem to last more than a year or so before they get discouraged and realise they can't make a living to stay here at any real standard of living, and have to go back to where they came from. I also know of many forieners here that try/do skirt the system/rules and their standard of living here is just exsiting. If you want to learn the lanuage great! But, If your just doing it to get a visa to stay in the counrty, I'll buy you a beer at your farewell party...
  11. Applied for my "Yellow book" in Chiang Mai (Hang Dong) today. Items needed: Wife & marriage cert. Wife's ID card Tambien Baan (house book) Passport/Visa 3 Pictures Proof of residence from Immigration Neighbor from Moo Ban and his Tambien Baan (house book) and ID card. (In person) Village Chief (In person) Copys for all the above documents. No charge... The tell me it will take 2 weeks and they will call me when it's ready for pick up. Should of done it years ago, just thinking how much I have spent on all those residence certs......
  12. highonthai


    Guy's Where would be the best Dim Sum place around? Thanks
  13. highonthai

    Garmin Gps Thailand Map Downloads?

    Just bought it from Garmin USA, Got it for $50.00 US! (special good guy price) Should have it in a week. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. highonthai

    Garmin Gps Thailand Map Downloads?

    Wow! 7 to 8000 Baht! The Garmin version is $120.00 why the price diff?
  15. Anyone here using the Garmin Thailand gps map? Just got a Nuvi 200 for Xmas and would like to have the Thai map in it. It currently has the US version. Should I just buy it from Garmin direct ? Or are there any others out there that will work in it? Thanks