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  1. primapagina

    Cricket Flour

    actually it takes 3 kg of crickets to make a kg of flour, and it is still the most sustainable way to produce meat. Compare that with cattle and you will see! It is still expensive only because the production process is new and not automatized, more of an artisan way to dry and mill the crickets. But in North America they are improving the processes
  2. clearly the majority here does not drive a bike. Do it at 70 km/h and think of getting that stuff in your face (as it cannot be fixed properly).
  3. Hi, I a an Italian and I need to improve my English pronunciation. I'd try to do that by chatting with a native English speaker a few hrs/week, maybe somewhere downtown, with a flexible schedule. Maybe just one meeting per week. Cannot pay a lot of money, but some, of course. Thank you Max
  4. but nTransferWise had worked with THB for a while, and I used it twice, with a very good rate. Now it seams they have delisted THB for technical reasons. My I suggest to press them by using this page: https://transferwise.com/newcurrencyvote and see if they restore the THB soon?
  5. Are you completely thick? You will not get any feedback in this case because TransferWise do not yet deal with the Thai currency. How old are you? Have your brain cells degenerated to the point wherein it takes you days to absorb something? You are not going to get feedback from posting on a Thailand based forum. You are told exactly when the transfer will take place. Clearly the best deals are available via the Peer to Peer system, where there are no Swift and associated fees. Seriously man...don't be obtuse. So how would a report of a transfer done via the Peer to Peer system within Europe help you? Don't you think it would be more intelligent to register your interest, so that they can at least put together a system for Thailand, instead of making sill paranoid posts about giving out your email address? It's an email address, not you daughter. Stop these stupid posts...really. Mid-market exchange rates are not fixed, but you can instructed TransferWise not to make the transfer if the mid-market drops below the Estimated rate. What you see is what you get. There are no tricks up the sleeve. TransferWise had worked with THB for a while, and I used it twice, with a very good rate. Now it seams they have delisted THB for technical reasons. My I suggest to press them by using this page: https://transferwise.com/newcurrencyvote and see if they restore the THB soon?
  6. After one night at Bangkok hospital in Bangkok, with some blood tests, one chest X ray and some pain killers, a doctor consultation, I paid more than 1300 USD (i can send the invoice on request). It is higher price than in South Europe, to mention an area. Now every time I tell the story to someone they ask me if I was crazy to go to Bangkok Hospital. The general opinion is that for a visit an an outpatient, prices are fine, but once you are in, the story is completely different - and I agree. Since there are tons of hospitals in Bangkok, my advice to all: try to make your choice before you are sick, and, IMHO, never go to Bangkok Hospital.
  7. I had money transferred from Hungary HUF to Thailand THB. I tested the system with 20,000 THB, and the difference with the exchange rate was 80 THB, which seems to be a very good deal. I verified this with the rate at the day I found out the money were in Thailand on my account, so it might be different from the day they exchanged it. I am happy with that. From another European country, with the usual bank transfer, around the same small amount, I had paid 1200 THB.
  8. primapagina

    HK PROTEST: 'Occupy' protests have opened Pandora's box

    I am not sure why this article was posted here, as clearly has not much to do with news and journalism. Anyway, Al Jazeera, which is not US propaganda, just wrote a few hours ago: "The week-long street protests by thousands of demonstrators pressing for electoral reforms in Hong Kong are the biggest challenge to Beijing's authority since China took control of the former British colony in 1997." And if you know what is about (the proposal to abolish democratic election, the way I see it) I guess you understand the reasons of the protest. And if you are democratic, probably you sympathize with it!
  9. As usual, at first I like this approach, which seems as much naive as kind. But then, you never know if it is for real or it is calculated. I had 20 terrible years of Berlusconi's government and he used this method of throwing something to the media and then in some case say he was sorry. It can be also a technique (the message arrives but you are not to blame). Very hard to know the true (not in the case of Berlusconi, he always applied techniques, but with the Thais at that level). But maybe we can pretend it is true, some of these peculiarities make Thailand so lovely
  10. primapagina

    City hall to clear Silom of vendors during the day

    why not simply establish a minimum space needed to walk? In Sukhumvit as much needed as in Silom. If you live in the area, it is a daily nightmare - without control, they occupy any centimeters. Sometimes the walk side is big, sometimes is narrow, so it is possible to designate areas in a clever way.
  11. primapagina

    Thailand's BoI changes strategy

    Hi, does anyone know if BOI status may apply to a bakery production in Bangkok (not a shop, a production activity)? I know I can visit the site and then go to the BOI office and ask, but before that, I'd like to get an independent advice, not the official rules. I already know many aspects of the BOI (including the industry categories, but it is not clear) and I know small companies owned by friends operating under BOI although the requirements were not exactly satisfied... this is Thailand and the gap between the rule and the reality is.... oh, you know it!). I might also consider meeting a professional/expert/studio for this (but not PriceWaterhouseCooper, if you know what I mean...).
  12. primapagina

    Thailand gets tough of jet ski scammers

    it seems like the point is missing here. Maybe there are some scams going on, but to me the problem is the distance from the beach. Safety and the relax of the people on the beach depends from that. Phuket beaches are a nightmare because of jet skis running at a few meters from the persons. In other countries the minimum distance from the beach is more than 1 mile, plus low speed when leaving and coming back (through a marked channel, and only that).
  13. <script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script> As someone pointed out, there should reciprocity. If Thailand was a poor, undeveloped country, I would have understood the principle - protection from the foreign rich countries 'shopping' here. But Thailand is not, and actually the most opulent and famous mall in my city - Milan, Italy - has been bought by a rich Thai. Not to mention the fact that for business interests, US citizens do not have to comply with the law (another demonstration that the principle is forgotten when money or political interests are on the table)...
  14. primapagina

    Another Phuket beach restaurant bites the dust

      I guess that most of us are happy to see that being above the law does not always pay, especially when you build on beaches or national parks. It is not about being 100 percent compliant, almost nobody is, but just appreciating that there are rules - which is what protects our rights. I am in Vietnam for a few days and here there is no law at all, and I can tell you that living here must be hell. If Thailand raise the bar about the law reinforcement, I think we will all have benefits, apart from some individual cases of people who bribed the police and then lured concrete on my beloved Bang Tao (and Layan) beach!
  15. Although the social aspects are more important, businesses rely on some unemployment. Full employment means salaries rise fast, recruitment becomes a nightmare, and turnover affects the organizations, which is what I guess happens in Thailand very often. From the company perspective, a very high employment rate is not so good....