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  1. The real threat to kids and brain damage is helmet less motorcycling, alcohol abuse, etc.
  2. IF this fat pig escapes justice, I hope he is destroyed financially through one of thailands strongest resources... social media. Sadly, I am cynical of any justice prevailing. Hats off to Chief Sichuan and Sasin Chalermlarp.
  3. Image File Naming

    I'm more interested in how you name your image file. As in the two examples I showed.
  4. Any optimism I had for this country is going up in smoke... they are hemorrhaging highly qualified, intelligent and possibly ethical people. Meanwhile, the masses just stand there like deer in the headlights... time for some noodles. FM...
  5. Image File Naming

    Having a digital camera brings a lot of photos and video files. Important to have a good file name convention. Do you put date first? 20170625SeattlePark153525.JPG OR Do you put a description first? SeattlePark20170625-153525.JPG
  6. Policeman tried to steal my tax disk.

    Interesting thread and the direction(s) it has (like many others) taken. As to the tax disk... if the BiB "misplaced" it, it surely would have caused the OP the stress they might have been looking to cause. Stealing might not be the correct wording. Clearly, when you have everything required "they" should not have any reason for more digging/tickets/fines, etc. Thanks to this thread, I have just photo copied everything again and placed the copies inside the bike. Ready for the next rodeo circus road block.
  7. Thai Drivers License

    Good info, thanks for putting this up. When renewing both motorcycle and auto, does it require a separate Proof of Residence for each or will they accept one and apply it to both licenses? Also, could you clarify what you are saying about (if you have recently carried out a 90 day report). What is the connection with 90 day report and Proof of Residence?
  8. Understated. It's the citizenry that brings down rogue officials and good investigative journalist that expose corruption... none of that can be risked.
  9. Sadly I agree with many others on here... I highly doubt he will not be treated the same as the ordinary citizen, he's too connected. No hope for the poaching and sadly, for the endangered animals, it will never end until they are all dead. A sorry sack of <deleted> and a disgusting fat pig. Strait up lying, dodging, deflecting and omission and it comes from women, men and kids. It's a cultural thing? One thing for sure, they are good at it.
  10. he's rich and probably well connected, he can do anything he wants in thailand. props to the rangers, sadly those rangers that arrested him will probably have forth coming problems.
  11. too bad the rangers didn't mistake him for a deadly charging wild fat pig
  12. Waste water flowing freely onto Krabi’s beaches

    a lot of blue pipes flowing from the pisser straight into streams, rivers, lakes and ocean. The only place I've swam in thailand was off koh lanta. water there was full of styrofoam, plastic, nets, ropes, glass bottles, balls... this place is polluted and stinks.
  13. Nothing but praise for thai post and immigration regarding 90 day mail in. The best way to deal with this senseless procedure is to leave the country every 88 days :)
  14. Medical Tourism? 555 Better to go to Kuala Lumpur. So far, I have not been that impressed with medical care here and I am not able to freely share my experience(s). A lot of functional incompetence. My experiences with dental care has been wonderful.
  15. Fire near Tapae gate

    You're assuming my comment about children drowning was directed towards you and about the fire. Wrong on both assumptions. I have no suggestion for what you should do while standing around watching a fire. You're an adult, make your own decision. Again, if you derived that there was a suggestion for you to dive into a fire, that you'll have to sort out in your own head. You do seem a bit fired up and annoyed by many of these comments and have become quite defensive. Relax man.