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  1. It is time we admitted that we are not at war with "terrorism". We are at war with Islam. This is not to say that we are at war with all Muslims, but we are absolutely at war with the vision of life that is prescribed to all Muslims in the Koran. The only reason Muslim fundamentalism is a threat to us is because the fundamentals of Islam are a threat to us. - Sam Harris
  2. You can interpret it the way you want. I do not see the person "popping" out. The bumping into the cyclist is the same as the cyclist bumping into the person. The angle of the camera does not let me see the distance, but it does not look like the person moved very much.. and IMO, as a cyclist I just would not ride that close to a person and if I did, certainly not at speed with traffic around. It also comes down to experience. My riding experience I have never plowed into a person. Your last question is just stupid.
  3. The world would be a much better without religion, this one in particular. When will seemingly intelligent people realize there is no such thing as a god? The world is at war with Islam. This is world we live in now.
  4. I agree. I stay here for a few of my own good reasons, mostly easy to live here, but not committed and don't care passionately about it. The mentality has made me dumber so I enjoy leaving the country on short trips around asia, it's my mental/intellectual version of CPR. And ranting periodically about truly stupid things and injustice gets things off my chest. The "if you don't like it" blockheads don't bother me, they are most likely bitter washouts that have no choice. There is actually one or two on here, not the go home ones, that have put some things into perspective for me and gave me a different insight to some issues I was having. They did it simply by writing an intelligent perspective. Most appreciated.
  5. Will LOS follow suit and want nuclear weapons?

    there will be corruption or stealing and then a large mushroom cloud in Isan and then people found dead from suicide hanging in rooms with radiation burns... some one admitting they had lost contract with nuclear waste dump in Mekong River and not sure where other illegal immigrant workers were when the meltdown occurred... 555
  6. I don't see how it was the pedestrian fault totally. even if she did wonder out another 6".. the cyclist riding in that area has to be alert and able to yield left or right. It looked like the cyclist had room between the bus and the pedestrian. I would not have ridden so close to a pedestrian...or at least a verbal alert as I was doing so. Total freak accident and I would not put absolute blame on either person. I feel for the friend... coming back and seeing your riding partner wreathing on the ground dying would be tough. Never been in that area, but big buses IMO are a PITA and should not be allowed in many areas. Those areas were never designed for them. Anyway, sad situation for the cycling community.
  7. They're dead. What's the rush? Why put good rescue workers at risk? Chill out and when it's safe they recover the bodies...if they're even still in the car.
  8. I don't agree. Saying no thai does this kind of shit is crazy talk, they are impulsively crazy and doesn't usually involve drugs. Mentally ill? more like as wvavin says below. unable to process and cope Um, that would be tens of thousands that forgot to pull out and then just walk away when they find out oops, one of my girlfriends is pregnant.
  9. Maybe they're afraid they'll spy on the police... Good idea
  10. Proudest MUM in Thailand

    So basically she's not really thai? How does this sit with thais? Are they accepting this? Her father is Swedish, she went to school in Sweden and Netherlands, how is it that she has an American accent? NASA space camp?
  11. Just throwing this out there, but I can imagine the gangsters in position of authority (GiPoA) have the upper hand when it comes to pressing the quiet button on someone snooping into their "alleged" misappropriations. This is whats keeping the GiPoA running the way they do and want. Its what keep the country and many of the people quiet, i.e. powerless. Easy to squash the occasional bug, but if this country would go after these GiPoA like an infestation, they couldn't fight back...er, be as effective. Does the average somchai even know what's happening behind the curtain? Do they care? But, as many will tell me, this isn't my country, stop trying to change it, if I don't like it go back where I came from and they are right and it's why I don't care what happens here, only like to ponder and comment. Besides, there's too many incredibly stupid things happen in and with my own country. Oh, and props to the reporter for having some juevos.
  12. A few of the thai people I talk with shake their heads, are genuinely concerned about their own financial futures and if they had the slightest chance/money would leave thailand for a better opportunity. I've traveled with a few of them to Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia and during/after the trip they say things about thailand that I thought I would never hear from them. They see it, they live it and know it's slipped into short term hopelessness. For me, I see more of the unhappiness, greediness and less of the smiles. It still works as a base for me, but I find the other countries much more inviting and fun. The people much more friendly, helpful, intelligent and ambitious.
  13. It's nice not having to rely on this economy. When it gets too crazy, I'll just move on. Not need to stay here. More happening in Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines anyway.
  14. Ao Nang is a nasty dirty place that I will never return to. Headline news tomorrow. Foreigner found hanged in room, suicide... no need to explain all the contusions on his body. You nailed. Not worth it. AND.. if you do, grab that bag and head for the border.
  15. The potential for serious destruction to S.Korea, Seoul in particular and possibly Japan is real. Just artillery damage to Seoul would be serious...add chemical weapons and it would be very ugly... and any country using "limited" Nuke strike, it would rock the world. Not something I want to see. This needs to be solved another way... there needs to be a gunman on the grassy knoll. I'd like to believe that at any possible sign, the majority of N.Korean civilians and possibly a large portion of the military would raise white flags and want to get out of there...or, at the very least accept a coup against Kim. I have nothing to back this up... 555, just a cup of coffee.