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  1. The things you can’t put a price on. Experiences Freedom Safety Rights Quality of life There’s a reason a lot of people from other countries want to go to USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, EU… there's a reason a lot of people aren't trying to make Thailand their home. Thailand has it’s places and it can be a fun trip, but for permanent living? It’s not for everyone and it can get old fast, unless you can’t afford otherwise or you like having a younger asian lover. More often these days, people that I talk to that are stuck in Thailand because of various reasons, given other options would not stick around. For some people, where they come from and how they live their life, Thailand works for them.
  2. Nowisee

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    That's correct. An affidavit is, confirming your statement by oath/affirmation. The point of my comment was IF immigration wants to aliens to prove (requiring further evidence of the income) the validity of the affidavit, then they should come up with some sort of standardized document requirement. Rather than random acceptance of some and not others by one I/O and not another, this is what complicates things like this. Perhaps I should have left out the consulate part as to my speculation as to why they don't require proof. Good call.
  3. Thailand voted best country for people... to avoid?
  4. Based on this, I shall never again read, believe, talk about or share anything coming from certain sources from a certain place about certain people.
  5. Nowisee

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    Immigration would be wise to come up with some standardized document requirements to show proof of income. There's probably a good reason why the consulate does not require US citizens showing proof to get the affidavit. How can they possibly authenticate/verify each one? How can immigration do it? Forensic accounting is not their strong point.
  6. This is true. Not only impartial, but well skilled and trained with the end result being detailed and transparent. Seems to have been the case.
  7. Thailand can not afford losing the chinese tourist. They are banking on it. The chinese property and business venture investor in thailand can not afford to lose chinese tourists, they are banking on it.
  8. only if you share the post... oh, sorry, wrong country.
  9. They keep increasing prices on goods and services, yet the quality of said goods and services remains and in some cases is reduced, pay more for less. This is the brilliant thinking really.
  10. Nowisee

    New 2018 Mac Book Pro's available?

    I agree. At least wait and see what Apple comes up with on Sept 12.
  11. Nowisee

    Language problem

    Do the same thing as in the OP while logged into VPN using server in your home country.
  12. Nowisee

    iMac problem/ warranty

    My experience with the places that are authorized service centers is they either can't or won't fix a lot of issues. The local place in Thailand simply said "can not". Upon my return to the states, I walked into an Apple store in Seattle, the guy looked at the computer, acknowledged the problems, asked if I could leave the computer. 2 days later received a call to come pick it up. ALL the same issues Thailand could not cope with were fixed. Until Thailand gets a real Apple store (coming soon), the quality and level of care here is like the rest of things.
  13. 6.83 seconds from green light to impact. Um, brake failure is/has been claimed? Not like she did a hole shot on green either. Yes, legally in many places she could be at some fault too for pulling out in front of a red light running speeding idiot. The driver of the truck is going to receive what type of consequence? This is where the laws and enforcement is negligent. No amount of fines is going to change this behavior. IF there is one thing I have learned driving here it has been reinforcing my skills to wait, look, double check all directions and then proceed slowly with caution. IF I survive a few more years and make it back alive to farangland, I think my enhanced defensive driving skills will be about the only thing I take back from here.... oh yeah, I have learned some things that will get me ticketed there too...555.