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  1. IF we click on it, is it going to ring buzzers in the Special Attitude Adjustment Division (SAAD)?
  2. Don't blame trump for the trade war, blame china. Fair trade was requested by CEOs of a lot of companies... and trump is doing what the rest the world was to scared to do. I don't care about his delivery so much, but he ruffling some feathers and so what. Trumps the only one willing to fight because he doesn't have the same political agenda the last 30 years of presidents have jacked up. Next election, put Howard Shultz in there and you'll see even more economic growth. The usa economy is doing fine from a market perspective
  3. Nowisee

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    4 times and 4 experiences that were below average. I've given up on that chain. Better places to eat with tastier food.
  4. Nowisee

    Sex toys usage on the rise in Thailand

    Illegal? what a dysfunctional place.
  5. Nowisee

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    It seems to be economic survey of the thai people versus the government reports… hmm. They mention the political situation and inequality and low wages. Their past practices are catching up to them. One aspect of a countries disparity between how the people feel and what the govt reports is corruption. Many countries in SEA have been raped by corrupt leadership on down. All this has some impact on me economically, but more so socially, environmentally and of quality of life. Eventually other places with a much higher quality of life, value and lower risk start looking better for everyone.
  6. Nowisee

    Rimping going flip flop Hi So?

    I fail to see the logic. What is the difference between the dirt on the bottom of my feet (assuming barefoot), the dirt on the bottom of my flips or the dirt on the bottom of my shoes. It's dirt.
  7. Senseless and tragic. A lot of good replies here. Many thoughts on this. Many ingredients to make this happen. Education, parenting, culture, beliefs, societal norms, roll models, tv, too much of this, too much of that, lack of this, lack of that, blah blah blah. I suspect it will become more common than it will stop... same like spree killings in farangland. The world is going through a evolutionary change... people are losing their minds and becoming violent and they think it's ok to do this.
  8. Sad, but true. And many more victims of various others forms of forfeiture laws.
  9. I agree, the so called police here are clueless about traffic safety in all forms. I wonder just how many accidents they cause.
  10. Next best career in Thailand? Oncologist.
  11. Nowisee

    Elite Smile Dental - Dr. Krisada

    Elite is the only place I've been to for crowns, root canal, post and gum graft, so I have no else in Thailand to compare. Krisada has done some filings and 2 crowns. He speaks good english, is up front and I believe he recommends reasonable treatments. One time I went to have a crown mounted and he was looking at it and informed me it had a tiny crack... Come back in later. I could not as I was taking a trip. The temporary held up for about a month. I'd easily say overall better work at Elite than the dental work I had in the states.
  12. It's a no go. Only Apple and OWC carrying this SSD spec. invaderIT was quick with a nice response. I'd do business with them in the future for "normal" stuff.
  13. I'll look up and check these places out. Since it's an Apple product, I accept not a lot of places stocking it. I realize now I didn't specify that other than MBP for MacBook Pro. Thanks for the tips.
  14. Reaching out to the community for any reliable sources to buy a replacement SSD hard drive for a late 2013 MBP 13". I'd like to try and buy it locally in CM, but willing to buy from BKK or any where in Thailand. Thanks for the help.
  15. Nowisee

    Considering a Macbook Pro

    Having the convenience of buying it and service in the states makes one spoiled. When the damn things fail here, it's unnerving. I'd gladly go down to BKK if they had a real repair place... I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking like this. That store would be swamped with repairs. In all fairness to those that try to repair. It's Apples stranglehold on parts/schematics that prevents a lot of repairs... not to mention they make shit so it almost can't be repaired. When you're addicted to Apple, it's had kicking the habit... From my experience with this MBP, I consider buying Apple Care part of the purchase price. OR, sell it after 11 months. Always keep a fresh one... that might be an idea.