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  1. I've yet to go to any thai national park that was even worth 20 baht. I think they just slap a sign up on any place that has a river, rock formation, waterfall or anything they can exploit money from. There is no management, no upkeep or trail maintenance and except for a very few, no wildlife. Most of the forests are dead and if not, they are dying fast.
  2. This is a good time to live in, tour around and spend money in another place that doesn't burn.
  3. Not many countries left where there is not some sort of smuggling going on across borders, that involves large amounts of money and guns to protect that "investment". Exactly this illogical thinking that perpetuates the the war on drugs. It makes most people feel safe knowing they, the government, are stopping us from hurting ourselves with dangerous substances.... 555
  4. The younger thai men on motorcycles love driving as fast as the motorcycle will go from traffic light to traffic light, in heavy traffic, at night, no headlight, no helmet and drunk. Stupid question... what is going through their mind at this very moment? Exactly!
  5. So sad that this is widely accepted as the norm. This country has lost itself in greed and corruption.
  6. The drug laws "War on Drugs" have destroyed more people's lives, families and communities then the drugs themselves, not to mention the cost on the rest of us. People out of touch with this can argue all they want and take that hard headed stance, "lock em and throw away the key". Smart law makers, communities, agencies, governments and some countries are proving that it's not only not working, but they have had enough of doing the same thing and expecting different results. Moving large quantities of drugs should be met with the same legal consequences and moving large quantities of cigarettes or alcohol. Take away the profit and you'll eliminate a lot of crime.
  7. Never settle a dispute out in public view with someone in the red zone. Simply follow that person, let them calm down, to a quiet location with no witnesses... and then have a talk with him. :)
  8. I agree on all points. Without predators there is no prey. And soon in Canada.
  9. This is dead on and can't be stated enough... and I would include, life skills to enter the life force. When I talk to "University" students here I feel like I'm talking to 8th graders. A few of my friends are nurses and they tell me, the majority of nurses coming out of certain schools here are functionally incompetent. Someone mentioned vocational schools, I agree and they should be FREE to those that put in the effort. Certain "People" in this country are filthy rich and there is no excuse why the universities and technical/vocational school here should not have state of the art equipment and more importantly, intelligent educators working without their hands tied behind their back. Other countries in this region hire foreigners with specific skills in creating good educators and they are changing the dynamic of the education culture. The rest of Asia is zooming past this country and most just don't see it...
  10. The reality is, behind every mule is a thug POS either lying to or extorting/threatening them. Sadly most end up doing the time anyway because they are afraid of harm to their families or maybe really don't know the extortioner or are just really stupid or naive. A lot of the time and resources are put into the prosecution of the person caught, not the source person, so they go on continuing the criminal enterprise and the victims keep stacking up, costing money to keep them in prison for ridiculous amounts of time. Are some of the mules not in this category? I'm sure they are, just giving a different perspective to those that are blinded by justice. I know the anti drug crowd is going to jump on me... my flame retardant suit is on. :)
  11. MBP - need new screen

    Not sure the age or issue of your MBP, but Apple has extended the warranty on the anti-reflective coating to 4 years from original date of purchase.
  12. Bringing 27inch iMac on airplane with me???

    Is the cost difference between what you('d) pay there-versus selling it and buying one in Thailand that much as to make what you contemplating worthwhile? I've bought, through the Apple/th online store, a MBP, Airport Express and iPad, shipped to my condo and the price differences from homeland were "manageable". BTW... this does not apply to the iPhone.
  13. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    Just bought another Trek mtb from the good folks at Northern Bike in Chiang Rai. They have SuperFly and Procaliber in the shop. Both very nice hardtails IMO. Nice prices too. Built in Taiwan FYI.
  14. Good question. Why not compare to Singapore? Besides the obvious cost difference. My first experience with asia and asian women was life changing. 30 years later I moved here and although I sometimes miss the home country I stay. I prefer the look and attitude of asian women, especially the buddhist countries.
  15. They could open up their borders and let it become the next Land of Smiles. All the BS travel bloggers/vloggers could tell their lies about how beautiful it is and get millions of clicks and backpack all over the north. Come see NK, the land of enchantment and beauty. Kim would love this. He just wants the world to be impressed with his leadership. Give him the chance. Is he really any worse then some people we can't talk about? Whats wrong with a unified Korea? Why should China reap all the money in illegal trade? War is not the answer.