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  1. Tuk Tuks are totally useless to me, a menace on the roads and stink terribly. I have never and will never use one. I can see the slight argument for a songtaew if going down main road from point to point. Outside of that, pretty much useless too. Songtaews creating traffic jams, stopping in the middle of a lane, riding down the center of the line and are creating a lot of pollution... far too many of them on the road. They had their day, they blew it by being greedy and now they're crying. Sorry, no sympathy from me. I support Grab and sometimes Uber.
  2. Comparing Transferwise to Bangkok Bank ACH transfer (through Bangkok Bank of New York for those in USA): Anything under $2500 is better to go with Transferwise, over that BB is better. Keep in mind, we are talking about 100-200 baht in some cases. The more you transfer the better return BB gives, at least up to $50,000. I did not do any calculation into the $20 fee, but after $50,000 I don't think $20 and the max 500 baht fee is going to affect very much.
  3. curious to hear about some real world up to date on this. late time I tried using at Airport Central, the ATM indicated a fee of 180 baht. That was back when every other bank was charging 180 baht. Has it gone down?
  4. They are in fact particularly greedy. Obviously some forms of mental illness, alcoholism, possibly cultural norms based on "saving face"... the list is long unfortunately. He shot his son in the head because he was unable to rationally process his thoughts and they manifested into anger he could not control. It's not uncommon for a "homie" to snap and shoot someone because he perceived that person disrespected him. ISIS nut jobs will blow themselves up, killing as many innocent people as they can. Irrational thinking. This is the world we live in.
  5. How many of them are women? How many of them are women that are supporting their family?
  6. and not sell it within 1800 meters they don't... so easy for them to walk out.
  7. What interests you?
  8. Valid point. It is less expensive the thai way. One has to determine if paying more for "principle" is worth it. I do like the clever way they have made it so inconvenient. I find it unreasonable to have to pay $50 for an affidavit...
  9. Reduce the number of passengers will reduce the number of deaths when they lose control from speeding on a turn and roll over. Silver vans of death
  10. I actually agree with a lot of what these "experts" had to say, at least according to the article as it's written and reading in-between the lines. The only thing that the article says that I disagree with is, paraphrasing..."if there were a cap on the speed", implying the manufactures to reduce the motorcycles capabilities and that 90kph is too fast. But, included in that same line, "...slow motorcyclists down to 60 kilometers an hour that would have a dramatic effect on the figures. This is true, but not in context of the article. By evidence of the numerous replies on here, it's obvious the driving habits and lack of skills of the riders this article targets are the worst... as evident by being number one in fatalities. Well done.
  11. There seem to be more and more threads started about the driving here. I agree, it's madness and inconsiderate. When the light turns green it's pin the throttle and see how fast you can go before having to brake for the next light. Makes the times in between traffic lights difficult to cross safely. I'm just guessing, but your appearance isn't going to prevent your from being hit. Also, it's going to be more than the crazy driving that's going to break the camel's back... there are quite a few things that just might tick those other boxes. My list is constantly changing and the more time I spend out of CM and see other places, the more fun I realize I'm having there. I left CM for 5 weeks to escape the smoke. Hiking in the local jungle here and seeing more wild animals in 1 day than in 4 years hiking in CM has me checking off more boxes. The friendliness and helpfulness of people in neighboring countries has/is becoming more apparent to me. More genuine hellos, smiles and friendly conversations has me checking off more boxes. Thailand has some good things going for it as a SEA place for some people to live and it is easy to live there, the retirement visa isn't too complicated. What's working for me now is considering it less as a place to live and more a place to visit or base for travel. So... try another place in thailand before letting one place force you to leave. I still enjoy going up to chiang rai for week. Good people there not ruined yet with the greed... but I fear it's coming. Someone mentioned BKK and I know it's even more of a zoo, but it's a great place to live if it fits in with what you like to do.
  12. another hijacked thread with nothing to do with the OP. on the topic of the OP The driving/parking mentally of the thais is pretty bad. It is not at all considerate, very much only concerned about themselves me me me.. they will force 2-3 lanes of traffic into a single lane because they want to stop and get something...and in many cases is accident causing. In accidents many seem to like to flee the area, take their chances not being caught... even when caught, not too serious of consequences, again the me me me. Then after the accident it becomes lies and stories and the useless police are clueless on how to solve anything. To protect yourself, good to have forward/rearward cameras. The fact is, if a poor, unlicensed/uninsured knucklehead causes an accident and you are injured and costly damage to your vehicle... you are screwed. I think most people already know this. With that, drive as you will.
  13. The Chinese took their new found wealth out of their country, against the governments demand, went into BC and bought everything in site, some times sight unseen. Huge number of unoccupied places. Making Vancouver one of the highest priced housing markets. That place is sucked dry... they moved down to Seattle. Buying $1m places with cash. Making Seattle one of the highest priced housing markets. Where's the next big hit coming to?
  14. I've hiked a lot in CM... not many well maintained trails like the US and after about 2 months, kinda boring. Nature? Most of the forests are void of nature and wildlife. I'm planning my move to British Columbia, Canada for 2018... summers for now. With exploration trips to Spain. What's the allure of Chiang Mai Thailand? I agree. The overpopulation of v/bloggers writing fantasy just to get hits to their site has gone out of control. Anyone can be a travel writer now and most write total crap. The more times I leave CM to escape the smoke, the more I realize I'm having more fun where I go. I'm spending less time in CM, maybe just a move out of CM is in order, but I'm finding it hard to come up with reasons to stay in Thailand. Just no vibe there. I won't get started on how many more people I meet outside of thailand that make eye contact, smile, say hello and are genuinely friendly and that I have a nice conversation with.
  15. Malaysia is certainly a close option and I agree, the food is great and top notch health care. The accommodations are not as cheap as Thailand, but I wonder how much longer prices in Thailand will be considered cheaper. The question(s) is, why were you in Thailand to begin with? Why did you want to stay? What's the allure? That asked, there are some wonderful other countries to go to "the list"