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  1. Check into the mirrorless Panasonic line. GX8, G80/85 and the GH5. What's the million YouTube videos out there on these and she if that is a form factor you might like.
  2. punishment, armory, shaming but hey, it's seems to have "done the trick" what if one of them killed himself because he could not take the shame?
  3. they simply ran out of slaves. the seas around here are polluted, over fished almost dead anyway.
  4. thousands of people drunk on alcohol, killing people and committing crimes just doesn't seem to draw much attention in the news anymore. But don't fool yourself into thinking its not just as bad or doesn't happen, but if you're an alcohol supporter then its pointless.
  5. That would require planning, funding, someone in charge, containers for drop-off, someone to pick it up and most importantly, educating the thai public into why its important and how to do it. That almost seems like an impossible task given the current mentality. I'm not very optimistic, it's easier for them to just chuck it on the ground.
  6. Until someone finds a real police officer who is actually trained as a police officer and has ethical values of a police officer we are all vulnerable.
  7. And they can't handle the idea that another driver is going to get in front of them. Yep, happens nearly every time... the pinheaded, no helmet wearing thai male goes zooming past, clueless as to why cars have suddenly stopped... OR, he knows why they have stopped and doesn't care because its me me me thinking. Bottom line, too many thai drivers here lacking what I call AKC. Awareness, Knowledge and Consideration.
  8. It might be too late for an awakening.
  9. I agree... according to the article it appears as though he attempted to rape her and he was probably high on yaba.
  10. Maybe... even a harsh penalty is not a deterrent. Seems like the reality is there is a Yaba problem here and simply locking users up and throwing away the key does little to stop the continuing problem of use and addiction. just sayin.
  11. An extreme rarity here... after spending time abroad she will be enlightened.
  12. An extreme rarity here... after spending time abroad she will be enlightened.
  13. "....the pick-up driver has offered no help and the case has gone quiet with nothing being done to help the family who are very poor." Their system has failed her.
  14. Sorry, I have little hope and few expectations that any sort of reasonable consistent action will be taken by properly trained employees. Too many weak links.