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  1. They could open up their borders and let it become the next Land of Smiles. All the BS travel bloggers/vloggers could tell their lies about how beautiful it is and get millions of clicks and backpack all over the north. Come see NK, the land of enchantment and beauty. Kim would love this. He just wants the world to be impressed with his leadership. Give him the chance. Is he really any worse then some people we can't talk about? Whats wrong with a unified Korea? Why should China reap all the money in illegal trade? War is not the answer.
  2. Is this hazing? IF you want to opt out are you ostracized? Are you called the kid that wimped out? How many physically and emotional scared kids does this create? On the other hand, is this THE big event that "freshies" look forward to? Is this the right of passage? Does this bond kids and friendships for life? Is it cool to say, "I went to CMU and did The Walk"
  3. I agree. I almost feel sorry for the younger generation.
  4. Just do like the locals, obscure your plate or better yet don't even use one.
  5. When duty free isn't.

    I don't even buy food in the airports. All around overpriced crap.
  6. Vietnam and Laos put a giant sticker covering the whole page. Really chews up the passport.
  7. Have we seen this happen in several other Asian countries over the years? Same same.
  8. What would you do....

    After traveling around the world for 12 months and being amazed by nature and cultures and customs, Thailand will not look very appealing. I'd have to partially agree with the stock market superstar, but do not anticipate making 80% in 2 years.
  9. Coming from the "trainman"...555 Its fun to dream. A lot can happen in 3 years.
  10. Two charged with fraud for making false promise

    "Charged for making false promises" Making false promises is pretty much SOP in many businesses isn't it?
  11. It is time we admitted that we are not at war with "terrorism". We are at war with Islam. This is not to say that we are at war with all Muslims, but we are absolutely at war with the vision of life that is prescribed to all Muslims in the Koran. The only reason Muslim fundamentalism is a threat to us is because the fundamentals of Islam are a threat to us. - Sam Harris
  12. You can interpret it the way you want. I do not see the person "popping" out. The bumping into the cyclist is the same as the cyclist bumping into the person. The angle of the camera does not let me see the distance, but it does not look like the person moved very much.. and IMO, as a cyclist I just would not ride that close to a person and if I did, certainly not at speed with traffic around. It also comes down to experience. My riding experience I have never plowed into a person. Your last question is just stupid.
  13. The world would be a much better without religion, this one in particular. When will seemingly intelligent people realize there is no such thing as a god? The world is at war with Islam. This is world we live in now.
  14. I agree. I stay here for a few of my own good reasons, mostly easy to live here, but not committed and don't care passionately about it. The mentality has made me dumber so I enjoy leaving the country on short trips around asia, it's my mental/intellectual version of CPR. And ranting periodically about truly stupid things and injustice gets things off my chest. The "if you don't like it" blockheads don't bother me, they are most likely bitter washouts that have no choice. There is actually one or two on here, not the go home ones, that have put some things into perspective for me and gave me a different insight to some issues I was having. They did it simply by writing an intelligent perspective. Most appreciated.
  15. Will LOS follow suit and want nuclear weapons?

    there will be corruption or stealing and then a large mushroom cloud in Isan and then people found dead from suicide hanging in rooms with radiation burns... some one admitting they had lost contract with nuclear waste dump in Mekong River and not sure where other illegal immigrant workers were when the meltdown occurred... 555