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  1. Do what I did. Fed her mobile number in my mobile the first time I went there. Now i don't even need to go there. All the paraphernalia is delivered to my office at a little extra expense.
  2. Obviously, Thai's love soap operas.
  3. No one will be frothing, as the bitters are against people renting out condominiums to Airbnb clients. What some one does in his private residence makes no difference to anyone.
  4. Pizza Mania in Bangkok is pretty good.
  5. If you are looking for excellent Indian food, do try 'Charcoal'. It is in Fraser Suites in Sukhumvit 11. A bit pricey, in the same range as Masala Art but classier ambiance and definitely much better food IMO.
  6. Sorry, as you are wrong. Even if your friend did not buy anything the drivers are given a fixed amount. The only requirement is that the customer should be in the shop longer than 10 minutes. After that he buys or not the driver is entitled to a fix amount. In case he buys the commissions are 30% in both the shops. If nothing is bought the drivers get THB 300.
  7. Emmess

    TDRI to  propose surcharge for taxi travel

    No, first stop refusing the customers and start using the meter always.
  8. So how many dogs have you poisoned till now?
  9. You just don't kill someone's 5 pet dogs! It's inhumane.
  10. If you want real happiness then go to Phnom Pehn and have 'happy' pizza available at many restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. True happiness and bliss ?
  11. For 160,000 THB .???
  12. Emmess

    Living in a quiet Issan village.

    Of course you feel safe. That is the time the druggies and drunks are stoned out of their heads and are asleep. ?