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  1. Theres only so far one can "dumb down" an answer. Sadly , it seems , you are below this level , by a good amount.
  2. Unless you have a high compression / tuned engine , 91 octane fuel will be fine if its E 10. Other wise use 95 octane E 10. I would prefer not to use E 20 for the reasons ive tried to explain above. If your riding off-road and have no choice , then OK. Just top up with 91 or 95 E 10 when you can.
  3. We are not worthy to get between a man and his Chang.
  4. Well done. Both bikes are superb - i knew they would be . Trying to imagine the bikes with my questionable seat cover color choices. You may be right !. Glad you finally mastered the "speed blocks" . Those sump guards / bash plates look heavy duty. does "ol blu" lean over more on the side stand. Enjoy riding them with your son.
  5. Just because the maker says you can , doesnt mean its as good for your engine as other fuels that are available. Ethanol is a "dry" fuel ( it lacks lubrication propeties ) , and can cause similar lubrication problems as experienced by many people , many years ago who tried to switch from "leaded" petrol , to "un-leaded" . Ethanol also causes engine components , such as valves , to run a lot hotter . In Thailand , a hot country. Just think about that for a moment. Show me 2 engines after 150K , 1 thats run on E85 and the other thats run on E10 , and you will both hear and feel the difference. As a matter of fact , did you know there is a special engine oil available , just to use if you try to run on CNG , another "dry" fuel. End of the day , its not my engine , or my problem. Just do some serious research befor commiting yourself. Im not being "anti-green" , but the small annual savings some people may make do not yet compensate for the many issues and concerns. Give it 5 - 10 years , and Ethanol and CNG may make more sense due o economic reasons.
  6. VocalNeal , yes , you are correct. E 10 95 is 10 or 11% more expensive than E 20. E10 91 is 8% more expensive than E 20. I would always prefer to use fuel with the least amount of Ethanol considering the long term damage / problems it causes. A car ( standard or performance ) that has been correctly tuned ONLY for E85 , could give more ultimate power but i would fuel consumption to be as much as 40% higher , although bad emmisions could be less. I believe "E 85" contains about 70% Ethanol.
  7. I oil my flters in a large sealable - zip lock - bag that is then kept in a sealed "Tupawear" tub to prevent evaporation. Motul is my prefered brand , or Silkolene. I know you have problems sourcing spares where you are , but my choice of seat colors would be powder blue , or second , white on the blue bike , and yellow , or second , black on the other. Just depends on what YOU want ( these are your bikes afterall ) and whats available. 85KG is good , but is that with all the speedblocks ?.
  8. E 85 is cheaper as Ethanol has 35 % less energy than "Gasahol" , meaning you may use a lot more , possibly whilst getting less power. E85 is only 13% cheaper. Do the maths.
  9. Photos of the spinners too , please. You do realise you will be inundated with requests for more custom spinners. I can see a market for you there. On another note , i would have a white seat on the blue bike , and a black seat on the yellow one. OMO.
  10. I thought the only "91" being dropped was the useless E20 stuff. E20 only worked "well" if it was the higher octane 95.
  11. Have you bothered to look at the models i have already suggested.
  12. What bike is it ?. If its only worth 35K , would a used/secondhand shock be more viable , if available.
  13. Bread making scales ....... rock and roll . Im loving this rebuild , and your quality of work and cleaver modifications. Guess you will be keeping these bikes for 26 years too. ( RE - Triumph ).
  14. Drilling jets brings back memories. Bikes are looking good. Lighter flywheel gives more "zing". Hope your finger heals/grows !. Be carefull. BTW , whats that "egg" thing , on the bench , behind the flywheels ?.
  15. I think the only new pick-ups available with CNG are Toyota , Mitsubishi and Tata. Under bed / floor tanks increase space. Slow CNG fill-ups unless you use a "Mother Station" , which has faster pumps. Safer than petrol. You can shoot those tanks without leakage , unlike a thinner plastin petrol tank , which may rupture in a crash. I looked into CNG and the savings and longer filling times didnt make it worthwhile , for my intended mileage and use. Good luck.