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    ^. I see what you are saying , but changing the piston , cam etc , wont do any favours to the service intervals. At 1,000 KM already , some people are concerned about them. Yes , i know thats good compared to a 70 BHP moto-crosser. Hats off to you for putting a 450 R on the road. I have a 500cc 2-stroke KTM on a "Q" plate in England , he he. I think the basic engine specs of this L model - heavier crank etc - are sensible for most people but can anyone 100% confirm the differences between the standard model , and the low power EU model. I remember people buying Honda Fireblades a few years ago , in Thailand , and were very angry they were sold restricted 130 BHP versions without being told , when all the Kawasaki,s , Yamaha,s etc had 180 BHP. Some poor sods spent over 200,000 trying to bring them up to power. It wasnt just an exhaust , ECU , cams , injectors and throttle bodies. Dont think they ever got those bikes right. This 450 is a simpler engine , but id like to see a before and after dyno charts before paying out. If the price of the EU restricted bike is right , and its an easy ECU job , this bike could be just what some people have being waiting for.
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    ^ This is what people cant understand. Why does it only have 25 bhp , when a DRZ , from the nineties , has so much more ( a very under-rated bike ) . If its priced at 300 K , or maybe up to 350 K , then it may sell in small numbers , but only if someone buys one , and proves on a dyno , a simple ECU and exhaust change gives it back the robbed power. It will still be way below your DRZ and 450 R , but 40 bhp is ok. But can this lost power be found . Warranty will be void. Some will take the chance , some wont.