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  1. Painting plastic motorcycle parts

    Its a 2-tone one i have. The rear portion is black , and vented. Not trials bike style though.
  2. I meant "shouldnt" it have the full power , in keeping with the others. From a Aprilia RSV factory owner. Didnt Honda do this on some other bikes. Cant see the sense in it.
  3. Neilly. Thanks for taking the time to post the gear / RPM charts. My bikes doing 5,000 RPM at 60 KPH in top , if rev counter and speedo are true. Its not a highway cruiser !.
  4. Should the CBR 1000 RR SP have almost 200 BHP , as the BMW , Aprilia , Ducati , Kawasaki etc ?.
  5. Painting plastic motorcycle parts

    Acerbis copy fender is B 250 +.
  6. Neilly , nice modded bike. Could you tell me what revs your doing , in top gear , at 60 KPH. Cheers.
  7. The pre-payment i have an issue with. I always fill the tank - less visits / going out of my way to the station - but how do you know how much it will be. Same problem at some stations in England , at night you must pay before you pump.
  8. The standard tires on CRF or KLX,s are dual sport , so i would term them 50/50 rather than knobblys , but you can get more road styled tires , say 70/30 or 80/20 in the 21" / 18" front / rear sizes. A good solution , to give you two bikes in one , is another set of rims - 17" F&R - with some 100% grippy street tires.
  9. That shop near Warrarot sells some very good wheel sets for enduro and supermotard. CMkiwi , is that mechanics shop the one that does the cylinder head valve inserts and fork leg straightening ? CRF rattles can be cam chain , and / or , tensioner. Never a Honda strong point.
  10. Nae had some good scramblers , trails type bikes from the 90,s.. He closed and mooved 2 years ago. Dont know where he is now. Burning would be a good , but not cheap , place to start.
  11. Kawasaki W175 and 175SE

    Good find Allan. This same bike has been on sale in England for at least most of this year , as a Hanway. In England its a 125 cc bike for £ 2,299 / B 96,000 .
  12. Power steering.

    Slick 50 do a PAS fluid but im not sure if it fixes leaks. Another one to try.
  13. SRX-6 homage, 250cc ?

    Thats the old 550 your showing there. The new Kawasaki 175 looks slightly more modern and costs 85K. Theres a new separate thread on it , just started.
  14. Some people say be careful when buying these little known makes of bikes / pick ups. Considering the price , the quality is good , but the dealers often seem lacking. Hang in there.
  15. 1999 Toyota Soluna

    Sounds like the right side CV joint.. Parts will need to be ordered. Can a local garage / tire shop do it .