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  1. Id second the RC / Duke 390. Take a look at one. 200K.
  2. For 40K , you wont get two decent bikes , so , if most of your riding is local , get a 6 Month old Yamaha 125cc fuel injected Grand Filano scooter ( probably the best scoot you can get ) and on the occasions you think you need a "long distance tourer" , just go out and hire one. Yamaha has other flat floor models too - i think the Mio / fino.
  3. Your welcome Jim . Do you want a new bike , or spares / service. Let us know your impressions of the shop. This will help others , in knowig where to go. If you are able to show the shops co-ordinates on Google , even better. The lady has 3 shops , but i dont know where the other 2 are.
  4. JimShortz , the shop you photographed doesnt sell Lifan , as you susspected. The Lifan dealer was near the train station but has had his right to sell withdrawn * ( if ever you went in there you would know why ). By chance i found the new Lifan dealer. Her name is Goong. 091-858 1802. Speaks perfect English. Really has a good business head on her sholders. The shop ( she has 3 ) is on the North bound side of the 108 near the Big C / Macro area. Outside is often a bike or quad on a raised platform. She sells Zongshem Ryuka , Infinity , Cub and "Pit" type bikes , Lion quads and some electric scooters. And Lifan , both the X-cross and theX-plore for about 47-49K. If she remembers me i popped in on my orange off road Platium and we discussed the different gearchange patterns on the Lifan bikes. I said the main probem with "this type"of bike i, s the dealers poor service and slow spares supply. She explained her plans , and shes determined to offer a top level service , not sell - out the door - not my problem attitude of some dealers. See * . I have no links with this shop but would have no hesitation on being a future customer.
  5. We have had over 120 years to understand carbs. They serve a purpose for many years , but FI is more accurate , and it is tuneable to other modifications via a laptop rather than jetting changes. Ive had no problems with my Platinum , which is nearly 5 years old , other than a battery last year and general service items.
  6. I hear what your saying , Kiwi , and agree , however my choice is limited if i want aggressive off road tires,in 17 " sizes. Not the usual 21 / 18. Im currently running IRC VE 33.
  7. anthai55 , may i ask what 17 " tires you are using , where you got them and the prices please. Im running 17 " IRC ,s on a bike.in CM.
  8. HEY ! CMKiwi , us Platinum owners have to stick together. ( PX 250 on motocross tires ). Had to remove carb on this one last year due to cheap "jungle" fuel brought from those fuel drums. No choice when in the middle of knowhere.
  9. Glad hes OK. Then he looses the trailer !. Wonder if he payed the 10K bet. Close to my home in England is a drag strip at Long Marston raceway . Neighbour has a small plane we use from the field near our houses , and we stop in L M for a cup of tea.
  10. Have you also considered a Suzuki 200 Van Van. Sold in Thailand. Honda also tried something similar ( flr ) ? but it is a much older design. Looking for more than one specific model may give you more chance of success. Good luck.
  11. OPPS. Thanks for correcting me Kwasaki. Yes , its the Moto 2 engines. There has been some reliability problems , and they are searching for 10 more BHP.
  12. This 765 cc engine is to be used in the MOTO 3 bikes next year, The triple engine is very useable , in the real world.
  13. "but i,d guess more reliable". Fell off my chair laughing at that one !. The Honda 300 engine is a diaster . I,ll take a Lifan of Keeway please.
  14. The production rights to re-produce the previous generation of Husqvarna,s have been bought by Shineray , and will be produced under the name of SWM , one of many off-shoot companies of Shineray . This will give KTM some good competition as the prices sound VERY competative.
  15. Ha Ha , slightly out on the mileage - just. Im not saying "man up" and get a manual , auto scooters make sense for many people. You could keep your Click for what its worth , and as a second bike , and buy a manual bike too. The Stallion 400 would be a good choice , or one of their smaller 150cc offerings. You also have bikes from Zongshen Ryuka such as the Infinity that are also styled similar to the Stallion.