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  1. Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    macknife , i agree. When banked in a corner , ANY front brake needs careful application. I dont want ANY front brake to suddenly come on , if i decide i want a little rear brake. Its as if Honda decided its customers are too stupid to learn that the front brake lever operates the front brake , and the rear brake lever/pedal operates the rear brake. I find that a bit of an insult. Maybe they have a point. Plenty of other bikes out there now.
  2. Stallions 400cc - Any good?

    Sell the wife ?.
  3. Stunning bike. Ive had a few Ducati,s , ( 999 and 749 ). Seats look comfy. Bar end mirrors add some width to bike , but at least they work !. Does it run hot in traffic ?. Try not to drop this one please.
  4. Dont know if we had that in England , but i used Castrol R30 / R40. OK , back "on topic". What comfort modifications do people make to their bikes. Me , higher bars and rotate levers downwards a bit ( for when standing ) , on off road bikes , , and flatter seats , to remove pillion hump.
  5. Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    Only Honda seems to use this silly CBS system , on some of its lower level scooters. Its more likely to induce a front wheel lock-up or a low-side crash , as the front brake comes on when you apply/drag the rear brake , going into a corner. Not what is needed. ABS , true ABS , is a good feature. As per Yamaha etc.
  6. Ducati Sale

    Interesting. Harley seems uneasy and "at odds" with itself at the moment. Hero , which recently stopped making many bikes for Honda , and had links with Eric Buell , could be a good choice. $ 1.5 billion needs a lot of bikes to be made.
  7. Escorts , yes. He also raced touring cars , autograss , which i was also involved with , and trucks - with Steve Parish. Hes still a show off , 555. He was multiple World champ , so he has the right to show off.
  8. Im often back in England , November , when i go to Hendesford for the Nov 5th race / fireworks. Heres a name for you , Barry Lee. I was driving with him just a few weeks ago at a high performance car demonstration day.
  9. I trust you know R is castor based , and needs to be totally removed from engine and tank if you switch to synthetic oil , which has its advantages. Castrol 747 is a good one. BRISCA - stock car ?. I go to Hendesford Hills raceway .
  10. Smells good , dont it. When i raced a Norton Villiers kart , at 10 to 16 years old i thought we called them go-karts , in England.. Long time ago , so maybe im wrong. Ive raced them since , and call them karts. No Castrol R 30 though.
  11. Midnight toe rags..

    We have never met , but you seem a great bloke.. This car/bike crap will / has passed. Be there for mrs t. My condolences .
  12. The smell of Castrol R takes me back to my school days. Speedway and Karting , when they were called go-karts. Im only 52. Tis sometimes better to be thought an idiot , whilst remaining quiet , than to comment , and remove all doubt.
  13. Suzuki GD110 cc

    I confess i havent ridden a 113 cc GD , nor checked its fuel consumption. I wont ride a wave. I once checked the KM/L on a Lifan 200cc x-cross dual-sport under normal road cruising conditions. 42 MK per L. Thats 118 MPG. Interesting , but has little effect on my wealth or buying decision. I mentioned the Stallion as id be tempted to go for this. The modified red flat-tracker / bobber / board racer style looks great. IMO.
  14. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    Good point. The 3.2 is getting a bit old and may not take too kindly to having to run on this new Euro 4/6 ? diesel. The 2.2 is good but , for some , a little weak. A new engine design must be close.
  15. You say ALL your friends have had at least 1 motorbike accident in Thailand. Read this over and over to yourself a few times. NOW , i dont know you or your friends , but , did they come to Thailand with FULL motorbike licences. If not , the cause of all these accidents may not lie in in the fact that their motorbikes / scooters didnt have adjustable seats. Im not trying to be a smart arse , but consider some good rider training and advanced defensive riding courses , for your sake , and ours.