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  1. Best automatic scooter ?

    Nice one Lammy. Thats going to be a quick 400 scoot. Is the new 125 based on the older 125 unit from last year ?.
  2. Is there no step between 15Y / 110cc and 18Y / 125cc. So the youngest one can ride a 125cc is 18 Years. A farang with an IDP could be 17 Years old. Some strange laws here. Yes , i know - TIT.
  3. Best automatic scooter ?

    Production was delayed for all models as it was moved from China ( on-going legal case ) to Thailand. Wouldnt expect anything before late 2019 , if they still plan to use the Suzuki engine. Its an old design.
  4. Im probably younger than some , and had no bikes with Lucas electrics. I do however , have an education. A few of my old cars were blessed with "instant night" Lucas , but only 1 of my current cars - a 1997 Bentley RT ive had for 10 years. Only problem ive had with it was the starter !. On the subject of Mike Hailwood , he died just 5 minutes from a house of mine , on the Kings Heath to Redditch dual carriageway. There is said to be a plaque on a bridge , near the scene , but i have not seen it. Im in England for a few months. I will go and have a good look in the next few weeks and post back.
  5. You,ve never owned a bike with Lucas electrics , have you .
  6. Aventure bikes, small is better.

    Kawasaki KLX 250 is only 160 K , and with its adjustable suspension and lighter weight , much better than the 200 K Honda. I would love a KLX 400 / 450. With a green book , 40 BHP , good torque , decent suspension and cooling system. Or a Yamaha WR 400 , or a modernised DRZ 400.
  7. Best automatic scooter ?

    Those Scomadi scooters are said to be very well designed and built. The 200 uses an Aprilia engine and to 400 a Suzuki Burgman engine , due this year. Would a 400 be called a "super scoot" ?.
  8. One for the Off-road boys?

    Im in England for a few months and ive just returned from the Red Marley scramble and hill climb. Many of the bikes competing looked like those in this film , however the motorhomes in the pits were very different .
  9. ABS for bikes, it took a while....

    True ABS brakes , as fitted on some Yamahas etc , offer more braking control on loose surfaces than standard brakes. Good ( tarmac ) track or motocross/dirt riders feel they can better modulate the brakes without it. The non-abs brake system of Hondas "CBS" could have you off mid corner , as the front brake is applied when you apply the rear brake , whether you want it or not. Not what you need , mid corner. The Honda system is not true ABS however.
  10. Clutch Cable Warning on the Thai CBR250

    Its either a bad design from Honda or somebody has routed the cable wrong , at the factory or repair shop. Can you see the routing in the manual , or photograph a showroom bike.
  11. Water getting into the petrol tank.

    Good of you to post the follow-up solution , many cant be bothered. Its a shame the "fitters" at Honda cant do a decent job.
  12. Oil breaks down over time once its been refined. Sitting in a vented engine , it will be subjected to condensation and contamination , regardless of outside air temperature . Similar to brake fluid. O P had ridden the bike over 300 KM 2 weeks ago. Oil needs changing as soon as possible. Any fully / full / 100% oil will be more than good enough to cope with the temperatures and dusty conditions of Thailand. 400 Baht per liter is cheaper than premature wear or engine failure.
  13. Ignoring the base stock oil gradings and the POA,s , oil comes in 4 main types. The best is 1 - Full synthetic , or Fully synthetic ( this is the same as 100% synthetic ) . 2 - Molecular , or hydro cracked . 3 Semi , or part synthetic . 4 - Mineral , or dino oil. Motul also do a factory 300 V oil that is full ( 100 % ) synthetic with double ester . Twice the added amount of long chain molecules that resist the shearing forces found in gearboxs. This is the one i use in many of my bikes. Available in Thailand at about 1,250 Baht / liter. Shell , Castrol , Elf fully synthetic is good enough for most bikes.
  14. If you require it road legal , i would suggest the Kawasaki KLX 125 , or even the 140 / 150 model. The 125 has fuel injection. Good second hand ones go for 40,000 Baht plus.There are no Honda 125,s . Another option would be a Thai / Chinese Lifan 200. Brand new they are less than 50K
  15. Yes , the Honda should perform better than the Lifan that costs four times less. Even an engine in a CBR state of tune , ie one more suitable for highway revs. But Allans bike is " ugly below 4,500 RPM ". Thats a bad bike with an engine fault , not just a bad design.