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  1. Lena. This could be fuel starvation. The fuel cap should have a small hole in it to allow air in when fuel is used. Try blowing through the hole. Or see my previous posts , and find Nung in Hang Dong , near BIG C , but opposite , on the North bound side , returning to town. I dont have the co-ordinates for his workshop , and im now in England so cant take you - sorry.
  2. Rider only , F 29 , R 33 sounds right. Raise rear to 35 / 36 for pillion. Use your own digital gauge. Check every 2 / 3 weeks.
  3. Your kinda bike....

    Thank you CMKiwi , i will seek out that shop sometime. Dont want to cause you further upset , but that DRZ SM did sound good , but , as you know , sooner or later you will have to produce the GB , either at a police stop or an accident. Your fault or not . Then what happens ?. You wont come out smiling , or with the bike. If you live near a kart / motard track it would make sense. None in Chiang Mai that i know of. Im in England now , and off to a top level "Pit Bike" race this weekend with some professional BSB and Superstock racers , over Daventry way. I used to race Mini Motos ( Had a DRZ SM version ) so Pit Bikes are considered sensible.
  4. You have to think of alternative ways to ask the question. If their first answer is no - hab , which happens all too often , try asking them "same - same" or "same - same but different". Even "same - same" 50 / 50. Helps to speak Thai.
  5. Your kinda bike....

    No green book - - track bike ONLY. The BIB will soon "confiscate" an expensive bike such as that. Import taxes will have meant it may have came in under the radar so to speak. May i ask what shop . i know of Burning and a few others. Dont know what has happened to the shop next to Riders Corner , who had some nice non - GB bikes.
  6. Your kinda bike....

    As you say CMKiwi , there is the SVX 550 and the RVX 550. Did you also know there were two 450 models , SVX / RVX. The 450,s were both designed for the 450cc racing classes , and so was more "peaky" than the torque monster 550. Dry weights are 120 / 122KG. Very nearly bought the gentler 550 for green laning ( in England ) to replace my kickstart only liquid cooled Honda XR 650 R , that was too heavy , carbed and had very basic susspension.
  7. Buying car seats in Chiang mai

    I would first check with the transport office and your / his insurer , if this can be done , legally. Are there standard fitment seatbelts in the rear. If all is OK , then have 4 seats and their mountings secured to the floor. And i dont mean by a handfull of wood screws !.
  8. Flooded

    Maybe the first year only pays out 80% , as the first year is when the biggest de-value ( price drop ) will occur. Someone may know if this is correct. As the car/bike gets older , the insurance payout moves closer to the book value. Either way , due to your good purchase price , your more than covered. Flooded cars - after repair , still aint right.
  9. Flooded

    Its 80% of the raconised "book price". If you paid less , your agreed value of 440K gives you a profit.
  10. Traffic quizz

    I think it would make more sense ( yes , i know ! ) if the red car goes first as it will clear the junction quicker than the bus , which will impead the cars progress for longer. Dont know of these exact traffic signs as im English , but i think keeping the traffic mooving is priority. I await to be praised / flamed.
  11. Oil Consumption

    Semi synthetic ( SS ) oils had just 10% synthetic in them , and so 90% mineral / dino oil , but it was soon discovered this was not up to standard for modern engines and driving , so the minumum was increased to 20%. Some of the better oil companies and engineers agreed that 30% would be safer. Kind of proves how unsuitable mineral oil is in modern engines. As SS is so much more expensive than satndard mineral oil , and not "too" much cheaper than Fully Synthetic ( FS ) , i will continue to use 100% FS oil. Or you can buy 1 can of FS oil and mix it with 5 cans of mineral oil. Same same.
  12. Oil Consumption

    Catrol does some good oil. Their Magnatec really does provide a protective film of oil that helps at the most critical point - a cold and "oil dry" start-up. Im a fan / believer of Slick 50 additives too. Now theres a topic for debate.
  13. Noisy motorbikes in Thailand.

    Farting in an elevator is wrong , on so many levels ! . I,ll get my coat.
  14. My first memories didnt involve a Rudge , but did involve Castrol R. My dad bought 2 go-carts from the manager of TJ filters in Plymouth , back to Birmingham , both on the roof of the car !. Ive loved engines ever since. Never was good enought to turn pro , but ive riden trials , enduro , moto-cross , motards and road/track bikes. I still ride sports bikes and enduro/greenlaners in England , and off-road in Chiang Mai. My main reason for taking early retirement in 2011 was to spend more time riding with an eye to move full time to Thailand around 2020. Ive just turned 52 last month and while i know im "older" i refuse , point blank , to be old - ever. My girlfriend also calls my bike my mia noi/wife. Some people will never know , or dont wish to know , the thrill that biking gives. I smile to myself , like a dog with his head out of a car window , knowing they will never feal "THIS" sensation. Keep riding my young friend , even when it can be only in your head.
  15. Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    Thanks jack. The VVT system is very advanced , and seems it could be the way forward for better fuel consumption / lower emissions. With the bigger tires on those 13 " Yamaha rims , i believe the overall rolling radius of the wheels is equal to the narrow tired 14 " wheels of say a Honda. As you say , the Yamaha is both fast , smooth and very stable. It seems it has better susspension components and design than the Honda. Priced a fair bit cheaper too .