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  1. bearpolar

    New aquarium at central

    Ok, think what you want and move back to non-racist countries that are filled with non residents killing their culture and quality of life then you can be happy right? The harder thailand makes it for foreigners, the better it is. That way the idiots stay out and thailand stays thai.
  2. bearpolar

    New aquarium at central

    can you stop spamming nonsense. Every country's tourist attraction has lower prices for locals. Some even have discounts for seniors that lived during the easiest time to accumulate wealth. Thailand isnt doing anything wrong. Stop being a cry baby, thank you.
  3. bearpolar


    you have to buy the more expensive, smaller pack lavazza https://www.shoplavazza.com/lavazza-classico the line pictured there, they have a few flavors. Really smooth cold brewed. The users are. Most of humanity is 100iq and less and half the people above 100 are also barely functioning because of how society raises them nowadays.
  4. bearpolar


    Drink black lavazza intense dark roast black coffee cold brewed at home Have had starbucks in a few countries All tasted disgustingly bitter like my dad's costco coffee that he makes with 2x the recommended amount of ground coffee. Order an iced cap? You get hot coffee, ice and sent to mix your own sugars.. for 6$ i have to figure out how to make my own cap when im not qualified at all.. Starbucks is for the braindead. Even the 40 baht doi chang taste better. 7/11 iced cap is pretty good, just ask for less sugar.
  5. I will definitely get an officer every time someone smokes. They stopped people from smoking and drinking on the public beach in my city back in Canada and it's the only fking beach in the whole world ive been to(that wasnt empty in a remote area) that was completely clean with no loud jersey shore type trashy people. Keeping smokers away from any place ups the quality by 70% at least. Yes, smokers are trashy weak minded people, also they litter and smell bad.
  6. bearpolar

    Chalong underpass

    whoever owns land around there, that could fit a dirt road straight through the traffic, should just open a private road with an entry fee of 300b instantly rich
  7. bearpolar

    Ranong visa run.

    Not everyone is willing to go to places where they bomb children and think you are a rabid animal that should be put down. Andaman is fun, use the pool and spend the night, makes a good visa run with dirt cheap duty free alcohol.
  8. bearpolar

    Honda HRV or Toyota CHR?

    Dude, cx-3 is like 35% smaller. You can't move anything around. The point of the HR-V type car is having space. No one cares about handling on bad thai roads. The only thing that end up mattering here is space and comfort. mazda/nissan interior is weak compared to honda/toyota That's why there's rarely threads on it.. Great little fun car but not for Thailand and large families. It's for nice roads in narcissistic countries.
  9. bearpolar

    Photos: New Benz pick ups arrive in Thailand

    So what? That'S what acura and many other brand do. There's a good segment of people that want pickups without the shit interior, now they have the mercs. All the whiners are definitely envious of people with money because theres no reason to get angry at a goddamn car.
  10. Canadian school in a decently expensive suburb, all my neighbors are 400k+$ houses. Half the school are ghetto kids with step siblings from 3+ different parents. Barely any activities. School has unqualified specialist. (my friend's kids got d's in kindergarten while he reads and write 2nd grade level). Weakest kid determines what is learned. Their last school in thailand: 0 bullying, kids from ghetto schools were fixed after a few month, tons of extra curricular stuff included in the curriculum, every kid goes at their own pace without affecting the rest, principal is only looking to break even, no profit, off the chart quality facilities. Even the thai private english program school i visited a few years ago was 20x better than what Canada has to offer nowadays.
  11. years of violence and narcissistic culture for a good degree to work at starbucks or years of good life in a country that people dream about moving to, with a shitty degree but possibilities of high-up local jobs and tons of entrepreneurship possibilities. Easy to tell which parents can't afford to live in Thailand anymore. Everyone that i know that has left for schools regret it and are making plans to come back.
  12. My kids have lived between farang land and Thailand and have gone into schools in both countries. Almost every single parents ask me tips on how to parent, when i barely parent. It's just Thailand rubbing off. My kids don't make noise on planes or trips, they don't scream all the time, they don't manipulate, they don't shit on adults(99,999% of farangland kids have 0 respect). Kids grew up sleeping on the floor with inlaws , they grew up with randoms going up to them and being friendly, traveled/ate out every week etc. Thailand is definitely better for kids and if you are poor and can't afford an international school.. just get an app from your country, you can probably do your home's curriculum for free on top of the thai one. I know france has one and it's basically 30 hrs per year for elementary schools. I always thought that people keeping their kids in poor thai schools were abusers but after seeing 2 years of Canadian schools, <deleted> no. Half the kids in my kid's school are hitting teachers(i live in a wealthy neighborhood but the way it works here is that 70% of schools have to be filled with people from ghettos and they send middle class+ to whatever schools has hit their quota of ghetto). Shit is sad here. One kid in kindergarten has a phd teaching parent in engineering, he already reads grade 3 level. He got D's in kindergarten and the school had no support for him. He has to pay 10k$ a year now to send him to a private school where he'll be skipping first grade. <deleted> farangland if you can avoid it, its cancer.
  13. bearpolar

    Chalong underpass

    they most likely paid the fines with the chalong underpass money.. left 2 years ago, was hoping to have the construction done when i'd come back.. now im hoping they'll be done by the time i grow ear hair.
  14. bearpolar

    Ford EcoSport vs Toyota C-HR

    Let's just settle and accept that everyone has their own preference. and that the CH-R is the equivalent of the leather manpurse worn by boomers.
  15. bearpolar


    just fyi they arent quality meal replacement. It's basically shit whey protein with shitty vitamins that absorb badly and some sugar. Nothing in there to keep your brain and body healthy, it just keeps it alive and degenerating.