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  1. bearpolar

    PTT Blue Card

    No reason right. Just some little snow flakes think their lives matter and that big somchai will cry at night because he lost the opportunity the sign said snow flakes on his promotional card.
  2. bearpolar

    Family not notified of man's execution

    If he had admitted guilt, he would probably not have been sentenced to death. Stab a kid 24 times in front of his GF and then piss off 3 judges by lying to their face? Good one bro.
  3. bearpolar

    PTT Blue Card

    Free money back. Rich owners don't care if you want to pay more. I choose to get all the cards and all the discounts.
  4. bearpolar

    PTT Blue Card

    Anyone surprised that the 2 guys that cant spell farang and have with weird writing styles are disagreeing with everyone? probably their quality wife telling them "yuuu nut thai ptt no care, don thint too mut dak-ling" The real questions is why would you want to get one in your name, let your woman take care of it.. im not going to carry the 50 reward cards thailand has to offer. Mine needs a dedicated wallet just for those cards, real hassle but we get a lot of free stuff.
  5. bearpolar

    Honda HRV

    most shops will take care of it for you if you're using android.
  6. bearpolar

    Ford EcoSport vs Toyota C-HR

    Fairly certain the MG has a 4 speed transmission, not something you want. Also lots of comments on thai forums about little things breaking very soon and it's hard to get fixes.. Just mundane things that should never break. Big hassle to own.
  7. bearpolar

    Ford EcoSport vs Toyota C-HR

    I hate both cars. I test drove the ecosport.. plasticy and crap drive.. also 0 space in the back. Can't see the toyota being worse.. maybe consider HRV: same price as toyota and its a great car.
  8. bearpolar

    Please Recommend me a car

    if 400k is your downpayment and you need the car fast, forget honda or toyota, long long wait. my hrv took forever and the dealer had to steal's someone's delivery(and gave me his extra mods that the guy paid for) and it still took forever. 3 weeks ago she went to a mitsu dealer and 2 days after she drove out with the new pajero limited(should have been 1 day but they had issues with the film). If your whole budget is 400k, then please don't bring your children to thailand; stop thinking about your self. You won't be able to afford a good school. The most important rule when having children in thailand: go back if you can't at least afford private english thai schools.
  9. what are you rambling about old man What about all the fat people wearing trainers? It's the same. They like trainers, they arent trying to make people think they are athletes.
  10. Always one of those old guy living in his glory days and making fun of people's choice.. jesus dude.. People just want the car they like.. they dont give a shit if its 5% less good than x car, all they care about is that its comfy and looks good.
  11. bearpolar

    Toyota C-HR HV Hi hybrid

    So you'd basically have your windows open. HRV and the rest have a lot of cabin noise.
  12. https://globalnews.ca/news/3977745/ethereum-blockchain-canada-nrc/ blockchain is a ponzi canadian gov is using it to steal funds i bet you didnt know that having transparency means a being in a ponzi.. even if no currency is involved! LISTEN TO ME, i was born in the easiest decades to make tons of money and now im making 29,000$ a year for my efforts!
  13. Please don't trigger craig krup with salaries this high.. remember he only makes 29,000$ a year from a life time of easy baby boomer investing. Let me do it instead. Hey craig, im up over 6 figs this last month.. which i withdraw mostly into fiat and real estate.. You having fun buying rice on sale? cue an other 300 words reply that i won't even see
  14. And guess what? While turdfarts were saying every dotcom innovation was a scam, the venture capital firms were buying that shit for pennies on the dollar and they made a fortune when it all went back up(when people that didnt understand dotcom gave up on their investment.)
  15. Please just add him to ignore, don't you see he's not even reading what you're writing. As stated before, hes poor and bored. All he wants is to write paragraphs of meaningless diarrhea to keep himself occupied.. Having been raised in a medical household, theres nothing i despise more than people that fake intelligence by adding tons of words to pure diarrhea. Stick to facts, get to the point, research(do not read people's opinion pieces), and learn.