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  1. Honda HRV

    i had one for 2 years. Traveled from one end to the other of the country with it.. Comfortable, economical and very very spacious. Go test drive it, you'll like it more than the competition at this price. If you don't need space, the smaller cx3 might be more fun to drive though an other pro for the honda is that its way more luxurious.
  2. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    15k a month, unless you have a 12 br mansion, doubtfull.. Faulty A/C or really bad isolation would be the problem. My 4br house with terrible isolation+sun exposure and tons of electronic with 3 A/C's running constantly never went above 5k~
  3. Ford unleashes first-ever Ranger ‘Raptor’

    I kind of want to buy one to go shopping and then ill buy a moded honda brio to pull my boat just to piss people off.
  4. Subcompact cars

    apple car play.. good specs? Maybe for a 12yo girl
  5. Chalong Circle Underpass

    Very true, his posting here indicates that he lacks any real friends. It's a shame, i still remember a few of my questions being derailed by him over the years on this account and his previous. He has so little genuine human interactions that he doesn't care that no one here cares about the known dangers or the lower standard of some things. He'll still regurgitate the same things just to get people to interact with him.
  6. Nissan X-Trail 4WD - Intial thoughts

    Did you try the diesel and the higher gas engine? Wondering about them.
  7. For the Phuket knockers

    Easy, open facebook. Type phuket beach club. You've got plenty to choose from. Beach + pool + food. Many hotels with brunch also have pools/sea or seaview so almost a beach club... It's funny because all the sub 35 yo crowd is really happy with the beach clubs, im guessing they are doing something right.
  8. For the Phuket knockers

    You can knock phuket all you want.. My new 4br house costs the price of a trailer back home, the village is elevated against flooding, its just a minute away from a top notch market and hospital, the schools are great, the food is amazing.. its 1hr by plane away from bangkok and theres hundreds of great beach clubs, plenty of space to surf and many amazing hotel brunches available. Eventually they'll somewhat fix the traffic situation a bit. Bussinesses of quality thrive, shitty ones die.. that's how it should be. No one owes you anything. If that doesnt make you happy, take some pills and go to sleep or theres always western depressed land where people will pay for your business to survive. Though i gotta say, id probably be salty too if i lived on the west coast.. thats where most of the tourists and scammy thais are so of course life isnt as good as where normal people live. Prefer being 30m away from the nicest beach, makes it more special when you visit anyways.
  9. Nissan X-Trail 4WD - Intial thoughts

    Thanks kin, Will probably just do that and get a depreciated ranger to haul stuff around/go to the beach. Xtrail is easy to park? we live in phuket town so lots of traffic and small parking spots. HRV was perfect for this but a bit small inside for our needs(big family)
  10. Nissan X-Trail 4WD - Intial thoughts

    thanks for the review,.. i really wanted to get an everest but this is steering me back to xtrail for our long 2000km trips.
  11. Are rental prices dropping in Phuket

    Which is why im seeing a lot of cheaper price adverts for chalong/rawai in nice looking houses with western kitchens.. stuff that went for 40-50k is going for 20-30k
  12. Info on crappyness of MG in Thai

    i still remember my first car in thailand.. sold it for a tiny bit more money a year later. honda obviously.
  13. Hey guys, we're about to change cars. We're probably going to end up with a X-trail but she keeps getting dragged in by the price of the MG + a good test drive. Men are always wrong so do you guys have proof in thai that MG will end up costing us a fortune in time and money?
  14. Flooded

    I don't think the water ever went high enough in Phuket, it needs to be above the dashboard. The manager of the hotel had just bought a pickup the day before.. Not only could he not leave with rescue, he said he's certain his insurance won't pay.. Poor guy.. Probably has a bad salary and he had to babysit people in a flooded hotel with no food for 2 days.