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  1. I take it you have not seen Thai farmers plough , all the corn farmers use are 3 and 7 disc ploughs, you will not find a furrow plough here, often farmers plough in the dry season, turn the over the soil any weeds the roots will be exposed and die, a furrow plough the points would not go in the ground ,ground is to hard and they would probably break Thai ploughs are made in Thailand, the discs are imported, if they where furrow /mouldboard ploughs most parts would have to be imported, pushing up the costs. A machinery dealer near here had an imported second hand 3 furrows reversible plough he was selling it at 100 000 baht, your average 3 disc Thai plough is about 30-40 000 baht depending on disc size. As for who is going to pay for it all, a lot of farmers around here get someone into drill they crop, now about 120 -150baht/rie , so you could buy a drill and contract yourself out, same with a fertilizer drill, and maybe a sprayer.
  2. Why is it a death sentence, a carriage on a train is well ventilated, the young birds will be in a box and not moved about, yes a 10 hour overnight is a long time. But got to be better than in the back of a shut up pick, or will it be an open top pick up bouncing up and down the whole time with Thailand's bad roads, that will be during the day, hot weather, the driver stops for 2-3 times, that could be a 12-hour journey ? Can you fly them up? Bangkok -Ubon 1- 1 1/2 hours, I know baby chicks for battery farms come from aboard by airplane.
  3. Can they be sent by train? in the past iI have seen cockerels on trains. if it is still allowed. Put them in a proper well-ventilated box they should be ok, I would say it would be better than being in the back of pick up/truck with a load of other junk.
  4. Curiosity got the better of me, and had a look at Stihl and Husqvarna bush cutters, found a Stihl for 5400 baht (list price 10800), that would be for a smaller model. Husqvarna's 6975-9500 baht depending on modal, Home Pro sells a backpack Husqvarna 17000 baht. Lazada says they have a Husqvarna 9800 baht.
  5. I have said before I use to work for landscape firm in the UK, we had Stihl strimers,2 stroke engine, never a problem. Where I live I have never seen a Stihl or Husqvarna, last new Stihl I saw for sale in the UK was equivalent 20 000 baht(and not the cheapest shop in town ), over here I would not know how much and getting spear parts could be a problem, probably a trip to Bangkok ?. My Mitsubishi I brought locally 7800 baht and I have seen a good few in this area, I would say spare parts would not be a problem.
  6. That is BS 14 % refers to the moisture of the crop, it has to be 14-15% moisture for safe storage, any higher the whole heap/ silo will heat up and spoil. A lot of farmers will harvest the crop at 20 -30% weather will dictate moisture, the buyer will check the moisture before buying the crop if it is too high he will get a price reduction, the buyer is responsible for drying the crop If a farmer did sell his crop at 14% moisture he would lose out the crop would be to dry to make any money. As for 7baht /kg around here in August farmers where selling they crop at 5-5,50 baht/kg, depending on moisture. I would say that 7baht/ kg, 14% moisture would be the price the farmer's buyer, middleman sells on the corn to the big feed companies, more BS from the government.
  7. Thailand in facts imports a lot of corn(Maize ) CPF and Betagrow both import corn, for livestock feed, last year it was even imported from Cambodia, at less than Thai farmers could grow it , and reducing the local price of corn . It will never be exported all, is used for animal feed. Thailand can not grow Wheat as has been said climate not right, and apparently length of daylight not right, and If they could grow wheat what would it be used for, not enough protein in the grain for bread, it would have to be for livestock feed, and they is no way they would be competitive enough on the world market, just a no go. "Finding a market, and A fair price offer ahead of harvest", that will not work, all the years I have been in Thailand, most farmers are harvesting they crop, and then they do not know how much they are getting let alone, say a month before harvest and who will buy the corn local buyers will not pay above market price for certain ,will it have to be shipped around the county to find buyer ,normally local buyer buy the corn from the farmers ,and they sell it on to you're private sector ie CPF ,and Betagrow, and they will not pay above market price for certain they will just find another supplier, probably by importing more . Can not see it working, some middlemen will make some money and in the end, it will be the farmers that lose out. As for equipment needed, all that is needed are seed drills, and fertilizer drills, ploughs are already used, and rice harvesters can be used to harvest maize.
  8. Like you I have a Mitsubishi, brought it 6 months ago good bit of kit, has done a lot of work, I have found the 50:1 oil/petrol mix must be kept to or it will smoke, and oil the plug up, air cleaner needs cleaning regularly. I still say a 2 stroke has more power than a 4 stroke for the op's 6 foot grass go for a Mitsubishi, but I have found it can use a lot of petrol when worked hard, and the blades I use are heavy ,but I need the heavy blades for the work it has to do, cutting Nappier grass storks, the main reason I think for high fuel use .put a cord on it uses less fuel . As for your old Chines thing, I would say the main jet in the carb is blocked, my old one I was always taking it apart and cleaning it, had enough in the end and got the Mistu . These blads are good will go through anything, I buy them from our local weekly market, being serrated they do not need sharpening, 120 baht the pair
  9. kickstart

    Cats & Dogs

    Barbeque Cat. Not the first cat to sleep in the wife's charcoal stove .
  10. kickstart

    Insanely itchy grass

    Without any photos, a job to say if it is a long grass could well be Para Grass, or Yar Con, in Thai, the itching is caused by tiny hairs on the grass rubbing against your skin, I would say it would not be any chemicals, to my knowledge they would not cause any itching. As someone said little red ants will cause itching, but you can at least see them.
  11. I use to work for a landscaping firm, and we use to plant a lot of trees, and they where all double staked, as in the photos, , we only used a single top rail never two rails, these are only small trees ,we have done a lot bigger and we never had a problem with them falling over . If you do double stake tree's problem is finding good wooden stakes, eucalyptus stakes will rot out in less than year if you can find some wood preservative that might help,creosote would be nice, an old farm fitter once told me, soak the base of the posts in old sump oil and diesel, that will help preserve the posts. knocking the posts in, preferably with a post knocker, using a sledgehammer will split the post, the posts should be knocked in the best part of 2 foot. The photos use tree belting to tie the trees, not available in Thailand, strips of motorcycle innertube raped around the tree and top rail will do the job .rubber blocks between the tree and rail should be used, again not available pieces of old motorcycle tyers will do the job. My late old boss would be turning in his grave if he looked at Thai's tieing tree's. How to Stake a Large Tree - YouTube youtube.com
  12. kickstart

    British bikes

    How did you get 1064 cc out of a Triumph a bit more than a Morgo kit, that head, and barrel, looks far from standard, running on dope? I can remember "Bike " magazine, my bible at the time, sponsored 2 lads with a drag bike, they linked 2 850 cc Noton Commandos engines together, they had some success, and some blow up's.
  13. kickstart

    Sugar industry must swallow bitter pill

    Next time you fill your car or motorbike with gasohol, think where the alcohol comes from, a lot comes from molasses, which is a by-product of the sugar industry, with crude oil prices rising the government will be wanting more alcohol produced ,you could say the sugar comes second ,cassava is also used to produce alcohol . As for producing 12 ton / Rie, a lot of farmers will not be getting that, a lot of cane is grown on land that is not suited for growing sugar cane, water is often the limiting factor farmers grow it as an alternate crop to rice hoping to make them some money,it is a big investment ,first year very little if any money is made, initial growing costs use all the money ,end of the 3ed year sometimes the 4th, the lifespan of a sugar cane crop farmers have not made any money and go back to rice .
  14. kickstart

    British bikes

    I had a Triumph, when they had the sit in for 2 years, and the factory reopened they had some T100R's that had been produced before the sit-in, I brought one,the engine was ok, but the electrics, nothing but trouble use to eat contact breaker points, resistance just went, once beside the A1 near Doncaster ,was going to put a Rita pointless system on ,but I got married and the Triumph went . Had Suzuki GT380 2 stroke triple ,good bike but drank petrol,once going up the A1 in a headwind 80 mile to a tank full ,that went ,then a Suzuki GS 550 ,a UJM ,but you could see why the British industry collapsed , it just went never a problem, handled reasonably well, then a BMW R65, then LOS, and 3 Kawasaki GTO's, work bikes ,and now a Wave.
  15. kickstart

    Brush cutters

    Your Honda is noise try my 2 strokes Mitsubishi, that is is why I wear ear protectors 175 baht from my local builder's merchant, and I always wear eyeglasses. As for smoking, unusual for a Honda did you, or the shop over fill it with oil and the oil is blowing past the piston rings.