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  1. Farm Photos

    Done well to get shallots to grow this time of year ,allways thought thay where a cool season crop , a bit like garlic .
  2. Thailand steadily slipping behind its neighbours

    With out going through all the past posts in this thread it might have been said , but it could/ will be a case of history repeats its self, I can remember back in the 1970's-80's the so called "Banana Republics " having military take overs ,the generals in charge use to try and govern a country, ok a lot use to bleed the country dry, but some tried nearly all failed, leaving the country in debt. The way this government is going it will join the list, military generals ,are military men , not politicians who can goven a country.
  3. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Was not certain where to put this ,as it is maize ,I thought here would be the best place . Making maize silage ,just up the road from me ,this was about 15 rie took them 3 days ,,one day they did not start until mid afternoon ,after 26 mm of rain the night before. The numbers ,the guy who rent's the field said ,the crop did not grow well, not enough rain ,I did not say ,we have more rain ,in June -July this year than in the past 5 years ,I would suspect he was a bit tight on the fertilizer ,the crop was 75 days old ,the cobs were starting to get a bit hard ,some grains will not be digested, by the cows ,just pass straight through their system . The buyers of the crop are paying 800 baht/ton , selling a 25 kg bag for 43 -45 baht ,,she said that the bagers ,all Cambodian ,could do 600 bags a day there were 8-10 workers @ 200-250 Baht day?,bagging and tieing the bags that is a good days work ,the plastic bag what the silage is put in ,and the outer ,old feed bags, would be 4-5 baht each .I saw one pick leave with about 90 bags on board, and sitting a bit low on the back end. The chopper was made in Thailand ,the first of this type of chopper I saw last year come from India, I would suspect this could well be a copy ,cost about 180 000 bart ,some one did they home work , knowing most tractors in Thailand do not have spool valves fitted ,this thing has its own hydraulic pump fitted ,the hydraulics are used to rotate the spout ,the chopper its self-sits on the tractor 3 point linkage .and has a jockey wheel at the back . I would say the grower of the crop would be happy , no harvesting or haulage costs and a low selling price ,and he has a nice clean field too ,just ready to direct drill another crop of maize . But the word around here is , this year the rains have come early , but will they finish early too ?
  4. Grass problem

    Back to the OP's problem ,how did the weed grass get they in the first place , looking at the internet Muleto 11is a very vigorous grass ,once it gets going it should shade/crowd out all other plants ,if the OP drilled the seed with a Thai drill the row spacing were to wide, normal recommendation when drilling Mulato 11 is in rows no more than 50 cm apart ,Thai corn drills are about 90 cm apart , too wide a row spacing the grass can not shade/crowd out the weeds. If it was broadcast which is how most websites recommends sowing ,was it a good fine seed bed , for a good germination , then harrowed in .to the right depth . I would very much like to grow Muleto 11 ,but my land is just to wet , black land ,ex rice paddeys not good at draining when wet Muleto 11 would die in a season with me Does the OP have simular problems ,and is this grass variety suited to his land ,would he be better off using another grass seed variety .
  5. Grass problem

    HI cooked You are correct ,Thai's love an instant result ,so they use Paraquat ,as you say ,you can see the results next day ,2 weeks later the plant greens up again ,we have a lot of Yar-Con ,in Thai , or Parra Grass , Paraquat is no use ,but Glyphosate will kill it ,if it is a young plant ,no problem ,an old well-established clump takes a long time to die . The grass in the OP's photo is Yar- Fat , in Thai, according to my misses it will take some getting rid of.looks like an old clump too . I have chopped some big clumps of weed grass with a Thai hoe, then let it green up , and then use Glyphosate, have had some good results.
  6. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Hi FJ Is that 77% moisture ,if so I am all most surprised that the combine could thrash out the corn ,would have thought that would have been too wet ,you must have a well set up machine ,and unlike most Thai drivers , you know other gears bar top gear, on the combine , Thai combine drivers drive too fast while cutting ,and a lot of the crop goes out the back of the combine . If you can sell corn at the farm gate, go for it saves a lot of hassle, sounds if you are one of the first in your area to start harvesting . Around here you see people walking fields after harvesting corn picking up the cobs that have come out of the back of the combine,useing it as chicken feed.
  7. Thai Red 12

    Hi cooked 280 baht/sack is more like it ,at that price it will not contain any urea ,all the CP's,and Betagro's, use urea in their dairy feed . a cheap way to push up the protein in a ration , urea is ok 6 months old plus cattle , but young calves can not digest urea , thay have not developed the enzines in the gut to digest urea , my beef calves are starting to eat my concentrate at about 2 months old ,that has no urea ,so far no problems Most feed mills mix molasses to keep the dust down in the ration, cassava chips has a lot of dust ,I have feed a fed that has no molasses , and some cattle develop a chough, dust sticks to the back of they throat ,and as you say makes the feed smell nice , more palatable for them , should be no need to mix water ,once she gets a taste of the concentrate she will eat it with out any problems . If she is bit thin a worm injection might not go a miss, or beter, if you can find them where you are ,"Panacur" worm tablets , mix them in the feed , or as some farmers do ,put the tablet in a banana , most cattle have a taste for bananas , I have used them thay work well. Nice to see you useing a scythe I would like one ,but geting it sharp ,I use to sharpen them with an old round carborundum stone ,to some good effect ,as for using an angle grinder ,would have thought the heat would have taken the temper out of the steel, and soon wear the blade down , still good to some one still using one .
  8. Thai Red 12

    What you have they is a 12% concentrate feed , Known as "A-Han-Per-Som ", in Thai , the big white lumps are cassava , they should be some Palm meal ,co-co nut meal , some ground maize ,and a small amount of soya bean meal ,and molasses .On the bag it is written protein not exceding 12% , there is list of ingredients on the bag ,they will be a lot of either , or ,but they will all be they. As for paying 580 baht /sack that is F#%*&..... expensive, I am paying 350 baht for a 14% concentrate , similar to what you have got .around here a 16% dairy pelleted concentrate is not that expensive. Why is the cow not eating it ? because she has never had it before , a new feed ,we rear a few beef cattle and have brought in some beef heifers , that have only been feed on hedge bottom grass , and road verges, we offer them some of our feed , and for 2-3 days they would not eat it ,they come round in the end ,like your cattle will. How much to feed , not knowing what else you are feeding ,I would say feed her about 2-3 kg a day , and if you can find some a bag of minerals ,they would do her some good , feed about , 1 -2 spoons a day , spoon being a Thai "Ginn-Khow" one , mixed with the feed.
  9. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Couple of pictures I took this evening ,just as I got there I heard a squawk, from the combine , driver got out and said I want a 28 mm spanner , belt slipping ,not surprised going through this rubbish ,in the corner of a field , once he got going in to open country ,it went ok ,a look in the truck at tipped the corn ,a lot of rubish in the crop ,combine not set up right ,and going to fast . The important bits, the price was 5,30 baht/kg ,up a bit ,@ 30% moisture , this is the second time I have been told the crop moisture this week ,I think the buyers, are getting fussy ,and getting fed up crop owner saying my crop is ready to harvest ,combines go in travel 100 yard and stop turn round and go home crop far too wet to harvest ,but most buyers now do check a sample for moisture . The owner of this combine is one of the biggest buyers of maize in the area, he has 3 of these JD combines
  10. Scythe

    You will be very lucky to find a scythe in Thailand,ask a Thai why they is not one in Thailand ,he would say to hot, swing a scythe for an hour in the middle of the afternoon, you would know about it ,hot. If you want one it will have to come from abroad might be able to have a shaft made up here, use to use one in the uk many years ago , cutting thistles and stinging nettles in old grass paddocks , and you would have to find sharpening stone ,to sharpen the thing ,a Thai oil stone could do the job . If you whant one ,good luck ,I would say go and buy a grass strimmer ,a Chinese one about 4 000 baht ,alright for a small area ,not to be used too often ,if used a lot buy a Honda .
  11. Land Drains

    This subject come up a while ago ,some one asking about drainage pipes, no replys for a long while then out of the blue some one found some proper flexible french drain , so go in to tv's back posts . When you put in your drain in got to think of the land , if it is silty sand type of land ,you would need a permeable membrane over the pipes ,to stop the holes in the pipe from geting blocked up ,with some gravel back fill . You might find going through the land with a sub soiler ,open the land out will help with drainage . Or if the land is heavy maybe a mole drain would do the job .you you will not find one in Thailand, plenty on the internet , give a local engineering shop some plans they could soon make one for you . Why Thai's do not drain they land offtern thought that myself , seeing fields sat in water for days after some rain ,cost is the main factor ,puting in the pipe ,digging ditches to take the water away ,if you only have a few rie of land not economical .
  12. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Your prophecy seems to have come true, driving down a Soi last evening, come across 2 combines harvesting a crop of maize ,looked like a 25 rie block asked what price they were getting 4.80 baht/kg @ 33% moisture , most early harvesters get a good price ,then the price drops back as the main crops come in . If that price holds it means farmers selling corn still on the cob will be only payed about 3 baht /kg ,we got the last time we grew maize 7 years ago now ,and I thought from my last post 4.80baht/kg was for corn still on the cob , not harvested grain. No one is going to get fat this year ,again .
  13. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Hi wayned As the crow flys we are not so far away and like you the rain has been perfect ( except for us trying to make some grass silage , getting a 24-36 hour wilt on the grass before chopping has been not easy ), like you it should be a bumper crop ,did see a crop this morning that was turning ,could harvest that one in 30 days. Later sown crops could have a problem, we have a habit of having a bit of a drought about August time , in this area, some crops could suffer, but the way things are going this year who knows. Some thing I forgot last night ,last years low prices were partly due to low price imports of corn from Cambodia ,nearly all still on the cob ,if they have had a good growing season , like us ,this year , and more gets imported into Thailand ,that will not do the local corn price a lot of good, that 4.50 baht/kg price , could be a good price . Not seen crops this year so tall for a lot of years ,if some of our local dairy farmers got their act together, and bought a standing crop of maize , from a corn farmer, and made it in to maize silage , what some farmers spend on rice straw in a year, the main sauce of forage for Thai dairy cows ,and a poor quality feed as well , some maize silage would do them a lot of good , would push production up ,and cost wise not a lot in it , but this is Thailand , and things happen slowly /very slowly , and I would say the grower might be pleased to sell his crop as a standing crop , might well get a better price than harvesting his crop.
  14. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Been a bit quite around here of late ,been talking to a farmer to day ,who was sorting out some sacks for harvesting his maize ,he will be harvesting his crop by picking the cobs ,I said "any idea what price you will be geting for your crop",he said "A Toll-Gair",which according to my Thai dictionary means A rich Chinese merchant ,will be paying 4.50 kg for his crop ,which is a bold move ,as most buyers do not announce they price until harvesting starts ,and farmers have not a lot of choice of where to send there crop, and other buyers now have a bench mark to work on . But for the past 2-3 years, farmers harvesting they crop by picking the cobs has dropped by about 50% most now get a combine in to do the job . And pricing could be a different structure. But harvesting will be at least 6 weeks away, and if this weather keeps up a wet one, with some high moisture crops around.
  15. Wife said today thay have opened all the gates on the Passack Dam in Lopburi ,the Passak river flows into the Chao Praya river in Ayutthaya province , a bit down from Ang Tong ,so we now have more water going into the Chao Praya river , which will not do any thing to help Ang Thong,Thai logic anyone .