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  1. At last someone has written the real reason why sugarcane acreage has increased like it has,all to do with the molasses ,a by-product of sugar cane which is then fermented down in to ethanol ,for gasohol ,the more gasohol the less reliant on crude oil imports ,if you can remember 8-9 years ago fule prices rocketed ,so did inflation in LOS ,no government wants that again ,hence promoting the growing of sugar cane and cassava too ,and for a lot of farmers it was a good income, better than rice and maize . But, the land sugar cane is grown on is it suitable, I have read some hair-brained ideas before one was grow more maize, grow it on rice land, rice field are designed to keep water in , maize is a dry land crop, to make a rice field fit for maize a lot of work was needed and it is not cheap . just plant maize it will die of waterlogging And I think that is the problem here ,sugar cane is a dry land crop ,one farmer said after a rainstorm chemicals spread to my neighbours field, where I am we have a lot of sugar cane, even after a heavy storm very few cane field floods,and we have, as I said a good few thousand rie , here they are having problems with just 500 rie , the land is just not suitable for cane ,no one has said what yeids these farmers are getting, compared to other cane farmers, a lot less I would say, yet another hair-brained idea thought up by some politician who does not no one end of a sugar cane plant from the other, and now farmers are paying
  2. kickstart

    Importing Cattle to Thailand, regs?

    About 30 years ago some SahiwalxFreisan, I think they where heifers, where imported in to Thailand vie Malasia, from New Zealand, the Thai DLD, Department of Livestock Development was the main buyer ,and they sold them on to Thai dairy farms, they come over in 3 batches a good few hundred at a time, as the DLD was involved I would have thought paperwork would have been not that difficult (but this was 30 years ago things might have changed since then ) So, look at Google for the DLD, in Bangkok, and contact them for more information, and I hope you can speak Thai, I would suppose no one they can speak English. And, why do you want the hassle of importing live cattle into Thailand for, when you can buy cattle here in country, or it is that it takes longer to breed your own cattle? and what breeds are you thinking of importing? Here in Thailand, you can buy Angus,Charolais, Brangus, Beefmaster, breeds most will be cross breeds with Brahman, Beefmaster will be 100%, and semen is available for all these breeds, some local semen, and some imported mainly from the USA, other beef breeds are available. Some good quality Brahman cattle are available in Thailand, the breeding coming from the USA, they are not cheap, a good quality red Brahman heifer with all the paperwork will be 50 000baht plus.
  3. kickstart

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    A lot has been written about Nappier grass, and this photo, is how not to manage it , this is part of a 20 rie field they use a large chopper to cut it, and as Michal Hare said, more than once, even when chopped up cattle will still have a long job digesting all this hard fiber ,and then they will not get anything out of it ,protein will not more than 4-5 %, at the most ,and this field does not receive a lot of fertilizer, or any manure. Nappier grass should not be more than 45 days old at cutting, to get the best out of it.
  4. kickstart

    Thailand ranked 4th lowest in unemployment

    Interesting article, but as it says they do some counting using by unemployment insurance claims, people are registered and on they system and can be counted. Here in Thailand if you work for a company and pay tax and social security, you can be counted, but our rice farmer who is not registered on the SS for anything, is all most an un-person for SS reasons, how can he be counted, I have met some unemployed Thai's that still pay in to the social security system, so if they fall sick they can get some medical treatment. I would say they would be counted as employed as they pay into the system. Even the article said the figures are not 100 %, and that comes from a country where most people are registered. Sill say figures here in Thailand are cooked, even if it does take 10 paid Thai's to change a light bulb.
  5. kickstart

    Thailand ranked 4th lowest in unemployment

    How do they know who is employed and who is not,factory workers pay in to the social security system they can be checked ,Mr Somchie the rice farmer who probably works for 3 months a year in his rice field, for the rest of the year does this and that to earn a few baht is he employed or unemployed, plus all the other thousands of Somchie's. Our local Poyai - Baan,village head , comes around and does a census every 6 months asking who lives in the house how much land we have what we grow, even how many cats and dogs we have, but never askes who is employed or unemployed. And of course, those 4 lads sitting down at 8.30 am with a bottle of Loa Khow, at the shop at the end of the soi are just in between jobs . for a few days. These figures have been the same for the past 7-8 years, 1.2% unemployed, move the decimal point a bit and that might be nearer the real figure. Thai's love crunching numbers they know how many farangs they are in the country, and where they come from, but they own people they do not know, or the number crunchers do know but are not saying the real figures BS.
  6. A if here.If Geoge Martine had not produced Sargeant Pepper ,what would it have been like ,a good LP .for sure. Lisened and watched to some documentaries on SP ,it was him that made it what it was . IMO.
  7. From a bike shop at Mortlec,in Saraburi province, this shop specialized in big bikes. bikes
  8. If I may add my bit, an old Volvo BM tractor, been here 20 years that I know of, I took this a while ago, now at last been moved and is on show at the front of a house just up the road. Taken near the Passak dam in Pattananikom,Lopburi.
  9. kickstart

    renewing motorbike tax in Pattaya

    The last 3 bikes I have owned I have renewed the tax and the insurance at the shop where I bought the bike, takes a bit longer up to a week, they even send me a text message to my mobile phone to say when it is ready to pick up. For older bikes, over 5 years you will have to go testing station, to have the frame and engine numbers stenciled, to check that they are still the originals and coincide with the log book.
  10. kickstart

    Grass removal w/o 'roundup'.

    The op said he had over 500 truckloads of soil .on the site, that is a lot of soil if it is done the Thai way it would have come from some farmer selling a piece of his land, a 360 back hoe making a very big hole ,point is will a lot of the soil be subsoil ,and a question for the Doctor, say sub soil come from say 10 meters down, about the extent of arm on a 360 backhoe, how fertile will that soil be, and trying to increase fertility, a lot of good organic matter will be needed would the organic matter have to be of animal origin ?. What the op has written it sounds if the soil is very heavy, turns to muck when it rains, that will take a lot of improving. OK, grass grows well, but grass will grow almost anywhere.
  11. kickstart

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    That is the same place, they are up to 1000 cows, they have increased in numbers I suppose that is why they are importing hay (if it is them), finding enough feed in Issan for 1000 cows, plus calves, and heifers, cannot be easy. Malee use to be a big player here in Thailand, in the milk industry, they even built a new factory in Ayutthaya, then they got flooded out in the big floods, then so I was told, they collected the insurance money and closed down. They old factory was in Bangkok shoehorned in between other buildings, down near the port they had a warehouse, full of imported milk powder ,and when I was they once, there was 2 Thai's on top of a mixer emptying 50 kg bags of milk powder in the mixer,as fast as they could for reconstituting it in to milk, at the time all bound for the flavored milk market. But the fresh milk market was they main market.
  12. kickstart

    Grass removal w/o 'roundup'.

    Black plastic sheet is a good idea, but 2 rie or even 1 rie of it is a big area ,it would have to have some form of weight on to keep it down, another wise it will flap in the wind and tear ,you could use old car tyers like we use to on sheeted silage clamps ,but finding enough car tyers ,and what do you do with them once the job is done ,could use soil but soil on them for 4-5 months, and now is the rainy season . As for pulling it out , can not see it , if you have any Yar -Con, Para grass, it thrives in these type of conditions and pulling it will not work we have some and we tried pulling it just comes back. Not an easy solution, I think you will have to bite the bullet, and use glyphosate, then as grollies said plant Yar -Fak afterward.
  13. kickstart

    11 ‘Forbidden’ Careers Opened to Foreigners

    Not only on building sites ,where I am we have a big electronics factory, making mainly computer parts ,I was our local immigration office doing my 90 day ,waiting my turn ,and in walk 4-5 girls in the factory uniform, I thought what are they doing here ,then they spoke ,they where Cambodians, all doing they 90 day report all working legally at the electronic factory,on less wages than the Thai's.of course We also have large pig processing factory, near here all the killing is done by Cambodians, Thai's will not do the job .they do get paid well 16 000baht/ month, but very long hours. If it is a crap job, and employers can get away with pay lower wages, they will employ foreign workers, and rules will be bent.
  14. Do you mean joined-up government has finally landed in Thailand, about time, years behind other country's .
  15. kickstart

    No telescope needed to see Saturn on June 27

    We rear a few cattle and most nights I go and check on them, I am always looking at the stars, but I am in a rural area and we have bad light pollution, cannot remember the last time I could see at the big dipper, sits low in the sky. TDKfella, thanks for the chart as it is in the SE I should be able to see it , no pollution they ,