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  1. Start a mixed farm in Isaan

    Good point ,but your free grass would not be good quality grass ,ie Para Grass ,Yar -Con in Thai good when young,(not a bad feed for cattle ,and you would have to get they first before the locale cattle ), and like some other Thai natural grasses ,but soon as it gets old quality drops stems get tough even when chopped, making it difficult to compost, it will compost, but it will take a long time . The op could grow some Nappier grass not a lot of lands would be needed, but as you said it would need fertilizer, and chopping finely to make compost, Nappier stems being tough.would it be worth it.
  2. Start a mixed farm in Isaan

    Sometimes when I open a bag of our Nappier silage it reminds me of the silage we use to make ,but we had loader and used a forage box ,we feed brewers grains ,but we did not have any tipsy cows, we did once have a pot ale syrup, a by-product of the whiskey industry, we feed brewers grains here, comes from Bier Chang or Leo 82 baht per 40 kg bag but only 28 % dry matter. On a farm before that we made hay lifting hay bales with a pitch fork on to a trailer then unloading them into a barn ,then on another farm we had a tractor a loader to lift the bales made life a lot easyer ,but still had to unload by hand in to a Dutch barn 12 bay barn 1200 bales to a bay ,and then a large stack of straw bales, about 2000 stacked in the yard . Back to the topic .when I had the gardens I use to get the lawn cuttings and make some compost, but it never was good compost I think the heap was not airtight enough, and a lot of the grass was to damp. Where my mother lived the council gave house holders plastic compost bins, ider was to try and cut down on garden waste going into landfill, encouging people to make compost, most were filled with grass cuttings .and a few weeds and some veg waste it was grass in the top and compost out the bottom ,householders were encouged to add an compst maker, some compost made was ok but a lot did not make why I do not know ,only thing I can think of not the right type bactiar /enzines to make good compost . So I think the op is going to have a job on to make some grass compost, try using bin liner type plastic bags if that works to dig a compost pit and cover it well with plastic sheet plus, some old car tires on top like speedo 1968 said, and see what happens.
  3. Start a mixed farm in Isaan

    www.agronext.iastate.edu/.../WhatAreAverageManureNutrientAnalysisV. I take it you have not grown grass in a tropical country, not like your back lawn in your home country, timing has to be right sow /plant during the rainy season, you could grow it now but it will require constant watering ,all right if you have the water, pump sprinkler system, etc and then fertilizer, you will find you will not have the grass compost when you need it , grass not growing . And what grass,?Ruzi, Mulato II, Guinie, good grasses when young, but do not like wet fields ie old rice paddies, Paspalum Atraturm can tolerate waterlogging, but ages quickly soon get course and difficult to compost. And if you think that you can just cut ,chop, compost your nice fresh grass wrong ,the grass will be to wet ,you compost it and will just rot , it will need willing for 18-24 hours, all to do with Dry Matter of the grass when grass is to wet you get anaerobic bacteria that will not make compost ,just rot the grass . As for cattle manure the quality will depend on what the animal eats, Thai beef cattle out grazing heage bottoms their manure will be of poor quality, but dairy cattle on a high plain diet they manure will be of better quality , you will be surprised how much nutrients are left in the dung after the digestion prosses .We rear a few cattle and grow 1 1/2 rie of Nappier grass .last year we made almost 10 of silage, grass was wilted for 30 hours ,so that would be about 13 ton of fresh grass ,we applied less than 2 bags of 46% urea fertilizer or about 200 units ,most grass needs 300 units to grow well ,also we applied a lot of cattal manuar ,we say it was the manuar that made the grass grow. Link at the top is for the Manure Nutrient Analysis for livestok manure's.
  4. Are they really 3 000 monkeys in Lopburi? I have my doubts, that is a lot of monkeys.
  5. Something I forgot, all that green matter the compost will produce heat ,that heat should kill any toxins ,along with the composting prosses .
  6. Go for it , my shredder was made by a local one-man band, and his mate it works well, a bit rough around the edges. A lot has been posted on here about chipper /shredders ,a good few companies in Thailand make them, have a look at TV history ,a shop near me sells them, with a 7hp petrol engine about 25 000 baht. . Sorghum is a good feed for cattle, but young plants contains hydrogen cyanide poisonous if cattle eat a large amount, but when made into silage the toxins will be destroyed, due to the ph dropping in the fermentation prosses, making it safe for cattle to eat. So, as for the toxins in mango leaves,as IA said to get the compost mix right and , with the composting prosses the toxins should be destroyed,
  7. Pla Salid

    Talking to my neighbor again ,he is going to sell some of his fish, and he is looking at selling them about 70 baht /kg ,I would say it will be nearer 60 baht/kg , which is better than 25-30 baht/ kg for Bla -Dok at this time. The way my neighbor rears his fish could not be more natural ,just the fish pond ,no pumps water filters ,in fact only last evening he had a 360 backhoe in to clear out some of the vegetation so he can catch the fish, and still, more work needs doing. I am no expert on fish ,I would say pumps and filters might not be needed,sounds to intensive ,which will lead to problems ,start small get the natural feed/vegetation sorted out, find a regular market to sell the fish, then expand, as for links to English articles, a job for Google ,or as this is Thailand get your misses to have a look at Facebook there will something they .
  8. Briton dies on bus from Bangkok to Phetchabun

    I was on a double-decker Bangkok -Phurue bus last month ,got off about an hour after Saraburi ,and I forgot my jumper ,and was it cool, most on board were raped in blankets ,why they have air con on so high I do not know . Denim Like to see that route done in 4.30 hours it took over 2 hours to get Pattananakom, Lopburi, 15 years ago I use to do the same journey by the old orange crush tamadar buses, very rarely over 2 hours . Back to the topic, my condolences to his family.
  9. Pla Salid

    I am no expert, but my next door neighbor has some in his fish pond, so I had a word with him. He said,they are an easy fish to rear ,no disease problems ,the fish pond needs about 1, 1/2 meters of water, much less and they do not grow to well ,I would say the water gets to hot for them . Feed wise they to eat rotting vegetation, like Pak- Boon, Morning Glory that has been they a while and starting to go off,or you could get vegetable leaves from your local market, and feed them ,another neighbor rears Bla-Jalar-met they like rotting vegetation,and he feeds vegetable leaves from our local market, seen him just tip a bamboo basket of old , well past they sell date leaves, straight in to the fish pond, and watched the fish eat the leaves . Thay will eat fish food ,my neighbour said 400kg of fish thay will eat only 1 kg of fish food ,not a lot more like a suplerment feed . They will breed during the rainy season , not all the year round like Bla-Nin , they seem very prolific one female can produce up to 10 000 eggs, what percent will hatch and grow is a different matter. From birth to growing takes about one year ,at one year old you will have 4-5 fish / 1 kg , which would be the optimal time to sell them ,at 6-7 months old 5-7 fish /1 kg ,I would say to small to sell. As you say a tasty little fish especially when dried ,our local market sells them for 200 baht plus /kg , would be labor intensive to do but could well be worth it, one of the most expensive of the dried fish ,a fish I like no big bones , easy to eat. So that is about it ,if you go for it good luck Pla Salid in Thai ปลาสลิด, lots in Thai Google.
  10. Start a mixed farm in Isaan

    Using a compost of fresh grass ,would be ok , if you can find some fresh grass , you could grow some grass, feed some to some livestock ,and make some in to compost ,but on a limited land grass would take a lot of space , that could be put to better use ,you would have to use a good quality grass seed variety ,or Nappier grass, some Para Grass,Yar Con ,in Thai from the hedge bottom would not do . Grass would have to be chopped, most of the nitrogen would be lost composting prosses, an inoculant would help preserve some nitrogen. Of all of the manures pig, cattle, chicken, chicken manure has the highest nitrogen content ,but it is best kept for a while , fresh chicken manure can be to strong for some plants, cattle manure can be used fresh ,but having seen a lot being bagged up in cattle yards , and depending on the cattle yard they can be a lot of soil mixed in with the manure. A green manure of say sun hemp,or mung beans, both legumes, would do a good job , and I would say would put more nitrogen back in to the soil than a compost.
  11. Flower stalks for florist?

    CLW A look at the internet and it says they are both Pennisetum Purpureum as you said same verity,but in practical terms they are very different. About 12 years ago a Thai friend of mine worked at the DPO at Mortlec ,got given some Elaphant grass ,and he gave me some cuttings ,our land then was light and stony ,free draining it grew well we did not have a lot then 1/2 rie ,we cut and cart it ,and some did flower,it clumped well ,did not grow that tall . Then we moved to our present place and some Elaphant grass came with us ,on our black ex-rice paddy land we planted 1 rie ,this was June time ,the right time for the rains ,that was it, just died to land wet, This. was what I called pre Nappier grass time , about 2 years after this Nappier grass arrived ,not a Packchon verity ,first verity was King Nappier, that lasted about 2-3 years ,grew well ,but it itched the cutters big time ,so that went ,I then got some Nappier Taiwan ,on my land that grew well ,we replanted 4 years ago and no problems and are /will be using it for silage for I hope the next few years . I have written before I got some Nappier Packchon 11, againe from the DPO ,made a very wet silage ,could not get the DM,dry matter ,for us our Nappier Taiwan is a lot better. Near here is an area ,soil is known as Din-Kee_Pet ,very sandy land ,one crop of rice a year ,or cassava , most cassava looks like white carrots ,a dairy farmer had some Elaphant grass , again pre Nappier grass ,did it grow well a lot better than on my land ,he feed and watered it , most was to old as a good feed , some flowerd ,but on this poor land ,someting grew well ,two farms up the road are growing Nappier grass dose not grow as well as the Elaphant grass.
  12. Flower stalks for florist?

    I told management, the wife about Nappier grass flowers, the first thing she said you could use them , but will they itch you if they rub against any skin ,if so thay will not be used . Thai thinking. But I still have my doubts if thay will be used ,this being Thailand, not-what- we -are -use -to, ect . Now for the thousand baht question ,how did you get your Nappier grass to flower ,we have a lot around here ,only ever seen 1-2 plants in flower ,are you sure it is not Elephant grass , similar to Nappier , that will flower if it gets to old ,and then not a lot of use as a cattle feed .
  13. Rice harvester

    FJ Those big Hino engined combines ,I take it they are drum models ?thay are a few around here and do not seem to have many problems .made locally easy to repair I would say the biggest problems are setting up the machine ,fan speed, concave,,and most drivers, drive to fast, grain goes out the back . arb attchment may not know buy the time a combine arrives in Thailand it will be 15-20 years old ,one we have around here is a Class Dominator ,I can remember those in the uk from the mid 80's, one here come here vie Taiwan 3ed /4th hand? ,and it still cost something like 2 million baht plus ,so you could almost expect problems ,and Thais a dab hand at keeping these things going. Ps, did not know Kubota where axial flow .
  14. What Thai tv have been saying all afternoon is that the teacher will get 3 years. Now ,has he been to court, judge and jury hear both sides, jury adjourns to make they decision, judge passes sentence ,or is the 3 years just press speculation, that has been said about 50 times this afternoon, if/when it comes to court. This has been going on for months ,is this going to be the first time in Thai history , a Thai police officer has done something legally .
  15. So you are Dutch, and Duch dairy farmers, are some of the best in the EU , but what percent of total EU income gets paid to farmers in the form of CAP ,the Common Agriculture Policy ,now known as the single farm payment. Last figures I could find from 2013 39% of EU budget went on CAP, back in 1984 it was 71% of EU budget. So sometimes you were living in Holland your farmers where receiving handouts just like our Thai farmers. KhunBENQ Sugarcane price is on the up Thai friend is getting 900 baht plus a ton, that is if the sugar content is good, and why is they so much sugar cane, the bi-product is molasses ,and now most of that is fermented to make alcohol, which goes on to make gasohol for all our cars and bikes ,we all what cheap fule so we have to put up with the moonscape Farmers get paid less money per ton for sending burnt cane to the mill ,it is normally burnt as it makes it easier to cut, and the cutters get paid per bundle of cane cut, so the cutters make more money, cutters are getting difficult to find ,and if the growers can make they life easy, and keep them, they will .