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  1. Littal girl runs in to the kitchen ,and says "Mummey do girls come apart "?. Mummey loks at at young daughter and says "no dear what a silly question , why ask it" "I just heard daddy say to Mr Smith next door that he has screwed the ass off there au pair girl".
  2. The boot is on the other foot now ,we have watched "Thai Fight" on Thai tv ,Thai kick boxing ,Thai boxers against foreigners, a lot from Europe ,some from Asia most are one sided, the Thai hardly ever loses. As has been said the promoter was at fault makes Thai boxers look good , no one makes any comments then .
  3. Finding fresh milk is the easy part, finding a regular market for the product, is another thing. The market would be 90% farang ,Thais are not in to cream ,m arkets would be Bangkok, C .Mai , Pattaya ect findind shops to sell the products , a gain on a regular basis. Guy near me a Thai is selling goats milk cheese ,h e s mainly to farang markets , does ok logistics are a problem ,got riped off by useing trains to send his cheese BKK- CM, some one at CM forgot to pick up the cheese , a lot got spoiled, just one example . I would make sure for certain they is market first before investing anything
  4. Definition of luxury fur lined condom with a zip. Definition of agony, mouse sliding down a razor blade, and using his balls as brakes
  5. Not certain if I have to eat my words ,been talking to wife's daughter ,who is a rice farmer, last year she had to wait 3 weeks to get there rice harvested , her and my misses said they is not enough rice combines around ,never one when you need one syndrome,or is it a Thai organization ,phone the contractor up today ,saying I want you here tomorrow, do not seem to know how about next week ,they did say some farmers will up the rate to say 7-800 baht rie to get there rice harvested quickly leaving the poorer farmers at the end of the Que The wife said a lot of combines are owned by the grain buyer , who will have his own truck, and take the crop straight to the rice mill , but a lot of combines are just owner /drivers ,as FJ said you could be sat around for a long time waiting for a truck to arrive, to haul the crop , and after 3-4 phone calls he has still not arrived , again dead time , trucks are just a 6 wheel truck , plenty of second hands ones around . As i said come over here and have a good look around first
  6. I live in a mixed farming area, with a fair bit of rice grown , some areas can get 2 crops year , but some land , especially the light very sandy land can only get one crop a year. Over the past 5-6 years the harvesting job has now gone almost 100% mechanical, using rice harvesters, so the number of rice harvesters in the area has grown 2-3 fold , a lot the big Hino engined machines , like the one you wrote about ,a lot are Kubota smaller and a bit cheaper. The thing with Thailand is one person does something, next thing you know every man and they dog are doing it ,no such thing as checking out the market first ,to see if they is a market, they just go and do it and think afterwards. In our area I would say the market is full up with rice combines, and with the drought last year anyone , ie most combine owners who brought they combine on hp would not make a lot , who know what the future holds. Around here the price is 600 baht to combine /rie , as a lot of farms would be in the 15- 25 rie bracket they would be a lot of moving about, dead time .to make any money This is our area, Pit-lock where you are going , being a big rice area ,I would say it would be the same ?, I could be wrong, I would come over in rice harvesting time for 2 weeks ,have a good look at everything, then make up your mind .
  7. Wife's son in law caught big time .drunk on a motorbike, no crash helmet, jumping a set of red lights, and no driving license, He got a 4000 baht on the spot fine ,with the help of the other son in law , who has been one of these guys who sits in a tent reading a newspaper all day , and a part time special constable? one of these guys who , directs traffic at funerals ect , fawn suit ,big black boots , he "helped them out", hence the small fine ,but ,from what I can gather ,as they where finishing off, one of the BIB ,said another 500 baht ,which according to the family, went towards some whiskey ...........welcomb to Thailand .
  8. Or. I went to my tv repair man's wedding, brilliant reception.
  9. Like a of things to do with the RTP. In the front door , out through the back door , vie some high ranking officer . It will help pay for one of his work colleges son/daughters wedding , and may be a new Merk .
  10. The middle of nowhere two county lads are haveing they supper, they is a knock on they kitchen door , in walks a town girl , all dressed up, and in a bit of a state " my car has broken down , at the end of your lane , can not get it fixed until the morning ,and I have nowhere to sleep ",one of the country lads says ," you can sleep here, but we only have one bed , and you will have to sleep with us ". The town girl says "I do not mind . So they all go to bed , the girl sleeping in the middle, in the middle of the night she says to one of the country lads, " do you want a bit of fun , and put this on ,we do want any accidents " the country lad puts it on , then rolls over and goes back to sleep, half an hour later , the girl says to the other lad ," do you want a bit of fun , put this on ,we do want any accidents ", the country lad puts it on then rolls over and goes back to sleep . Following morning the country lads are up early, out tendering to the fields, the town girl gets her car fixed, and is on her way . Two days latter the country lads are saying ," you remember that girl that stayed the other day " the other lad says "yes ", well that thing she asked me to put on ,"yes", said the other country lad ,"well I wish I could take it off,I am dieing for a pee".
  11. This old boy will be haveing a glass or two of whiskey this evening, he drilled this corn last sunday ,with the wind and sun this week , I would say it was getting a bit stressed, no rain , this afternoon we had 9 mm of rain , that will help it on its way .
  12. Ask your local Kubota dealer , the problem with low hp tractors the hydrolic pump is not always man enough to work a loader ,the pump has to work 2 rams , .the weight of the loader plus what ever you have in the loader bucket. Have seen loaders for 55 hp tractors , or even the 36 hp tractors are common, and work well. AS for an under belly mower I do not think you will find one in Thailand try finding a Kubota catalog with one in and show your local dealer, he might be able to import one for you , odds are he will have never seen one before , or import one your self . If it you need a mower for just cutting grass around the farm etc ,a Thai made grass topper would do the job, fits on the 3 point linkage, about a 4 foot cut topper would cost about 18-20 000 baht.
  13. We have a large buyer of maize near here , they also sell seed and fertilizer ect , plus rice sacks they are sold for 10 baht each . Should be a shop near you selling the same .
  14. Pac-Tee-Ung. mid day brake , cleaning the drill land wheel .after about 13 mm of rain over the past week this guy has dicided to drill his maize crop , land being black has held on to the water , and is still a bit on the wet side . Both these drills are fairly new ,why they did not buy disc culters drills, these old strait bar culters are passed they use now , can not be that more expensive ,or another case of things change slowly in LOS. I would have said to early to drill maize , will end up as a crop to be sold , or as cattle feed when it gets 3 foot tall and starts to die back , due to lack of water , test of time will tell. The verity was Syngenta s6248
  15. All I can say is Google dairy co-ops NE Thailand , see if they is one near you the Thai /Denmark milk company, aka DPO, they have milk centers in Issan, along with other milk company's ,you can find some farms from there . If you find a farm you should be able to get a regular supply, should be no need to order it ,but, but, Thai dairy farms have no on-farm cooling facilities, milk is picked up from farms straight after milking , twice a day , and taken to the co-op/center for cooling and storage, for you get to the farm 4.00pm ? after afternoon milking (or 7.00am), or arrange for them to store the milk for you . The price of farm gate milk is about 18 baht /kg , depending on milk quality .