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  1. kickstart

    Hip Replacement Recommendation Pls?

    I know the op said Bangkok, but I have had now had both hips replaced at Mitraparp Memorial Hospital, Saraburi, it is only 1 1/2 hours from Bangkok. I had the Anterior Approach, the surgeon did some of his training in New York, speaks English, each one was 260 000 baht, the replacement hip parts were 130 000 baht, coming from America I lead an active life and had a ceramic femur, which was 20 000 baht more than a standard. No problems since the op, on the minus side they do not take any Insurance, they did not take my Heath Care International card, but may take other companies, only AIA, and the food sucks, but I was only they for the first time 4 days, second one 3 days, and had no appetite.
  2. kickstart

    £ = 41.55 Superrich!

    No, I have not had a drink in a week now, the Uk is not up the creek, my flat is now worth more than since the 2008 crash, I am getting more rent than ever before, two good indicators and we are talking about Northhampton, not London. It is the old saying bad news sells copy, do not believe all the scaremongers, if we do leave we will bounce back, for sure As has been said wait until tomorrow night for the vote, I think we already know which way it will go, I have a mate near me he relies on his pension from Oz and Canada, we are not on our own. Just wait for LOS to go pear-shaped
  3. kickstart

    £ = 41.55 Superrich!

    Our Savior could be the Thai government ,the way they are speeding money another 5.5 Billon baht on this 500 baht for the poor people scheme, subbing the rice farmers (Wifes daughter and son in law are rice farmers and got 38 000 baht in Gov hand out last month ) high-speed trains ,BTS in Bangkok,even the road in front of my house is now a nice tarmac one. All this spending cannot go on, is it the country's reserves they are spending, will history repeat itself? another 1997? 81 baht/GBP at Dong Mueang airport, dream on
  4. kickstart

    more bike porn

    A reverse head Triumph apparently no need to swap the cams over just change the timing, use to burn out exhaust valves, Gussi would know, use to be done on drag bikes,a ram air effect, Have seen one a weird looking thing
  5. kickstart

    more bike porn

    Another one that never made it, the Triumph Bandit /BSA Fury, DOHC 350cc. Who had the brainwave of putting the kickstart on the left-hand side, like the MZ 250? Quote Bike magazine MZ 250 test, I got on the bike, then had to get off the bike to start it, so use to a left-hand side kickstart. Another one for Guzzi ,in the last days of Triumph Doud Hele designed, built a prototype? modular bike?, the idea was a 250cc single pot engine,(I think it was a 250) that could be made into a 500cc and a 750cc by linking them together, idea was to keep costs down by using one modular, maybe not one of his better ideas, cannot find anything on the web about it. justgrazing , A look at Wilkie the Triumph Quadrant was basically a Trident engine with another cylinder welded on and machined, but with the drivetrain etc it made a lopsided engine, must admit it is a nice looking bike, would be even nicer with a fishtail exhaust.
  6. Local police breakdown truck ,the truck looks ex WD
  7. kickstart

    The official Maize and Rotational Crops thread 2019

    Following on from sowing his rice crop ,to harvesting ,not the best of crops , a fair bit of grass weed yield not that good , but you could say it is almost organic ,no sprays have been used and on this piece so the wife said, no fertilizer has been applied ,it has been a dry year and he had to pump water in ,his way is one of those water augers taking water from the local river and it just flows in to his rice field 300 meters ,it was cut by hand over the past 2 days . So I have been told it is Hom Marlie, his thrashing method is, put the crop on to some shade cloth and run over it with the tractor it works. He uses to get the mobile trashier in, then one year got a combine in, he was so horrified at the losses with the combine he now uses his tractor. I would say with his low inputs he would make as much money as someone growing rice the conventionally way, ie lot of sprays and fertilizer etc
  8. When I think back 10 years when you had to go down to Bangkok to renew your visa, that uses to write a whole day off , and it would not be the first had to go back the following day because they wanted some document they did not need the year before, another wasted day and then another day off work, and I am only 150 km from Bangkok ,90 day was done by post you prayed and hoped the post office did not lose your form . Now it is a 45-minute drive in and out in 15 minutes, this is Lopburi office. I think they have come along way and have improved the service, OK maybe CM.P Pattaya and some other big offices have problems, overall they have improved.
  9. kickstart

    more bike porn

    A 1939 500cc Rudge Ulster ,with a bronze cylinder head .
  10. And so I have read he has never met the Queen, which the leader of her majesty opposition does. If he was PM he would have to meet the Queen, no getting away from it. And if he was PM, would the last person leaving the country please turn the lights out.
  11. kickstart

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    Canada, I am in Pattananikom, about 40 km from Lopburi, near the Passak dam .The dam was built about 15 years ago, to help prevent flooding in Ayuthaya by holding back water in the Passak river and, in the end Bkk ,say no more. Also provides water for irrigation to local farmers. When full at end of the year it is about 25 km long, now it is about 20-30% full, local farmers are are ploughing the flat bits at the edge's and growing a very catch crop of maize, should have no problems before the rains come? the land is free ,so not a great lot of inputs,and prevent local cattle eating it. Anyway, since they have built the dam some say, TW included rain fall has decreaced in the area, any coincidence's,? I will pass on that. Yours Regs KS
  12. kickstart

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    You lucky ...... since I last wrote, 1st May we have had no rain of any use, but as I write it is raining, a nice steady rain, just walked across a field,soil is just sticking to my boot's wiil do a lot of good but there are hard lumps bigger than a cricket ball they have got to come down before I can sow some grass seed, will go over with the duch harrow yet againe in about 2 days should knock it down in to a passable seed bed. could do with a a Cambrige/ ring roller.looking at last years diray Napier grass sown growing well, made some silage, this year Naipier grass no where near planting ,veay littal silage, a good month late on last year Talkig to a guy to- day ploughed in a crop of maize,12 Ria no rain, sugar cain near here is all but history in it'3ed year should be profit year no way. Cassava is being re-planted on light land dryed out. But 15 kg from here crop of maize up to my waist on light land to, cassava looks well to, rain for most days, like I said befor,1 man's rain. Thai TV just said Lopburi 60% rain for tomorrow, here we should be so lucky. The missis just said why it raied to day, 2 days ago I brought some bla Nin to-day she dryed some of them ,first she has done in a long time,just got them done before it rained All the beet KS
  13. kickstart

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    You whant to try red ant egg's, or sell them 300-400 bart kg, Neem trees,Don Sadoo, are a good place so I have been told to fimd them
  14. kickstart

    How Is The Dry Season Looking?

    Since I last wrote 8-4-56,we have 2 lots of rain one did a bit of good ,the other keept the dust down for 2 hours thats it,look at the TMD weather every day it says ,20-30 percent all the time for Lopburi, but not for us ,10 km away it has rained a lot it is like a NZ freind says 'it's a one man's rain' and that is true 5 years ago we lost 40 Rie of maize no rain at ,10-15 km away from us it rained, but not for us. As soon as it rained out come the seed drills to drill maize, trying to get in first to get te best price,then no rain for 2 weeks ,plough then re drill. some every year One guy near here is irrigating his maize, something I have never seen, he must think it is cost effective, he could be right as thay will not be a lot of maize as all the land is down to suger caine and cassavar, price should be good. I got the new water pump in and running, still no rain but the sweet corn in the garden we have been watering, is rather nice, when it is done we make maize silage with the rest of the plants, hope the cattle eat it before the rats. like to water the Napier grass but not enough water in the fish pond, weather we sell the fish in the pond, or the guy at the end of our Soi catches them, in the floods like we had 2 years ago watch this space, drought to floods in 4 months? Tomorrow morning will light the charcoal pi,t that should? make it rain,but as long as this southly wind blows no rain. Yours Reg KS