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  1. Hi JB Not so many buffalo nowadays , end up as Look-Chin, meat balls ,the price of buffalos has gone up over the past few years ,so farmers keep them as a investment ,never a lot of input with them ,just keep them ticking over ,and you might even get a calf now and then , some where at home I have a photo of some one ploughing with some buffalos ,up in Issan ,but that was a lot of years ago . Wifes son in law sold about 12 buffalos last year ,cows , bulls. yearlings got about 140 000 baht ,some of the money he used to buy a Kwie -Lec , the 2 wheeled walk behind tractor.for his rice fields
  2. Here in Thailand you can buy pineapple silage ,as has been said made from the waste from the canning factorys , it is sold as Look-Dow in Thai ,dice, in Enlish small square blocks wrapped in plastic about 25 kg ,some company's mix maize cobs , bulk it out a bit .one Look -Dow was about 50 baht. Problem is the DM ,dry matter,pineapple silage is a wet feed , about 25% pineapple and 75% water , with the high sugar content ,a high enagey feed ,but low in protein , Some years ago I visited a dairy co-op I Prachuap province ,they grow a lot of pineapples ,and feed the small one .ane ones that do not make the grade, to the dairy cattle , cattle did well on them.
  3. Looking at those photos , nice looking cattle ,and well fed the breeds are mixed ,a Brahman cross , some Thai Native , and some Indo ,blood in there , but now days finding beef cattle without any Indo blood not easy . Thay are certainly well fed ,I think I would agree with you not a lot of profit to be made after feed cost taken out , I would say she would be like a of Thai's rearing cattle,buys in everything,concentrate, rice straw,minrales ,ect .and dose not produce anything herself , ie going out and cuting grass?, or growing any grass ( unless I am wrong ) . As I said find another buyer , or two and compare prices ,as for auction ,it dose not work like it dose in our countries ,look on this page of TV some one asked about selling buffalos the auction comes up ,same thing applys to cattle .
  4. We rear a few beef cattle ,and we are looking to sell a few , and knowing the markets , today talking to a cattle dealer ,they has not been that much movement in cattle prices ,the price will be going down ,when we do not know . Breed of cattle has an influence on the price ,any thing with Charolais,or Angus blood in will hold they price ,but problem with Thailand is these cattle with the long ears ,all Indo-Brazil crosses ,you can not get them fat ,they will grow up ,but not out ,crossed with a Thai native/Brahman ,you can get something half decent. Thai way of buying cattle is on a per kg ,basis ,now the price is about 130-135 kg ,that would be for something half decent ,that price would be worked on ,say a 400 kg beast 130x400=52 000 Baht, then thay woul take off 50%,,for hide , head ,bone ect ,giveing you a price of about 26 000 baht , these thin things you see grazing road sides ,some will only make 85-90 baht/kg . So, without looking at you cattle a job to say ,if for this batch she brought some long eared things ,and not more of a cross breed ,problem could be they ,or has she been cutting back on feed ,cattle just not growing like before ,for me feed prices have not gone up much over the past year . But the first thing I would do is to find another buyer and compair prices ,has she got set in her ways ,and been using the same buyer all the time. Post a photo or two and we can see what we are talking about .
  5. Our corn in the garden , about 50% is now an ex crop ,just to much rain ,the icing on the cake was another 61 mm last night . We cut some grass for silage yesterday , now sat in water ,when we can chop it ,I do not know ,with more rain forecast. That photo of yours, could well be around here , crops well forward for time of year , son in law a rice farmer near here ,has sown his crop, 10 days ago before he was pumping water in to the rice field , to work the land ,2-3 days ago pumping it out ,to much water for the new seeds ,joys of farming ,again .
  6. Just asked the misses she said,as I thought , Tamboon- Kob-Lob, a merit-making ceremony on the anniversary of the departed, never heard of a name for this type of ceremony . I have been to a few over the years, and I would say most are more custom and tradition, more than a religious ceremony but some would say they are some religious meanings, whether it is our local custom ,I do not know ,but it was the thing to do during the Songkran festival, taking the bone of the departed to the temple ,my misses will still make a dish of food ,that her dad use to like ,a green banana curry ,with eel, if she can get some eel's, more often than not with chicken, during the Songkran festival . I went to one near me some years ago ,it was a 100 day Tamboon , evening do, coming with the set 5-6 dishes of food .and dancers on a stage,they were, I think 6 coming back on stage , wearing less than before , they got down to they underwear, I thought that's it .then they come on stage ,in they birthday suits , no one seemed to mind, not much of a religious meaning there.
  7. I would have thought a radiator core , is a radiator core , if the dimensions are the same ,it would do the job ,or am I wrong, ie flow rates? My little Hino is 4 wheel drive , one day the frount wheel just locked ,took it all apart , a bearing had collapsed, that was no problem , but ,what was a problem ,was the small splined shaft on the 4 wheel drive UJ, that got well chewed up ,took it all my local shop ,he looked at it and me and said ,"you will be lucky mate ,none of those about".so he looked at the splin ,and come then back with a nice new spline ,then I took it to my local guy with a lathe,he choped the old splin off and welded the new one on ,this was 6 years ago ,still working ok ,and he put in new needle rollers in UJ ,see if it could work for you .and your rotavator . Around here our 2 tractor dealers , have a big heap of rotavators in there yard , a lot come over here on the back of tractors ,and get taken off and left in a heap in the yard ,you might find second hand splined shaft there. Last week the ignition switch went ,again local guy said finding one like looking for hen's teeth ,so got a second hand one , 350 baht, then trying to shift cross head screws that have been they for 40 years ,on the tractor dash , glad of my equally as old impact driver . Thai's a very adapt at keeping things moving.
  8. Hi FJ We had 12 ,well almost 13 inches of rain in May , so far this month 3 1/2 inches , that 1/2 inch fell on me this evenings coming home on the bike, we are trying to make Nappier grass silage , trying to get a 24-36 hour wilt before chopping not easy ,some of the grass has gone down with the rain , making it a pig of a job to cut , we have some very wet bags of silage. Maize crops are looking well ,a lot of crops are in flower ,some crops have ears of corn, some large ones , can not remember when I have seen maize crops so forward as this year ,what the price will be ,who knows , never seem to know the price of a crop here in LOS untill you start and harvest the crop. Guy near me is our soldering guy ,had a hairline crack in a motorbike petrol tank ,he charged me 50 baht to solder it up , had the bottom outlet pipe rust out on the tractor radiator again ,only charged me 120 bart put on new pipe ,did you think of puting in a new core, in your rad ,end of problems .
  9. I am surprised that she is not limping bad right now, she has certainly shot herself in the foot ,made a compleat pig's ear of the whole job. Listening to Radio 4 this morning,thay were saying that the 1922 back bench committee will meet next week, they are the committee .that sits to elect the leader of the party, they could be busy As for the pound and the BREXIT what can one say, this pact with the DUP , well , let the dust settle first , this time next week we will know more .
  10. If you played the "other Lottery", 574 ,100x100, a200 Baht stake ,you could win 60 000 baht
  11. Last year when back in the UK I wanted to rent a car ,but yet again the vain of my life now when I go back to the UK , haveing to provid evidence that the address on my Uk driving licence is my own flat . My flat is rented out all the time ,so no evidence of ownership ,ie utility bills ,bank statements,ect . So like Nan Laew I used my Thai driving licence , no problem,thay just put me down as a tourist, this was with Euro Car .
  12. gazza4 Wrong, milk you buy in the supermarket or 7-11 ,is 100% fresh milk ,a lot of the flavoured milks you buy ,a lot of those are make from powdered milk , imported from Australia. If you look at the photo with this article it shows a red cow and calf ,that is the logo of the Thai -Denmark milk group , the only milk company in Thailand that uses only 100% fresh milk . Their other arm is the DPO ,the Dairy promotional Organization of Thailand , who was doing some of the promotion ,along with the Min of Agg As for getting kids to drink 25 lt of milk a year , tall order will not happen , kids like the fizzy stuff more ,without working it all out ,can the Thai dairy industry actually provide that much fresh milk .
  13. CLW is corect ,Centrosema and Stylosanthes are legumes ,Google them to see if thay will do , you should be able to get seed from your local DLD office , Department of Livestock development . กรมปษุสัตว์ .There are offices in all Thai provinces , the main one is ปษุสัตว์ จังหวัด, in your maine town ,but a lot of Aumpers will have an office. The odds of they being any clover in the lawn are remote ,clover is a temperate climate crop ,one Thai hot season .or a wet rainey season it will die for sure The flower you have is ดอกดาวกระจาย in Thai , or Sulfur Cosmos ,or Yellow Cosmos . With thanks to her who knows most things that grow, my misses .
  14. Looking at my veterinary dictionary fascioides gigantica is the main parasite of cattle and sheep in the tropics and in wild animals that will cause liver fluke , comeing from the snail. This genus is more pathogenic than some of the liver fluke genus found in our cooler climates , so it would have the potential to cause more problems, than in a cooler climate.