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  1. I have brought 3 motorbikes now, all paid for in cash, all the dealer was interested in was my passport and visa, I gave them the yellow book but she just gave it a passing glance, all the bike registration books are in my name .no problems. One day Thailand will have a joined-up government, and everything will be done the same way, but not in my lifetime, for certain.
  2. I was lucky ,we went to our local Amphur and asked for a yellow book ,first thing the officer did was to get out a large book ,he went through it and read a page for 5 minutes ,and then as colinneil said asked for my passport, mothers and fathers name and occupation, wife's id card and her blue book job done in 40 minutes plus 50 baht .a friend of mine at a different Amphur was the same, job, done in 40 minutes 50baht. Now, I am certain the book he looked in was to find out how a farang applies for a Tabian Bann, all he the wanted was the above, If it was in the book, that must have come from Bangkok it must be the correct way of doing the job. All the other member's hassle must be just the chief being an A-hole.
  3. kickstart

    Funny sign in Thailand

    A sign I have seen often on the main road near me. Noo Na Tair . Or, For sale genuine rice field rats. Just the sign yesterday, no one selling, normally they sell for 250 baht/kg.
  4. kickstart

    PM Prayut satisfied with farm debt solutions

    It is also a 2 edged sword, how many farmers do you know that have a new pick ,that they probably do not need, and are building, or have built a house, too big for them, all on the knock, sending kids to university for 4 years, so when they come home they will be just working on the farm . But, it would help the farmers if the crop they sell was a more realistic price. Farmers are now harvesting they maize crop, around here they are selling the crop for 5.50 baht/ kg, which does not leave a much of a profit margin if any, it will be the middlemen again that will make the money when they sell they crop on. Cassava was the same last year a low price, and do not ask about rubber prices , or Blar-Dok, Catfish. Farmers just nee,d a good price for they crops, not subsidies ,but with the likes of CPF and Betagrow, big agriculture companies, dominating the markets, they are all right buying cheap commodities, and are quite happy to let the government/taxpayer subsidise the farmers, and they are probably in cohorts with the higher arckey of government.
  5. kickstart

    Thailand 1997 All Over Again?

    You can not compare Turkey to Thailand in 1997. Thailand was not holding a USA Pastor against his will, Thailand did not have the PKK on they borders, fighting for autonomy, but a designated terrorist group, by the USA, but supported by the USA, and Thailand did not the Syrian war on its borders. And Thailand is not a NATO member, and history has shown that Tukey has been a big player in NATO over the years. All this has been a large factor in the downfall of the Turkish Lira. Not just a financial problem. And Trump was not in the White House.
  6. kickstart

    Worst Joke Ever

    I am a dyslexic atheist,insomniac. I stay up all night wondering if there really is a dog. Old Macdonald was dyslexic. E,I,O,L,E 2 dyslexics robbers run in to a bank and shout "Air in the hand's mother stickers this is a [email protected]&k up ". I have Dis Disleck Dyslek . I cnat spell Dyslexia vicar,who thought the Battersea dogs home was a retirement home for clergymen.
  7. kickstart

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-45123925 And I thought we had problems, the drought in Australia affecting dairy farmers.
  8. I live in Lopburi province, with the Passak dam, now they have opened all the gates on the dam, not a lot but it is draining the Passak dam. now, the river Passak flows in the Choa Parya river at Ayuthaya, the dam gates have been open for a week, so now water leaves in Ayuthaya must have gone up now not a problem, but as has been said the rainy season has another 3 months to go I suppose the idea is get rid of water from the Passak dam before the main rains come at the end of this month? and by the end of the rainy season, the dam should be full. This is the first time the dam gates have been opened in August, they must be afraid of floods in the near future. One of the aims of the Passak dam was to help prevent flooding in Ayuthaya, which still floods every year.
  9. kickstart

    Maize and Rotational Crops

    Driving past this field near me this guy was direct drill his next crop of maize, not something I have not seen very often around here ,and some other farmers are doing the same thing ,as he was drilling I was speaking to to his wife ,she said this year we have had very little rain, if he ploughed the field he would have to wait for some rain before they could dill the maize seeds . They reckon that they is enough soil moisture to direct drill, another guy near here he went over his last crop stubble with a 7 disc plough before drilling, I would say just to knock down the tall maize plant storkes, making drilling a bit easier. This guys drill is an old one, no disc coulters at the front, just steel plate in a V-shaped . to make the rows, it seems to work well. And this evening we have had about 10mm of rain, so a few happy farmers about this evening,
  10. As I was taking the photo of the Consul, a guy about 35 appeared he, looked surprised at me taking the photo, anyway he said the car was his dads he died some years ago, they business is a recycling center, he said the car had not been used a good few years before he died .
  11. See post#25. I have won the last 2 numbers on a lottery ticket a few times, 2000 baht, I go back to the ticket seller they take the 20 baht in Tax.off my winnings. If you do not want to pay tax or anything on your lottery tickets winnings, play the other lottery, the underground one. Pick 3 numbers to place a 1000 baht stake, you could win 600 000. baht, ask the shop at the end of your Soi for details.
  12. The tax is 1 %, so he would have had to pay 6000 baht in tax if he went down the Nonterburi lottery office. Take buggeration factor into consideration Pit- lock, Bangkok and back etc, 9000 baht commission to do it locally not such a bad deal
  13. kickstart

    Govt investigating report of missing rice

    This rice scheme must have been 5-6 years ago now ,rice does not keep forever ,I can remember people saying some will have to go for animals feed ,weevils will get in and eat a lot not saying weevils have eaten 7-800 000 ton of rice ,I can remember, a few years ago on Thai tv a large warehouse of rice where weevils had eaten they way in, a lot of the rice was not even fit for animal feed . Or some high ranking politician said this rice is infected sell it as livestock feed, when at the end of the road it turned left to a rice market, and not right to a feed mill. I hope when it is auctioned, it will go abroad,I do not like the idea of eating 5-year-old rice.
  14. I take it you are in a city, Bangkok, I live in a rule area with a fair bit of industry, for the area, food factories steel mill, large mill producing livestock feed. About the only people earning 60k a month will be the manager of the various factories, the workers will be on 300 baht day plus overtime take home max 15-16 k month, they get by , live with the family etc .ok middle management will be on 25-30k month. Your company will be in the top 10-15 % of top wage earners, what are you in financial/banking? the other 80% have to live in the real world.
  15. What no one has picked up on was the bit about food prices going up ,a friend of mine e-mailed this week ,he is in agriculture ,dairy farming, he said dairy cattle are eating next winters feed, no grass for them to eat now, grain prices are at a very high price, so more is going to have to be imported , even straw prices are high , I suppose most people are thinking that is just the press scaremongering, in 1976 it happened, could happen again, with Brexit next year, and an increase in food prices, I think LOS could be a better place to be.I use to be in dairy farming when I was in the UK, so I do know what my friend is saying.