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  1. I think it's obvious which group should be running the country. The Rap group. All that song and dance. Surely they couldn't then turn to be corrupt.
  2. Baby steps first. Paint road lines and keep painting them.
  3. stud858

    Electric bills set to increase from January 

    Me too. Put the leds in. But the killer for me is the air con. I'm trying to hypnotize myself to not be affected by heat. Stopping big meals and reducing digestion helps me to stay cooler. While and after fasting I'm at my coolest. So there you have it. To save on power bills stop eating.
  4. I paid 10000 baht to fix my old 96 nexia engine.after an over heat. Which included a head leveling. Is that the going rate for similar work. To Weld a crack in radiator. I guess 1000. The can of worms has been opened.
  5. How much was the total cost to level the head and repair rad?
  6. stud858

    Electric bills set to increase from January 

    There is only one way if you are in your own house. Go Solar!! And I'd like to take credit for coining the term, "Cookin' with solar" as compared to the more expensive way, Cookin with gas.
  7. I don't think there are any ideal options. There's David Suzuki. I like his attitude to governance , but he's Canadian and let's face it, which sane person would like to take on such a job. Trump is one of the more "grab em by the balls attitude" money/power hungry people and I prefer him to the other sneaks.
  8. Imagine, though, if everyone did care, what a wonderful place it would be. That's assuming if the high reasoning moral type outnumber the incognito nut cases. The conclusion to all the descriptions from here surely is if you want to be safe of not being hassled, go every time you are away from your bed for 24hrs. Why? Because the verbal rule and it's enforcement and fines for this particular situation changes officer by officer, day by day, and place by place
  9. Does the written law suggest IO officers are not doing the right thing? I thought the law had no reprieve for retirees yet they are allowed to not bother reporting. Another reason politicians who pass laws are not needed. Let's just let whoever make whatever rules they want.
  10. How is the road linework in Bangkok? I haven't been there for years. Pattaya needs more road lines for faster and safer flow of traffic not tunnels. Baby steps first. Later, tunnels.
  11. The thing is different officers have told me different things over the last couple of years. You are right in going to check. I go and report even if I've dreamt I was away more then 24 hrs.
  12. stud858

    Dept. Land Transp. Frustrations

    I guess that's the biggest risk of all. i can only think of two reasons. Too risky for insurance companies with so many bikes tipping over and maybe in the past, too many dodgy claims. I've never asked to insure one, but am interested to know.
  13. stud858

    Dept. Land Transp. Frustrations

    I can vaguely remember someone telling me motorbikes cant be insured for damage at all. Only cars. Is that right?
  14. stud858

    Dept. Land Transp. Frustrations

    I think it's personal injury insurance. Not for vehicles.
  15. stud858

    Dept. Land Transp. Frustrations

    Sure, if you got an expensive bike that would be a big risk. Otherwise if you scoot around on nothing more than a cheapy mower engine bike then you would just throw it and buy another. A smaller risk.