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  1. stud858

    Termite Beasts - Will This Work?

    I've used it and 2nd that. No noticeable smell. But do a whole lot of dead termites smell?
  2. stud858

    TCL TVs any good?

    Are any coming with PVR nowadays? None had tv recording when I was looking. Had to add on box.
  3. stud858

    Hazy days in Pattaya

    I was told the real deal. I thought it quite odd. Worrying about air quality yet the streets littered and sewerage problems left unchecked.
  4. stud858

    TCL TVs any good?

    If anyone has faulty tv lying around that you want to get rid of please PM me. I had an ad up on baht sold for faulty tvs wanted but got zero interest. So I'm guessing possibly tvs are pretty reliable in these recent times.
  5. Not even death and taxes? Surely taxes?
  6. Are you saying your certain that I'm always certain?
  7. stud858

    TCL TVs any good?

    The practical things I look for are the thickness, especially for wall mount, viewing angle, reflectivity, blackness of blacks, picture enhancement i.e. put a USB in with a low grainy quality AVI and see how the tv handles it. Try a few formats if you use USB media a lot. Audio bass if your not hooking up hifi, number of ports n connectivity, HDMI audio aux out 3.5mm or RCA. Check if remote control is easy for you to use. of course warranty period. If you find a tv model you want make sure the sticker number matches. There can be slight to large variation on a model with an extra or different digit. And nothing worse than a tv that changes channels slowly. I liked the sharp aquos myself. But new panels coming out every year. Good luck. If you like the TCL go for it.
  8. I'm certain the losers were not the bankers of the banks. But yes there may have been losers.
  9. stud858

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    I'm from Australia where the land has a wall of ocean around it. If it didn't I'm guessing things would be a lot different. At least make a movie about building a wall first and see how that goes?
  10. How banks create money to hand out loans is very interesting. I used to think it was actually all from deposited funds. Why are we as a society complacent to banks? Banks cannot lose. A fantastic system. For banks anyway. Bitcoin anyone? www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/022416/why-banks-dont-need-your-money-make-loans.asp
  11. The unsettling thing for me is that I like to book my return airfare home in advance by a few months to get a good price. I could try for an extension on the final month but I feel if it was rejected I'd lose my cheap airfare. So I play it safe and stick with a little under 8 months and my return date is more certain. Anybody had a 1 month extension denied?
  12. stud858

    bringing or shipping medications to Thailand

    Whatever the written rules, toss them out the window. Bring your medicine with your home country's doctor's letter and be prepared to spin your polite requests at airport customs if stopped. You may be surprised to know that a lot of harder drugs are available at pharmacies. Such as tramadol opiate, that's reportedly ruining many people's brains. It's sold like candy in Thailand. It shouldn't be, but....
  13. Impossible for you to have a problem. I recommend dtac happy Sim internet for next time. Apparently, You can write to ombudsman in Thailand if there were to be a big problem. One would think the ombudsman would scold the telephone company and set you free unless the ombudsman gets a free iPhone each year.
  14. I'm with you, but they are putting something in the water to bugger up people's reasoning. That's why I drink coca cola. Reasoning then tells me at 75kg I'm ok with 10kg checked luggage so I go with that. Plus an extra two in my jacket pockets for good measure.