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  1. If your babe doesn't drive maybe time to get her started ... else it could be 'hoop and stick' in your latter years ...🤐
  2. Use it a lot ... quite often drive on it ... + and - ... of course I don't need to see what is on the back seat of the car in front.
  3. There is quite a lot on the internet ...seems the main drawback is when it monitors when the car is parked ...my understanding is that it wants to record all the time once ' movement' starts it. The 'S' gets a better review but not that much ... think I'll get one for the front of the Civic to replace what is there now and put that freebee one in the rear. Seems the 'S' is only 135deg...the best that I have found is using my Note4 on record ...super quality pics ...
  4. EGR is a big cause of black oil ... especially in a diesel. The oil in my EV doesn't 'blacken' as soon as that in the V-Cross did. When I blanked the EGR, on the V-Cross, the oil stayed clean. I still have the blanking plates if anyone wants them ... After I changed to 'Mobil 1 for Turbo Diesel PU' in the V-Cross I didn't get that initial diesel rattle on start up...
  5. Your pic shows the A119 ... is that what you bought or? ... the Facebook site is now showing the A119S which I think is about US$20 more, but I can't see a price anyway.
  6. MM has removed half the guts from the gearbox so now more room ... drill a hole each side ... stuff a pipe through ... run part of the Chayo Phaya through that pipe ...jobs a goodun...now any old oil will do .......😐
  7. Yes ... better than XendPay who I used to use. Very quick 2-3 days.
  8. Which today ....would be interested in seeing them ... thanks...
  9. Perhaps MM is talking about the gearbox in his boat project ... and if he is putting more power through it than design then it probably will run hot ... plenty of cooling medium available to him though ...
  10. Have you tried HKS ... does it really matter about the cost if it won't use any ......... whatever, the cost of the oil, it can't be very many % compared to the rest of the project can it look forward to seeing it charging up the Chao Phraya one day....
  11. We have a gassed Mazda Lantis ... I guess if you light the back bit it will go like <deleted>
  12. Okay thank you. That will save 200+ windows updates if I have to install again .....
  13. Thanks ... I made the bootable USB from the original 2008 or whenever disk ... didn't even have SP1
  14. For the purist ... what a smell ........ just a teaspoonful needed in with your fuel .......................
  15. Here are the ones from the Civic brochure ... I think they look okay ..