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  1. My Garmin is in english ...however many now use 'Maps Google'. Buy a data package for your phone.
  2. Evening MM ... Do you have this standard reply of yours on a 'Function Key' ... you are absolutely correct .. a lovely ride, floats down the road .. I agree the styling is not as sharp as the spivo but Ford can't get everything right else no one would buy the other options...would they.....
  3. Here ...eleven pages of advice ... Still probably get another eleven though ...
  4. Interesting … as it is too hot to go out, well it is in BK I’m at home watching the golf. I had a look at what ‘varieties’ of Revo seem to be available … I looked here ... http://auto.siam-vip.com/toyota-hilux-revo-ราคา-โตโยต้า-รีโว่.html Wow … didn’t realise previously what a huge selection there is … No wonder they sell so well, there is something for everyone! You have the Revo G 2.4 4 x 4 which I couldn’t actually find on the list. Anyway 4400thb is somewhat better than nearly 7000thb.
  5. Interesting report … thanks Wow … you were lucky ‘must have a silver tongue’ getting genuine red plates and brown book loaned for two months with no deposit. Mrs J has recently just done the same on her car, Honda wanted 4500thb to do! The inspection at the LTO is called ตรวจสภาพรถ and is to confirm that the engine and VIN numbers correspond to what is on the supplied paperwork. They normally take a rubbing of the VIN. Pickup Tax Levels, I only know that the 4Door 4/5 seats are the most expensive and cost is either 6700thb or 6800thb … forget which, well certainly the 3Ltr one we had was. The two doors, with basically a parcel shelf behind, although many use as extra seating, are somewhat cheaper, green plates I don’t know where they fit in. Did I understand that you have a two door with a ‘raise and lower’ glass fiber cover over the bed…if so I believe that should not have changed your tax level. Hopefully someone else will also post their variant and their tax level.
  6. I'm glad that I decided not to 'invest' in a Lambo and went for a pickup instead ...
  7. Here is a handy little 'tool' ... https://tiresize.com/comparison/ and the Tran-mobile maybe a few years old but certainly doesn't look it ...
  8. Have a look at posts #31 and #36 ...☺
  9. Yes those plates are expensive ... I didn't mean those. Numbers are released in batches ... batch size depends on provinces. All 'the best' are removed from the batch and auctioned off. You can look at what's left and reserve ... ask at LTO, if interested, to see the list. You can also work out when the next batch may be released.
  10. Come back next week and tell us that BIB stopped you at a road block and you got fined for not having the Brown Book correctly filled in ... bastards caught me, the only 'kin day that I forgot to fill it in, and it was the third road block in about 10Kms that asked to see the book ... 200thb with receipt.
  11. Okay ... we did this recently. Our Honda dealer wanted 5000thb to do the complete registration. My wife said no ... I will do it all, so we only paid the deposit for the red plates and had that deposit returned when we handed them back. You will need an 'Allowament' (although there is no such word) Letter and, in your case, the dealer will have to get it and then post it to you. I guess that he is charging you 1000thb for that. It takes maybe three weeks before you can get that letter ... something to do with the dealer paying for the car ... this topic was discussed just a few weeks ago. In our case my wife took all the paperwork to BK LTO and obtained the letter herself, cost 5thb. She, at a later date took the 'allowament letter' to Nonthaburi LTO to collect the white plates. So once you have 'the letter' you can then go the CM LTO and get your white number plates ... there is a charge, and of course you will pay the annual road tax. ... if you want 'lucky number plates' you can go anytime to your local LTO and see what is available and request that number .... Just make sure that you get an official Brown Book with the red plates. Normally the dealer will fill in some information for you. before every journey fill in the details in pencil ... get the right date!!. Next day rub out the previous days info and pencil in the new info.
  12. As shown tester was a Medtronics MDX-P300 ... one would hope that the garage tested the battery as per the test manual ... google device and you can download pdf manual...testing was done with battery in car...I know for a fact. Of course one hopes that the 'paper result' was actually from my battery ....
  13. You might wish to consider one of these... I had one of the very first V-Cross's. The dealer said, as they are like gold at present I am quite worried that you will loose it ... and it will end up in another country ... so he gave me a Locktech. Just google for details There again ... what 'anker would want to nick a Mitsu anyway.....
  14. Mrs J knows most things ... she has a for life Thai licence ... she tells me that Thailand has not and does not issue 10 year driving licences and If one shows 10 years then it is either a fake or an issue error. If she is proved incorrect she will be devastated ... ... great
  15. Sorry that this is a bit wordy guys ... but You might find this interesting … When the EV had its first service in Aug 2016 the guy told me that I should expect to have to replace the battery after about two years and that they had to do it as they said they need to set something up. Later I found out that it is the smart charging system BUT if your battery stays charged after changing you don’t need to have them adjust the settings immediately. And anyway at service the smart charging set up is checked and adjusted if necessary. I did gleam that it’s best to maintain the circuit when changing the battery … I have kept an old battery for that purpose, although you are supposed to be able to use a 9V battery. I’m not paying Ford prices to change the battery and I will have a reasonably free choice of battery. So at service they use a Medtronic’s tester … not sure how much it really tells you but … Now before the first service I had never used a battery charger on that battery. Afterwards I purchased a CTEK 5.0 and used it frequently and did one Recon cycle in the period. I did use the CTEK the night before the service. I attach the two test results … The Aug 2016 has faded badly but I managed to recover some information. From my understanding the battery at 18months old looked better than at nine months old …