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  1. Vios don't like diesel ...
  2. Any evidence that a German car could be better ? I looked at the BMW Active Hybrid 3-Series at the recent Motor Show. They had both the import and the built here. All that I can say is sitting in the Import Seats ...some difference ... they felt great ... couldn't say the same for the built here seats. If I was buying I would, on seat comfort alone, pay the extra 500,000thb. Most likely there were other differences but the seats just stuck in my mind. It's pointless buying a car if the seats don't feel right.
  3. Great idea please post the link as I can't find that info
  4. One litre of gasoline is about 25thb. Maybe a Vios will do 15kms/Ltr . . a guess So for 1000kms you would use 1000/15Ltrs ...multiply that numbet by cost/Ltr So 1000*25/15 is rough to get there.
  5. For you speed guys ... as in Today's Daily Mail and on the internet and at .. http://jalopnik.com/the-2018-honda-civic-type-r-is-the-new-front-wheel-driv-1794588992
  6. If you tracked it then you will know if they received it or not. I always take a photo of the computer screen showing delivery and signature of person accepting it. Then I don't worry if it takes time for the slip to appear in my mail box. Twice it hasn't and my wife phoned up and they told her the date. Both those times I had put the very cheapest stamp on the return envelope...now I put two of them on and so far so good. If you haven't got the slip she was told that I had to report on person next time.
  7. Yes Trans ...apparently we have that piece of paper ...I live in a dark world
  8. Yes I think that you are correct in it being the car maker and not Mr Tax ...
  9. I can understand that you are 'rather' unhappy with Fords. Did you look at Australian Ford Forum to see if that problem was common. I have to agree that Ford Service could be somewhat better! We deal with a company who's slogan is 'We aim to be No1' ...I said to a guy there ...if you are No1 ... God help the rest. I am still very happy with the 'boat like' Everest . Seventeen months old and counting ... The Fiesta EcoBoost, is two years old now and as yet, hasn't given a problem other than a new water pump!. Both have the two year extended warranty ... I'm not completely stupid!! Nearly went for the New Focus but after JoeW said try the Civic MrsJ went for that.
  10. Ah ... not quite correct I think. There are two options ... 1 ... the dealer registers the car at the LTO 2 ... you register the car at the LTO. For 1 ... you get red plates the day you collect the car and the dealer will go to the LTO and register the car at a later date. I believe the delay is associated with the dealer paying some sort of tax and getting a piece of paper to take to the LTO. Honda wanted 4500thb to register my wife's car, she said no I will do it myself. For 2 .. you get red plates the day you collect the car ... the dealer has to go to the LTO to get an 'allowance' letter to give to the purchaser. The purchaser can then go to the LTO to register the car and obtain a number plate. The dealer still needs the 'tax paid paper' before he can go to the LTO. If you wish to register the car in a difference Province to the one that the dealer uses ( as is my wife's case) then you also need another bit of paper (I think or the same bit of paper with extra writing on) which the dealer previously got from the LTO to allow you to do this. My wife now has the required bit of paper. She has now chosen a 'lucky number' and is waiting for it to become available. So we could get fined if Mr BIB asks why are you still on a red plate. There is an Office in the LTO where you can peruse available numbers ... they release numbers in blocks of about one month. We fill in the Red Plate Book (Brown Book) for every journey ... use a rubber and pencil so only takes a few seconds to do. This is the first time than any dealer has wanted paying for doing the registration. There is always a returnable deposit for the Red Plates. There is No Way to avoid Red Plates and of course most don't want to either.
  11. I guess that you live in the sticks ... try driving in and around Bangkok with a map on your knee ...
  12. Was just taking the pi-- even Sync3 doesn't do what you want it to. Now I have a problem with the Honda ... got a dongle to screen mirror maps from phone to screen .. but it drops out sometimes ... think a USB power fault ... difficult to explain to honda as have bypassed the e-brake so the screen will work whilst driving else you can't display whilst driving. And I don't like the honda gps either
  13. There are no flies on you this morning Jass ...
  14. Have you actually done this or just guessing. I would love to know how to update Sync2 from my phone ..it would give me Sync3? Even the present Sync3 in Thailand Is not exactly GPS friendly