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  1. JAS21

    Statins / Ketogenic diet

    I have previously read that study ...unfortunately I am classed as high risk and have been on Statins since 1993 ... yep my body aches somewhat but thereagain do others of my age have the same problem ..at least I'm still alive ...can swim 1Km each day ...play golf but of course always let my wife win ... Enjoy ...
  2. JAS21

    Statins / Ketogenic diet

    And your LDL is ...
  3. JAS21

    Driving skills put to the test

    My wife and I were invited in 2009 when it was called Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience ... still have the certs in their original plastic frames. Have to admit the 'S' Class handling was fantastic ... when you swerved hard it applied the brakes if I remember correctly. Also got invited to a day out in the 'E' Class ... in the end decided to keep the BMW ... just preferred it to the 'E' Class .... but if we could have afforded an 'S' Class ....
  4. JAS21

    New pick up time 2018--help needed

    Wow ...that fuel consumption is impressive ...well over 20Km/Ltr
  5. Those two jobs would require you booking the car in .... would not be done at routine service. How many 100,000kms have you done ... and I think you will find that your engine has a timing chain and not a belt ... and if that broke !!!
  6. It won't be and R&D issue will it ... else one would expect them all to be like it ... we can only guess the problem at present ...
  7. On the plus side being a VIP customer entitles you to VIP Day tickets for the Motor Show .....................don't forget to mention it to him! You seem to certainly had some problems .... The oil job .. we have the same engine and yes they will charge you for 2*4Ltrs plus 2*1Ltr. if they change the filter and less if they don't. I always say when booking in ...make sure that you give me the left over oil!! and I get it ...it will maybe come in useful one day but so far I have not needed to top up between changes. Our MY15 Everest T+ will be three years old next month ..has done just less than 30K Kms ... only problems crankshaft sensor and rear oil seal leak ... both QA of supplier. I am surprised that I don't see those in your list. I opted for both the extra 2-year warranty and paying up front for service ( I think 5 years ... need to check). I think Toyota is good and now a close 2nd to the Everest .... I know that I will loose more money if I sell compared to Toyota but I like it so much it might last me out.
  8. Someone in The Thai Language kindly supplied this translation ... Thai Ford advised dealers to temporarily suspend sales and delivery of Ford Ranger / Raptor / Everest cars with 10-speed gearboxes in order to check for certain VINs known to have problems. Cars with no matching VINs are OK to sell and deliver. All other Ford models are OK to sell and deliver. There is nothing unusual in this measure, just a common practice to screen possibly defective cars with known VINs.
  9. JAS21

    Would some kind person.

    Thank you very much...
  10. JAS21

    Would some kind person.

    There is an on-going topic in the Motor Forum .... ...would someone have a read and pick the bones out please ...just briefly what does it actually say ..thanks https://www.matichon.co.th/economy/auto/news_1178921 Edit
  11. MrsJ just read the Thai version. She says it doesn't mention a gearbox fault. It doesn't say much ... but the buyer needs to confirm that he gets the vin number that was allocated to him....strange Ford are not saying if there is a problem or not with certain cars...yet The 'notice' seems to muddy the water somewhat ...
  12. On FB...I belong to Ford Everest Club Australia ...they really test them there ... Towing those house like things or rock climbing!! I haven't read any complaints about the 10-speed..opinion seems to be positive. Pity the op couldn't photograph the article and get it transulated on a forum here instead of guess work... I'll look later to see if any comments on Ford Forums Australia ...need to 'change' my location as Thailand is a banned address with them and I can't do that on my phone ...
  13. If he can get all immigration offices playing by the same rules it would be a good start ...and by what I read sort out the Chiang Office ...
  14. So they walk the rest of the way or train it ...
  15. Would you trust your prized possession on a Thai boat ... it's not easy to fit a life jacket on a car..