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  1. If it gets down to 25 Mrs J will have to play less golf ... could be like Hell on Earth ...
  2. JAS21

    wife panicking

    If it's big enough you could have a meal and a pair of shoes ..................
  3. Those cables are past their sell by date ... those ampere things are leaking into the sea ... lack of maintenance as previously pointed out ...need more black tape ...
  4. I have a 'secured' credit card with Bangkok Bank ... I do as much spending as I can on it. I pay it off every month ... I get some sort of points that I spend ... well MrsJ does ...in the Mall. Just don't drop your card as no one ever checks to see who owns it. Mine says in the signature bit Ask for ID ... never happens ... I could sign Micky Mouse or anything .............
  5. I have been asked to looksee eight days of security camera files from the corridor outside stepdaughters room. Am using VLC Player but MP4 files stop if speed is increased more than 8.1 times. The corridor is very quite. Can anyone suggest a faster way to view the files. She says she lost some money from her room over that 8-Day period ....thanks
  6. I thought D-Max was the name of Isuzu Pickup. Highlander and V-Cross are varients. Plenty of information on Isuzu website ..Tri-Petch is the big dealer ..best to go there or your local dealership. We had the 2012 V-Cross 3Ltr ...no complaints ..but now would suggest Ford Wildtrak
  7. I personally think that the locals are very unwise. I would never walk down a road without continually looking behind. Even when walking on a pavement I still frequently look behind, more so on a road like that. Why wasn't he walking on the pavement ... not that it might have helped in this case. On an aside I frequently see locals just step off the pavement without looking behind and even sometimes cross the road. Okay in this case the above comments may not have worked anyway.
  8. JAS21

    Dash Cams in rental cars

    Welcome to the ThaiVisa ...Diving is Thailand is probably the wrong forum to post this. To answer you though ALL cars should have Dash Cams ...
  9. £1100 return flying EVA Business Class New Years Eve in either 2003 or 2004...that probably wasn't what you wanted to know though ...
  10. Yes ... very quick they said ...also the airline had lost a suitcase and the 'helper' sorted things for them. As it happened the normal queue was short. Suitcase was deliver to our house much later the same evening.
  11. JAS21

    Peugeot 405 - slight smell of gasoline

    Try Araldite ... not exactly a good idea to try welding unless you fill the tank full of water first... even then stand well back ,
  12. JAS21

    Film cover/waxing, etc..

    Ah ...yes ...if you are rich enough was a generalisation. Quite right preperation ...on that car I used one of Rupes DA's ... can't remember what pad ... just fiddled until the result looked okay. I happen to know the cost of that Opti-Coat as I have a friend who is Opti-Coat certified ... enjoy
  13. But, how about reliability and maintenance. Someone who has a 2015/16 with high km. We have a 2015 T+, but it has only done 28K kms so probably not that applicable... it has had the rear oil seal changed and also the crankshaft sensor ... both QC issues with a supplier. I did take out the extra two years warranty though ... just in case We really like it and would buy again. The ride as someone on here commented is 'boat like' ... I would describe it is 'not too firm'. If you are wondering about FE look me up on fuelly.com
  14. JAS21

    Film cover/waxing, etc..

    You seem to have little idea of the cost of coatings if you buy direct from the company in Japan. My ECO700 cost me a little over the equivalent of £80 although now it is nearer £100. I did our three cars with it and loaned it to a friend who did two more and you can have what's left if you like, but it is a bit old now but been kept in the fridge. TBH I don't think you have a 'kin clue about ceramic coatings ........ may I respectfully suggest that in future you comment on what you know and not what you think you know ................ yes my day could have been better Oh ... and one of the three cars is 22years old and my wife's from new ....
  15. JAS21

    Film cover/waxing, etc..

    Yes Trans ... don't use a cheap wax, or a soft wax. A 'friend' gave me a soft wax, it came from Japan, said great for white cars. Hell ... after a few weeks my Everest looked dirty. A detailing friend when, I said my paintwork looked dirty ask if I put a wax on top. When I said a soft wax, he said ... not in Thailand as it softens and dust sticks. It came up like new with IPA ....I'm back to using Si-700 every few weeks again For JW ...all our cars are ceramic coated ... I did them and yes they need maintenance... bird dropping etc come off easier as does the rubber scuff marks from motor bike guys shoes. Worth paying for it ... if you are rich enough Opti-coat Pro+ or equivalent maybe.