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  1. new car

    You were done ...we paid 200thb ...there again 400thb for getting caught twice suppose is the ssme ... are you a local...
  2. I hope that you bought your girl the RS. The 10th Generation Civic has only been out less than two years so about eight to go before 11th Gen ...maybe a face lift coming ...you should have got a load of freebees inc insurance...so really it's a sort of discount ... By the way a good choice ...
  3. Definitely ... Honda, Ford,Toyota even Mazda ...big discounts at the moment ... off on holiday now
  4. Would have been a good investment the USD 100K would now be worth three times as much ....
  5. I have the T+ it cost 1,599,000 ... bought in Nov 2015. The 3.2Ltr engine was only fitted to the T and the T+ if I recall correctly ... somewhere I have the brochure ...I'll search for it. I don't think you have any worries if you nhave a 3.2Ltr engine I found this in the Everest Topic ... 1.27M Gets you the 2.2L Titanium 6AT 2WD (now uprated to 160HP) 1.46M Changes the 2.2L for the 200HP 3.2L and adds 4WD 1.60M Gets the top-spec 3.2L 4WD Titanium+ model, which adds moon roof, power folding 3rd row seats, power tailgate door, reversing camera & sensors, headlamp washers, park assist, and a few little interior accessories. The topic is here ...
  6. Actually Richard Cracknell ...a back guy from Phuket ...who unfortunately is no longer ...tipped me completely upside down on his contraption and 'fired off' this gadget a few times which basically hammered my back ...low and behold it fixed it for months. IF these guys were actually completely inverted I could see a possibility that it may help ..............
  7. totaling 106,291,109 million baht ... that is a lot of money ...
  8. All New Mazda CX-5 Price

    What is the NVH like? ... I thought that it was quite bad in the Mazda3, that put us off buying so ended up with a Civic ...does it have electronic steering?
  9. Polish & car care products

    Good idea ... if you have a pool you can.also use it to remove the watermark ...
  10. Polish & car care products

    Sorry ...smilee wouldn't work...
  11. Polish & car care products

    Hopefully the ashes you use come from softwood ...
  12. UK pensions

    Thanks ...they came up with this ...
  13. Polish & car care products

    Yes Yes Yes ... look here 200 and something thb
  14. 2017 Honda Jazz fuel consumption

    Probably not much help to you BUT we have the Civic RS ...does 8-9 km/ltr around town but twice that on a run .. Try looking at fuelly.com for what people are getting ...
  15. Polish & car care products

    Thaiwashercarclub ... everything you might need ...