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  1. Mr Naam's ...modest family home is very nice. He does have a few helpers ... Mrs Naam is a very nice lady ... Mr Naam is okay but can be just a little prickly at times ... woops
  2. Squealing sound from car brakes

    My post was dated May 31st ..it's now well into September ... ☺
  3. Squealing sound from car brakes

    Thanks ... useful ... but wrote to Honda Thailand and we received both manusls a few days later.
  4. Actually Naam I remember Daikin charged 1500thb. I had already cut the wall to expose the pipes. As far as I remember all they did was to close the valves outside on the compressor and then disconnect the pipes and take the coil outside to wash ...it was very bunged up. When they replaced the coil ...they evacuated. Later I refilled the hole and replaced the wallpaper that previously I had carefully removed. Unfortunately I can't find the photos at present ....
  5. New Toyota Fortuner

    Doesn't sound right. When you take delivery you get the brown book and the red plates. When the car is registered at the LTO you are issued with the white plates and the Blue Book. You tax date is the same as Blue Book issue.
  6. One of ours got so bad, due to part of the coil never having been cleaned properly. Daikin stripped it down and took the coils outside to clean ... they were really bad. But correct it is not the normal way to clean and if regularly cleaned correctly shouldn't ever need doing that way ...
  7. Where to watch F1 in Pattaya

    If you can't find anywhere ...www.teatimetv.to Channel4
  8. My Pink ID Card and my Thai Driving License both failed to get me into Doi Inthanon. However stopping a short distance after driving through the entrance gate and then my wife asking for two Thais over sixty seemed to get us in for a 30Baht car fee .... strange system .......
  9. As soon as I saw the video I thought ... why is the oncoming car in the outside lane. I say to my wife many times "please" drive on the inside lane when you can't see what is around the bend! And she has a UK driving licence ... She used to tell me don't drive in the outer lane as it is illegal and Mr BIB will be waiting for you around the corner ... now she has slipped back into the Thai way and it is me who says inside lane please ... If that lane is really bumpy the OK and if stopped try the dead dog story ... Of course she now understands that inside lane is the left lane whereas here it is viewed as the outer lane (right)
  10. What happened yesterday ... asleep all day ...
  11. Roll Cover for Ford Ranger Wildtrak

    Search Ford Ranger Roll Cover brings up two ... but now there may be more options ...
  12. Ah ... so there is a £2K annual limit ... that must be the reason ... £2K doesn't actually go far though does it.
  13. I haven't recently worked out how not to pay the XendPay fee ...just now I got these .... So if you manage to dodge the £10 fee then XendPay gives you just about 60thb more ...if you don't dodge it then TransferWise gives you about 360thb But sending 10K GBP ... if you don't manage to dodge the fee then TW is about 4200thb better ? to dodge the fee do you just not send it ? thanks I ignored the fee that your receiving bank charges with XendPay
  14. However moving the same amounts from the UK to Thailand ... TransferWise is considerably cheaper than the banks ...they have a limit of 2M THB without prior arrangement.