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  1. Dash cams help req'd.

    http://www.dengothailand.com/ I bought the mirror one at a Motor Show a couple of years ago ... works fine
  2. Yards vs Meters

    Have played many courses in Thailand and have never found one that uses metric measurements. So if you are metric then just subtract 10% from our yards to get what you are used to. eg 100 yards is near enough 90 meters Personally, I like many others can't judge my shot to within 10% very often so makes little difference ....
  3. You need an amp. to hear it ...Electrolux is the gold standard...
  4. The Electrolux we bought the same time as you ...10Kgs ...has worked perfectly...apparently your beloved talked to MrsJ yesterday ... so you could be 'upgrading' to an Electrolux ...
  5. You should play golf and have a Caddie ... amazing how many birthdays they have each year ..............
  6. Driving License not on Computer.

    AS I'm getting forgetful ...old age ... I e-mail a copy of a lot of stuff that I think, may be useful, to myself and keep a file on my computer
  7. Water filter/cleaner

    We have had the Amway one for about ten years ... yes expensive to buy ... the combined filter and UV replacement costs 4840thb and it lasts us 12 to 14 months. We actually have one of those Clarte 'things' and fill the container from the Amway unit ... If you don't know what the set up is PM me an e-mail address and I'll send you photos ... my PC is in bits at present so I can't resize photos .... I would probably buy again because the filter does not soften the water unlike all other units that I have seen ...
  8. What is the BEST CAR BATTERY?

    I'm sure you are aware of this http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_heat_and_harsh_loading_reduces_battery_life From my short investigations I noticed that the under hood temp increased after the engine was switched off and remained higher for sometime.
  9. Many years ago Mr Builder run the washing m/c water through the fat trap and the sink water pipework around the house ...it blocked a few years ago so I did a new run and put the sink water into the washing m/c.drain line. Now one of our showers doesn't drain and I realise that it teed into the old sink drain pipe, some distance from the sink of course. So I have cut into the shower outlet pipework and will divert the water. Mrs J wants the diverted water to drain to two trees ...to feed the roots ...logistically not a problem ...but is water from washbasin and shower (soapy mainly) OK for tree roots? She knows that it will not be a good idea to splash bleach about the shower floor ... The shower room is on the 1st floor so there is enough head to drive the water to where it is required ..
  10. High quality masks needed for pollution

    So why the comment then ...
  11. High quality masks needed for pollution

    Me and my 3M ... hedge cutting ...........taking no chances ..
  12. V-R road is very busy DO NOT miss the turn into the Soi ...could be an idea to turn into Tri-Petch by mistake ...then exit and immediately left into the Soi ... It is a lady who runs the place...if she says difficult to match..yes but you did a good job on my friends V-Cross a few years ago. Sorry ... I will never understand MrsJ's phone filing system ...apparantly nor does she ....
  13. The bloke is a complete a...hole, yet I read some hang on his every word ...and no I haven't watched and never will watch any of his inaccurate and mis-information's ever again ..
  14. MM...trust you to give that a like ... you have been absent for a while ...nothing serious I hope