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  1. JAS21

    Best cheap physical Anti-Theft device for older pickup ?

    On our V-Cross we had a LOCKTECH
  2. Took your advice ...am now 2700thb lighter
  3. JAS21

    Cost to drive from Khon kaen to Pattaya

    Just make sure it isn't likely to suffer brake failure and/or Mr Stearer isn't tired ... pissed... or high on something...
  4. JAS21

    Cost to drive from Khon kaen to Pattaya

    I didn't mean you ... after I submitted I realised it could cause confusion ... sorry ....
  5. Timex used to be in great demand ... they found Donald Campbell's arm and it was still ticking ... and they are available from Ali Express
  6. JAS21

    Cost to drive from Khon kaen to Pattaya

    520Kms @10Km/Ltr is about 52Ltrs. So not too difficult to multiply 52 by 28.whatever Of course if by car gas you mean LPG then multiply the result of 520 divided by your Km/L by about 14. Someone bunk of maths too often ...
  7. Do you have a car cam! They make it appear that you are traveling far faster that you actually are ... best to have one with GPS ... and did you notice that the car didn't travel very far down the grassed area
  8. There are no flies on you ...
  9. Soon as in ten to twenty years ...
  10. If only the Honda driver had 'finished' his overtaking and had returned to an inside lane .....
  11. Should you not be looking at a diesel ...our 3.2Ltr Everest is more economical in traffic than our 1.5Ltr Honda Civic
  12. JAS21

    painting concrete rendered wall

    After the concrete primer of course ...
  13. JAS21

    Steel roofing sheets

    We are having our undercover Car Port area extended by about 7.5M by 6.5M ...Holoroof are doing the work and they use UPVC ... here is their FB Page https://th-th.facebook.com/roofUPVC/ ... When finished I'll post a few photos ... maybe interesting as we are using Steel Piles ...
  14. If you (a Thai) own a house and then buy another house does their name go in the Blue Book for the new house or what happens ...
  15. JAS21

    smoked mackerel

    When I play golf, if it is going to be very hot I dissolve one of those electrolyte powders in water and drink during the game ... seems to work for me as I sometimes sweat a lot...I normally get through two 750ml bottles of water plus the electrolyte ... I like the water cold so put the bottles in the freezer overnight ...