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  1. Russian tourists survive serious motorbike accident

    I like the "No photographs" sign right above the patient. Obviously the officials wanted to capture that...
  2. BPH Emergency Experience

    I had the opportunity to check out the 'Emergency' department at BPH this morning...I had a heart rate issue caused by a new medication. It caused major dizzyness/heart racing to the point that two guards had to help me into our car. Anyway we arrived at the hospital and they immediately had me lay down, took blood pressure and did an ekg. Everything looked okay, so they sent me upstairs to the heart center. I was promptly seen by a cardiologist who after examining me recommended blood tests for thyroid and one to detect if I'd had a heart attack. He also suggested an exercise stress test. The tests were back in an hour-normal and then followed the stress test-also normal. By this time I was feeling a bit better. The doctor gave me some medications to control the heart rate and my doctor back in Australia said to immediately cease the culprit medication. I was home by 1pm. Anyway, the visit to emergency, ekg, exercise stress test, blood tests, cardiologist, and misc nursing charges came to 6800baht. I thought it was a good deal. They gave me a package price for the exercise stress test without me asking. Overall a very good experience. Maybe a little more spoken English would help, but to be expected-I'm not in Australia. Hope this helps.
  3. TMN CABLE - FOX back..............Channel 702

    Waiting for Fox to return on BTV...
  4. Health Land Sukhumvit

    Could be a bit higher than that now, albeit for 90mins. I was also looking at The Relax in Jomtien as an alternative. We're willing to pay $$$ if we can find someone actually trained to do a proper oil massage. None of this push here and pinch there random cr*p that we seem to find at the 200/300 baht places.
  5. Health Land Sukhumvit

    Has anyone had a massage at this place and would you recommend it? Thanks.
  6. Donald Trump Jr. adds to legal team - ABC News

    Special Counsel is different, but maybe your one-dimensional binary thinking says otherwise...
  7. Donald Trump Jr. adds to legal team - ABC News

    Three is too many when Mueller is supposed to be non-partisan and above reproach. Surely there were enough qualified lawyers who did not make campaign contributions to either side that could have been chosen instead. This is an unforced error by Mueller and hurts the perception of an independent counsel.
  8. You might want to check if someone called 'Kohphanganlover' is still around as he had plans to appeal his entry denial. He might be further along in the process now and could give you some advice...
  9. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Sorry I should have said Jomtien Beach Rd. Aeras is pretty close to completion for those of us who live nearby. Soi 17 is the nearest cross rd and the restaurant is next to a 7 eleven.
  10. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Just tried a new cajun restaurant called GUMBO HOUSE in Jomtien. They just opened and are owned by an American from Louisiana and his Thai wife. We tried three dishes-Shrimp Etoufee, Seafood Gumbo and Red Beans and rice. The first two dishes were 180baht and the Red Beans 150baht. The best dish of the lot was the Shrimp Etoufee which tasted very much like what I've experienced in New Orleans. The gumbo was good but not enough spice. The red beans which had sausage in it was also a decent dish and very tasty. I think the prices are pretty good with no ++ and large Chang's are 95baht and bottled water 15baht each. The location is south of Chiapruk next to the new Aeras condo tower being built. Worth a try and will probably get better with time as the owner trains his staff with more dishes (such as the Po Boys which he did not recommend yet).
  11. Carls Jr Central

    Post Carl's Jr report...Very good burger for a fast food joint. It appears the quality at this store (Central Pattaya) has been maintained. The shake was excellent, but pity they do not carry malt! Carl's have a couple of meal deals for two right now, one for 350baht and one for 420baht that bring the price down somewhat.
  12. Carls Jr Central

    Are their burgers still good or has the quality gone down? Would Carl's still be the best (quick) place at central for a decent burger? Thanks.
  13. Car Tax Sticker Fee for Facilitator?

    Ok, pd 300 baht after asking building manager. All taken care of and yes the car is still in my name! The guys at my condo are fairly honest so I was not worried in that regard.
  14. Car Tax Sticker Fee for Facilitator?

    Yes and I should have! I was just trying to be legal...unfortunately the guy who went off and did it for me does not return to work until after 4pm today. If I'd known that I would have done it myself this morning. Oh well, lesson learned!
  15. Car Tax Sticker Fee for Facilitator?

    Under 500 baht because that would be the fine for getting stopped while driving to do it myself! And yes normally they give me a price on various things, but my wife asked and I guess they were being nice...