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  1. You might want to check if someone called 'Kohphanganlover' is still around as he had plans to appeal his entry denial. He might be further along in the process now and could give you some advice...
  2. Sorry I should have said Jomtien Beach Rd. Aeras is pretty close to completion for those of us who live nearby. Soi 17 is the nearest cross rd and the restaurant is next to a 7 eleven.
  3. Just tried a new cajun restaurant called GUMBO HOUSE in Jomtien. They just opened and are owned by an American from Louisiana and his Thai wife. We tried three dishes-Shrimp Etoufee, Seafood Gumbo and Red Beans and rice. The first two dishes were 180baht and the Red Beans 150baht. The best dish of the lot was the Shrimp Etoufee which tasted very much like what I've experienced in New Orleans. The gumbo was good but not enough spice. The red beans which had sausage in it was also a decent dish and very tasty. I think the prices are pretty good with no ++ and large Chang's are 95baht and bottled water 15baht each. The location is south of Chiapruk next to the new Aeras condo tower being built. Worth a try and will probably get better with time as the owner trains his staff with more dishes (such as the Po Boys which he did not recommend yet).
  4. Post Carl's Jr report...Very good burger for a fast food joint. It appears the quality at this store (Central Pattaya) has been maintained. The shake was excellent, but pity they do not carry malt! Carl's have a couple of meal deals for two right now, one for 350baht and one for 420baht that bring the price down somewhat.
  5. Are their burgers still good or has the quality gone down? Would Carl's still be the best (quick) place at central for a decent burger? Thanks.
  6. Ok, pd 300 baht after asking building manager. All taken care of and yes the car is still in my name! The guys at my condo are fairly honest so I was not worried in that regard.
  7. Yes and I should have! I was just trying to be legal...unfortunately the guy who went off and did it for me does not return to work until after 4pm today. If I'd known that I would have done it myself this morning. Oh well, lesson learned!
  8. Under 500 baht because that would be the fine for getting stopped while driving to do it myself! And yes normally they give me a price on various things, but my wife asked and I guess they were being nice...
  9. My car tax sticker is expired and I am getting one of our condo maintenance guys to renew the tax for us. As usual, they told me to pay what I like...What is the going rate for someone to run out on their motorbike and pay this for me? They would be leaving from South Jomtien Beach. Thanks.
  10. Most people do not tip Uber in the USA. It is not expected like a taxi and you have to use a stored credit card as payment. Uber's service was a way to eliminate the need for cash. By tipping cash, you kind of thwart what Uber was designed to do.
  11. I hope they cleaned up all the mutts on/near Soi 18 that seems to attract every bleeding heart from far and wide. If you love these mangy derelicts, please take them home with you!!!
  12. I tried to contact SiamLegal by email, their online form and telephone-no reply. I called their number in the USA multiple times and it was always an answering machine. I left numerous messages and no one ever called back. Certainly not professional from my standpoint.
  13. Yes, if you received a grilling, it would be important to know more details of your experience. I have not had any problems (yet) going through with my farang family. Most of the time we use the priority lanes and perhaps they are less likely to 'harass' people who may (or may not) be perceived as hi-so. I have no idea whether or not the priority lane would make a difference, it is just an educated guess given how the Thai system operates.
  14. For those who say the tourist visa is not for those staying in Thailand at their own purchased condo, the following is on the visa application from the Thai Consulate Brisbane: } TOURIST (stay up to 60 days per entry) Single entry (AUD$45) Multiple entry (AUD$225) For holiday purposes including Property-owning, Non-Educational (such as Boxing,Cooking,Scuba Diving,Yoga,Massage,Culture Learning,etc) } Note: Tourist visa can be extended only once up to 30 days in Thailand Property owners used to be able to get Non-O's before the crackdown-at least in the USA and Australia.
  15. What is with the 'farang seethi' line? Are you Indian? Anyway these sort of comments generally mean there is more to the story.