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    Medical insurance for Farang in Thailand

    They send me a bank draft for the amount directly to my residence, 4 straight years now
  2. 9000 a month is the lowest legal wage Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect

    New Immigration Form

    and please tell me your delightful insight to why i'd go to Penang or Vientiane e for an "non- o" when already have my retirement extension / visa? just to spend money? if your going to make a suggestion please complete your thought.
  4. I do not intend to educate the unedited about communication technology. Its quite obvious it can be done as other countries do it and this country would not have the discussion unless they could actually do it. So get over it!

    New Immigration Form

    its typical of the cynical people who troll this site. you make a holes post of basic communication and all i get in return is criticism...unbelieveable!

    New Immigration Form

    12 month extension/ retirement visa ..one in the same. I guess you the nk the glass is half empty?
  7. Roaming rates are very very expensive, so most people who stay here would convert, its not a big deal to do, unless you want to think it is?
  8. implementation is easier then you think
  9. Well yesterday I went to the Chonburi Immigration office to renew my retirement visa, I arrived late and at the front desk i was asked if my paperwork was in order, I replied yes .I was not given any of the new documents to fill in before i could get a number, I was then given a number and actually went directly to be waited on without any wait whatsoever. I was told after the lovely young lady reviewed my documents that I could pick my passport the next day. (i could have got it the same day if I had come there before 10am). I went today to pick up my passport and new retirement visa and once more had no wait and had my passport in hand within 2 minutes of my arrival. Before departing I decided to get my new 90 day paperwork so I went to the front desk and asked for a number , and TODAY, they did indeed ask me to fill out the new forms, I hesitated and she asks dif i had done so already and I said i had, so I was given a number and allowed to get my 90 day updated. It looks like this new form is being done randomly, let me know your comments and experiences.
  10. if it eliminates all the forms at immigration I'am all for it, Only those who have something to hide will worry about this one.

    Time for zoning - or just another day in Pattaya?

    The girl in the Video is not a girl its a LAdyBoy, and the film clip is on soi six

    Medical cover

    you can get travel insurance for any amount of time from Bupa and you pay by the amount of days you need to be covered. easy to do online, and its good anywhere except the USA

    No ATM fee...

    There was no need to mention which country as ATM's are internationally linked by companies like Cirrus. Its not my Bank which is a problem its the banks here. They no longer will distribute more then 10k at a time, before you could get 20 or 30 k. I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me where there is an ATm that still dispenses more then 10k, without going into the bank. Simple enough

    Valuing a car and m'bike

    Check the used car lots first. many of them on Sukimvit road,

    No ATM fee...

    Most of the atm machines here give you a choice of 10k , 20 k or 30k and have for years, especially Krugsri bank, the yellow bank