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  1. I've flicked you a private message mate
  2. And for your advice, thanks for taking the time to write. But you're answer is as vague as the immigration website (which I've combed through). I know how to attach a file but my question still stands, as far as attaching what items to what is ridiculously vague as to what people on this forum are telling me to include in my application!
  3. Sorry mate, Been up country over the weekend. Literally have only just got back and turned the lappy on.....
  4. Hi folks!, I'm currently applying for a tourist/visitor visa online for my thai gf. This is her first application and so far the online application has been pretty straight forward and I'm now up to the section where I have to attach the required supporting documents. list of required attachments are as followed: - Travel Document - Travel History, evidence of - Financial capacity - Invitation, evidence of letter/statement - sponser - Business ownership - Assets - Personal evidence of - Birth or Age, Evidence of - Form 956A appointment of authorised recipient my question is, where/or at what point do I add the other supporting documents that will help her application? such as proof of she has kids, proof of our long term relationship (photo's, facebook communication) etc etc.. cheers