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  1. I've flicked you a private message mate
  2. And for your advice, thanks for taking the time to write. But you're answer is as vague as the immigration website (which I've combed through). I know how to attach a file but my question still stands, as far as attaching what items to what is ridiculously vague as to what people on this forum are telling me to include in my application!
  3. Sorry mate, Been up country over the weekend. Literally have only just got back and turned the lappy on.....
  4. Hi folks!, I'm currently applying for a tourist/visitor visa online for my thai gf. This is her first application and so far the online application has been pretty straight forward and I'm now up to the section where I have to attach the required supporting documents. list of required attachments are as followed: - Travel Document - Travel History, evidence of - Financial capacity - Invitation, evidence of letter/statement - sponser - Business ownership - Assets - Personal evidence of - Birth or Age, Evidence of - Form 956A appointment of authorised recipient my question is, where/or at what point do I add the other supporting documents that will help her application? such as proof of she has kids, proof of our long term relationship (photo's, facebook communication) etc etc.. cheers
  5. Don't go by what's considered normal here mate. What's considered normal here are the 50+ year old TV members who have some 18 year old bargirl slung around there arm.... 1. It is actually more common than you think. I'm in a similar boat to you, and I know of quiet for other guys the same! 2. Locals will talk about it, but mostly in a positive manner. Any negative opinion is generally spoken out of jealously in the fact that your Mrs has strung a younger dude. 3. The family shouldn't have a problem with it, you may find the extended family will ask the usual bullshit to your Mrs in regards to how much your worth is!, But that's not exclusive to the situation you or I are in though. PM me if you got any worries.
  6. Vilerm Acyclovir 200mg

    Cheers for the advice all! Walked into the pharmacy and as I walked up to the glass counter were loads of boxes of Acyclovir 200mg sitting at the very top!!! Thanks heaps guys!
  7. Vilerm Acyclovir 200mg

    Good to know!. Thanks for that!
  8. Vilerm Acyclovir 200mg

    Hi All, I require a new packet of Vilerm 200mg Is this available over the counter in Thailand? or do I need to get the script re-filled from a Doctor? Thanks!
  9. Any one played AIT Golf course Pathum Thani?

    Thanks a lot for the info Puyai! have you ever played Rachakram Golf course? if so what are your thoughts? cheers
  10. G'day ThaiVisa golfers!, I've been cruising the forums and there wasn't much information on the 9 hole course at AIT in Pathum Thani. Has any one played it? If so what did you think? What other courses would any of you recommended that would be 'beginner' and farang friendly? Look forward to your responses. Cheers
  11. wondering if the Thai consulate in Perth is still open as per usual? I'm applying for a double entry tourist visa in the coming weeks, just want to make sure it's still there! cheers
  12. I get nervous knowing such claims are coming from a Hospital that I have had surgery in......
  13. cheers for the report... this thread will come more popular with people now seeking proper visa's from there home cities after the recent crack downs..
  14. LOL sounds like you have vested interest in Lion AIr.... 9 serious incidents in only the past 13 years! with 25 recorded fatalities..... work that one out Captain..