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  1. Is One Million Baht Enough?

    Believe me, I checked very carefully into HCI before I took out the policy a year ago. I found both glowing reviews and bad reviews. Some of the bad reviews were from those who went for treatment outside the hospital network (such as Bumrungrad). Others had pre-existing conditions and so there were disputes over whether a claim was valid, or whether it was due to a pre-existing condition.
  2. Is One Million Baht Enough?

    That's correct. If all treatment has failed and you're 'on the way out', you can claim up to $20,000 to spend your last days getting drunk or having wild parties in Pattaya :) This policy seems good value for money. It's a UK policy, so the annual premiums will not increase if you make a claim, (other than age-band increases). Your annual renewal will not be refused if you've made a claim. You can continue this policy with no upper age limit. This is my second year with HCI. I haven't made any claim (and hope not too do so). Their Emergency Plus policy does have a $2,000 excess. That's probably why the premiums are competitive. It's a policy for serious accident or illness.
  3. Look, if someone has a waist size greater than 56 inches, then no way should they be flying long-haul because it would be impossible for them to squeeze through the toilet door...
  4. Is One Million Baht Enough?

    I just renewed my policy with Healthcare International, (a UK policy). I have their ''lowest' policy. But it still provides about 16.5 million baht medical cover each year, plus emergency medical evacuation (I work in Myanmar, so that's a definite requirement). $915 USD per annum ==> about 2,500 THB per month. I'm 59 years old. As HampiK said: ... and that's how I regard medical insurance. It's to pay for treatment in case of serious illness or accident, and to provide peace of mind that I will hopefully be able to afford decent medical treatment if those events happen.
  5. I fly into BKK on 30th March, after a well-deserved holiday from my job in Myanmar. Detailed health check, go to the bank, buy some things, then fly out on 4th April for a week's dirt-bike riding in northern Laos. Back to BKK on the 11th, buy a few more things and fly back on the 12th to enjoy the water festival in Myanmar and some more riding in the Shan hills and Inle Lake. Sorted! :)
  6. Is DHL ripping me off

    It sounds like a good idea that was screwed by thieving, corrupt customs officers.
  7. Is DHL ripping me off

    For specific wireless equipment, yes you do. But not for a roll of wire and some plastic rods. Even assuming that an import licence was required for this, why did UPS Thailand make the ridiculous statement that it couldn't be sent back to the US shipper because it needed an EXPORT licence? The item was in their bonded warehouse, and not yet imported into Thailand. Seems to me that UPS (or Thai customs) were trying to have it both ways. In the end, the shipper lost out financially and I lost out (in that now I have to go and make the antenna....).
  8. Is DHL ripping me off

    Wrong! The UPS I-Parcel service is promoted as a 'pre-pay ALL customs import tax, shipping and handling charges' I used this service on a previous occasion, and it did exactly what it claimed - my package was quickly delivered without any extra charges (whether that might be customs tax and handling fees) levied.
  9. Is DHL ripping me off

    An update to my problems trying to import a simple wire antenna, (UPS Thailand refused to deliver it and refused to return it to the shipper). After a frustrating time trying to get UPS to - at least - return the package to the US shipper, I got nowhere with them! The package is stuck for the rest of eternity in their bonded warehouse. So I contacted the shipper again, and pointed out that whilst I was $373 out of pocket through no fault of my own, it was their suggestion to use the I-Parcel service that got me in this mess. Furthermore, refunding $373 would hardly affect their bottom line, but it definitely affects mine! Basically, through veiled threats of publicising my problems on social media, the shipper sent me a full refund for my $373 :) So kudos to the shipper for doing the right thing. But I throw lumps of cowsh*t at UPS and UPS-Thailand, who are IMHO misrepresenting their I-Parcel ('speedy delivery with no extra charges etc') service.
  10. To farang men who married Thai women...

    I don't regret marrying my 1st wife (English wife in the UK), because I got 3 wonderful kids out of that marriage. But when the money ran out, so did she. I regret marrying my 2nd wife (Issan bar-girl), because no matter what I did to improve her life, she just wanted to gamble and f*** (although not with me). I regret marrying my 3rd wife (Issan decent girl), because she only wanted my money and knowledge to improve her business. Most of all, I regret that all 3 wives were absolute schmucks, because their actions mean that I can never trust any woman again as far as 'love' is concerned. To put it simply, I won't waste my time with any woman who professes to love me. No idea if it's true or not, and can't be bothered to find out either way :)
  11. LoL, when I worked as a Tourist Police Officer in Phuket, some foreign tourists would ask me what my role was. I would explain that my role was to protect foreign tourists from the Thai police, (a tongue-in-cheek statement, but sometimes not far from the truth).
  12. Does anyone know of a fabrication shop in Bangkok which can make a small aluminium enclosure for me? I need a small cube-shaped box made, nominal dimensions of 5 x 5 x 5 cm, with one face that can be removed (like a screw-down lid), and the box then fixed to a slightly larger aluminium base plate size 58 x 64 mm (Alochrome or anodised). This little box will be used as the enclosure for a 'PocketQube' satellite that I'm building in Myanmar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PocketQube PocketQubes use 'off the shelf' or low-cost components, as opposed to the multi-million $ payloads that I designed and integrated in my previous career in the satcomms industry.
  13. Working in Yangoon

    Well, I think you'll find Yangon very different when compared to Dubai, HK and Singapore :) There is a choice of a 'real' international schools and decent private schools in Yangon. Just be sure that you live close to the school and your workplace, since commuting in Yangon is no fun. (It will no doubt improve within the next 30 years if Skytrain/Underground/elevated motorways are built).
  14. Cat ji bumped this old thread, so I'll add a few of my comments. I lived and worked in Thailand from 2002 - 2011 (built/managed small hotels in Phuket), then lived in Yangon 2012/2013 (English teacher/assistant principal), then Luang Prabang, Laos in 2014 (headmaster), then back to Myanmar in 2015 (English teacher in Mandalay) and since 2016 to the present day I'm an English, Science and STEM teacher at the international school in Naypyidaw, (where I'm very content and hope not to move again....) DagonKhan made this comment in 2014 and IMHO, it still holds 100% true. I read the local news websites (Mizzima, MMTimes, Irrawaddy), and the news of international or 'Western' companies closing their Myanmar offices or opting to invest elsewhere is commonplace. Just a few days ago, Samsung decided against building a mobile phone/home appliances factory in Myanmar, due to the local economic and political environment. They already have 3 factories in Vietnam and it sounds like they will continue to invest in that country. The first US law firm to open offices in Yangon has now closed, citing lack of customers, because few foreign companies are investing in Myanmar. Why is this? My own experience from dealing with the government ministries in Naypyidaw is that any decision (such as whose turn is it to make the office coffee today?), has to be passed up the line of management authority, because every employee and their boss and their boss's boss is too scared of actually making any positive decision, in case the 'big boss' doesn't agree. So nothing moves forward, everything starts to stagnate, and they all wonder why investment is going into other, more forward-thinking countries. Anyway, I'm an employee now, not a businessman. These economic and political decisions don't affect me one iota (except for my Myanmar radio ham licence, which I'm still waiting for after 6 years of asking for it...).