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  1. Jeez, it just shows that you can be minding your own business and bam!! That's it. Time over. RIP
  2. Speaking from a position of total medical ignorance, JE vaccination is not usually on the list of required jabs for those who visit the main tourist areas of Thailand. It is found in very rural areas, on pig farms as well (so a holiday in the deep south might be in order - LoL).
  3. It is some concern as to where he contracted this disease, since he only stayed in Phuket. Japanese Encephalitis is usually only found in rural/remote areas of south-east Asia (I now live in Myanmar and will have a JE vaccination in a few weeks because I travel to remote areas in that country). RIP to this man - very unfortunate indeed.
  4. Many business owners don't want to openly advertise that their business is for sale - they will list the business online with a business broker. Although not in Patong ex #3's hotel at the airport is for sale, but there is no for sale sign (hotel guests are hardly likely to recommend to friends to stay if there is a for sale sign outside the property!). In her case, business is fine, (but that's because she is right next to the airport), and she's building 2 more guest rooms. But she wants to sell up and move back to Issan. I just checked on a couple of the business broker websites. There are dozens of bars and guesthouses for sale, many at what may look like 'giveaway' prices. That giveaway price equates to the minimum amount of money that you'd be throwing straight down the drain.
  5. How old is she? The news article doesn't say, but maybe 35. If she started dating at 16 years old (possibly as a requirement of her 'profession'), then that's 19 years. 5,000 men over 19 years is ... er .... 1.387 days for each man!! How many of those dates spotted that she is actually a ladyboy?
  6. I got a reply from BNH - they will administer the first rabies jab and package up the 2 remaining vaccines for me, to be administered by a nurse in Naypyidaw. I'll check with the school nurse to see if she is 'competent' to do this (intramuscular should be easy). Lamyai3, I don't really get time to go down to Yangon. I am only going to Bangkok to pick up a new visa. So I've scheduled these vaccine jabs, a detailed eye-test and a heart stress test all at BNH for the Friday (the heart stress is first, then the jabs, then the eye-test...). I'll return back to Naypyidaw just 2 days later.
  7. I work in Myanmar and, as a foreigner, am not allowed to invest in bank savings accounts or the new stock market. So what can I do with my hard-earned salary? I opened a trading account with KT-ZMICO in Bangkok. This is a well-respected and low-cost brokerage service, part of KTB bank. There was no minimum opening balance and the trading fees are very low. I can invest in Thai ETFs, which are a reasonably safe long-term investment, with modest gains. I hand-carry USD every few months from Myanmar to Bangkok, drop it into my Bangkok Bank account and then go online to transfer sums at my leisure to KT-ZMICO, and to buy and sell - I don't actually sell, long-term investment - ETFs at my leisure. It works for me.
  8. Very good suggestion. I'll check with BNH to see if they can accommodate this.
  9. Both. I started my training on the treadmill, but I also run on a relatively flat road. Since it's monsoon season right now, most of my training is in the gym and I'm now increasing the treadmill incline little by little.
  10. On my breaks from working in Myanmar, I stay for a few days in Pattaya. I rent a room in a nice and clean hotel on Soi 6. Am I a whore-monger? No. I haven't got the slightest interest in risking my wallet and the chance of getting an STD. The women in Soi 6 are friendly and greet me every morning. Each early morning, I jog along the beach walkway, which is an excellent location for jogging and walking. I go to the private hospital for some fitness/blood tests each time, to check that all is OK. I visit the wide range of shops and supermarkets, able to buy food that I can't buy in Myanmar. I visit the gym each day. I relax in the restaurants and cafes, and watch the world go by - plenty of interesting people and sights to see in Pattaya. So for me, Pattaya is a very pleasant, cheap and safe place to stay, for a break, and it is top of my list as a retirement location after I finish my work in Myanmar in perhaps 5-10 years from now. Now... if you are a whore-monger, ladyboy-chaser, druggie, cheap-charlie, drunken motorbike-rider, alcoholic, thief, loony, night-owl or general low-life, then I'm sure you have plenty to complain about Pattaya - because you've brought those problems on yourself..
  11. That 'general consensus' has been disproven, and it can be up to about 30bpm in error :) It is especially found to be in error for people who are athletes or very fit. My current state of fitness seems to be very good, with a resting HR of about 54 bpm and running 10km in 1 hour, (which is not bad at 58 years old). When I jog for 1 hour, I never get tired. My heart never races, I don;t get short of breath and I don't get a stitch. I stop after 10km because that is the distance that I'm happy to train for, (as opposed to running a marathon). Over the next few months, I expect to reduce my 10Km time to about 50 minutes as I increase my pace.
  12. What about hansum and no money?
  13. I assume you mean the phrase that you highlighted ==> my maximum HR is about 185 bpm. There are various ways to do this. But the quickest (and maybe most exhausting way) is to jog on a treadmill whilst continually monitoring your HR. Gradually increase the treadmill speed faster and faster until you are running at the fastest pace that you can manage without collapsing! Before you hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill, note your HR. That's a very simplified explanation. If you Google maximum HR, you'll find a more detailed explanation. When I jog, my maximum HR never seems to go above about 166 bpm. Every week, I increase the pace by about 0.3kph. So right now, I'm jogging 10km at 10kph. My heart rate is still about 166 bpm after 10km (1 hour). I have absolutely no concerns about the health of my heart - I am simply being 'prudent' to take these heart tests, just in case the 0.0000001% chance of having a heart issue is identified. @Lopburi3, I checked that BNH package price. It expires 1 day before I'll be in Bangkok!!
  14. But I hope under 50's are allowed to visit. It would cramp my style if I'm limited to hookers 50+ years old :)
  15. Same as Robblok. I'm a very happy single guy, (having ditched the 'baggage' on several previous occasions). At my age, I highly doubt that any woman is going to be concerned about the size of my beer gut (or the size of my genitalia!). It's the size of my wallet that matters :) But assuming that one is in a serious relationship, it would be great if both partners could encourage each other to stay in shape and to eat healthily, if only to maximise their time together on this earth. Often, one sees couples who are obese and plagued with illness or disease as a result of their obesity. I think a third party outside that relationship needs to step in and motivate them to do something about their diet/weight issues.