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  1. The lady in question may not agree with you.... Also, other posters have said that maybe she doesn't want any help. But is she Compos mentis (lucid and able to make common-sense decisions)? If not, then decisions need to be made for her, and that probably needs more direct involvement from her embassy.
  2. I can remember frequenting a karaokee bar near Phuket Airport some years ago (I enjoy Morlam music and speak Thai and Issan). Most of the Issan serving staff were maybe 14 or 15 years old and 'available'. The owner of the bar never had any problems with the local police because he was also local police....
  3. LoL, recognising sarcasm isn't your strong point is it? Many monitor lizards are eaten by Issan and Burmese folk in Phuket, even though they're protected.
  4. I'll just complete that last sentence: "Facebook page named 'Phuket Lifeguard Service' with the caption “Nai Harn has a guest today. We had to take it off the beach because our staff all wanted 'lizard fricassee' tonight" :)
  5. And with that excellent advice, you are now well-prepared for your first bungy jump in Thailand - just make sure that it is over water.
  6. LoL, I know what my problem is. I'm located in Myanmar, and trying to link to a video on Facebook. Since Myanmar used to be a sanctioned country, the 'idiots' at Facebook have forgotten to remove the block on accessing the video from Myanmar (I encounter many websites who still have a block on Myanmar IP addresses). I'd switch on my VPN, but Crossy has explained it all.....
  7. That depends whether you regard it as a race or not. I'm not racing, neither against any other runner, nor against myself. I'm going to do the half-marathon for my own personal satisfaction. If I have to walk 50% of the course to finish, then so be it. But I expect to do OK. I am jogging every day, with an average Km time of 5 minutes, 5 seconds, which should bring me in under 2 hours for the full course. Having lived in SE Asia for 17 years, I'm quite used to exercising (jogging, cycling and walking) in the heat of the day (mad dogs and Englishmen etc). It's about 38 degrees here in Naypyidaw, but no problem for me to cycle and jog in that heat - I drink plenty of water and never push myself too hard.
  8. Bwaaah!!!! No Thai can keep a secret :)
  9. This thread is 2 months old. I'm happy to report that after a slow start, I got my diet worked out to ensure that I was calorie-deficient. I also started cycling to/from work, jogging every day, and gym work (to tone up my puny muscles) every second day. My initial weight was about 73Kg with some 'generous' love handles and ab-flab. I'm now at 65Kg, feeling very good. My fat % is still about 19%, according to a fat calibre measurement and an Inbody measurement in BKK. My flab has much reduced, but I've still got some way to go. As yet, I do not look like a very thin rake. For my body size/shape, I look OK. I had a full health check-up in Thailand a few weeks ago. Every check absolutely normal (BP, good/bad chloresterol, DHEA, sugar levels etc etc). My diet is basically raw veg, fresh fruit, nuts, beans, probiotic yogurt, home-made kefir milk, red wine, lean chicken, oily fish. I cut out a lot (alcohol except moderate red wine, sugars, white rice, bread, processed foods etc etc).
  10. You cannot just make up a rule and declare yourself not responsible. In many (most?) countries, radio and TV stations are legally responsible for any inappropriate content that is aired. If they interview a nazi on live TV and he starts to use the worse form of swear words etc, the TV or radio station will be fined. If someone sends an inappropriate SMS text message, they can be fined (I know, because I was fined 500 GBP yonks ago by the UK SMS regulator for using foul language!). I could create a mobile video platform similar to Youtube, and then absolve myself from any responsibility about the content that people upload - but I cannot absolve myself from the Law - it doesn't (or shouldn't) work that way. If Facebook will not take action to real-time monitor Facebook Live, then that function of Facebook should be restricted (as a techie, I know that is it easy to block Facebook Live, whilst still allowing all the other functionality of Facebook).
  11. @Mowlem, thank you very much for your contribution to this discussion, especially your comment about the problems between Yangon and Mandalay sign languages. I guess it is similar to conversation in mixed language families. My Thai/Issan family would chat with me in a mixture of Issan, Thai and English words in the same sentence ==> our own 'micro-language'. Certainly, lip-reading a tonal language will be more difficult than a non-tonal language, although the context of the overall sentence can help with the understanding of which tone is used on a word. You could always use your hand to indicate high, low, rising etc tone. Do you have any more details about the status of deaf sign language in Myanmar? One of my responsibilities here in Naypyidaw is to try to ensure that all young students receive the same opportunities in education, regardless of any physical or learning difficulty issues. (I am certified as a Speech & Language Specialist, as well as a Special Educational Needs SEN teacher). For example, do you know if the deaf sign languages used in Myanmar bear a resemblance to any other sign languages, such as British Sign Language (BSL)? - There could be a relationship, due to Burma history. But I'm not sure if the Myanmar deaf communities had an established, comprehensive sign language when the Brits were in Burma. I appreciate the input from all posters :)
  12. Usually I'm against censorship. But if the police/Thai government want to block Facebook (via the international internet gateways) when they are alerted to such a disturbing video as this one, then I'm all for this. If Facebook won't take down a video for 24 hours, then I'm sure the Thai government can do this at the flick of a switch. Yes they can! Radio stations and TV stations are responsible for not allowing inappropriate content to be aired 'live' - they often use a short time delay function so that the engineer can cut the broadcast if something unsuitable is said or viewed. Text-chat services also have to have live monitoring, to ensure that content is within the legal regulations of that service (I know - I used to run textchat services on satellite TV). Facebook Live AND other such live services should only be allowed to those individuals or organisations who have been vetted, and who present a very low risk of airing inappropriate material. If Facebook will not monitor their content in real-time, or if it is physically impossible to monitor it, then cut it off until technology advances to a stage where they can monitor in real-time. Why should Facebook Live be above the regulations that apply to other broadcasters?
  13. When I had my T-test in Pattaya a few weeks ago, the level was 400, (I'm 58 years old). The Swiss doctor said that this was low for my age, but not too low. He recommended (but did not push too much), for me to have some T-injections. I decoded against this for several reasons: - I cam currently on a healthy diet/fitness regime, which may well boost my T-level naturally - Since I live in Myanmar and don't visit Thailand that often, I'd have to inject the T myself. Of course that is possible (Tropo and others), but I decided to hold off for the moment on this - mainly because of my get-fit regime. Unexpectantly, I will be back in BKK in 3 months, so I intend to get my T levels measured again, to see if they have naturally increased after another 3 months of cardio, gym work, jogging, cycling and a fruit/veg/nuts/probiotic diet. If an increase in my T-levels increases my libido, then this isn't a desired result for me, due to the lack of a partner/wife/gik/pay-for-play in my location in Myanmar! (Seen a few sheep though).
  14. This news item is all over the international news channels (BBC). Facebook is bleating over how it is trying to improve the monitoring of videos that are uploaded to Facebook Live. What it doesn't yet seem to recognise is that Facebook Live provides a channel for nutters and perverts to get their one minute of fame. I say close down or block Facebook Live, until Mark and his team of very rich company colleagues get their act together and ensure that every single upload to Facebook Live is moderated and checked for its content. If that is impossible to do, then close Facebook Live until the technology exists to make it possible.