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  1. simon43

    Beware Beer Vendor Fraud!

    I don't know how you sleep at night - you need to get a hobby
  2. simon43

    Getting down to my ideal weight

    Looking around in Thailand at the huge number of obese, sweaty, unfit and unhealthy Westerners, I'd say having a bit of vanity isn't a bad thing. Looks isn't just about 'looking good' - it is also about being healthy. (Why is my facial skin in good and healthy condition? ==> because I look after it, keep out of the sun, use moisteriser, don't smoke etc)
  3. simon43

    Pattaya / THExpats / Health-Self-insured?

    If they can afford the golf fees, then they can afford private medical insurance. IMHO, they have their priorities all wrong! I'm a lowly teacher in Myanmar, almost 60 years old. I can afford international private medical insurance because I prioritise it as an important expenditure for someone of my age and location. Up to each individual where their priorities lie of course, but don't complain if you have a heart attack on the golf course and have to pay out of your own funds for treatment...
  4. "Pleased with the reduction in Chinese tourists at Maya Beach, the Thai authorities are experimenting with alternative methods to further reduce the number of Chinese tourists..."
  5. simon43

    Soy Milk on the street

    Which is probably not a bad thing if you're a woman...
  6. In that case, can I suggest you move to another country
  7. @Impulse, speaking in general terms, and of course IMHO, it is the growing use of drugs such as Yabba and kratom which is making Thailand drop down my list of retirement locations. I can manage old drunken men, but not unpredictable young men high on yabba or kratom. (Before you tell me that kratom is a minor soft drug that causes no harm, tell that to my Chinese female guests who were chased through the nearby wood by an idiot high on kratom and waving a loaded gun at them - it is documented by them on TripAdvisor!). I imagine that many users of these drugs partake because they see little future in their lives. Whatever - I personally don't need those hassles, I want to enjoy a quiet life.
  8. I sympathise very much with Colin, because AFAIK he is effectively 'stuck' in that village (family etc), and relocating would probably be quite difficult. I was forced out of Thailand after living there for 12 years or so. The reason? Drug-dealers invading my property and death threats (2 of my local staff had already been shot dead and their killers never brought to justice). This wasn't in some Issan back-water, but within spitting distance of Phuket International Airport. I despair of the direction in which Thailand is heading, with increasing use of drugs and extreme violence to settle the most minor of disputes. My plan was to return to live in Thailand after completing my job in Myanmar. But the daily news from Thailand is really making me rethink my long-term plans...
  9. Unless things have changed over the past few years, the answer is yes. I studied spoken Mandarin Chinese in Phuket about 5 years ago, and had no problems getting an ED visa to study at the licensed language school. However, when I went to renew that ED visa at Phuket Immigration, they said I would have to do a language test. I explained that I was learning Chinese, and did they have a Chinese speaker in their office. They replied that they didn't and so they would do the Thai language test with me!! Luckily, I already spoke Thai to a good level, so I passed the language test and got my new ED visa/visa extension...
  10. simon43

    Looking for new ideas for weight loss....

    Skippy, I agree with Robblok and Sheryl. Be patient! A little weight loss per month, every month will soon see your weight down at an acceptable/target level. If you try to 'push things' too fast, either by over-exercising or by eating a minimal diet, then I think your determination to lose weight will suffer from the hunger pangs or aching muscles. Slowly, slowly is the best way to achieve your goals.
  11. Serious question here, and I have raised it after reading a homework essay from one of my students in Myanmar, aged about 12 years old. She wrote about her hobby which is swimming, and she explained that she swam every day in the local pool in order to try to increase her height, which is perhaps a little short when compared to other girls of similar age. I had never heard that swimming could increase one's height (when still a child). So it got me thinking about what factors could help to increase one's height. As a child, I was always told to drink my milk, because it contained calcium, which was important for strong bones and would make me grow tall (It didn't). My mad Thai ex-wife, who is all of 143 cm tall (or short), had a strange torture-like apparatus bed on which she lay with a strap around her chin, which was attached to a mechanism to pull her joints apart.... needless to say, she is still 143 cm in height! I know that genetics of one's parents can play a major role in determining one's height. That aside, are there any proven ways to increase one's height as a child, before growth plates close up and adult height is achieved?
  12. For whatever reason, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan do not exist on the map of data results on the OP link. It would be interesting to know how English proficiency in these countries compares to the ranking of other Asian countries.
  13. If you are from the USA, then in most cases you can own 100% of the Thai business (Google for the Thai-American Amity Treaty). So if you are buying an existing Thai limited company business, then you can own 100% of the shares. AFAIK, you don't need to inject any new funds into that business - you just need to pay the funds to buy the business and then change the shareholding arrangement so that you (or you and other USA citizens) are the sole shareholders, with no Thais involved.
  14. Along with a few other posters, I also find the selling of Nazi memorabilia in very bad taste. But the seller is doing this to make money and probably has no idea of the Nazi history. Buyers of these items will either be Thai (and they also are likely to be ignorant of Nazi history), or right-wing, European fascists who either know the history very well, or have a warped view of that history. The police won't stop the guy selling these items. But kudos to the Frenchman for making the police aware that some foreign tourists find their display and sale to be in bad taste.