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  1. Agreed. I think protesters on all sides and opinions should be legally required to show their faces. Certainly, those who commit violence (and that is being committed by both sides of these protests) cannot commit their violence behind the mask of anonymity.
  2. There are regular discussions on Thaivisa about the best medical health insurance policy to take out. But I don't see any discussions about income protection insurance, should one be employed and fall ill or have a serious accident. I'm aged 58 and intend to work until I'm maybe 65 or 67 in the job that I enjoy. I am able to save the majority of my salary to provide a modest income when I retire. But these plans would be scuppered if I were to have a long-term illness or accident that would prevent me from earning my salary. What I need is an income protection policy that will pay out a % of my usual salary, (typically 80% I understand), after a wait period of say 6 months. Many companies offer these types of policy. But as with medical insurance, I think that the conditions and premiums vary from company to company. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of a recommended income protection policy/company?
  3. I always thought that deductibles were a good idea, to keep the insurance premium cost down. But 2 years, whilst working in Thailand, I had a BUPA Thailand policy, with no deductible. At some point, I became ill with what seemed to be Dengue fever. Had I opted for an insurance policy with an excess/deductible, then I would have stayed at home and tried to recover without the assistance of a hospital. But the fact that I had zero deductible meant that I went straight (staggered straight) to Phuket International Hospital and was admitted straightaway, being placed on IV drips and taken good care of by the cute nurses. So for me, having a deductible sounds like a good idea on paper, but isn't really a good idea, in that it encourages me not to seek medical treatment for an illness that might turn out to be rather serious. With zero deductible, you can just go to the hospital and be admitted for tests. Note - hospitals are very happy to admit you, rather than provide these tests as an outpatient, because they know that many medical insurance policies will not pay out for OP tests/treatment.
  4. Gut banding/sleeving

    Teddog, can you please give a very brief summary of your typical food and drink consumption in a day?
  5. As was mentioned in the OP, the budget excludes accommodation costs. Here in Naypyidaw (Myanmar), I eat fresh food every day (fruit, veg, yog, nuts), plus dark chocolate, some wine. Go to the gym every day, use the swimming pool in a 5-star hotel. Average daily spend is under 10,000 MMK ==> 5.66 GBP. I can get almost 3 months out of that 500 GBP :)
  6. Perhaps history will relate how World War III was started by two crazy guys who were having 'bad hair' days....
  7. Er.... he did! :)
  8. I got one of his Honda XR125's. Sound, reliable bike. (When I lived in the UK, I rode bikes from an early age, bought my first car when I was 28 years old. My last back was a Honda Goldwing GL1000). I'm going to use this bike at the weekends and holidays to visit the 'sights', as well to get to some remote schools/orphanages. I have a long weekend in a few weeks from now, so plan to ride up to Loikaw region. BTW - Mandalay was full of western tourists, not the same as Naypyidaw!
  9. And the answer is ... no! When I cam up from NPD on the bus, I saw many signs forbidding motorbikes on the motorway. Zach confirmed that they were not allowed from the Mandalay tollway (near the airport), and that if you want to use the motorway, then you have to drive around that tollbooth and the Mekila tollbooth etc, without being spotted by the police. The alternative (which is what I did), is to take the old Yangon highway. It was a longer journey, but I arrived safely in NPD.
  10. Out Patient Insurance Coverage

    AFAIK, it would be rejected, on the grounds that you were not admitted. As an example, I have in-patient coverage and no out-patient coverage. I have an injured shoulder (fell off a ladder), and probably need a scan and then surgery. To ensure that I'm fully-covered, I need to plan my time so that I can be admitted for the scan and then surgery.
  11. Close sex report NGO: Hun Sen

    According to the report on another forum, HS's anger is actually because the girls were Vietnamese girls in Cambodia, not Cambodian girls...
  12. Although I assume it's OK (I shouldn't really assume anything in Myanmar), does anyone know if there are 'issues' to ride a motorbike on the main road (motorway) from Mandalay to Naypyidaw (I live in NPD)? On Saturday, I plan to take the bus up to Mandalay, buy an off-road motorbike from Zach (Mandalay Motorbikes), and then drive back to NPD, where I'll use the bike for weekend trips etc. I have my Foreigner's Registration Certificate etc, in case of problems at check points. Update: I note this comment from the Highway Police in MM Times:
  13. Well, he's got a point there.....
  14. You could also look at King Mongkut's University of Technology. They are very strong in technical subjects and offer BSc courses taught in Englosh. This would be your starting page: http://global.kmutt.ac.th/admissions/active-recruitment