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  1. Given the national anthem ends with the words: The combat trousers and bow and arrow demonstrate that he is always prepared - a sure candidate for the "I'm considerably more Thai than you" garland of the year.
  2. rwdrwdrwd

    Super simple speakers which sync w Apple Blue Tooth

    No soldering required - you need a generic micro USB cable and something to plug it into like one of these (this is both cable and adaptor - everything you need) https://www.lazada.co.th/products/universal-5v-2a-us-plug-wall-charger-adapter-micro-usb-1-i207874475-s312941618.html I can't remember whether mine came with one or not - I'd have immediately recognised the slot though and just plugged it into one I already have, so quite possible it didn't and I just went onto autopilot. It's quite possible you have one lying around, loads of devices use them, I have about 50 of them it plugs in to the top right bit of the photo you posted, above the C11
  3. Which is obviously why The Manic stated Given it is possible to have legislation that means alcohol can be legal to consume but driving under the influence is illegal, it is possible to have legislation that means *drug* can be legal to consume but driving under the influence of *drug* is not. It is in fact what many countries do - there are distinct offences in many jurisdictions around the world that address driving under the influence of substances separately from the consumption of them. Pretty simple concept.
  4. I just sent my wife with her blue book and the documents, and instructions that she wanted to register an alien staying at her house (she's a tenant, and I told her not to proffer the information that she wasn't the owner) - they didn't bat an eyelid, done in 5 minutes.
  5. Jawdropping - they need locking up for decades, and would be in most places around the world. 2 months in the monkhood here and a bribe I expect...
  6. This one then for 1200 - https://www.limousine.in.th/fast-track-immigration.html "This service can be used with any type of airplane ticket, not only business or first class tickets."
  7. There's a few, but here's one https://www.bangkokflightservices.com/home/bfs-services/premium-airport-services/ - 700 baht it seems. They basically take you through a special channel, skipping all the queues.
  8. It was Don Muang BTW - I hear they are much harsher on regular Visa Exemption entries. The immigration officer said he had to leave for "6 months", but he signed up with a Muay Thai school that offered an ED visa, flew with the paperwork to Ho Chi Minh, spent a few days there waiting for the application to be granted, then flew back with the visa - no issues at all on return to Suvarnabhumi, nor with in country extensions since - he did use the VIP immigration service upon arrival which may have been a factor.
  9. Happened to a friend of mine, they threatened to refuse entry, and initially told him he had to buy a flight back to the UK before they would let him in. They eventually accepted a flight to Malaysia after speaking to my wife. They do put a visible flag on the computer system - he went immediately to extend it to see if they would and the (friendly) immigration officer mentioned it, but did the extension anyway. He's been out and back since (with a visa) and had no further issues.
  10. rwdrwdrwd

    Super simple speakers which sync w Apple Blue Tooth

    I can't guarantee it will do so, but it does for me, yes - need to pair it the first time you connect - pin was 0000 in case it isn't mentioned in the box. IIRC it auto pairs with the last paired device when it comes back in range. Worth a punt at 180 baht.
  11. rwdrwdrwd

    Super simple speakers which sync w Apple Blue Tooth

    Believe it or not, I have one of these 180 baht decoders plugged into the in of my $500 Bose unit (which I obtained for $100 - it's good but not $500 good) on the terrace: https://www.lazada.co.th/-i108616470-s110099561.html Works perfectly, always reconnects with the old iPad we use for outdoor music (another Facebook marketplace bargain) and no sound degradation that I can notice. Would work the same with *any* speaker that has line in (pretty much all of them). Worth a try at that price.
  12. It was a joint - watch the video. Not that any of the smoke entered his lungs.
  13. rwdrwdrwd

    Black Magic

    You need a silica gel exorcist.
  14. Demonstrably untrue given the content in the OP.
  15. A cynic would be forgiven for thinking there's a method to the madness. I suspect the SEC might be feeling cynical. That said, he barely touched the thing, and I don't think the smoke touched his lungs - he smoked it like a 10 year old with a cigar ?