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  1. Investigator - I thought everyday was a day off for Investigators.
  2. If you really want to live the Playboy life style and understand the financial requirements, you should have a talk with "Boss" I believe he knows a little about this.
  3. She is sending her little boy to University......Should have sent him to the Army.
  4. It's not 300K Baht that he needs. But I suspect mum has always let him have his own way since birth.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me to see Harvey Weinstein dashing into a Thai 7-11 now.
  6. McDonald's trials unusual method to get diners to talk to each other

    The diners will have to start carrying 'Flipcard Emojis' so as they can communicate with each other.
  7. Fun in the floods in Nakhon Sawan

    At least there is a positive side to the flooding.
  8. As some posters have commented, 40K is a bit high end for a give away. How many of these are they going to supply ?
  9. Yes always a treat to watch a Chinese tour group harvest a buffet.
  10. Thai Thai marriage and sin sot

    The Sin Sod sweepstakes - A game the girls whole family can play.
  11. "The wild colonial boy" has not seen the end of his problems yet.
  12. Yes and they may also need to be Transgender and have a special toilet.
  13. gf son is pregnant

    I like the way your wife thinks.
  14. I can't wait until they introduce the sport of 'Hide & Seek' into the Olympics. Thailand will have to bring home a few gold, just look at all the training they do.
  15. They would have been lined up at the gate of her residence to get in first so as they could go through her panty draw. Who know what evidence could be uncovered.