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  1. If the OP's question was directed at my wife, I would say Listening. She should learn to listen to all my statement or question before telling me I'm wrong.
  2. Want to know what's wrong with today's youth?

    When I was a young kid I can always remember my mother saying "If your going to cry I'll give you something to cry about". That usually was enough to shut me up.
  3. Some of the airlines in the west should do this, it would cut their passenger list in half. Then maybe you could get some service for the lazy buggers.
  4. The David Copperfield's of Thailand. They can make strange items appear, and quickly make (paper like) items disappear. A well polished act.
  5. Scooter for Girl

    Yes you sometimes get a free helmet with a new motorcycle, but some of the free helmets are about as good as putting an empty ice cream bucket on your head. How much is your head worth ?
  6. Scooter for Girl

    Take her helmet shopping first.
  7. So the locals and the rock all missed out on a happy ending.
  8. Well on the positive side, at least this scammer put some effort into his scam. I prefer to see this than someone just setting up a "GoFundMe" page to scam people.
  9. Bar problem

    OP what game was she playing on her phone ? Maybe you would have been good at that.
  10. "The pot calling the kettle black". Old sayings really do have a meaningful reference.
  11. Many Thai ladies find it hard to tell their husband that they are going to visit (service) their other husband, so they won't give too many details.
  12. "It's an old law".....Used by Outlaws.
  13. Lottery mad family !!

    Thais and lottery numbers, this is one area where Thais really do excel at putting in hard work to find the winning number. Unfortunately most are no good at it.
  14. Has the world gone completely bonkers?