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  1. My wife's house is worth 9,000,000 THB. She is a self made woman. (Made it all off of me)
  2. Always sit as close as possible to the driver. The driver nearly always survives the accident. Good luck.
  3. Gracas

    Domestic violence in Thailand advice

    You say your gf has been violent with you for 5 years. She is only your gf and I assume there are no kids, so unless you like coming home and having your gf give you a tune-up its time to move on. Ok, it may cost you a little bit of money, it may also cost you your job. But much cheaper than having her stick a knife into you. It does not take planning, you could have moved on 5 years ago when you discovered she had a problem. Hell 5 years you could have planned a mission to Mars and been well on your way.
  4. Gracas

    Burning rubbish in middle of Bangkok?

    OP if you can find a way to resolve this obsession Thias have with burning rubbish, there are most likely people here that will pay you for the solution. They have been doing this all their live and don't consider the affect it has on others. I do hope you can find a way to put an end to this as it is irritating.
  5. Spend some time around Indian tailor shops. You will get a lot of quality practice at avoiding conversation, then when a Thai initiates conversation you will find it easy to avoid.
  6. Was the soldier a cook by any chance ? If you need to get a few kills under your belt maybe you should start with your brother-in-law. I remember a thread where you were not too happy with him.
  7. So just another Nigerian scam. Sorry, British scam.
  8. You left me 10 years ago for another man....OK Now that man has dumped your arse….Shit happens. You want to come back to me after all this time...OK BUT climb into MY hammock and think you are back on easy street...Not going to happen.
  9. Yes, because for many it would become 'half arsed'.
  10. Out in the woods it is all just Twigs and Berries.
  11. Gracas

    Cockroach Milk Could One Day Become the Ultimate Superfood

    The Researchers will now be asking the government for a hand out to continue their research. $20Million should be enough to last a year or two.
  12. Gracas

    Are single women in Thailand into make up?

    "Makeup". I think you would be better off just starting an argument with her, then find out if she is into makeup sex before you go giving her expensive gifts.
  13. Gracas

    Cheap Rolls Royce for me Mom in Law

    If the 2K is Baht, then the best available is a bicycle or maybe a pair of roller stakes. Better if she just walks.
  14. Gracas

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    Yes correct. You need to question, is it or is it not registered. They could be asking for the 20K divorce money even if there is no registered marriage. Stranger things have happened in the past with others.
  15. Gracas

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    OP - While your discussing this with your GF you might also want to ask her how much Sin Sod did this prince pay ? I'm guessing he paid nothing. Something you may want to remember should the subject of marriage come up in the future. As has been said, Why does she want a divorce ? If not to marry you or someone else. Also was it a registered marriage ?