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  1. I don't have any laptop. I need to buy one now. I said: if I buy one coming from a foreign country I have to pay import tax and the warranty isn t accepted by thai assistance service so what if the laptop doesn t work?
  2. I understand that. I think this same thing applies also to mobile phones and tv. You buy it just to see its price dramatically decreases in a couple of months. I need a laptop and I want to use well my money. Buying one with no warranty in thailand seems wrong to me. Buying a refurbished one here from a reliable seller...really I don t know how. So what's left. Oh yes. Buying a cheap one and add ram and ssd later. Lol. I am back to the start point
  3. I didn't mean to bother you. Sorry for that. I like these 2 laptops even if they are second hand. Prices are ok (though not sure about import tax) But as you say I am not used to uk keyboard and most of all my concern is about the warranty. Does it work in thailand? In case it doesnt work I have to ship it back to UK?
  4. You don t say it has to be necessary a second hand laptop but you don t also say which new one is ok for you. Maybe it's just because you can't find a new one which you think is good for 25-30k. Everybody can buy an excellente laptop by spending a lot of money or take the risk by buying a second hand one with excellent specs. But both are not an option for me that's all
  5. or maybe you're just pointing out that i should buy a second hand one?
  6. so please can you suggest a new laptop to buy here for 25-30k budget?
  7. https://www.advice.co.th/product/notebook/notebook-asus/notebook-asus-vivobook-s-s530fn-bq098t-gun-metal- https://www.lazada.co.th/products/dell-notebook-3576-w566955149wthw10-156-fhd-i7-8550u-amd-radeon-r5-520-8gb-ssd-256gb-win10-2y-onsite-i207803800-s442662086.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.2.71ec4334AURO9B&search=1 which one is the best one between these 2?
  8. one more question, i understand that ssd is better than hdd and for this reason i have only looked at laptops with ssd. What about the combination of the 2? Asus vivobook for example has hdd sata 1tb + 256gb ssd. Is this one ok? Or is it still preferable having just ssd with no hdd?
  9. i am going to buy this one but first i have a couple of more doubts 1st one is the AMD radeon 520 which i was told is bad and also hard to update 2nd one is that it comes with no windows. Wgdanson you said it's easy to install windows by downloading it from microsoft website and then activate by buying a key on ebay. I was told that installing windows on a new laptop is preatty hard for a non expert user like me. You stated it was easy didn't you? buy it or not? mmmhhh...
  10. is it true that Ryzan processors are as good as intel ones? if so i could take in consideration many models that i have avoided so far. Don't know why but most of the laptops with 15.6" screen (the one i need) in many cases have some strange specs that disappoint me like right the ryzan processor....
  11. Actually i have already an home computer and the laptop will be used to go out sometimes and avoid to spend entire days at home
  12. thanks i ll buy it in thailand, with warranty possibly for more than 1 year as you said. Now my problem is which one to buy lol Dell inspiron 15.6 fhd 8gb ram and 256gb ssd seems the best one but it comes with an useless dvd and for this it's a bit heavy. The cost is just a bit over my 25k budget (25.9k). I don't find an alternative so i guess this is it....
  13. well, definitely not going to buy a computer with no warranty in thailand
  14. Thanks I'll do it! May I ask you one more thing? What do you think about buying one laptop on eBay or Amazon from Us or UK sellers? I have found surely better prices and some seller also specify the import tax duty. My only concern is about the plug and the voltage that in Thailand are different. A simple adaptor would be enough? Would you buy a laptop this way to save some money?
  15. sorry do you know if there are problems with the charger plug for laptops coming from US? I'd like to follow your advice and buy one on ebay or Amazon from Us sellers but i am concerned about voltage issues and not sure an adaptor could be enough to solve the problem