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  1. The trousers and hat are nice too. OP, Is that the very same bike you bought in the olden days?
  2. Everything you brought up in OP is about right.
  3. MT7
  4. prolly have 60 psi
  5. Well we are past Songkran now. It has been one year since papa acquired the Aprilia Climber [Yamaha RXZ] trials bike. Really happy to discover the stand-up riding style. papa started training at the garbage strewn empty lots, behind condo, and now riding regularly at KhaoMaiKaeo Reserve, a most excellent trail riding area. Carried on last summer in Colorado after acquiring an YT350 there ,, as chronicled above. Have dented-up and broken hardware but never hurt the software past minor scrapes. [+Buddha] Have benefitted bigly from the exercise. Guessing have taken a trials bike riding aboot 150 X this past year. It has been very fun. You should try it. ;-)
  6. How many horse power?
  7. Take it to car wash for detail job too. Make her happy.
  8. Ya. If you recently acquired bike and don't know history could get both engine and rear drive changed/checked pretty cheap. Engine oil is changed every few thousand K, but rear can go loooong time// because doesn't get hot and break down.
  9. 1st try alcohol from pharmacy or.... then maybe acetone/fingernail polish remover.
  10. you seem reluctant to answer a fair question, O learned one. maybe papa's 'nous' is bad too?, dunno.
  11. How much your head worth? How much your helmet cost?
  12. CFR came with 21x18, i guess. Good idea having another set of wheels available depending upon mission.. "Dual-Sportier" papa prefer the 21" front tho, in case of accidentally slam of pot-hole or dog or sum thing.
  13. i stand corrected. & good idea R-BKK ++ & papa goes weeks without ever looking down at speedo. whats the point of it? dunno. Back in the world, different story. speeding tick very expensive.
  14. EZ for experienced scooter tech. Change all the bulbs while in there. They're cheap.