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  1. ...funky...
  2. Thanks for the ref to the informative article. /////// Does anyone know of a USD service shop around Patts?
  3. Agreed. Front suspension is the weak point. Only MSlaz gots it right/USD..
  4. papa'd give B60K for ol' Blue.
  5. Decade of evolution.
  6. Good-bye my cow. See you next year. papa is calling it a season for riding @ KMK. Rains have allowed the foliage to encroach upon the trails and caused several tree-falls blocking trails. Many thanks to the local riders who maintain the tracks with chain-saw and machete’. Had the Climber trucked back to the condo yesterday. Will be √-ing out Colorado mountains for a few months. The cool air will be great change. Very itching for firing-up the TY350 iron, & the KLR650 too. ;-)
  7. : 'mercan cousin ?
  8. This add popped up today.
  9. papa is considering buying a unicycle for training.
  10. ...and just as reliable.
  11. ...papa can hop over a 30cm log. Thats about it. For now.
  12. Let the shop handle the transfer.
  13. They are all cheap, ridable & reliable.