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  1. Thai model scooters/bikes a bit ugly?

    My favourite colour is brownish-grey. 2nd favoritest: greyish-brown. 3rd = titanium. pretty nice
  2. Bags for CBR 150

    Well, Saddlebags is the name of the company, so ... prolly happy ending.
  3. does 1/2 inch make big dif. ? Rake has something to do with it. Do the data you consulted show that angle?
  4. Bags for CBR 150

    √ Chiang Rai Saddlebags
  5. Thai model scooters/bikes a bit ugly?

    No wonder that scooters sell so poorly in Thailand.!! What does titanium tint look like. Never been to Malasia, Indonesia, nor Philippines, so don't know.
  6. Looking for a seat cover for PCX

    Best installation is by stapling rather than relying on the elastic and Velcro.
  7. New Honda PCX : how much ?

    ...= about 18 days labor at Thai minimum wage.
  8. rode my cow today about 15 km. The trails are all dry and in good shape. f.. me mountain was pretty easy considering papa's hiatus for Vietnam. The Climber is running strong, great little trail bike. Cool weather lately. ++ Pattaya area dirt riders, ...come on out.
  9. Kawasaki Ninja and Versys 300 Quality?

    good idea.
  10. New Honda PCX : how much ?

    big question is: when & how much for electric and hybrid PCX models?
  11. Yamaha Nmax owners call out

    XMax300 = 2 x NMax150 . ±