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  1. Duh! It's a joke... maybe. Time will tell...
  2. A survey performed by Texas A&M shows Americans think Barack Obama is the 5th best President, ever. Here are the results of the survey: 1. Reagan and Lincoln tied for first; 2. Seventeen other presidents tied for second; 3. Twenty-three presidents tied for third; 4.Jimmy Carter came in fourth; and 5. Obama was fifth.
  3. From the Thai Immigration website: There are a number of options when it comes to extending your Thai visa and this would depend on the type of visa you have in your passport. We will list the most common Thailand visa options and extension options. If you have any questions then ask us on the chat messenger or better yet walk into any of our offices in Thailand for assistance with your visa. Thai Marriage Visa: This visa is valid for 90 days once you enter Thailand and can be extended to 1 year at Thai Immigration if you meet the requirements for the visa extension. We have listed the requirements here. Thai Retirement Visa: This is a visa for those over the age of 50 and who meet the financial requirements as listed on this website. This extension is done at Thai immigration in Bangkok if the requirements are met and these requirements have been listed here. Thai Tourist Visa: This is a 60 day visa and can be extend at Thai immigration in Bangkok or Thai Immigration in Pattaya or Phuket if you pay the 1,900 THB fee for an additional 30 days or another extension of another 7 days. This has been listed here. Thai Multiple Entry Visa: These can be extended. If it is a marriage visa it is explained here. If it is a business visa it is explained here. The Business visa can only be extended with a work permit. The tourist visa can be extend for an additional 30 days after the first 60 days have lapsed. This is explained here. www.thaiimmigration.net/extending-your-thai-visa.html
  4. You're not 100% correct, either. I have a non-immigration (O-A) visa which I extend every year using form TM 7. So what if I used the word "renew" instead of "extend" in my original post? ... you missed the point of my post.
  5. I just had the same experience as OP at Chiang Rai Immigration: bank book last entry was in July and I got the letter from my bank verifying funds today. Had to go back to my bank and add THB100 and get photocopy of updated book. I found out during my return that the big boss only visits the CEI office on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I was unable to get my visa renewal today. Guess I will see on Monday if I need to add another THB100 and get a new letter. Also, this is the first time they asked for copies of every stamped page in my passport plus copies of my Thai GF's house book and ID.
  6. ...and here's a fault line map for northern Thailand.
  7. Here's a seismic risk map for Thailand... from 2005.
  8. The NY Post had a good article about Hillary avoiding the ER after her collapse on 9/11 and going instead to Chelsea's apartment to avoid being examined by the hospital's doctors. Included was the attached cartoon of her ailments. The Post even had a short video of internet conspiracy theories that Hillary used a body double leaving Chelsea's apartment: different nose, different hair, much younger, no Secret Service detail, etc. Here's the link to the article: nypost.com/2016/09/12/clinton-skips-out-on-emergency-room-during-health-episode/ Kaine needs to "man up" and accept the odds Hillary might not last 4 or 8 years.
  9. History repeats itself. See attachment...
  10. The undersea internet cable is broken again near Hong Kong. Repairs are supposed to start tomorrow (29th), and will take one week or so... depending on the weather. More details here: http://kickerdaily.com/undersea-internet-cable-breaks-again-causes-slow-internet-across-southeast-asia/
  11. I am OK with storebought "nam pla", which is usually made from fermented anchovies with extra salt and water. I can't imagine eating larb gai, krapow moo, and other dishes without it. However, Iam not a big fan of "pla dak", which my Thai GF makes from anything that swims and ferments in a 40 gallon plastic trash container for one year++. The smell when she pops the lid to scoop out a week's supply causes swarms of green bottle flies to attack like the biplanes attacking King Kong. Thankfully, my GF limits the addition of "pla dak" to small portions added to very well-cooked Thai dishes for me. She has the "pla dak bong" all to herself.... I forgot to mention my GF calls them both "fish sauce". So, best to clarify which one you wish to avoid, when possible. That being said, Thai food just wouldn't taste the same without the use of both types... in moderation, of course. Here's a link to Lao style "pla dak" or "padaek" for the more adventurous of you: http://padaek.com/make-padaek-lao-fermented-fish-sauce-recipe/
  12. Interesting article showing the 100,000 air-conditioned tents in Saudi Arabia used only during the hajj... could easily house 3 Million fellow Muslims: http://www.infowars.com/saudi-arabia-has-100000-empty-air-conditioned-tents-that-can-house-3-million-people-yet-has-taken-zero-refugees/