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  1. Have lived here in Thailand for some years and all this time have searched for the largish savory banana known as "platano" in Latin America and plantain in English. Everywhere that I searched including this forum and by googling, I came to a dead end and was informed that plantains are not to be found in the country. Well, just last week I happened to go to the Kasetsart University yearly fair and to my surprise passed by a stall that had a bunch of the plantains hanging in plain sight. I bought four from him and have already prepared my favorite Colombian soup/"sancocho de gallina" and made some "patacones" which Latinos will understand. I have failed to understand why the plantains are not more commonly found here given the number of Latinos, Africans and folks from the Caribbean who use them frequently in their cuisines. The vendor last week told us that he can be found in Chatuchak Market on Weds. and Thurs. If you're familiar with Chatuchak you will know that on these two days the sellers bring their plants, flowers, trees, etc. The other shops remain closed until the weekend. I hope this information will be helpful. I am attaching a photo. The plantains are actually larger than they look in the picture. Oh, my Thai partner said the vendor called the plantains, "elephant trunk" bananas in Thai or something like that...
  2. Actor Kills Himself On Facebook Live After Sexual Assault Arrest

    RIP. Transplant means that he relocated from one place to another.
  3. Always loved her. RIP.
  4. "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming"...Sorry not to have a link but a google search will have many fantastic choirs singing this lovely song. It reminds me of my time in college choir many moons ago. Sure wish that I had my hearing back to really enjoy and sing this song like before. Blessings.
  5. You might try the various universities. In Bangkok the Kasetsart University Pool had/has? such a diving pool so possibly others do as well. Good luck.
  6. Need to stay 4 months

    Sir, if you don't want to get the multiple-entry visa just don't forget to get your single re-entry permit before you leave or you'll have to start all over again. Best.
  7. Hi, just wish to inform that I have a US account in a Credit Union (Bank) which also does not do international transfers as the OP reports. I also have an account at a regular bank (Bank of America) which does do such transfers.
  8. TV broadcasting guidelines eased

    I'm here in Bangkok as well (Lad Prao area) and all our True channels have not come back as yet. I'm looking at the TV now. I particularly like cooking shows which are now not (yet) being broadcasted on our TV.
  9. My heart is broken as are those of my Thai family. I have revered this man so much ever since I first became associated with Thailand. Condolences to everyone here and abroad that are grieving at this time. Rest in Peace, Beloved King.
  10. Farang child not allowed to play for school team

    I don't understand why the school selected the child in the first place if she is not allowed by sports regulations to play. So sad that they only are told this on the day of the match. Sorry for the child.
  11. Please, please replicate this in Pattaya also.
  12. Thanks for sharing this news on the forum. It is heartbreaking. May Pat rest in peace.
  13. Caught me there...my bad. Yes a valid passport is also required ☺ . I've never given a copy of my Thai DL and to my knowledge it is not a requirement. Have there been some changes since I got my extension last Dec.? Thanks.
  14. Pork Loin Roasting Joint

    Hi, have you tried asking at Tesco or Macro if they can make the specific cut that you require...just a thought. Best.