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  1. Test drive a Honda City

    But still better in the wet than the spinning Widowmaker, aka BMW 3 Series.
  2. Tapatalk Issues

    Found it !! ,rather a fiddle cluttered jumble compared to Tappa, wont go into memory, but can google each time i suppose.
  3. Tapatalk Issues

    Admittedly ize not to bright with gadgets but cant find anything for my new Apple I phone via Chrome,ill try a bit more,thanks.
  4. Tapatalk Issues

    Reason is yer cant get a P.C in yer Pocket,plus many folks these day know people who maintain quite big websites and their bosses only give them hours to fix a glitch, not months like this site. I for one rarely use a PC so its a bit of a pest.
  5. New Toyota Fortuner

    Dont let the Door....................!!
  6. New Toyota Fortuner

    Freddyodbod has just resigned,upset by aThai Visa notification prob.!!
  7. Test drive a Honda City

    Bad Luck for Toyo.
  8. New Toyota Fortuner

    Spots Mode clears pimples.
  9. New Toyota Fortuner

    Wifes Benz was turned off in Showroom, dont even know or want to know how to turn it on either.But then i hate gadgets n gizmoes but love sport mode that rattles yer fillings out and hands free phone ting..
  10. New Toyota Fortuner

    Im told the top sevice foks overide the feature, so its possible to leave it in that mode.They dont like it also.
  11. Tapatalk Issues

    Same with ios
  12. Tourist Driving Licence

    In reality its the Insurance side of things that matter,if you dont have what they require Licence wise a Crash n they walk, You pay Mega Bucks..!!. A Police no Licence fine is just a few Changs.
  13. Test drive a Honda City

    Or anywhere else, it you realy want to, Honda n Toyo dealers are like 7/11 Shops here.
  14. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    BAD, is that word acceptable here.
  15. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    Just accept the Shows gone Tits Up, run by Mr Muddle, who gets the Page Nannies to spank anyone who posts the slightest bit O non English , then collects cash from Thai Language Adverts no one ever reads....Brilliant when it was started by Non P.C. Folk.