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  1. Thank you for your comments. I opened the Bangkok bank account to simply reduce the cost of using ATMS that is all. I was happy with the Rabbit Visa card and with the option of using it also on the BTS. However, in Australia ING bank are offering a 100% refund of any ATM fee anywhere in the world if you deposit at least $1000 per month into your account. So I tried my Australian ING debit card in a SCB ATM Soi 8 Sukhumvit. I was charged 220BHT which is ($9)sure enough I was credited my ATM fee charge within 24hours. So this is another option for Aussies. Thanks once again for comments, this forum has really helped I will be back in Bangkok in December with my Bangkok bank book and I will see what is on offer.
  2. Thanks for your comment I didn’t realise I needed my Bankbook. I left it in Australia. I will just say I lost it and hope they accept this. I get the impression that they are not really interested in helping out. ok thanks I will see how I go.
  3. Hi I am in Phuket soon, and noticed my Bangkok Bank visa card is expiring soon. I opened a Bangkok bank account in Chaing Mai a couple of years ago. I have been to two branches, one in Siam, one in Khoa Lak. Both asked for my ” Bank book and passport” I don’t have my bank book. Is there a friendly Bangkok bank in Phuket that would renew my card ? Thank for any advice. Phil