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  1. 1.so it was NOT TG=THai who surcharged, but some unnamed foreign/western? check-in airport service. Typical TV-shouting before they know details. 2.on the other hand, several western-US airlines do NOT accept too short surnames in their online bookings, f.e. the common Chinese/Malay Ng and also some Viet names.
  2. asanee

    Best jewelry factories?

    unclear-you mean the stuff as such=highly unlikely, or made to order jewels/rings etc. For the latter: dozens of such shops, all having signs only to sell wholesale, around the east end of that much maligned street Khao Sarn )street Tanao).
  3. asanee

    Sky Train

    the extension westbound, looks like in-the-SKY, but is not, its the MRT-going straight east and then dives under the river and under old town and under Chinatown to connect with MRT at Hualampong station. It starts from the crossing with the western ring road near the MALL Bang Khae and thats it for now-of course building the underground takes much longer as inthesky, but its all on schedule for opening late 2Ö19/early2O2O There are plans to extend the BTS (known as skytrain) west from bangWa, but that for now just dreams and the land there is mostly still empty, so not much use for heavy rail transportation-but a boon for property developers
  4. asanee

    Wanting to journey to Koh Chang

    In effect this simply means using the ''over''night coach/bus BKk (both from, Mochit and Ekamai) to TRAT, dep. around 23.00 to arrive before dawn by 5.00-hang around, there is a 7 or so always open, to then find the local songhthaew to port and ferry-hourly, start from island, turn back later from mainland and then to arive long before your hotel opens for check-in. This is thus no all-organised tour. Not many Thai girls will be much impressed with this.
  5. @1.I think yes, but this remains TH and your western mind seems to be not yet adapted: never ever expect things here to run ''ever to schedule all the time''. The other section, depending on how you define Chat/market is the daily OToKo ''organic'' market and -if its still on-the 2nd hand mags/books section beside it, across Kampaeng Pet rd. and JJ Mall-has most things that the unknowing ignorant farang think to only buy on the market sat+sun. MBK also stocks most of that stuff-daily and in AC comfort. @2. The park of the old Tobacco Monopoly, north of Sirikiti Exhib. Centre-MRT same name. @3. dont think so-prestigious HTLs would be first to think of for esp. that newsppr-or online. Again: broaden your experience and start to learn using other means of transport (-ation likely for you).
  6. asanee

    How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    Just use 1 only: buy that T-shirt (also very populair in India/Nepal etc) that says it all; NO sales, NO tuktuk, NO massage etc. text may vary slightly. Its not a particular problem at all in normal BKK-only in real touristic places with too many englishmen worrying about still having to be polite. Most of the pushy vendors are not Thai at all, more like Burmese, nepali or even chinese. Perhaps better to change destination..... (inside TH)
  7. asanee

    VietJet Airlines

    Yes, have flown them (Swampy->HKT) last year and it was the usual unrememorable flite-same same as AA, NOK or ThLion- low fare, no service (or: pay for anything extra). Attendants dressed in what is aimed to give them the ''sexy'' look. Early morning from Swampy-we were bussed some 15/20 mins all around the area to standing plane at far other side from domestic. Very limited network in TH, but uses Swampy and not DMK as base. Very small fleet thus also-more chance on cancellation and no replacement if something gets wrong. Anyone with some brains (what all westerners are so boasting about) can also think of that all by themselves.