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  1. Wanting to journey to Koh Chang

    In effect this simply means using the ''over''night coach/bus BKk (both from, Mochit and Ekamai) to TRAT, dep. around 23.00 to arrive before dawn by 5.00-hang around, there is a 7 or so always open, to then find the local songhthaew to port and ferry-hourly, start from island, turn back later from mainland and then to arive long before your hotel opens for check-in. This is thus no all-organised tour. Not many Thai girls will be much impressed with this.
  2. @1.I think yes, but this remains TH and your western mind seems to be not yet adapted: never ever expect things here to run ''ever to schedule all the time''. The other section, depending on how you define Chat/market is the daily OToKo ''organic'' market and -if its still on-the 2nd hand mags/books section beside it, across Kampaeng Pet rd. and JJ Mall-has most things that the unknowing ignorant farang think to only buy on the market sat+sun. MBK also stocks most of that stuff-daily and in AC comfort. @2. The park of the old Tobacco Monopoly, north of Sirikiti Exhib. Centre-MRT same name. @3. dont think so-prestigious HTLs would be first to think of for esp. that newsppr-or online. Again: broaden your experience and start to learn using other means of transport (-ation likely for you).
  3. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    Just use 1 only: buy that T-shirt (also very populair in India/Nepal etc) that says it all; NO sales, NO tuktuk, NO massage etc. text may vary slightly. Its not a particular problem at all in normal BKK-only in real touristic places with too many englishmen worrying about still having to be polite. Most of the pushy vendors are not Thai at all, more like Burmese, nepali or even chinese. Perhaps better to change destination..... (inside TH)
  4. VietJet Airlines

    Yes, have flown them (Swampy->HKT) last year and it was the usual unrememorable flite-same same as AA, NOK or ThLion- low fare, no service (or: pay for anything extra). Attendants dressed in what is aimed to give them the ''sexy'' look. Early morning from Swampy-we were bussed some 15/20 mins all around the area to standing plane at far other side from domestic. Very limited network in TH, but uses Swampy and not DMK as base. Very small fleet thus also-more chance on cancellation and no replacement if something gets wrong. Anyone with some brains (what all westerners are so boasting about) can also think of that all by themselves.
  5. Found such a card, bent, thus not usably anymore (magnetic stripe!) issued recently-oct.'17, adress from someone in Ontario/CAN. Wonder what is best to do with this, would avoid going to Thai police at all cost. Have found a Norwegian passpt some years ago and brought back to their embassy-thanked profusely, no name from me taken. A Slovak driving licence brought back to their consul-some suspicions, maybe they fear funny stuff. But with the enormous US safety measures and endless waiting times at their embassy, there must be some other way. Or is this all uselss-its just a write-off with replacement made when holder returns home? Please only answers from informed US people who know the ropes-the usual TV-we know all'' people can stay silent.
  6. Fares are like this: on the OLD BTS-as far as Onnut/WongWienYai, its from 15 to 42 bt max. There was-many, many years ago a 50% rise when the MIN fare went from 10 to 15 bt for next stop-maybe that was shortly after 2000. ADD to that a flat 15 bt for riding the new sections beyond those stops, owned by the BMA and not BTS. This was also raised from 10 bt 2 yrs ago or so-maybe thats the outcry about 50% rise.Thus total MAX is 57 bt. With a rabbit you do not get any discount if you are just a normal adult. It saves the hassle of Q-ing up and buying ticket eachtime-and sometimes even to find the entry for that. You CAN get pretty good discounts if you not ask for just add-value, but a TRIP plan- a nr like 20/25/30 trips, to be used in 1 month (unused then will expire) will bring the price down to around 25 bt in lieu of 42. That 15 bt extra will still come extra. Except for the expensive daypass there is NO ride at will season type for longer time.
  7. There used to be one run by that HTL next to the Krungthon bridge. Forgot the name and it may have closed-or under renovation. But there must be a good reason why this is and you name it: -nearly anyone will be first time tourist-or at least 1st time for this novelty of eating on a ship for dinner -yes, indeed, there is preciously little to see north of Krung Thon, certainly at dark times. Except for a few odd lights for high rise condo's. Ditto for south of the BTS-plus there is the higher risk of high tides there coming in from the sea. Just go to asiatic and have dinner there with your party-much more appealing for joe firsttimetouristy.
  8. Luggage Storage at Mochit Bus Station.

    ALL Busstations from BoKoSo have one-some even more, like the Southern in far away taling Chan. Cost varies with size and it wont be more as 40/50 bt for the largest. BU; NO overnite storage-only for the same day! And ever heard of an info-booth that will surely be able to point/tell where it is? Or too afraid now to ask something to Thai? DO watch-like in Southern there are some that show very low prices (private) but these are per HR! and not for the day. southern is in season often flooded with young bekpekkers who come hours too early for their overnight buses.
  9. Any Decent Bookstores in Chinatown?

    1.Kinokun in Siam-Paragon also has a large Chinese section, in fact larger as one might expect in CT itself. From what I recall mostly HKG/taiwan/SIN and not much mainland Chinese. Thai-Chinese who do read and value boox wont be too tempted to go CT for that. For tipical medical boox also the uni's and the Chinese hospital Huay Chiew. 2.If at all-and that was years ago (as you may have noted, many long-standing bookshops have closed-also many in the banglamphu/KSR area), ''book''shops in/near CT (think more of along New road=Sidesois) are copycats of tipical Thai shops: comix, strips, some guidebooks and lots of childrens ABC-and thats it.
  10. moan, groan, youve been out of touch of reality for how many years? This happens ANY time since at least the last 5-6 yrs they offer these-mostly from demand from MY for KUL. Just wait a day or so more-there will from BKK still be offers enough.
  11. Pune - India

    Cost of visa very often simply reflects what YOUR country charges citizens of the receiving country, thats ''tit for tat''. You as Brits are still spared many of the burocratic hooples British also enforce on Indian visitors. But after this: yes, in tourist bisnis its often said that their tourist office spends millions to get people to visit, and then this being nicely offput by their 19th century visa restrictions, of course being drawn by their ''be fearful of every visitor, esp. if they are Paki or former coloniser''. The process was modernised into e-processing just a year or so ago.
  12. China Air: JFK to BKK via PEK

    used to be CAAC: nickname for china airls always cancels Has anyone-now that anyone seems to think s/he can play for travel-agent without any training- thought about the chance that flite 2 is also seriously delayed-it may even be the very same plane going on. As about ANY flite from/to and even more IN China usually is? PLUS that PEK is notorious (among well-trained agents) for certain monthes of the year for enormous pollution-and that very low visibility can play havock to ALL flights for sometimes quite long times? BTW-just like delhi-India is. or chicago/boston for snow storms, etc.
  13. Holiday in Majorca (Mallorca)?

    rename yourself into mr. ballermann. Contrary to what you think, it can very well be sunny and midly warm-or not. What you else ask is impossible to get there, just as it is in BKK. OR use a normal site/forum like tripadvisor.
  14. 1.only someone who has no clue at all would FLY to Buriram-an airport (of course yet another old USAF-airbase) thats 60/70 kms away from town without proper transpo. 2.what anyone forgets who is glued to their screens etc; in dec. its ,yes, even in TH, WINTER=cold season, that leads often to a thing named FOG or MIST early morning (does not happen daily, but esp. is prone in the north), which I also experienced my last flite home from there-with CNX airport a refugee camp (my flite was planned for 10.30 or so) as only by that time planes were coming from BKK-oh, sure, they got it all on schedule late afternoon-but in your case....... Thats what one gets if anyone thinks he can play for travel-agent without any due training for it.
  15. Best Gyms near Thammasat University?

    Then start a little to think and tell WHICH campus it will be: the old original one near Sanam Luang (in short:there is nothing around there) or the large and mostly used one north of Rangsit-about 40 kms away. In general: Thai ''gyms'' are more for swingers etc. and none too strong on what you mention, plus they have a nasty tendency to go broke as soon as enough people have coughed up the (special for you-now reduced) high fees for all-life. The very best informers will most likely be fellow-students, they would know the ares best.