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  1. 1.so it was NOT TG=THai who surcharged, but some unnamed foreign/western? check-in airport service. Typical TV-shouting before they know details. 2.on the other hand, several western-US airlines do NOT accept too short surnames in their online bookings, f.e. the common Chinese/Malay Ng and also some Viet names.
  2. asanee

    Bangkok To Ho Chi Minh

    sorry for this update/correction: it seems that PACIFIC airlines has recently also started this route, its owned by VN-air (i.e. the ''state'') but a lower-cost branch. If you cannot book online, simply use, as always, a Thai agent. what #2 above says is in fact AF; LH also used to do this for 1 yr or so, but thats no more.
  3. asanee

    Bangkok To Ho Chi Minh

    the only other airine is of course VN-air. usually same deal as TG, it was simple codeshare in the past. AF is the big 747 from paris, comes back in KK around midnight. Or try out what you see in any pop=up, Thaivsa's ''own'' travel agent! NO low=costs on this route, NOK and airasia fly to Hanoi. with TET=the VN nw yr coming up (=same dates as Chin Nw yr), expect full planes and no low fares