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  1. "Officials said they were concerned about the negative impact the incident would have on Pattaya, which tries promote itself as family friendly world class tourist destination." ROTFLMAO
  2. Everybody who want to invest in Thailand, better contact me first. I have a bridge on London for sale. Unique opportunity.
  3. Bangkok Bank ATM Requires Switch to Union Pay

    I opened my first FCA at Bangkok Bank in Silom Rd (Head Bank) in 2009. I tried to open a new FCA at Bangkok Bank in N. Ratchasima and They asked for the documents according the new banking rules. I went to my Embassy in Bangkok to ask weither I could get these documents and I was told that the Embassy does not supply these documents. I went then to the main office of Bangkok Bank in Silom, only to get repeated that without these documents they would not open a FCA.
  4. Bangkok Bank ATM Requires Switch to Union Pay

    I posted a few weeks ago already about this problem. I have a Foreign Currency Account is USD with Bangkok Bank, and I wanted to open a second Foreign Currency Account in EUR. The lady which opened my first FCA presented me a printed paper with the NEW requirements for opening a Bangk Account. I could still use the existing Bank accounts, but for a new account I would need to fullfil the new requirements. I look briefly trough the list and left Bangkok Bank. Impossible for a Retirement to bring all the required documents. Bangkok Bank has become almost impossible for foreigners to open a Bank account.
  5. Where are we coming to? 15 posts and 14 of them by "Keyboard Warriors" with their "barstool wisdom" blaming the Police for performing CPR on an unconscious person (without reading the whole report), the Police officer position (posted by EXPERTS in CPR from their barstool), and more of this BullS..t. I praise this Police officer for trying to do a thing that most of these "barstool wisdom" posters would not even know how to perform. Sick reading the answers in this thread.
  6. N4 crash injures 63 garment workers

    "The injury toll is 63 – no fatalities were reported." "Ket Sopheak, a provincial deputy traffic police chief, stated that 63 workers were injured, 48 are women and six of them are pregnant. “… three are seriously injured and other 60 only slightly. Now they are being treated at hospitals and province clinics.” He added that the ice truck driver, identified as 32-year-old Sieng Ren, is in police custody." The National Social Security Fund immediately put out a statement declaring that, in cooperation with local authorities, all the injured are receiving medical care and “All treatment and transportation fees will be paid by the NSSF.” ================================ For a moment I was thinking that this happened in Thailand. But when I was missing that the driver of the ice truck fled the scene, reported himself later to the Police and was released after a Wai and 500 Baht fine, I was back to reality. The treatment and transportation fees paid by the NSSF was a give away clue.
  7. "Without explaining in further detail they said that the illegals came from Uganda, Rwanda, India, Uzbekistan, Canada, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Burma, Laos and Cambodia." No one from Gambia? Zut, looks like Gambians doesn't need to go to Thailand for sex.
  8. Gambia made a fool of Thailand by declaring that Thailand is THE country to go if you want to have sex. Reponse of Thailand: Crackdown on foreigners. Is that the best you can do dear Prime Minister? Bwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. And all this thanks to Suthep and the PAD. 3 times cheerio
  10. Another panel (circle of friends) who will do nothing good to the country? Doesn't Thailand have enough of these "Panels"? OK, you have 1 more years to spend the money of the Kingdom.
  11. Serious Accident

    From personal experience, get yourself a good lawyer (English speaking) and let everything up to the police and the insurance. Keep yourself out of the whole thing.
  12. My EX-wife wanted our kid to have a fatal accident to collect the Insurance money. I throw her out of our house and want the next day immediatly for a divorce. This is Thailand
  13. Prostitution is forbidden by law in Thailand. Where is the problem? There are no prositutes in Thailand.
  14. Good for the German benefactor. Will he extend his charity mission to help the many Issan girls in Pattaya who are working at night, barely dressed, to feed their children and their parents upcountry? Watch the next eposide of German charity mission ......