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  1. "Khamngaeng Suwanna soon had an infection that was so bad that her right eyeball was removed to stop the infection spreading to her brain." FAKE NEWS. She never had a "brain"
  2. 1. Who in their right mind will insure elder people for a holiday abroad? Generally, for insurers, 65 year is the limit in which they will insure. Forbid the elder people who just got retired the dream of their life to visit some "exotic" country? 2. A lot of tourist who come to Thailand carry a valid insurance. But the insurance is void due to their sheer stupidity to go drive a (big) motorbike without a valid driver license or appropriate safety gear as stipulated by the law. 3. What happened to all the money collected by Thailand from tourists in their "suddenly invented" schemes like the 300 Baht tourist insurance? Spend on Miller watches? Just my 2 cents input ....
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    Is it possible to get a Reentry permit at Suwarnabhumi airport? Where do I apply for the Reentry permit? What are the opening/closing times? TIA
  5. If there was REALLY a gun, the person holding the gun would have used it at the Police in the poor way the Police handled this case, and other people may have been injured/died. This whole charade shows that the Thai police force is not capable to handle cases where guns and other lethal weapons are involved.
  6. I remember an accident a few months ago where a car was drove over a bridge under construction and the driver was pinned in the car by the construction steel .....
  7. Send by Chinapost. Delivered by Thai Post. If you look on Ebay, Alibaba, etc. most sellers ship to Thailand free of charge. Would/Could they do that if Chinapost would have the same rules as Thailand? If Chinapost would handle the same rules as Thailand, no parcel would ever leave China. Get information before asking such questions. Example: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Car-DVR-Rearview-Mirror-Camera-4G-ADAS-9-88-Android-5-1-GPS-BT-Dash-Cam/32859289592.html
  8. You would be astonished about the number of friends I have in this forum. More than you think and certainly more than you have. Sorry if the truth hurts you "KneeDeep".
  9. A few months ago, while travelling to Bali with my friend and his family the check-in staff came to the conclusion that he was carrying too much luggage weight and he was asked to pay for the extra luggage (Air Asia). I had only a sportbag and my Notebook with me and could take the extra weight of the luggage of my friend. Which I did and save him a lot of money. It all depends if you trust that person or not. Thank you for your advice.
  10. Thank you for your thoughts. No problem. PS.: I asked very clearly in my OP for a person who: 1. Would be flying out of Thailand. 2. Would be willing to take a parcel out of Thailand and send it to my brother from his country (supposing that that country doesn't carry the same laws about posting parcels as Thailand). I don't need the barstool wisdom from posters who joined this thread, or idiotic comments like "check-in staff asking if somebody asked you to carry a parcel from him".
  11. The parcel came back from Suwarabhumi with a note that the parcel had been scanned and the scanner detected a battery or Electronic device inside (battery charger). Apparently, and I was confirmed on this by the local PO, all parcels that leave Thailand are scanned before being loaded into the airplane. Parcels that are send into Thailand from abroad are only scanned when Customs are suspicious (eg.: drugs) TNT, UPS, FEDEX, etc. have all a small print rule that they scan the parcels for batteries or forbidden electronic devices and if found, they are rejected according to the new law. Ex.: http://www.dhl.co.th/en/express/shipping/shipping_advice/lithium_batteries.html But somehow, you can pack a whole box of Lithium batteries in your luggage when flying out of Thailand without any problem. A friend of mine, who lives in Singapore and fly every 2 months between Thailand and Singapore, carries with him a phone (4 Amp battery inside), 2 phone chargers (10 A each), a Notebook (10 Amp battery pack) without any restriction. This new law is apparently only valid for parcels. Not for regular flights. PS.: I asked if somebody would want to carry the parcel out of Thailand (in the checked luggage) and send it from abroad. I didn't ask for the "smart barstool wisdom" answers (which ThaiVisa seems to be infested with). If somebody wants to see what is in the package, it is open and can be checked before taking it out of Thailand.
  12. As discussed in an other thread (Parcel Post), I am stuck with a rear-view mirror for cars. The story: I ordered a rear-view mirror with dash-cam and GPS built in from China. (https://www.relifes.store/collections/hot-sale/products/the-revolutionary-4g-9-dash-cam-car-camera-dvr-gps-bluetooth-dual-lens-rearview-mirror-video-recorder-full-hd-1080p-automobile-dvr-mirror) This was a birthday present for my brother in Europe. But when I wanted to forward it to my brother in Europe, it was not accepted by Thailand post. It seems that the rear-view mirror contained a (small) Lithium battery and Thailand post does not send parcels with batteries out of Thailand anymore. As far as I know, normal passengers are allowed to carry batteries into airplanes (phones, electronic games, etc..) I would like to know if somebody will travel abroad in the next few days and is willing to take the mirror outside of Thailand and send it from there to my brother. Details: Box: 45 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm (approx.) Weight: about 1 kg. Inside the box: - rear-view mirror - Charger TIA
  13. But "a fight" can be easily arranged by the junta and their croonies ...... Surely if it is a warrant to stay a few more years in power .....
  14. Confuscious

    Parcel post

    I didn't brake the mirror open, but I suggest that the mirror would have a little battery inside to store the settings. So, all electronic shops in Thailand are forbidden to send anything out of Thailand that contains a battery? Yes, and pigs can fly. Even Lazada will send electronic devices abroad with a big smile. The question is how they manage to ship these things. BTW, this mirror was send from China INTO Thailand. Without problem. Thus Thailand accepts that electronic devices are shipped into the country, but not out their country. That's the most stupid idea I have seen in my life if that would be true.
  15. Confuscious

    Parcel post

    I send last week a parcel post with Thailand Post to Europe. But today the parcel was returned and marked with "Dangerous Items". The parcel contained a rear-view mirror with built in camera. I asked the man at the counter which items ware "Dangerous", but he could not answer the question. In the box was only the rear-view mirror, a couple of rubber straps an a Battery charger. As Thailand Post doesn't want to send this parcel, I would like to know if somebody knows about other solutions. DHL and other similar companies are very expensive. TIA