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  1. Had one of these dogs years ago. The best dog I ever had. If I ever get another dog this is the one I would get.
  2. Ah this solves the mystery for me. It was on flip book I saw the pics and said it was in Thailand. I was thinking as far as I know there are no top less beaches here. Now I know.
  3. Can't Watch TV? ? Come on that's crazy.
  4. Well my 6 year old boy at a school picture is hard to.pick. out. They all have the same hair cuts and wear the same clothes. They all look ĺike a bunch.of clones.
  5. Beats56

    2nd hand bike issue ?

    Why don't just buy a new bike and pay cash. Their not that expensive. These dealers make money on financing. They really don't want you to pay the whole bike off. I know my wife's brothers are still paying on bikes they have had for years.
  6. You sound like a angry person. Feel sorry for you to have to go through life like that.
  7. Don't they have caning plants here to process the fruit.
  8. This happens all over the world. I blame it on ignorant people that don't have a clue. Heard someone has invented some device to prevent this. Hopefully if it works car companies will install it in their cars.
  9. Boy some of you have to.go.thru hell to do the 90 day report. I go to Map.Ta Put and usually only takes 5 to 10 minutes and I am done. They are very reasonable and helpfull there. I guess all the others are different.
  10. Beats56

    Buying a small car advice

    As for color...black is a bugger to keep clean and it gets hot. Honda cars are good. Had a civic and a accord back home. Trouble free and reliable.
  11. Canada even though they are polite will not be bullied. Once they get pissed off the nation sticks together. Trump needs pull in its horns as it will get him noware. Canadians will not stand for his bs.
  12. The other thing here is the British were in Canada because or the furs. Beaver felt hats were fashionable in the UK. As for the Canadian flag I remember very well about it. They were trying to decide on the color. .blue or red. Also we sang God save the Queen in class every morning. And the Queens pictures are in every classroom and business. A good show on Netflix is about the Hudson Bay Company and the fur trade called Frontier.
  13. British...where do think.the majority of people came from in the USA and Canada back then. Canada still has ties in their Parliament to Britons. The head of state in Canada is the Queen. Weather they are called British or Canadian in 1812 it doesn't matter.
  14. Trumps own GOP were not happy with Trump at the G7. American citizens are tweeting a appolgy to Canadians for their presidents behavior.
  15. For me it's Canadian back bacon...sunny side up eggs...a slice of cheddar and a side of salsa and brown toast.