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  1. Use to use nitrogen in the petrochemical plants to inert oxygen in vessels being prepared for service after maintenance or a shutdown. It doesn't take long to kill someone in a confined space. Don't think anyone would be happy they would just drop dead.
  2. Require all dog owners to get a dog tag. To get the tag they must show a vaccination certificate. If dog is running at large without a tag take it to the pound. If it has a tag inform the owners a repeated office will result in a fine. The owners have to keep the dog in their yard or on a leash when walking. One other thing. Have dog park where owners can take and let them run for exercise. Thais need get over the thinking a dog was uncle somchai in a former life.
  3. Didn't know they have porcupines here. Learn something new everyday.
  4. It's called refractive lens replacement. Good luck
  5. I.am not sure what it is called. But it is in Toronto Ontario. Maybe try Google if not I can ask my sister in law if you pm me.
  6. My sister inlaw just had a procedure in Canada that replaced her eye lens. This was not for just reading but distance. One eye one day and the other the next day. Only took minutes for each eye no pain nothing. She doesn't need glasses anymore. Cost $7000 as its not covered by canadian health care. The clinc is doing dozens each day. Expensive some will.say but how many glasses will it cost you in long run.
  7. Better living thru science.😊
  8. Alcohol and axe throwing. What could go.wrong.
  9. I don't know what US border he saw but as someone that lived in a border city between the US and Canada I really don't understand what he is going on about. Sure each side has infrastructure in the form customs booths. Never saw armed officers or dogs. Maybe they have trained dogs to sniff your car in secondary if you are suspect and get pulled in. But the border crossing in its self is orderly. Answer a few questions and show your passport and off you go. Be polite. It's when you get mouthy with the official that will be a big problem.
  10. Self-Confessed Selfie Addict Takes 200 Photos of Himself Every Day

    I have never taken a selfies of my self. But wife my and her sister are always.taking them. I find it a bit annoying. Especially when they do V sign with their hands.
  11. There is some sick people here that have no idea of people he led.to Christ. Millions and you think the millions that was donated was for him. Well think again. Hé lived a humble life. The money is used for his ministry. If he did wrong he will answer for it. How about you. What will you say when you get there.
  12. When house geckos don't startle you anymore.
  13. This story just broke my heart. Can not even fathom a mother doing that to a little boy...her son. When my son of six gets home from school I am going to give him a big hug.
  14. Where can get one of them Pinocchio mask I saw in the Sunday paper?
  15. Need gets some hawks. They will care of the flying rats in no time.