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  1. Windows 10 Update to 1709

    I got the latest update and all.went smooth. Only problem I have is Edge opens answer closes in.seconds. After a Google search there appears to be a number of people with the same problem. Haven't found a suitable fix yet but will keep looking.
  2. Scotland to become first UK country to ban smacking children

    Nothing wrong with a smack on the butt. It gets their attention Fast and they smarten up. If they start acting up and demanding something they soon know it is the wrong behavior. Spare the rod and spoil a child. Not saying use a rod but a hand on the butt only.
  3. If it is only a little bit I wouldn't worry about it. In cold northern countries we would always put a bottle of anti Fuel line freeze in a tank of gas. You always get condensation in the tank. That's why to always keep the tank topped up to full in the winter. I would just keep your tank full in your case. There are devices that have water injection in cars. Only a small amount is added. Supposed to increase milage. A little water won't hurt anything or cause corrosion.
  4. Good to know thanks. Also good for motercyle helmet visors.
  5. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    Man they take the fun out of everything.
  6. End of fossil fuel is near: industry

    500 miles and three stops..no way they will go 300 miles with one stop EV is the way of the future. Either embrace it or be like the ones that said autos will never replace horses. Norway has the most EV cars Not California.
  7. There is a product in the west called rain x that you put on the windshield inside and outside. Keeps the window clear on the inside and on the outside. In light rain you don't even have to the wipers on as the moisture just beads up and runs off. Great stuff. Don't know if you can get it here but my worth a look were.auto products are sold.
  8. Southern COMFORTS

    I don't know about now but it was the murder capital of Thailand. I go there once a year as my wife's family lives there. Never had a problem.
  9. Been raining a lot the the last few days in Rayong with the occasional sunny breaks. Recorded five inches in my rain gage over two days.
  10. Little kid can’t stop dropping F-bombs, much to dad’s dismay

    My ex used to get upset when hearing swearing on the TV. I told her to chill. I heard it all day long at work. That’s just the way men talk. Of course turn it off when at home.
  11. US musician Tom Petty dies aged 66

    It was a sad news day with the Vegas shootings and Tom Petty passing. Put my TP tee shirt I got at one of his concerts. I think I will go listen to some of his music and have a drink to toast him.
  12. PM Prayut strikes deals on US trip

    Instead of pork which is good here how about getting some decent beef that is poor here.
  13. Prayut to leave for US on Saturday night

    Wait till that jet lag kicks in. Hé won't feel doing anything.
  14. Low Water Pressure

    Had the same problem. Unreliable water pressure and some days no water. Problem fixed with a holding tank and a pump. It's one on of those silver metal tanks and on on a warm day you get nice warm water for a shower. No need for a water heater.
  15. Why does he have to on nearly all the tv channels. One would be enough.