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  1. It is never going to work if they keep using old software. XP is outdated and not supported any more. Plus it is very vulnerable to viruses and malwere. Windows 10 is so much more advanced than XP. The computers they use are likely outdated as well.
  2. When I was a young lad I had news paper route. When i went to do the weekly colection from my customers. There was this one guy and his floor was completely covered with old newspaper. You literally could not see the floor. That has stuck in my mind and I can still see it all these years.
  3. There was a story recently about reindeer getting killed by a train. Forget where it was but there were a lot killed. I was shocked by the amount dead.
  4. I don't think there will be a war. The US is showing their muscle to shut up NK retoric. NK is shaking in their boots about a war that they know they can not win.
  5. Floods leave devastation in their wake

    My wife family can't work due to the floods. Sent them some baht to see them thru this disaster. Airport and trains not running now. Pray the rain stops soon.
  6. They installed a big dranage pipe and a new pump to remove the water in NST by my wife's mother house. But it still can not keep up and the water that is almost 3 feet high. Forcing them to the second floor then to the school..yes they need better engineering as this is a seasonal thing there.
  7. Fatalities as South swamped by floods

    Wife's family lives in NST and the family has moved to the school. This seems to happen every year. There is no way I would live there.
  8. Been there a few times for concerts. Saw The Who there in the seventies. It was general admission and almost got crushed from people pushing from the back. You don't know how strong that force is untill you experience it. Told myself I will never go to a general admission event with that many people.
  9. Christmas is for the children. I do like when family gets together and there always lots of good food to feast on. Christmas eve is the best when it's snowing and a nice fire place and a few glasses of wine. My father went as far to get on the roof and put sleigh marks in the snow. Hé put on the radio and have us listen to the Norad updates on Santas where abouts. Had a good childhood.
  10. Ya wife family in NST are getting too much rain. Told her no way would I live there. Happens every year.
  11. Come on...what's a matter with you. Make Korea one country not a hermit country where no buddy is free and not starving .
  12. I talked to my Thai wife and she said no way she wants a Thai man. She said they don't do nothing and are unrealiabe. Got me thinking why is that here. NA girls will tell you get your f**king beer. I think it's the way Thai girls are brought up to do everything and don't rely on men to do anything. Man her sister comes here and I can't do anything without her wanting do it for me. It kinda of discerning from where i come from. And kinda refreshing at the same time. Maybe that's why we marry Thai girls. I don't know. But I like it☺
  13. They should just.take.out NK leadership to avoid countless loss of lives of people.
  14. Super Full Moon treat this Sunday

    I have seen some really big moons rise at the horizon back home. Just awsome. You gotta catch them when they first come up as they don't look as big latter on but still beautiful. But sadly it will likely be cloudy here.
  15. I recycle paper.. Glass and plastic and aluminum cans all separate. When we get enough we call a gal and she comes and picks it up and weighs it. Get a few baht. I don't do it for money just that it's the right thing to do.