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  1. My wife and I went yesterday to Jomtien immigration to submit TM30 and TM28. We are moving into a new house for which we had the lease agreement with my wife being the tenant from March 1st. She filled the TM30 document, provided a copy of the lease contract, copy of her ID card, copy of her Tabian Ban, copy of my front page passport, copy of the valid visa page and copy of my TM6 to report me as living in the house she is the tenant. I filled the TM28 and made copy of the necessary pages of my passport to report my address change. The room was packed at 1.30PM and I could hear a few people complaining about the hefty fine they were receiving for not reporting in due time. After an hour we were sitting in front of the officer who told us that the TM28 was no longer needed. Everything was fine with the documents my wife provided and we were given the receipt of the TM30. The officer insisted on the fact that she should fine me as I never submitted a TM30 before but I was forgiven for this time!!! I asked her if I should report each time I come back from a trip out of Thailand, the answer was “yes, within 24 hours”. Do I have to report when I come back from a trip outside Chonburi province, the answer was “if you left the province for more than 24 hours, yes”. The girl sitting next to her was stamping the fine receipts in advance, probably expecting to fill a few in the coming hours.