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  1. chingmai331

    Best Men’s Barber in Chiang Mai?

    Oops. Sorry if i offended, da. But i know so very few men who pay like the ladies for hair styling that i was taken aback by your comments. One hour in the chair, hot towels for your brow, sure a happy ending all around. I guess 'The Donald' pays big for a hair style, maybe Johnny Depp, but in Thailand i thought the game was 'who cares'. Need proof: check out the various body tattoos found on many farang, male and female. That is proof positive that no one in T'land cares if you are ugly beyond belief or made up like a doll. And, a recommendation; lighten up. No one really takes this stuff seriously.
  2. Would luv to do some hiking. I'll see what the knees say next week.
  3. chingmai331

    Best Men’s Barber in Chiang Mai?

    Here i thought the headline was a question, it did end with a ? But no. This is an advert. And a very expensive haircut too.
  4. Obviously to make 10" tortillas the factory needs much larger hands on the workers, compared to more normal 8" discs. Such large handed workers are rare and cost more so, fewer big tortillas are made each week. My advice, learn to love small.
  5. chingmai331

    KFC Locations in old town or near train station

    That about it, gas. North side of moat, between Chang Puek gate and Ram hospital.
  6. Loads of salt in bread, i eat very little. During the hot summer i like green olives, also salty but better than chips, or the like. Bread, it turns out, is the top contributor of dietary sodium in the US and many other countries around the world. And a big new analysis from the World Action on Salt and Health, based at Queen Mary University of London, helps us understand why.
  7. chingmai331

    My 2G SIM card no good in S'pore: best options?

    Have ordered Moto E4+ from Lazada, arriving soon. 4990 baht. Now i'll need to learn how to use the darn thing. But whether i want to buy a Thai SIM card or go roaming, as suggested, will need to think on that. Thanks for the info and links to options.
  8. chingmai331

    Shaving soap - where to buy

    IMO, which is 100% personal experience, the best shaves require: hot water on the whiskers, some kind of lather brushed in well and a new sharp blade. Keep the facial scene wet as you go. Kind of soap not very important. Now I'm using body wash gel, coz it's handy in the shower. When finished, apply a few drops of coconut oil to the face. I once used smelly aftershave products with alcohol, no more. But of course, as you like.
  9. No more 2G in S'pore, as i learned last year. And there i offered an old iPhone to SIM up but that had no SIM slot, an exclusive USA feature. So i was forced to search for WiFi. Next month will return to S'pore and Malaysia for 2 weeks and better get some communication device to keep gf, and others, happy. I am not a smartphone user, currently on a 2G Samsung dinosaur, good enuf for me in T'land. Some options i see: Buy a new or 2nd hand device here in CM, probably 3G, but no SIM card for T'land. Or buy same in S'pore with S'pore prepaid SIM, and when in Malaysia get another SIM. I presume these SIMs will let me use LINE to communicate. Anyone recommend a plan? Also, would be best if same device could be used in USA, prepaid card.
  10. chingmai331

    Where’s the bloody Vegemite in CM?

    May i recommend Heinz ketchup, an all-American product but a world-wide eating pleasure in place of those foul, smelly and way too salty, sticky pastes?
  11. Will probably use Scoot to go from CNX to SIN, cost US$200, about. Or use Silk, same route, cost US$500 +. What a no-brainer. But have found budget air often with poor webpages, bad service, lousy WWW connections, etc. Per the title: if you have personal experience with Scoot Air recently and used a USA debit, or credit, card, plz tell me how it went.
  12. 'Personal responsibility'? Remember Bart Simpson's unrelenting comment 'wasn't me, I didn't do it!' Lots of folks here, and elsewhere of course, avoid personal responsibility like the plague. Sometimes i believe that the State powers, the religious training of the young, the schooling system here in T'land all contribute to a sense of personal avoidance and escape, if possible, from standing up and saying 'I did it, my bad'.
  13. chingmai331

    Fuel options

    So using ethanol blended petrol only makes it cheaper, helps the finite supply of petroleum last longer, gets farmers involved in wide-spread maize/sugarcane production but offers no particular benefit to the car engine?
  14. OMG! That's near my house. What time of day was the crash? I'd avoid the market at that time tomorrow, or wear double amulets.
  15. chingmai331

    Mountain Front condo Advice

    Um, what the problem with the Frenchies? Too loud, drink too much, don't speak your language, out late at night, smelly foods, hog the pool??