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  1. Problem with calling police and they arrive, speak to the loudspeaker boy, he turns it down and the police depart: next night the speaker boy grabs his gun and shoots the complainer.
  2. chingmai331

    Vegetable Seeds

    Big farmer seed shop near Warowat Mrk, but no english (at least not for me). About across from big gold shop on small soi, here, approx: 18.791666, 99.000361
  3. But most farangs are safe from these rascals, so no worry for us. Let the boys slash it out.
  4. "One million Uyghur persons under State detention?" 'That's totally fake news', said the Chinese statesman. 'There are only 978,345 Uyghurs under detention'.
  5. chingmai331

    Anyone here teach the the Alexander technique?

    IMO, anyone skilled in such an esoteric bodywork technique and living in CM Thailand would never get a work permit, thus teaching totally illegal.
  6. Cook your food in Thailand. Even if smelly, once cooked, OK to eat. But even in USA some foods are dangerous buys. I'm thinking of raw salad foods, like greens and sprouts, processed far from your home and contaminated with fecal bacteria. The bottom line: cook your food.
  7. chingmai331

    Need mungbean seeds

    You know the sprouts, the 1cm long tiny white seedlings found in many Thai dishes, and often on give-away plates near the cabbage leaves. Since there are so many eaten here in CM there must be one or many sprout growers who soak the seeds each day, rinse off the outer hull, keep in the dark and after 4 days presto, food for you and i. But where can i buy the seeds in bulk? Like a few kilos.
  8. chingmai331

    Recommend bike fix book

    Will be looking to start fixing my own bike, a hybrid with 27 various gears, etc. No internet where i am so a good book will be most helpful.
  9. chingmai331

    Latest airport scam in Chiang Mai

    My smartphone is open, needs no special password/code. That's my choice. I would think every phone has that choice. And when i buy thru Lazada i always go COD (cash on delivery). Leave the cash at the front desk, Lazada delivers and takes the cash. I use my USA credit card only for air tix, and prior to use MUST inform the bank of my travel plans, and the dates of my journey. At any ATM, I use my USA debit card only once a month, to get cash from my Schwab bank. I much prefer going cash here in Thailand, and everywhere else.
  10. chingmai331

    Latest airport scam in Chiang Mai

    the high price of nicotine addiction
  11. chingmai331

    Neighbors dogs

    Thais seem very tolerant of this sort of thing. And, unfortunately, very inconsiderate of others. And i think most thais believe that barking is the natural right of the dog, therefore not to be controlled. What can you do? Escalate the situation by blasting big noise at the neighbor, when you are not home. Put something on a electronic timer, esp when you go on holiday and they want to sleep at night. Suggest some screeching sound, like a machine gone crazy so it seems not under your control!!
  12. chingmai331

    Where to buy Apple Cider Vinegar in Chiang Mai

    I looked at the link offered, and some of the citations in the first publication, and i saw no mention that the vinegar was anything but normal white vinegar, at 5% acetic acid. And one paper considered that simple acetic acid was sufficient to induce mild anti-glycemic benefits. "mother of vinegar" ? seems irrelevant. Reduced the gout? Perhaps, and frankly i hope so, as i know some gents who suffer greatly from the ailment. But gout does come and go, so it might be difficult to isolate the reasons why it diminishes day to day. Interested in gout? more here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/gout/symptoms-causes/syc-20372897 I did not mean to appear 'medical' in offering advice but many folks do go to extremes to relieve pain and suffering, or to increase sexual potency as old age creeps up. Recent news about ingesting raw, ground up centipedes, which contain lungworm eggs, or the like, for 'big vigor', and those cancer sufferers who abandon western meds to embrace folk or alternative remedies and die sooner because of this do give us good reason to question 'age old wisdom'.
  13. chingmai331

    Where to buy Apple Cider Vinegar in Chiang Mai

    Another home remedy of questionable merit... In recent years, people have explored apple cider vinegar as a way to lose weight, improve heart health, and even treat dandruff. Many of these claims aren’t supported by modern research. But of course, up to you.
  14. chingmai331

    Receiving Mail

    I've never had any problems getting mail from USA. Some packages are prone to postal duties or tax but they always arrive. Use the correct address and postal code and all will be well.
  15. chingmai331

    Mystery Booms in Chiang Mai ?

    Davef2912, i note that you have only a few posts recorded so you may be new to T'land. One thing the more settled farangs have found is that T'land has many, many unexplainable features...all of which can be lumped under 'Thainess'. And most of the older farangs simply accept Thainess in all it's wondrous forms and quickly move on in life, as fast as possible.