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  1. chingmai331

    Goodbye 20 Baht Store! (Kad Suen Kaew)

    Bicycle parking at KSK is FREE. Bike locking rack on near basement entrance, next to Doi Saket massage. I note the new 'Tasty Factory' food court is twinning the one at Maya, but more open tables for casual sitting. And of course lots of chinese writing and directed gift buying opportunities. One consequence of the new food court is that the TOPS food court is shrinking. I generally only eat at the Kad market food court where i can get brown rice/vegs/ etc for 40/50 baht a big plate. But only open mid-day, not evening. Let me count the donut shops at KSK: 5 at least! Body rotters of the first order is the donut.
  2. chingmai331

    Good Car Mechanic Needed

    Shill, anyone?
  3. chingmai331

    Re-entry Permit requirements

    I believe 'under consideration' means that you have already applied with all needed paperwork and the Immig has shuffled your papers into the pile. Or, like in my case, Immig would not issue new Non-O until 60 day tourist visa was on final day. I was 'under consideration' for 2 weeks and then on my last day i got my Non-O with no problem.
  4. chingmai331

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Recycle? Maybe the Immig chief and his family own the paper mill !!
  5. chingmai331

    Don't ride your bicycle in Chiang Mai

    What about those 2 wheeled, stand-up, battery powered Segway things? Are they safer than bicycles?
  6. I agree about checking the stamps, which i did not do the first time at Immig. But even if i had this would not have changed the situation. On that day, getting what i sought was impossible. My ignorance. IO told me to return with docs mid-Feb to get one year stamp, and re-entry same day. Hope all goes well for me.
  7. chingmai331

    Car battery life?

    IMO, only the size of the battery holders in the car restrict the size (and power) of the batt. If you really want a big one, can run fat cables from giant batt in boot to starter etc. Could ordinary cars use a new batt (lithium ion type) such as found in Tesla cars?
  8. chingmai331

    Chiang Mai check stops

    @amepat, that is not how the police work in T'land. They do not watch for moving violators of any kind. They do, when so ordered, set up the road screens to nab those folks not following the custom/law. Police also will attend a road accident, if called. Yeah, different from USA. I mean, who could you catch on your 125cc motobike?
  9. Arrived on a tourist stamp, then got a 60 day visa, then went for a one year retire extension, with all the proper paperwork. Jumped all the hoops in CM and got a stamp. 2 weeks later went in for multi re-entry, thinking of course, good for one year. But clerk stamped till end of March only! She already had my money, 3800 baht so i protested. After a long jaw-boning with the Immig chief ?, i got sorted and got my money back. So, is it true that you cannot get a 1 yr Non-Imm O visa directly from a tourist visa? But you can get a 90 day Non-Imm O having only a tourist visa. My particular beef is that the Immig Officer did not tell me 90 days only. I applied for the one year, she fussed and gabbed, but never told me i did not succeed.
  10. chingmai331

    Don't ride your bicycle in Chiang Mai

    I seriously doubt that the tourists you seek to inform read this forum. Try the chinese forums for better luck with your ideas.
  11. chingmai331

    Car battery life?

    Buy Panasonic car battery? I found a shop in CM selling that brand and if the Panasonic batts sold today are like the one in my old car, then i will surely buy one next time around. The car now 4 years to me, still with same batt going strong. Highly recommended. Shop on Charoen Muang Rd, about 1 km from bridge, on North side of road.
  12. chingmai331

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    The one in white shoes? Man, you have already had enough drinks! Plz get sober B4 posting again.