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  1. Advice on MaeJo traffic

    Big MJ university graduation today (Monday)? or tomorrow. Have heard from knowledgable Thai that traffic in that area will be totally disrupted due to presence of VIP person and entourage. Not permitted to name VIP, sorry, but streets will be lined with flower girls, men will be on knees and police will be in force.
  2. Use of Overseas Credit cards

    When in T'land I use my USA credit card only for air tix, and only after informing Chase Bank of my plans. That may be 3x per year. Otherwise i luv cash whether baht, kip, HK dollar or rupee.
  3. bias tape

    The famous Wororat market, along the river, has many fabric and notion shops. I have seen many bias tape displays.
  4. Frankly, i find very little govt response to solid waste (trash) control. What should the govt do? Rubbish bins and frequent collection would be a nice start.
  5. CM Airport Parking - How Difficult Now?

    I'm in a tuk-tuk going to the airport. And either a tuk-tuk or red-car back home after the trip. Love the freedom of 'car-free'.
  6. Worarot Market evening hours

    Most of the fabric shops close at 5pm.
  7. Falafel's in CM?

    I like The Gulf restaurant, so many delicious arab foods. And indeed, many arab customers so probably the food is authentic. Gulf next to O'Malleys Irish Pub, in night market area.
  8. No walk-in visa available for USA folks visiting VN. But Hanoi interesting city, very uncontrolled motorbike traffic, many touts on the streets, quite decent food and easy drinking beer on the street corner.
  9. best men's shirtmaker in town

    I'll tell ya Bob that nice shirts at 500 baht are swell, but here in T'land no one gives a damn what shirt you wear, except of course you. I always shop the numerous 2nd hand outlets, all over town and out on the highways for shirts. Sometimes i find one i really like and pay up to 80 baht but mostly under 50 baht. Sure i like to spend coz it reinforces my status in the society-rich farang spending cash. But i also like to try different styles, colors and fabrics since the 2nd hand shops offer countless opportunities to try. And thirdly, as a retired gent, i do have ample time on my hands to snoop around the various CM neighborhoods looking for bargains, and strange foods. But maybe you are not retired, have abundant cash and work at the consulate: all good reasons for the 500 baht shirt.
  10. A Day Trip Through the Mountains - A Recomendation

    Plz. No more photos of dead fish on a plate covered with spaghetti sauce.
  11. Mail-in 90 day report confusion

    I scampered over to Promenada about 9am and was out at 11:30. The system at ImmProm seems improved every time i go there, so kudos to Thai Immig. But i now have no receipt of any kind to prove that i did indeed successfully submit my TM47. With online and mail-in 90 day reports some kind of printout is offered to the passport holder but in person...nothing on paper, no stamp etc. Is this normal? Will i be pulled over at the airport desk next time i depart T'land?
  12. Mail-in 90 day report confusion

    Durn. Thanks joe.
  13. Mail-in 90 day report confusion

    I missed the time frame for the online 90 day. My due day will be 17 Feb, today the 12th, and online closed already. So maybe i will go mail-in but the directions are confusing to me whether that option is also closed one week prior to due date. If so, then off to Promendada. Any recent mail-ins offering advice?
  14. Coffee Worowat Market

    I paid US$0.25 (that's 25 cents) for a gallon (3.78 liters) of high-grade gasoline (benzine, no alcohol) in America one day, long ago. As i recall, we were driving across across Texas on Route 66, somewhere near Amarillo, in an 8 cylinder Black and Gold Oldsmobile sedan and stopped at the Texaco station. This in mid-summer and no Oldsmobile air/con. Yeah, things change.
  15. I'm Impressed - The 'new' Sukantha Buffet!

    Nancy may have overstated the case of formaldehyde in that moogata's buffet, but if you were in charge of feeding 1000 adults every night at 300 baht each, you would not be spending on the very best quality food. Is seafood, from Asia, often treated with formalin? Yes, indeed.