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  1. Thanks JJ. Very interesting links. Not things many of the posters here are aware of, I'm sure.
  2. You're welcome Mr. Synchronise. I was just reporting what she told me, in particular about the maximum age limit, not suggesting a retirement extension is the solution for you.
  3. Another thing you should perhaps consider - Jomtien immigration told me I could only qualify for this type of extension until my children reached 20 years old. She suggested I switch to a retirement extension.
  4. Nothing Done To Extradite 'Boss Red Bull'

    I assume they are waiting for him to leave whatever country the extradition request would be sent to. Then they start all over again.
  5. Rocket festivals in Issan

    Of course I wouldn't be standing next to it. Do you see anyone other than the participants anywhere near it? I also would not likely be standing anywhere near a cooking competition, but if that is what excites you, to each his own..
  6. Rocket festivals in Issan

    Hope you enjoyed the cooking competition.
  7. Rocket festivals in Issan

    As opposed to this?
  8. I agree, hence my "He also chose wrong when he decided to drive at that speed." statement.
  9. I've had people pull out in front of me like this on almost every ride. You have to hit the brakes and make a split second decision; is he finally going to see me and stop (pass him on the right), or will he continue and I pass him on the left? Ninja chose wrong. He also chose wrong when he decided to drive at that speed. I love liter bikes but they can reach speeds very much too fast for Thailand's driving conditions.
  10. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    On the other hand, I thought the topic was : "What is the Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?" I posted what I thought was a cool bike made in Thailand. Sorry. Enough, I'm out of here.
  11. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    LOL. You know nothing about me.
  12. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    Hardly "unrideable". You don't always have to drag your knee cornering at 200 kph to be riding.
  13. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    Of course it would - have you ever driven a chopper that handled like an R1? I thought the topic was "cool" not "best handling".
  14. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    You obviously do not understand.
  15. What is the "Coolest" Bike Made in Thailand?

    On the other hand: http://www.flyingpiston.com/bikes.cfm?id=2094