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  1. On the other hand:
  2. My daughter's Stallions 150 was heavy, slow, and very often broken down. Definitely not cool.
  3. The responses here are showing just how low TVF has sunk in a relatively short time. Should not be much longer before the only people coming here will be the lame sexpats with their unwarranted, juvenile remarks on every topic.
  4. What do you mean "No"? If you read all the report, after the chief Sanit statement I quoted, the article continues, "Explosive ordnance disposal police inspecting the scene found no traces of gunpowder. They believed the loud bangs came from an old PVC pipe that exploded due to high pressure." I didn't see any need to quote the entire article. Sanit said what he said, and the story then evolved as I said.
  5. First response I read in the paper to which we cannot link was, "Metropolitan Police Bureau chief Sanit Mahathavorn said the object that injured two women on Monday was not an explosive device and urged people not to panic." Khaosod English said this: Chanasongkram police station chief Col. Pitak Sutthikul said two people suffered minor injuries. He said the explosion was caused by lighting equipment failure, not a bomb. “I can confirm to you that this is not a bomb attack,” Pitak said by telephone Monday night. Next came this (from Khaosodenglish): A police source said Tuesday a timer device commonly used in pipe bombs was found at the site of last night’s explosion that wounded two people in Bangkok’s historic quarter. The development undercut the shifting claims made by police brass that the incident, which took place at a particularly sensitive spot opposite a royal landmark where funerary rites for His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol are being prepare, was not a bomb attack. A source within police bomb squad, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the timer was missed in the first sweep of the crime scene and only spotted later “five or six meters away.” And now: "Defense Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan said people should wait for an official statement from the police to learn what really happened in front of the National Theatre."
  6. One thing - at least in the past, Lazada had a limit on the price of products they would ship COD. I bought a laptop (Asus G751JY) which was over the limit. I was nervous about doing a bank transfer but everything worked out fine. More than satisfied both with Lazada and the laptop.
  7. Can you refute anything in the article?
  8. It was in Bang Saen.
  9. Although this may not be a good example, I have seen many excellent television commercials over the years in Thailand. The originality and humour that some of them show can't help but raise the question of why the main shows are generally so juvenile.
  10. I did exactly this yesterday in Jomtien. Submitted the TM30 after reentering Thailand after a 6 week trip. I'm on a Retirement Extension, and there was no check if I had submitted the form after my other entries and no fine. It sure is interesting to now have to report the same address first at the airport then next day at your local office.
  11. I finally did the TM30 chore for the first time yesterday at Jomtien. I'm on a Retirement Extension but travel in and out of Thailand regularly. I seemed to have avoided a fine by submitting the form after my latest arrival. I suspect if I hadn't left the country before submitting the form, they would have checked back to my previous entry and fined me accordingly. Of the six or seven Russians ahead of me in line, I say only one paying a four hundred Baht fine. Paperwork-wise, I just used the Immigration SOP - got signed copies of house book, lease, house owner's id, lease holder's id, and the regular pp pages. And keep your sense of humour. All to report the same address I reported the day before at the airport.
  12. How about Koh Samet?
  13. At least it didn't crash.