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  1. A 3 letter word that says how the Thais think about foreigners: ATM They are right about the sex btw. and corruption of course.
  2. Maybe kept his life savings in it?
  3. Try to prevent to get registered when you are outside the province. The hotels i use is in my Thai lady's name ... so far they haven't asked me anything.
  4. They ppl who are involved in accidents during Song Krang but die because of this after Song Krang will they come in these statistics? If they did that last year then we can not compare these 2 years yet.
  5. Speed walk through the village for 30 minutes.
  6. At what age do you become elderly in Thailand?
  7. I have the same problem sometimes. What i do then is killing the Google process with Process Explorer or the task manager then start the Google browser and then you will get the question or you want to restore the tabs you were looking at. Click yes and everything is there again ...
  8. Everybody out of the bed of the pick-up and use their own vehicle! That will clear up things, maybe 1000 dead then. The monks will be happy ...
  9. A few weeks ago i claimed for 2015 en 2016 in one go. No problem.
  10. As far as i know you can claim it in the 1st quarter of the year. You can claim for the last 3 full years.
  11. Why limit your stay abroad to 3 months when you are 100% disabled to work? It's an immoral law.
  12. Luckaly i am born in Holland where we not have such a jealous judicial system .... yet.
  13. When there's an accident happen on that fixed road then Thai 'logic' will be applied.