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  1. First has to do some English classes ...
  2. Was there 8 days ago and it was open, also to the south direction coming from Klang.
  3. Villamarket sells bags with bran (looks close to bread crums). Some table spoons in a cup, add some liquid (cold or just warm) and drink it. After a few days result!
  4. Next week, if you want a bag, you are charged 1% of the bill. Then i will hear the comments.
  5. Yeah this is overreacting. Installing a temporary fire watch person would have been enough i guess.
  6. Maybe he's looking for 'suicide by TV fossil punter'. Don't take the bait!
  7. Just bring your umbrella then it will not rain ...
  8. Any map with the new roads in it?
  9. ... and had their home/root countries (cluster)bombed by the UK? Just a guess ...
  10. Something with seeding and harvesting ...
  11. A 0 for the student also says something about the teacher/school. Want to know the scores of the other students of his/her class. Does he/she understand the difference between 0 and 1 anyway?
  12. I have send you a Pm.
  13. I saw in the video that the hospitals has a Bin for these tabs, so i will try the hospitals first ...
  14. Here a video which shows what's done with the tabs ...
  15. Thx. At campaign launch (years ago) when they asked people to save these tabs they promised to go around to pick them up regularly, but the shops and bars i asked they say that never anybody showed up and gave me their saved tabs instead :-) and wished me luck with it. I will try that bar in Soi Buakhao ...