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  1. Permanent Fungal Toenail Removal done in BKK?

    Take a talk with your doctor https://www.drugs.com/cdi/terbinafine.html
  2. Where do I start?

    Start to read (and write)at ones you have learnt a few letters. Memorizing 44 letters without anything to hang it on is inhuman an hardly possible. Eksamnpe: บ้าน - ban - house Tre letters one word Now you are able to read and write thai Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Looking forward too 3 weeks holiday in Thailand. To visit the extended family in a dead end village in Issan, an learn all about the Thai culture. ;-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Friend Requests on Facebook

    Hi No wonder you got friends request from strangers, the work you have shared are exselent. Lots of people around the world struggling to learn to read and writing thai.[emoji5] They probebly share the same interest as you. Take a look at their profiles, or chance your Facebook name so it is not so easy to find you on internett/Facebook. Sent fra min SM-P605 via Tapatalk
  5. IT can be that you thinking about the word ห้องเช่า common word for single rom apartment, rented. ให้เช่า - for rent
  6. Why wear gold, especially if you know the risks?

    travel money. There is a Chinese on every corner with a gold weight . No 180 bath ATM charge . As in the old days before all 7/11 and ATM. Cut of a chain, and withdraw som fast cash on the local Chinese on the corner.
  7. Why not use and learn the similar Thai expression Up to you. - แล้วแต่คุณนะ = láew dtàe kun ná It is up to you.....
  8. Your Most Used Phrases

    Fang may roo Roang
  9. Your Most Used Phrases

    Kitt tang doai kap.......
  10. I wold like to make a reply, but my English is so bad. It is nothing new about US storing warfarematerial in Norway. As earlier stated this has going on from ww2. And is no big deal. I think Norway has quite good relationship with Russia. Espessely in the north were we cooperate about the natural rescorces. Like fish And oil. A few years back Putin and the former prime minister settled a old border dispute over a glas of Vodka. Drawing the new border in the sea on a napkin. Russia have never occupied parts of Norway. They liberated the northern part at the end of ww2, and vent immediately back home. Norway as a small country on the border to Russia and are depending on powerful friends like US and NATO for safety . And there are exercises in winterwarfare by US, British , French and so on every winter close to the Russian border. Not to opset the Russians , but for showoff power from NATO. With Russian observers. I think that the Baltic situation is a little bit more complex. And in the backyard of the old Russian empire.
  11. Mai Mee

    come to my house[wife's] its BOR E DA Bor mee - บ่มี - not have Bor dai - บ่ได้ - can't have Bor jak- บ่ยาก - not difficult Come to my house - มาบานข่อย - ma ban koi
  12. Why do Thais hate trees so much?

    The problem is not pruning the local trees. The problem is exploitation of the forest. And reforestation of eucalyptus . A worldwide problem , not only in Thailand. But this is maybe a little of topic discussion .
  13. Wide world

    Yesterday (20/feb 16) outside our local wat. Oslo Norway.

    Thank you for your reply. Is it true that there is no fish left, I see many Thais fishing around. Some places in the big streams there are places where they feed. Lots and lots of fish coming in eating , probably some sort of carp. Must admit I have not seen this around in Isan, but closer to Bankok and in Chaya Prao river many places.

    Hi The headline on this topic is "fishing in Isaan" I visit Isan as a tourist regularly , and have been on small trips fishing with friends (Thai) But I like to go by my own when fishing. My question is: What is the rule or regulation for fishing in the wild in Thailand. Can a tourist go fishing in the wild on his own. Is it allow. And if so, do I need some sort of permission or license from government or landowner. I have never tried "catch and release " it does not appeal to me. Unless maybe for training in angling methods . I see that fishing is popular among Thais. And in the city I visit regularly it is a nice shop with all sort of ecwipment for angling. Isan has a lot of lakes and rivers width fish, pity not to use them. Fishing and outdoor living is one of my main interest in my home country . And a fun sport. Sorry for my English , it is not my first language .